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  1. Mature role player who is filled with spontaneous and vigorous story lining.

    I have 17 years in role playing and gaming, so I’m open minded to those categories I’ve listed.
    I’m on here every day so I try to reply as soon as I can, and will notify you on updates.
    To make this short and sweet, I love details and role in as such and would prefer the same type in response. It gives the role player a better idea of the plots, situations and imagination that’s happening.
    Check out my past post of RP that I do if you’re interested on my role playing technique.

    That being said,
    • Action Adventure
    • Apocalyptic
    • Fantasy
    • Modern Fantasy
    • Romance
    • Scifi
    • Supernatural

    These categories is what I’m interests in and I believe they belong all in one RP.
    I’m not looking for humans search the world endlessly with no plot to lead.
    Evil or good characters it matters not, both good and both evil depend on our characters and what
    we’ll decide. It sounds all very exciting to me.
    PM me if you’re interested or ask me any questions regarding the thread here.
    Thanks for looking! ^_^
  2. Thanks for the cookie *Nom nom*

    I don't like making up plots for people to pick and choose. Just pm if interested or an idea. ^_^
  3. here have another, *hands you cookie* I sent a pm
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  4. I knew bun-buns were good luck! *nom*

    I responded to that pm. ^_-
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.