Across The Universe: Guardians of The Galaxy (Sign Ups)

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  1. Plot
    Of course with the galaxy saved, things were starting to calm down. But, with threats coming to effect as of recently, things will be crazy. And with the help of some new fighters, The guardians will come out stronger than ever.

    Character Sheet

    Birth Name:
    Name character Goes By:
    Home Planet(It can be one of the planets seen in the movie or you can make one up):
    Face Claim(Who is your character played by):
    Alliance(Good, Neutral, Evil):
    Abilties/Powers(This is optional if your character doesn't have powers):
    Other Info:

    Note: I need the main roles also filled, so if you would like a main character to play as, ask for a character you want.
  2. ((OHHH I WOULD LIKE TO BE PETER. Do you still want me to fill out the form, or...

    Shall I showcase my talent? XD
  3. Go ahead and show-off on what you can do. xD
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  4. Is Gamora taken? :)
  5. can i have rocket, or can i make my own?
  6. Nope. She's free. :)
  7. Birth Name: Peter Jason Quill
    Name character Goes By: Star-Lord
    Age: 34
    Species: Human/Part Alien
    Home Planet(It can be one of the planets seen in the movie or you can make one up): EARTH: A planet of Outlaws
    Gender: MALE
    Face Claim(Who is your character played by): Chris F@#$ing Pratt
    Alliance(Good, Neutral, Evil): Little bit of good, little bit of bad.
    Abilities/Powers(This is optional if your character doesn't have powers): Awesome mask, blasters, cunning, legendary mix-tape.
    Strengths: Smart-assery, womanizing, saving the Galaxy
    Weaknesses: Hot women assassins, shiny objects, units.
    Fears: Losing his most favorite possession; dying.
    History: As he escaped the hospital where his mother just died, Peter got abducted by aliens-- and eventually he began working for them-- until he double-crossed them. He eventually met his fellow Guardians and they saved the Galaxy~ you guys know the story.
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes-- mac n' cheese, space flight, the stars, old music. Dislikes-- rap music, certain death situations, sharp pointy glowing red objects.
    Other Info: "Star-Lord, man, Legendary Outlaw..."


    Peter gave a loud sigh, "You know, I don't like sharp objects in my face. Especially from you, Godzilla." With his arms behind his back, he looked up to the large alien that stood before him. At the moment, Peter Jason Quill was sizing up how much it would take to make the sucker take a little tumble. The lazer-blade in the leathery figure's arms was close to his face-- something he really liked. Maybe if he swooped his leg out? Well, it was worth a shot...


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  8. Which ever you prefer. :)
  9. In that case, I have a follow up question. I haven't gotten around to seeing the film yet (I know, I must be the only person in the world, heh.) Would it be better if I played an OC because of that? :)
  10. okay ill be my own creation i think
  11. Since you haven't seen it yet, you can go ahead and make a character. That would be the easiest. Just fill out the character sheet. :)
  12. That is fine. :)
  13. i'm sorry but i can't join, i have too much homework
  14. Alrighty, no problem. :)
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  15. [​IMG]

    Birth Name: Melinda Anne Young
    Name character Goes By: Melinda, Spiritheart
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Home Planet(It can be one of the planets seen in the movie or you can make one up): Earth
    Gender: Female
    Face Claim(Who is your character played by): Emma Roberts
    Alliance(Good, Neutral, Evil): Neutral
    Abilties/Powers(This is optional if your character doesn't have powers): None.
    Strengths: Close combat, her wit, her speed
    Weaknesses: Older men, her temperament.
    Fears: Being alone, being weak.
    History: Melinda had once came from a small, wealthy family. She had everything in her life, but had gotten tired of her lifestyle. She was old enough to leave home, she left and had gone off to learn how to fight. She would then work alone, doing odd jobs.
    Likes/Dislikes: Her likes are ice cream, classic music, and drawing. Her only dislike is rude people in general.
    Other Info: In the amount of time on her own, she gotten trained to become an assassin. Though she can be cold-hearted in a fight, but outside of battling, she is overall sweet.
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  16. That is understandable. It'll still be open whenever you have the time to join.
  17. Either later tonight, or tomorrow, I will make the group for this RP. :)
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  18. i thought about it, and i think i'll have time for this RP, is there any slots left?
  19. Yeah. There are slots open. :)