Adamantine Academy: Book of the Soul Torn

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  1. Magic is a powerful tool of destruction and creation. It can create or destroy entire civilizations on the whim of a single mage, it can propel the races into years of unprecedented advancement, and can make a single king with the gift become the sole monarch and ruler of all civilizations. Magic is incredibly powerful and a force to be reckoned; however, just as dangerous as magic is to the world, it is equally dangerous, or even more so, to the mage. If the mage's soul becomes too unstable, they not only die, they cease to exist entirely.

    This is an idea I got from a random world building exercise, the gist of it is that magic is used in a method called Soul Tearing, in which the mage tears a piece of their own soul in order to cast a spell of magic which is both agonizing and incredibly powerful. Because the soul is so rich in energy, only a small chunk is needed to be torn in order to cast some devastating spells.

    The setting of the RP will be in a fantasy world with kings, gods, and all that jazz. Our characters will be in the Adamantine Academy, a training institute made by the Mage's Guild in order to teach the gifted individuals of each race how to use their magic properly and not destroy themselves and an entire continent by accident. The characters of this roleplay will have the potential to literally create and destroy extraplanar worlds or even become Ascendant; but we'll all begin, save for whoever wants to make a professor, as novices who don't really know how to use their powers correctly, and are incredibly weak.

    I intend this roleplay to be mainly free form, meaning you guys can add races or organizations or what not to the world. There will be a plot, but I want this to be more character driven type of tale, for each character to make the story instead of something happening out of nowhere, because plot.
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  2. Count me interested.
  3. I'm interested! This idea seems really cool
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