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  1. Action! That's what I need right now!

    I'm looking for a partner, male or female, human or... Well, or any other species, as long as it can write modern ACTION!

    In case you didn't noticed it, I'm looking for an Action partner! Michael Bay action!( The guy who directed Transformers movies? Ring any bells? ) With senseless explosions, amazing firefights, ludicrous car chases scenes and maybe even a plot too!

    The only requisite, well, someone who could reply frequently would be apreciated, and someone who doesn't let the RP to die.

    Oh, almost forgot: ACTION!!!
  2. Action you say?
  3. Oh yeah. Action! The one usual one in those American action movies, with lots of explosions and amazeing things. I assume you may be interested?
  4. I can do action. Practiacally the only thing I do. My character may not be extreamly modern she adapts though so id love to try it :) I love to RP and try to be on as often as i can. the plot idea isnt a bad idea as long as you can keep up ;)
  5. Yay! Sure! And I asked for modern action, but if the idea is good enough I guess I could go back or forward in time. So, Do you have any nice ideas for the RP you would like to do?
  6. First thing I have to say is I am new here so I need help with the ropes if you don't mind but yeah I have a few ideas
  7. No problem at all, I can help you with everything you may need. And for those ideas you say, please, tell me and let's see what can we do with them. ; )
  8. Alright, lets see. I hope you dont mind but I dont follow grammer very well its a weakness of mine :3 so sorry. also im rather crazy imaginative so tell me if these get to crazy :P
    1: one of us is invading anothers homeland/town which insues a fight ultimatly the invader will win and take the other as capitve and you go from there. (and this can be moder or futuristic as in Halo the videogames)
    2: Top warriors of different nations who where old friends are now major enemies but they still want to be friends.
    Those are a couple and I have a character I use normally if you would like I can tell her to you.
  9. Mmmm... so its always kind of a "Competitive" RP... Nothing wrong with it, I just find it a little bit more difficult, but yeah, its okay. And the grammar thing, well, if you put a little bit of effort on it you will get it fixed pretty quick. Look at me, English is not my mother language, not even my second language! ^^

    Oh, and I liked the first one. So, Modern, futuristic? What would you like the most? And a little bit about the backgorund story?
  10. Ok well the first one i've done a couple times with some of my friends always turns out to be a lot of fun. Most of that has to do with my character, she has many powers which I'll explain later but she doesn't have a past, not that she can remember. So where ever she is fights like crazy to protect. I am assuming you aren't much of a gamer, well its like this: the humans have made it to space so they are expanding to different planets and when they come to this one they try to take it over (like we humans do). Normally I am the one to be fighting back so I would fight against these super humans advanced in some way until ulitmatly out numbered or exhausted then it would progress from there. Hoped that helped :) its kinda hard to explain what goes on in my head, sorry if it sounds like just plain nonsense,
  11. Yeah, I know sometimes stuff gets quite hard to explain.

    Then, I'm assuming this planet humans conquer have more humans on it? I mean, there are not crazy alien races here. Or they do? Then you kind of would be captured? Not exactly what I had in mind, but that sounds interesting too.

    And not much of a gamer... You may be amazed by how much I actually love to play games.
  12. Gamer eh? Think of Halo, any of them. Kinda like that in a sense. It can have humans on it, my character itself takes on human form half the time. If it's not what you had in mind tell me I'm really open for most everything :) except romance xP
  13. Halo series? I only got to play Reach. Didn't understood half of it tho... xD

    What I had in mind was more like a call of duty so to speak; super bad guys army attacks super good guys nation, super good guys begins a super quest to take them down, good people dies, ???, profit. Oh, and action, action too.

    Now, thinking of a more futuristic concept... I always had a small desire of doing a Mass Effect universe based RP. I'm a huge fan of those series. Not necessarily the same plot of the games, but the same universe.

    And about the romance; well, to be honest neither I wanted this to be a romance RP, but I also have to tell you that I always like to have a little bit of it on my RP. I think it reinforces the relationship between the characters. But hey, if we just punch the bad guys in the face, that's good for me too.
  14. gah! I haven't gotten to play ME3 or any of them yet though I really really want to but I understand what you're saying.

    As for the romance... First I'm not a mushy kinda gal. Second an irl bf who gets kinda jelous so just as long as it means nothing then I guess a little is fine.

    Both Black Ops and ME3 are good ideas but I'll have to passive till I get the hang of it... oh and hehe I don't do well with orders just putting that out there \(0.0)/
  15. Mmmm.... What about a modern black ops then? Something actual but with that shadowy touch of the black ops games? With lots of undercover operations and sudden betrayals... Muahahahaha!

    And yes I can "take the lead" Until you get comfortable around here, that may create conflict with that 'not good with orders' thing you got, but if you want to intervene you can do it anytime. And if you say no romance, no romance it is then. But expect spicy comments if you choose to RP as a girl.

    If everything is fine, then I will start thinking in some cool plot and start the RP as soon as inspirations enlightens me. If you have some other idea or something you would like to add, post it here or send me a PM. Sounds fine?
  16. yeah one quick thing do we do this via PM and if so how? im actually kinda confused as to what to do
  17. Oh, no no. I always do it via the forum, it's easier and faster that way. Once I created the thread with our RP you just had to post your reply, then I will post mine, then you yours... And so on.
  18. ok (sry for late reply dinner) and I always play female as answer to your previous question. Undercover operations and betrayls are most definatly fine by me and if you want the added dash of romance let it be :)
    I am ready to begin when you are
  19. no worries im in school so i wont be able to get on till around now
    what exactly is the link just the rp?