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  1. As roleplayers (at least those of us that get REALLY in to character) we could be considered actors! We're just using the medium of writing instead of our voices and bodies. This worked out pretty good for me cause I discovered pretty early that I am a shitty live-actress. O___O

    Have YOU ever done live acting in a play, musical, or something else? What about voice acting?
  2. I've done live acting in multiple local musicals 8D I'd love to be able to do accents so I could try my hand at voice acting, but I don't have the natural talent for it >.>
  3. Used to do choir, chorus, plays, etc.

    In elementary school anyway..

    Nowadays it's talking to myself in a mirror and putting on accents with mannerisms when I meet new people to see how long I can keep up the act. If that counts.

    Edit: Do impersonations count? Cause I do those a lot.
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  4. Only as a kid, as an adult I mostly just stay in character during D&D.
  5. I don't act

    I lie

    ....oh wait, that's the same thing

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  6. It's like make up for your personality.

    (My wife hates that line.)
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  7. Been in Aladdin, Guys and dolls, bye bye birdie and the music man. I have done everything from lead to backstage help.
  8. I bring in my character's personality into any OOC

    "Kill, kill ,kill, kill, kill."
  9. Sometimes voice acting when reading text to get into character. If I'm with the right group of people, I'll get into character while playing video games too.

    Beyond that? Niet. I'm a writer, not an actor.
  10. Improv Theatre. Fun as all shit.

    I am also writing a script for something, after I showed a theatre friend the basic draft. I got asked to see if I could turn it into a full thing. It is a interesting experience!
  11. I have a drama class in Grade 10. But that went so basic they didn't ever gives us much of a character to get into so I more just went with extreme personalities so that it would have something at least.

    Otherwise? I'm in D&D groups where acting out In Character is a common practice, that's closest I get to acting currently.
    I want to try out some more LARPing eventually though, I feel like I could have A LOT of fun there.
  12. I was in a number of plays in High-School, I was told I was the best actor not from the whole "Theater Major clique."

    My job as a Boy Scout Camp Counselor had me taking part in a number of plays every week, including one where me and an associate MC'd a night.

    From there I spent a serious amount of time in a Halo Reach clan, that brought me into contact with a number of Machinema creators and you can see me fucking around in a number of videos with voice-work.

    There were also many project videos for friends where I usually am the best actor of the bunch.

    And during my brief stint with the 501st I showed up as a Stormtrooper for an episode of Chad Vader. I can find the video if you're interested.
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  13. (Interested)
  14. I played the dragon in a 6th grade play. Does that count as acting? Did a pretty great job, too.
  15. In Catholic school I took chorus and drama to get away from stupid religion classes. In Chorus we performed the songs to Oliver for the entire school, and for drama I was the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland. After that, I couldn't go through with any more public performances because I honestly sucked at projecting my voice....
  16. Does improv count?

    Improv is great.
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  17. I'm a professional Actor who lives in NYC, I've worked with a small number of Directors and tech people in the industry over the past few years I've lived down here. I heard that one of the directors I worked with got one of his films selected for the NYC fringe festival. So cool stuff is happening. I also had the honor of living with an Actor who won some pretty prestigious awards in California back in the 90's before he joined the Army and went on Tour in Iraq. One of the coolest guys I met. I also did some training in Musical Theatre with some of the Top people in the industry at the moment. Definitely not my thing, Musical Theatre and Dancing is some of the hardest stuff I've ever had to do in my entire life. I simply don't have the patience and stamina for it and I'll just stick with plays. But at least I know how to do it.

    I'm actually meeting next week with some Casting Directors to work with them in their "Master Classes". Stuff like this is usually how they begin to recruit new talent into their movies, TV shows, commercials and of course Theatre which is my specialty.

    I do Broadway auditions for plays a few times a month. Last few I did was for the Public Theatre's production of Troilus and Cressida, the Roundabout Theatre's production of the Cherry Orchard and back in January I auditioned for the New David Mamet play Chinadoll which I heard was absolutely terrible when it was finally performed. I've also sent in Applications to a rather prestigious Theatre company for an audition. If by some miracle they not only accept my audition Application but accept me into the company I'll be living very nicely; in a few years my Student debt will be paid off an I'll be spending my free time vacationing on a beach in Eastern Europe. Though this about as much of a longshot as you can get. In the meantime I'm living in my tiny apartment getting ready to graduate with no immediate job prospects lol. My best bet is to meet Casting Directors and apply for more Acting companies.
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  18. The only acting I've done has been in school, and even then it's only been twice. I played a pretty major character from this Christmas play from my country, and also a pretty minor one from Grease.

    Though I really feel like doing something like that again. Especially improv, concerning what other people in this thread are saying about it.
  19. Joined a musical club, performed some mini dramas while in the club. Then a big play comes up, I got an accident right before performance day. Didn't get to perform in the big play, kicked from the club a month after. Oh well, least I got a share of being some minor characters and also making some props
  20. 'Tis how I get payed. I'm preparing for a play currently, doing a few audio-dramas, and then a few things I just can't talk about at all. I love improv though which is one of the reasons I play D&D, but I take a few classes for improv and have a Skype group with actor friends where we have improv sessions when everyone is free.
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