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  1. UPDATE 10/4/2014
    - recent post of mine on same date explains the added idea, but since I'm also editing an update here, I will put it here for those of you that don't want to scroll down.
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    I'm adding something to this post and to the top post:

    a thought just struck me for an original or Kuroshitsuji-esque roleplay:

    could a cambion still make a faustian contract?
    if so, because they still possess a human (-ish) soul, would it null the contract since they're not fully human/a demon too?
    or would this change in relation to their progression in their hereditary status perhaps
    also applicable: nephilim making a faustian contract

    Because I like Latin and I have no idea what else to put there since the prefix is already partner request.
    For those questioning, it's 'actions (or deeds), not words'.

    The 'advanced' expectation is not an expectation so much as a heads-up to what I do. As long as you've got a grip of English and moderate control of your keyboard, I'm cool. Just know that I like depth, description, character development, and so on. So if you don't like someone with a woody for writing then this probably isn't your place, lol.

    I'm a lazy douche, though, so what you're going to see here is a slightly modified copy-paste of what I have on another website.

    A disclaimer before you read below: the first line talks about wanting tentative, natural romance. I mean this. Take this seriously. I think it'll become pretty obvious quickly that I don't like solely romantic settings and, as a tidbit (since it's not mentioned explicitly), I don't generally play romantic characters. The main ones I do play are somewhere on the asexual spectrum or have better things to worry about than concepts such as love.
    (Again, this isn't to say it won't exist, just that I have absolutely no intentions of 90% of roleplays I engage in having it right out the door. I can be a bit of a romantic on my own, but chemistry is key.)

    What I do (open)

    > Tentative, natural/organic romance that is not predetermined by plot, pairing, or the mood of the writers
    > Prompts, originals, fandoms, whatever
    > Play canon characters as well as originals
    > Plot twists out the ass
    > Mercilessly torture characters. I have a bad case of schadenfreude.
    > Evil evil evil but not for someone else’s kicks
    > Male, female, neither or both, white, black, purple, green, brown, red, yellow, rainbow.
    > Dudes = dudettes = neither/both (I tend to play male-bodied people)
    • I have a huge bias toward older men that may or may not have children, but are the general advice-givers or totem poles for their people or groups. No one likes these guys, no one likes to play these guys, and all I want to do is give them their due respect because they're kicked aside for the mid-twenties casanovas. (This might be an exaggeration, but I could say I want to play that 35-55 year old dad guy and ew no, old people.)
    • I also have a predilection for either comic relief, or serious characters. There is an in-between somewhere there. I dunno. Who cares. I play people.
    > Talk in OOC
    > When it comes to characters, settings, or whatever else, I genuinely care about realism. I don't mean "lel everything has to be realistic to the real world always and forever"; I mean that within their world, the people and their reactions must be realistic for me. These people are formed by their world and their world is formed by them; as such I want to see them grow and move and react according to their surroundings as any other person would. This makes me sound like I think characters are real people—I don't, not in our world, anyway. In theirs, though, yes. Therefore, I treat them as such. I have a very complicated and serious relationship with characters and how I play them. Don't let this discourage you if you think you should follow this. It just means I want realism, and I'm going to bust my ass in the spirit of making characters as believable and relatable as possible (notwithstanding throwaways and NPCs). Characters only become lifelike if the player gives them life and genuinely believes and acts as if they have it within their milieu and purlieu. When writing through and seeing through the eyes of the characters, this is so important—in my belief system, anyway. For that allotted time, you are not "yourself" anymore, but the character, and the only way an audience can understand that fully is if you believe it too.

    That escalated quickly.

    What I don't (open)
    > Expect you to be a certain way (except not glaringly bad, and this can be expanded upon if you’re curious). If you tell me your posts are bad or something similar, there is a 100% guarantee or your money back that I will say something like ‘It’s fine, you’re great.’ And then turn around and apologize profusely for sucking total donkey dick at everything.
    > Pairings in a romantic sense. They are a good basis for figuring out who is playing characters and that is it. If the characters don’t click, I’m not forcing it.
    > The extremely dark themes that I doubt I need to put into words. I’m not mentioning them here because it’s common sense. (Actually, you know what, this is debatable.)
    > Please be open-minded about playing the opposite set of genitals to yours. People are people. They really aren't that hard if you don't focus on their genitalia being their defining identifier.
    • This also applies to concepts of gender, sexuality, race, and so on. People are only defined by these things if they feel they must be, or if they let themselves be (I say this with societal pressures and stigma in mind; many real people do feel forced to be this way because there is such an ado about it). Fundamentally, they are not—a person does not have to be. They simply are.
    > I don’t like slice-of-life (i.e. high school, doop doop let's do boring everyday life stuff no) unless it’s phenomenal. You can offer it, but I probably won’t bite. (This is questionable because there are some settings where I think it's fine, and that is generally for fandoms.)
    > Word counts, restrictions, or expectations of any kind. Titles apply.
    > Flattery. Just come at me straight, bro.
    > Tolerate stupid shit.
    > The world doesn't revolve around two people. I like multiple characters—and I don't mean just doubling. This is subject to change based on the ideas, people, and situations at hand.
    > Please also have an idea of what you'd like to do. Otherwise, have a nice day. I mean that kindly.

    What I don't care about (open)
    > Your gender or sex, despite pontificating about how much I dislike it inhibiting abilities
    > Your credentials, samples, word count, editing prowess, etc.
    > Editing posts

    As for the crap I do:

    Fandom (open)

    I have a system that I use for characters.
    Bold are characters I love a whole damn lot. Give them all to me.
    Characters enclosed in parentheses are characters I'm shaky with, but willing to use anyway.
    Neither is no preference, while (both) means no matter how shaky I am, who gives a fuck let's do it.

    I may also put down some notes for characters.

    Television (open)

    Books (open)
    Harry Potter — I swear to god if anyone gives me any more Draco x ______ fucking ANYTHING I will destroy the world
    Memoirs of a Geisha (-based)
    Howl's Moving Castle/Castle in the Air/House of Many Ways (-based)
    Maximum Ride (-based?)
    Anita Blake, before it became a porno (-based)

    Anime/Manga (open)
    - beware that some of these I haven't seen in a while, and some I have certain circumstances that must be met. I do know more than this, but the list has been pared because some of those previously listed didn't seem like they would be good for plots.

    Psycho-Pass ♥♥♥♥


    Noragami ♥♥♥♥ - episode 5 currently; plan on reading manga.

    various villains/Gung Ho Guns
    Meryl/Millie, but interest wanes

    Cowboy Bebop ♥♥♥♥
    (Spike) — shaky, but willing; I've written for him once before and feel more comfortable
    Vincent, if I can pull it off —
    never played him, but yo I don't care, he's my dawg

    Wolf's Rain

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood / manga ♥♥
    Shou Tucker


    (Greed > Greeling)
    (Number 66)
    Edward is extremely tentative because I lack experience.

    Hellsing — none of these have gone well

    Ouran High School Host Club

    Samurai Champloo

    Code Geass — none of these have gone well

    Witch Hunter Robin
    original characters forever

    Saiyuki ♥♥♥♥
    Chin Yisou
    Ukoku Sanzo

    Yakumo — orz
    basically anyone evil or anyone that dies, because I enjoy inflicting pain on myself

    RWBY (tentative, and I don't know where else to put this)

    Games (open)
    Ni No Kuni (-based)
    The Walking Dead

    Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2/XIII-3 ♥♥
    (Raines), though I've never tried him. I'd like to.
    Maybe Barthandelus, why the hell not
    Caius (. . .?)

    Persona 4 — I haven't tried anyone here
    Teddie because bear puns
    Naoto (possibly)
    Yukiko (unlikely)
    Adachi. . .?
    Dojima (?)
    I can't stand Rise, so don't ask

    Persona 3 — I haven't tried anyone here
    Who the fuck plays Minato (I would)
    Shinjiro, maybe
    old Jesus hippie guy—Takaya?
    I can't stand Fuuka either (though she's remarkably easier to handle than Rise; blame the battle system on this)

    Devil May Cry (-based, most likely)
    Vergil. Maybe.

    The Last of Us (-based or canon)

    Movies (open)
    Studio Ghibli productions
    Inception (iffy)

    Originals (open)
    Everything under the sun, seriously.
    Based on the list of fandoms, you can get a good idea of what I enjoy doing.
    I like fantasy. A lot. Also sci-fi. Pitch me a good futuristic/sci-fi, action, or fantasy and you're golden. Give me anything that explores psychological and philosophical themes and you're even better. Characters with cognitive dissonances, or coming to grips with themselves or their morality in relation to their (possibly crapsack) world? Do it.

    I just ask that you refrain from throwing me trite romance settings or the dime-a-dozen detective x prostitute/criminal/both pairing. If it's really good, try. I like a crime-based roleplay, but not like that and hory shet have I gotten it a lot.

    Update: Just don't give me anything with detectives unless you know it's phenomenal. And I mean know. I got a request for supernatural detectives going to a nightclub. This is no longer negotiable.

    You have no idea how long that took to reformat for this forum. I want to gouge my eyes out.

    Uhh. . .some notes, I guess.

    I don't know what else to put here, other than it's iffy where you'll get me to write. I might try our own little thread, but I'm a hermit and like privacy. Allow me to stroke my hikikomori stubble and hum pensively so you think I'm a cool old dude you want to get advice from. Or a pretentious bastard. One of those.

    I swear that wasn't intentional (considering I like playing old man advice-givers, holy shit lmao).
    On that note, my comfort range for age is. . .late twenties, give or take. I'd say low-end of that 'give or take' is 24. That's more mid, but the rest of them are largely at or above the midpoint notwithstanding certain characters in fandoms. If it's an original, there is a very good chance the character will be 24+ or 27+. Just some fair warning.
    The oldest character I have in my original repertoire is 65. For fandoms, I'd say Masaoka comes at the top at being 54 or whatever.

    Also if you want sex from me, especially in copious amounts, this is not the place to be. If I react negatively to heavy romance, you're damn right I'm going to say "n a h" to heavy sex too. It exists. I'm not going to act like it's the only thing my characters can depend on, because that would be a very large lie.

    Yeah. Stuff and things, because Cas is a big dumbass that doesn't know how to end an introduction any better than starting one.
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  2. I'm not sure what stands where for a post that updates a thread, but this is still open.

    Should I have problems in the future, I'll be doing most of my communications from mobile. (Thank Christ that Iwaku has good mobile.) If applicable, I'll put up statuses even if I'm sure not many people will read them, and make a thread should I have absences. I don't see the latter much, though.

  3. Yo! I'd be willing to dive into the deep end with you, if you'd have me. I can write up some form of menial plot ready to become amazing at both our hands and send it your way when I have the chance.

    Judging by the way you write, I'd have to say, you seem like a really cool person. I just wonder if that's truer than I think it is. Anyways.

    I've been needing some self-damage for a while, perhaps this'll be where I'll unleash my inner self onto characters whose eyes I see through in an almost literal way~
  4. Well, you're more than welcome to it whenever you get the chance. Things have been slow and hectic lately, so I welcome any and all escape, ha.

    Do you have any idea what you wanted already?
  5. I was thinking something along the lines of master/apprentice, but the way in which the former teaches the latter is through travelling through Earth or a similar fantasy-based world, taking on the ways of different cultures and beliefs to create a sense of peace and balance within one's self. But then the fire nation attacks and everyone groans. Ignore the previous line.

    Another has been the desire to go sailing. That's as much as I've thought into that one. Expect pirates, navy, docks, and everything inbetween there, with perhaps a case of 'hey, we can sail - just in space is all'. Or even that kind of theme/feel to it, but involving something entirely different!

    Another would have to be some kind of epic quest somewhere, could be as simple as travelling from one end of a world to another, or as complex as the many systems portrayed in said world. I've got a world of my own which I've created recently, it's got many unknowns to it however, so I'm not sure if it'll be any good. I've wanted to flesh it out however.

    I'm amazed I can still function with no sleep, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
  6. That first one sounds pretty fantastic, actually. At first I misread it and got the former/latter order wrong and thought you meant that the latter would be teaching the former, haha (which is still an idea I'd like; some jaded old person being taught by their young apprentice in ways that they cannot teach the young one).

    I'm not versed in nautical jargon, but I can totally look into it. I'm a landlubber at heart, so you won't find me knowledgeable about aft and bow or port and starboard, or the height of masts or how many knots translates to miles (it's a little over one mile per hour per knot per hour). Wait what?
    No seriously, I don't have any personal experience in sailing, so I'll need to do some research for that one.

    And to be honest, all of those ideas sound like they don't have to be mutually exclusive. You mentioned world-traveling with the master/apprentice and repeated it with the epic quest. If you want sailing (even in space) so much, "master" and "apprentice" are only tropes or roles that can be applied to anything, really (if I want to be cheeky; supposedly Spike Spiegel learned to be a bounty hunter under a famous couple, which is certainly applicable). So if you like space, it could very well be a "teacher" and their student traveling the universe on epic quests for whatever reason and that tidily sums up everything you just said (just with the assumption of space, which is not required by any means).

    You can totally tell me about this world you've got rolling around.
  7. Are you still looking for a partner?? ^-^
  8. I welcome one, yeah. How goes it?
  9. It goes well, would you be keen for a DMC rp? ^-^ or just a rp in general.
  10. Sure—which one? I assume since you aren't using the other acronym (DmC), you mean the main series of games. I could be wrong, though.
    That said, whatever it is, what timeline to you want to base it off of? 3, 1, 2, 4? None? DmC, as mentioned? What characters do you want involved?
  11. I mean the original 1,2,3 and 4 XD
    I am a massive Dante, Nero and Virgil fan XD

    It would depend on what characters we pick for what we base it off I guess ^^

    If you pm me we could figure out something awesome!
  12. Removed some items from anime fandoms and added a note for originals. Nothing too much, just more details on my opinions of detective roleplays. (Don't give me them unless you know they're amazing. Thanks.)
  13. I'm adding something to this post and to the top post:

    a thought just struck me for an original or Kuroshitsuji-esque roleplay:

    could a cambion still make a faustian contract?
    if so, because they still possess a human (-ish) soul, would it null the contract since they're not fully human/a demon too?
    or would this change in relation to their progression in their hereditary status perhaps
    also applicable: nephilim making a faustian contract
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