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  1. Hey so I'm interested in doing an action roleplay over private messages with at least two partners. I know, I know, why not do it in the forums, Arden? I don't know. I'm just not feeling the forums.

    Anyway, here's the plan, and yes, it's vague, I'm clearly aware of that. The thing's vague. I like my roleplays' outlines to be unspecific so my partners can take it where they want to-- where we want to. It's all about creativity, dudes.

    Okay, so the plot:

    My character, Renita, is an assassin. She's lived all her life in the deteriorating kingdom, Aferranna, and works for the royals, taking out rebels that pose a threat to the monarchy. However, one day she is told to kill a friend from her past and she's torn between the royals, and their power over her, and the friendship she lost years ago.

    Bam. That's the thing.

    So, who could you play? A royal! Maybe a chivalrous prince, a snotty princess, a corrupt Queen-- a naive king. Whatever (adjectives) float your boat.

    A rebel perhaps? One that's out to get Arden, or the mysterious friend from her past...

    Hey, if you have ideas just bounce 'em off of me. I'm totally open to new ones and if you have inspiration from this one, or an entirely new character/plot entirely- PM me! I'm all ears! And if you're interested, message me and if you have questions, message me or just write 'em here. Thanks
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  2. Ooh this sounds interesting. I can make a royal...
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  3. That sounds cool :)) Now we just need some more players!
  4. Yeah! Advertising is needed!
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