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  1. Setting
    August 27th 2015 - Beginning of the Fall Semester

    Globe College is a lovely college in the UK. Although a lot of people there are natives of the UK, there are many international students.
    Unlike other colleges the theater part of the college is the main focus and more than 60% of students attending are studying for theater related majors.
    Though the school is vast and filled with many people, students and staff a like, we will be focusing on one particular group of friends.

    No Romeo or Juliet. [Other characters from the store are fine but not those two]
    The basics; no Godmodding, Mary Sues/Gary Stus/Special Snowflakes etc.
    Site rules apply
    5-8 sentences per post.
    Sex scenes should fade to black.
    No hypersad or abusive backgrounds. Your character is based off of Shakespeare's characters, they aren't actually them.

    Appearance: [Real Pictures only]
    Name / Based off of:

    Year/Level: [Sophomore and up]

    Relationships: [Relationships does not strictly mean boyfriend or girlfriend. It can be friends or enemies. Look at other people's bios and work out the relationship between their character and yours. Do not put 'They don't have any yet', because the friends are friends because they know each other already.]
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  2. Banquo.jpg
    Name: Dwayne Davis(goes by Davis mostly)
    Based off of: Banquo from Macbeth
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Year: Junior
    Major: Herbology
    Personality: Lively and always looking for a good time and doing stupid things with his friends
    Bio: Davis is a young man with the smarts of the greatest people and with this he takes on herbology as his major. The classes are all to easy for him. His parents think he's trying to be a valuable member to society, but really he just wants to make his own "goods" and have an easy life. Davis just wants to have some laughs and a good time while he's at school.
    Relationship: Everyone loves Davis. He's the kind of guy its just hard to hate because he always has your back and will help out however he can. Davis also has a nose for fun so you'll never be bored around him. Don't get on his bad side though, because if you do he'll make your life miserable like some vengeful ghost.
  3. @C92cool
    Accepted, just remembered to add specific relationships when other people post their stuff.

    :O And by "goods" do you mean *darting gaze* the green smokity smokes?
  4. Yeah I'll update once other people post their characters
    *Davis walks in*
    Davis-Maybe I do mean that green smokity smokes.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Deidre King / Desdemona
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female

    Year/Level: Junior
    Major: Early Childhood
    Minor: Play-writing
    Personality: When she's at school she's the definition of bright and sunny. She talks a lot and almost always gets the death glare from her professors. She loves technology and she likes to tinker with random stuff and create crazy contraptions, like the pencil shooter (that was a big mistake).
    At home, however, Deidre is quiet and reserved, but she longs for the day that she can accumulate enough money to move out of her father's house.
    Bio: Deidre comes from a family where religion if of the utmost importance. Her father is strict and does not tolerate disobedience. He forced Deidre to change her major from Engineering to Early Childhood because of all the men who would be in the engineering field. He also forbids her from going out after and 7 PM and greatly disapproves of any of her male friends and female friends who dress 'provocatively'.
    Deidre, herself does not hold her religion on a pedestal. In fact she has renounced Islam in secret and identifies as simply a monotheist in college. She also doesn't wear the hijab when she is at school, but isn't worried because her father never visits the college.

    Deidre and Davis
    Deidre is good friends with Davis and she often comes to him to 'chill out'. However, Davis is the first and only person to receive a lifetime ban for bringing weed into the house. After that Deidre's father became even more uptight about her friends, however, when Davis comes around to try and sneak into the house, her father always chases him out with threats and yelling, but he would never actually call the police because of discrimination that he faced in the past.
    Nicknames: She sometimes calls him Deedee.

    Deidre and Titus
    Deidre met Titus in a playwriting class and they've been friends ever since. Their friendship was strengthened even more when they found out they had more in common; Being friends with Davis.
    Nicknames: None at the moment.
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  6. Relationship Update:
    Davis is banned from Deidre's house by here father for attempting to "light up" and make everyone "mellow out". From time to time Davis still tries to creep on into Deidre's home to bug her and rag on about her father, but always gets chased off. Surprisingly the cops haven't been called yet. On campus though, the two are quite good friends and chat about anything and everything. Davis is also curious about Deidre's major and asks her a lot of questions about it. He's quite the nosy guy, but from what he can tell she doesn't mind it.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Titus Hawthorne
    Based off of: Brutus from "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar"
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male

    Year/Level: Junior
    Major: Accounting
    Personality: Titus is thoughtful and studious. He sometimes has difficulty making decisions, but when choices are made he sticks to them. He values loyalty and honor.
    Bio: Titus is an international student from the town of Timberdale in the United States. He and his friend Davis had high marks through school and figured any college was open to them, so they chose to stay together and go to Globe College. Titus is minoring in theater.
    Relationships: Davis and Titus have been good friends since middle school, as their fathers were coworkers and they saw each other often after school. Davis has always been the more wild of the two, and has gotten Titus into trouble in the past. Titus doesn't hold it against Davis; he knows his life would be dull without his friend.
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  8. Interesting, Teacup. Early Childhood Education was my major.
  9. @C92cool
    Kick ass! I love it and I can totally see it happening. :D I'll just put Deidre's version of the relationship and also why her father has not called the cops yet. :3

    Really? Awesomes. :3
  10. Awesome! Glad you liked it. Now I need to think of a relationship with Titus :3
  11. It could be interesting if they've known each other for a long time and are best friends regardless of having nothing in common.
  12. I was thinking of something like that. Davis and Titus are always running off and having interesting adventures. One suggest something daring and crazy and the other always tags along. It's hard to separate the two.
  13. Is that bio/relationship for Titus acceptable?
  14. Up to you since it's your character. I was just throwing an idea out there.
  15. I included background for your character; that's what I was asking about.
  16. Ah sorry I just saw the bio you did for the characters. Yes I love the relationship between the two characters that you made.
  17. @AAB

    Okay so now we need a Titus to Deidre relationship? Should they have met via Davis?
  18. Haha I just thought of this-Davis tells Titus that he knows a place they can hang and takes him to Deidre's place, but this is after Davis is banned but Titus doesn't know that. Eventually after getting to know each other, Titus and Deidre become friends but it's cut short because the dad comes home. He doesn't see Titus escape so Titus takes advantage of that and comes to see Deidre at her home to hangout without the fear of being chased by her dad. Davis on the other hand, now with his repeated offensives of being over there after being banned, must stay on his toes and become creative with each attempt at hanging with Deidre at her home. This literally just came to mind so I figured I would write in down and get yawls opinion on it.
  19. The original meeting could work, but Titus wouldn't return to Deidre's house after he finds out he shouldn't.
  20. Ok. Like I said it was something that just randomly popped in my head and in the end it's up to the both of you because it involves yawls two characters and not mine.
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