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  1. Deidre pulled into the campus parking lot in her dad's old 2001 Toyota Camry, the car heaved and dragged itself sluggishly across the asphalt. As Deidre backed into a parking space, the car squealed and groaned and all but fell apart as she backed in, inch by inch. Finally, with a loud clunk, the car shut off, and Deidre was forced to leave without perfecting her reverse parking.

    "Well fuck." She grumbled, giving the front tire a good kick, before instantly regretting it because she was wearing sandals. "FUCK!" She cried out in pain, hopping on one foot and holding the other.
    After soothing her throbbing foot, she grabbed her bags from the back, making sure to shove her 'home outfit' into one of them, and proceeded to the campus courtyard.

    She had started out the day wearing a teal turtleneck, a brown glittery hijab, baggy blue jeans and brown sneakers, but as soon as she had gotten a good distance away from home, she had pulled over to a secluded area and changed into a white cami, faded blue shorts, and large silver hoop earrings, as for shoes, she had kept the brown sneaks on.

    Upon reaching the courtyard, she saw that the Planning Committee were planning...Something. Deidre couldn't tell if the huge poster that they were hanging up depicted an angry bear or a mutated person.

    "Sam, what the hell is that?" She asked, cocking her head to the side and trying to figure out what the thing was.

    Sam, the Planning Committee president glared down at her from her ladder. "It's an ostrich. Obviously." The blonde snapped and Deidre let out an ugly guffaw of laughter. Sam whipped her head around, nearly toppling from her ladder with the force of the turn."What's so funny?!" She screeched.

    Deidre held her hands out in a 'Hey hey, chill I mean no harm' gesture. "Nothing, it's just...Not very bird like. What's all this for anyway?"

    If Sam's face got any redder, Deidre was afraid that the girl would explode. "It's for Ostrich Awareness Day. Stop the Ostriches from being Ostracized, don't take their Ostrich Eyes."

    Sam looked so proud of herself, Deidre really did try to hold in her laughter this time, but the slogan was just so ridiculous, she couldn't help letting loose with a bubbling giggle. Sam narrowed her eyes at her and started to descend the ladder, while yelling.

    "You think the genocide of Ostriches is funny?! You think that when a momma ostrich is working hard to protect her eggs and turns for a second to look in the other direction, and then turns back and sees that her babies have been kidnapped! You think that's funny?!"

    "Oh Christ..." Deidre groaned as Sam began to screech at her like an ostrich.
  2. (On mobile so forgive if it's a bit short)

    Davis was on his way to the party he had heard about, but checking his watch he saw he still had plenty of time before it started and as you know it's always best to show up fashionably late, especially if you're crashing it. He decided to stop by the main part of the campus, and noticed the planning committee was doing something. They had a large banner up with god knows what on it.

    " the that..." He asked Sam as he pointed at the creature on the banner. It took him a second, but Davis noticed Deidre was there as well.

    "Well hey ya Deidre." He said with a smile. "You're looking pretty cute today." Davis noticed her outfit. Personally, he had on some shorts, Air Force Ones and a V neck. He figured a herbologist doesn't need to look fancy all the time.
  3. Titus ran across campus, a bundle of notebooks in his arms. He wore his usual grey slacks and vest, with a white T-shirt to add some "semi-" to his "formal." He had meant to go to the library to do some research, but as soon as he had entered Mrs. Callum had given him these notebooks for Mr. Anderson, the psychology instructor.

    Titus slowed as he saw a familiar figure in the courtyard. "Hey, Davis," Titus greeted, paused to remember his delivery and added, "I'll be right back."

    Mr. Anderson's room wasn't much further, and a minute later Titus caught up with his friend, who was talking with Deidre. The young accountant was a bit short of breath, so he didn't repeat his greeting.
  4. Ignoring the screeching of the Planning Committee president, Deidre turned and greeted her friends. She cocked an eyebrow at Davis and then struck a pose. "Today? I look pretty cute every day!" She announced, trying to look daring and sexy all at once but probably only managing to resemble the hideous bird creature on the banner behind her. Glancing at Titus she gave him a wave. She never understood why her friend ran errands for teachers. Whenever a teacher asked her to do something she'd give an excuse as to why she couldn't or she'd claim to not know where the location was.

    "Titus, one day you should just throw those books in one of those professors' faces." She stated, giving him a grin. "They need to learn how to lug their own books around. You aren't a pack mule! At most you're a retired race horse! And they are taking advantage of your strong equine capabilities." She gave him a pat on the shoulder and turned to Davis. "Am I right, or am I right? Give me some support Dee-Dee."
  5. "Dee-Dee?" Davis said with a strange look on his face. "Now lass I told you about calling me strange and silly nicknames." He then stood on top of the near by bench and make a funny pose. "I am a highly intelligent herbologist." He then stuck his tongue out at her. He was clearly not taking himself serious. "Such names are for when you see me sitting on the corner drinking a 40oz." Davis then got off of the bench and move towards the gang.

    "You do need to relax Titus." He said. "Tell you what...give me the books and I know the perfect spot to put them." Davis's thought was to set them on fire in a trashcan somewhere. "You work far to much and get nothing in return. Stick it to the teachers." He then turned his attention back to Deidre.

    "And yes today you look wonderful, and every other day is just something else." He said with a laugh and smile.
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