Addicted to Cellphones

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Everywhere we look someone is on a cell phone! Texting while driving, talking while walking, ringalinging in public places! Some people can't even spend a day without messing with their phone!

Are you addicted to your cell phone? Do you think cell phones have helped or hindered people's abilities to function in daily life?
I used to never be addicted, but since I got this new 'smart phone' that may change.

i think it's helped in A lot of ways, but at the same time it feeds peoples need to be constantly stimulated.
Don't own a cell phone, so no.
If anyone uses a cellphone for something other than its basic function (which is to call and text), then they're doing it wrong.

And no, I'm not 'addicted' to my cellphone. I bring it every time I have to go out, but that's mainly because I have to keep in touch. I actually hardly ever call or text unless I need something or am in a tight situation.
I'm not addicted to it. I hate to talk on the phone. I never call people and when people call me, I'm always hesitant to answer. XD

Texting, though, I'm pretty reliant on. Though only like 4 people in my life will text me consistently... I bet I could live without my cell phone since I have other ways of communicating, such as Skype, email, MSN and Facebook! Only REAL reason I have this thing is for emergencies. And because we don't want to pay a bill for house phones...

These devices really are useful, though. I can definitely see how people involved with popular businesses can use these, especially the ones that allow you to keep a schedule. College kids can sure make use of them, too. There are some awesome phones that you can take notes with during a class lecture. o_o It's so cool.
Nope, I despise my current cell phone... Keep it mostly for emergencies and since I don't have a home phone.. Rather talk to people in person.

I hate how cell phones are just getting outdated faster and faster too. So I'm holding off for a bit on getting a new one...Still, don't think a new one will cause me to get hooked on it...
<3 I ADORE my phone. because it's just so chubby cute and colorful (has a black case with floral stickers & shiny gems all over it!)
Also, because it's a dual slider.

When I had texting, my phone was my BABY <3 everywhere I went, every place I waaaas <3 my phone and me were like GLUED TOGATHARR <3

now, i don't have texting anymore, but my phone is still my best buddy <3

I use it for calls, notes, calendar organizing, alarms, reminders, musicc, boredom relief, and photography <3
Only reason I have a cell is so I have a phone number that's my own. The people I call the most is who I'm living with. "I'm at the store, do you want me to pick up anything." and "I'm on my way home." For major conversations I prefer to be in person and with people I can't be in person with, IM has been the major way I communicate. Which is actually interesting since I don't text, and in fact have it blocked on my current plan.
I use my phone:

To call

To text

To wake me up in the morning

TO keep a to-do list.

Usually when it goes onto my belt in the morning it stay there all day.
I had my cellphone turned off for like, over a was...nice.

Today made me hate them ._. .... MY CELLPHONE MADE ME HATE MYSELF! ;____;

I got a new phone today since my other one was broke + I had to renew my contract but the main guy passed my phone off to the new girl & she didn't know what the hell she was doing so she did SOMETHING & the new phone ended up sending like, A BARRAGE of txt messages to all of the contacts I've had on my phone since summertime...

It made some people mad....

they mad
i mad
i mad they mad
they even madder
i sad :(

It kind of made me contemplate the whole idea of even HAVING one but then I realized that I really DO need it...I need it with me in the wintertime incase I get stuck in the ditch & have to call someone for help. I didn't have this luxury for a while last winter & ended up walking everywhere when my car broke down, so my ears & hands got really frostbit. I need it in summertime when I get trapped by sudden storms & can't make it home on time...and holy shit do I need it to take random notes so I don't forget things.