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  1. Hello there, I'm Isho, and thanks in advance for checking out my roleplaying request!
    A little bit about me, if you're curious:

    I have a long history of roleplaying, both in specific themed forums and in real life, and in tabletop rpgs. I also like to become friends with my RP partners, and if you're up to it, I'll probably chat with you through PMs.

    What I like in my RPs:
    * I roleplay mostly young adult, male characters, despite being a woman myself. I've been curious to roleplay a female character though. I'll go further on this in the next point.

    *Romance: I love malexmale romances, specially if we don't stick to the classic stereotypes of one character being strictly submissive and the other one active (both in bed and day to day life), but I can do that too. And if we come up with an interesting story and interesting characters, I'm up for a femalexfemale romance. With this one, I'm not sure I'd like to make it +18, so I can't promise anything on that side. And I don't do heterosexual romance, sorry n.nU

    * Variety. Usually my roleplays include action, calm moments (still lifes, I think people call it), comedy, angst, sex, and I indulge in horror sometimes. Of course I always ask first, so I know where our interests overlap and stick to that, but I like variety. :)

    *Genres: I love fantasy: urban fantasy, fantasy worlds made from scratch, person-in-a-strange-world, etc. I love using supernatural characters, like mages, demons, etc. and vampires have a special place in my heart. With an interesting plot, I can do a modern roleplay too. I really like to include romance in my roleplays, either as the central theme or not. And I'm up for comedy or something downright bizarre to have a good laugh.

    RP dislikes:
    *Genres: I lack the necessary interest and knowledge to pull off science fiction -including steampunk- and historical. I also don't like RPs that are strictly day to day life.

    *My partner's character: No Gary Stus/Mary sues of course. :P

    *Our characters won't die. I don't like having our characters dying. >.<


    *When it comes to writing level, I expect anything from beginner to intermediate by Iwaku's standards. From one liners to a couple of paragraphs, if I have something to work with, I'm up for it. :) ((Also, I'll love it if you describe to me what is going through your character's head, even if it's only one sentence)).

    *When it comes to posting frequency, anything from speed of light to once a day. Even things like 'I post everyday except on weekends' is fine for me. I'm a very active RPer, and waiting for days for a reply is painful for me D:

    *If for some reason you can't keep up with the posting routine because something happened, or will drop the RP or anything, tell me about it please, I won't be mad :)

    *I don't usually have plots thought before-hand. I like to brainstorm with my partner and come up with something. Sometimes I like to think of the plot after deciding on the characters, sometimes after, sometimes everything happens at the same time.

    *Malexmale romance.

    *Speed of light to a couple of posts a day frequency.

    *Someone to switch the roles of the active and passive roleplayer with, or who will be the active roleplayer for me.
  2. I certainly fit the criteria ^_^ I would love to do a mxm with you
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  3. I would love to do a plot with you if your still looking!
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  4. Hello, I would love to do some mxm fantasy roleplay with you if possible. ^•^ I am on nearly all the time though I have a chance at getting a job soon so I will tell you those details later. Please pm me if you are interested. I don't have to many ideas but come up with something, even a one liner, and I'll have a good plot ^•^
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  5. I've actually kind of been craving a Vampire MxM roleplay. :D
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  6. Ah, you souns like so much fun! I would looove to do a plot with you, though I usually play the passive role ^3^" It makes for good practice
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  7. @Minami Thanks for the interest, but I'm looking for people who are willing to take on more balanced roles. n_nU
  8. Ah, that's cool ^^
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