INTEREST CHECK Action/Horror/Mystery/Supernatural/Survival in a 1940's/1950's setting

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  1. This idea did not get much support elsewhere, but it wouldn't hurt to test the waters here.

    The basic premise would be a horror story set in a fictional United States, drawing inspiration from medieval times, retrofuture, but primarily from the 1940's and 1950's.

    The system that I have in mind is heavily inspired from the elder scroll series. As a result, characters will have attributes (Strength, Agility, Endurance), values such as stamina, sanity and possibly mana as well as skills (Marksman, Tracking, Shapeshifting, Chemistry, Cooking, Dagger Lore etc)

    Although the above system may sound complicated, my idea is that each character could select 3 attributes of focus. Based on those, each character would have a different orientation in regards to growth.

    As for skills, they increase either through usage or reading a book on the subject, although more methods are likely to be implemented and for each X (such as 5) skill increases, said character can rest and level up. The main idea is to have a focus that can shift through skills depending on need and player choice.