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  1. I'm very new here would like to use this thread to get to know people and find out what RP's are going on and what i can join in on all the above.
  2. 1) Choose a genre.

    2) Click on the sign-ups section.

    3) Wade into anything you like and meddle obnoxiously until the GM capitulates.
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  3. ok thanks ill probley gm my own RP's so I know they wont die.
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  4. I just got trolled.
  5. Ah gotcha someone at your home guessing lol.
  6. that was epic
  7. Right? I LOL'ed for ten minutes straight. xD
  8. I have a friend that always happens to.
  9. Divine is now my most favorite newbie!
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  10. 0.0 Why would that be.
  11. No one trolls Asmo! No one!
  12. Your a walking troll machine without either knowing, or just very good at the blissfully ignorant angle. In either case, your are Asmos kryptonite and thus a national treasure.
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  13. Ahem
  14. Not really scared of anyone lol :P was just trying to make a point xD.
  15. Nice xD
  16. PSSHS!

    You're like not!green kryptonite to this guy's green kryptonite
  17. What's with you and Kryptonite? o.O
  18. the same reason as me and RACKS