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  1. The sun rose slowly over the hills, marking a new day. The city began to come to life as people woke up and went to their Callings. I groaned as the sun shined through my window, disturbing my sleep. I lived in a house in the foothills; I loved being up here near nature. I'd always been drawn to it since I first began my life on Earth. I slowly let my eyes open and sat up, brushing short black hair out of my face. I let my gray eyes stray around, the room more cluttered than I liked it. I slowly rose out of my bed and picked up books thrown carelessly across the floor, and then changed into my Calling uniform. A dark shirt and pants, with dark boots. I worked in the woods, with the Fish And Game department that was already established before my species took over this planet. I grabbed my bag and quickly left, jumping into my blue Toyota Corolla.
  2. (there's going to be a movie for this.)
  3. (yeah i know i'm excited thats part of the reason i started the RP)
  4. (i never read it but after i watched the prew i wanted to read it but i'm moving to a difrrent place so i have to wait. and once i start to raed it i will join!!!!!)
  6. (( :D. till then ))