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  1. So I'm trying to find a few 1x1 partners. I only see two places to advertise and that is Libertine and Liberteen. Obviously I can't go into Liberteen , but when I go into Libertine all I see is people wanting smut. I want to make the suggestion that maybe a general subfourm for 1x1s and groups for people who don't want so much sex in their rps?

    I might be completely missing if it there is one. Though I decided to make this instead! Is this even a possibility?
  2. There is one, it is called "Seeking One on One Partners" it is under the forum "Roleplay Search" three forums down from the top, lower right hand corner.
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  3. Omg -facepalms self-

    Why did I not notice that?

    /Le derp
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