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  1. I don't have Adblock, I don't intend on getting Ablock yet Iwaku and other sites are saying I have Adblock?
    I'm not exactly a noob when it comes to such things, but this incongruity worries me, especially if I can't track down the problem's source and summarily correct it.
    If anyone has an idea, I would be quite glad to hear it.
  2. Could it be your web browser? Play around with your web browser settings and see if there's anything about an adblock.
  3. Some browsers now have an adblock built in to them! So yes, Noctis suggestion is a good one!
  4. I've already had a go at all the obvious causes.
    Firefox is what I use and there's no hint of it anywhere that I can see.
    That leaves me with the conclusion that it is something that goes beyond my knowledge.
  5. Alright what you do for Firefox is go to tools --> extensions --> AdBlock -> and toggle desired options.
  6. As I said, I've checked all the obvious things.
    Adblock simply isn't there.
    I've never downloaded it and it isn't anywhere on my system that I can find.
  7. Firefox comes with adblock built in .-. If it's not in your webrowser's extentions then all I can really say is search through your computer files for an adblock and see what pops up. Obviously it's somewhere in your computer if the sites are reading it.
  8. How it may have got there is my chief concern, especially considering that it isn't installed on the Firefox I am using and that I haven't even looked at any site offering its use.
    Checking system folders has also been done.
    I suppose it's a small chance that I would find an angle of approach I had not thought of here.
    Was worth a shot.
    I'll just have to see about finding the problem myself.
  9. I guess you could poke Jared555 about it but I honestly don't see how an adblock could have gotten on your computer with out your knowledge. Is there by any chance another webrowser downloaded on to your device? Doubt that would be the source of your problem but I don't quite understand how there's an adblock without there actually being an adblock.
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  10. Firefox doesn't ship with Adblock; as of 42.0 Adblock Plus still a separate install. HOWEVER, most of those "you have adblock" things work by having a div with the message in it which the ad loads over top of. So if the ad server is slow, or you have a network bottleneck, or cross-site scripting errors happen, or the ad just doesn't load, or if your privacy settings reject the ad server then you see the adblock message... despite not having adblock!

    Basically, just ignore it unless you actually installed ADP.
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