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  1. MxM only, sorry XD
    In a world where humans and robots live generally peacefully there lives MC and YC. MC is a male robot who functions quite differently then the rest. While it is generally impossible to tell the difference between a human and a robot, except that all robots have a feature on their body that is not quite normal, MC lacks anything notably human. Only his appearance resembles a human, he has no real emotions and cant comprehend why people are put off by this. Due to laws in the world that make robots and human live as equally as possible MC was hired as a late night store clerk. The small neighborhood has gotten quite used to him being there but no one is overly friendly with him.

    YC meets mine there.

    Plot points are basically just interactions between our characters as yours tires to figure out why MC is so different. And tries to teach him human emotions, 'Activate his heart'.

    MC will be the submissive role in this, I'm looking for a Dominate to play with him ^.^ My only rules are that you post more then just a paragraph, unless the current scene requires otherwise, either less or more. And that although I will wish to get sexual, we save that until a relationship of sorts build.

    We can get as creative as we want with this plot, so PM me with your ideas and we'll talk! ^.^
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    Name: Leo
    Age: Looks to be 20 years old
    Appearance: Average height, 5'9". Black hair probably a little too long, bright glowing yellow eyes, pale soft skin.

    Race: Android model 64.
    Background: Was created 50 years before plot takes place, was taught to live and survive as a regular citizen as all other androids are, and then was released into society to live his own life. Hasn't really done much with his life for lack of what is supposed to make androids as human as possible, emotions. His creatures couldn't figure out why he had no emotions that were considered normal, but they couldn't figure it out. They had decided to destroy him, but the woman who worked the most on him said he would function just fine in society so they released him. Leo's done just fine surviving but he's made no friends. Every once in a while the woman comes to check up on him.
    Personality: He has no emotions that a normal person would. He is very calm and most consider him dull. The only human emotion he shows really is curiosity. Although it is not what most consider he does get confused by most customs of humans and their reactions. The woman considers it a step forward to being as human as he can. Which also confused him.
    He's lived in the small town for the last 30 years, many of the elders know him by name at the late night shop he works out. He owns an apartment that he walks to.

    Androids were originally created to be something like a human computer, but then the man who created the first thought he could go further with them and began creating androids that were more human with every aspect. They now live peacefully with humans working most jobs that humans cant do, or working for elderly people. Most of the time you can not tell the difference between humans and androids, except for a single feature that is different for every android. Leo's is his eyes. They are also stronger, faster, and have more endurance than humans.
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  3. still looking
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