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  1. Now, i'll simply follow the pattern given that thread at the top of the page.
    - Call me by my nickname but you can also call me "Memet";
    - I'm a guy and no, the picture isn't me. It's Tony kakko, lead singer of Sonata Arctica;
    - I'm 19;
    - I had a couple of short experiences with forum roleplay but i've mainly roleplayed via MMORPGs and MSN;
    - GROUP SE... I mean group roleplaying. Yeah, I can roleplay alone with someone else, but less often;
    - Pool;
    - Simon's theme (Castlevania Chronicles);
    Beside that.... I'm the kind of guy that get into something but that can become bored in a matter of days and get into something else... Please, make sure that i'll will be active for a while. é_è English is not my main language. I'm born french canadian, so my first language is french but my english level is still pretty good beside some grammatical errors. And I love cats :3 Meow m(='w'=)m
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  2. *add generic welcoming line here* ;)
    Also, definitely meow, I can get behind that.
  3. Hum... I still didn't found any roleplay that could fit my interest. Is there any advice that you or someone else could give me '-' Not just that, but also integrating myself into the community ._.
  4. Well, I'm not all that old and wise yet here, but so far this is what I know.
    It's worth looking at the roleplay talk section and the one-on-one request section frequently (and if you don't like any of them and have any ideas of your own that you want to play, you can also talk about them there and someone will surely be interested); there are also the OOC sections of the different types of roleplays, and some will still be open for signing up.
    Or there are the jump-in roleplays where you can just, well, jump in.
    But in the meantime you can hang out at general chatting or try some challenges. Being active is good, because others will see you are around and active, and if you get to know people and look at their resumes, you might meet someone with similar taste in roleplays. By the way it's worth writing a more detailed resume than that, it helps with drawing in those of similar taste. I always look. ;)
  5. Hello! Cats you say? Everyone loves cats here...too bad I'm allergic to them. /GLARES

    Welcome to Iwaku, :).
  6. What are your interests, Emetis? I can try and point you in the right direction.