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  1. Hi everyone. Basically I have an itch to do an rp with several people that focuses on a group of mercenaries in the far future. It would have lots of guns, explosions, etc. along with the usual comedy and romance (if thats what people want). I do not really have a solid story but I was wondering if anyone is interested in this kind of thing as yeah if you have any suggestions just write it down here. Thanks
  2. HiHi~ ^^

    I'd love to explore this further if you were still looking to set it up!
    What kind of mercenaries are we talkin' here? An army, space pirates, some kind of revolution..?

    To expand upon Razza's post, where would we be fighting? Urban environments? Secret facilities? Space stations or colonies?
    Who would we be fighting: aliens or other humans?
    What sort of technology do we have available as far as weapons are concerned? Are guns that shoot lasers/plasma/lightning/notbullets a thing?

    And most importantly, how wild can we be, on a scale of 1 to 'Go Absolutely Crazy'?

    Just all things to consider, mate.
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  4. *nodnod* If we're mercenaries, what's our end game besides getting paid? Who are the baddies, and why do we care?
    I think establishing the enemy would help us flesh out the other points, such as appropriate weaponry and environments and such.
  5. Always have to ask: Hard or soft sci-fi?
  6. hey guys sorry about the late response. I am not exactly the best when it comes to creating plots/backgrounds/stories. Thats why I posted this thread so that anyone who would like to collab or make a story would be able to. To start off I was thinking a small squad of mercs on their own spaceship. I dont really like large groups of people in rp's since eventually people get left behind or plot lines get too confusing. probably like 4-5 people at most. (not including myself). There can be a variety of environments since the group would take jobs on various different planets. The premise would be that a group of soldiers that are dissatisfied by the galactic governmant and their inability to solve problems band together to take on typical good guy jobs (but that doesnt mean there cant be questionable events). As for the current technology...I love sci fi guns..I have an entire collection i have been itching to use. The guns can shoot everything from bullets to plasma bolts. But any guns should not be to OP or else it just takes the fun out of it. As for hard or soft sci-fi it would probably be soft since I do not know much about scientific tech. I think I answered the questions but I probably missed something. Comment more if I did/you think of something else
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  7. Soo...
    I get to work with some other guys out to make money and satisfy my skewed sense of justice ?
    And all this in soft sci-fi !
    Count me and my plasma-propelled bullets as part of the team ^^
  8. Same! Wolf reporting *Salute*
  9. 78e.gif

    Count me in when this happens. I'm great with plot-making. PM me if you need help.
  10. I'm up for it. If anything else,I'd love to help world building for it. Just PM me.
  11. ok guys, sorry for the long wait. I am currently working on writing a story/plot/intro for this rp. Hopefully I will have it done by the end of the week. When I do finish it I will probably be looking for a group of 4-6 people. Now I know that it is less than the number of people that have shown interest. So When it goes up I will go down the list of this thread and invite people. If you do not respond within 24hrs I will move onto the next person. So yeah..I think thats any questions you have
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