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    IC Thread

    "The Galaxy is no longer ours."

    For eons, Humanity's Aetherius Empire had dominated the stars, bringing peace and order to the galaxy as their power spread to every system in their reach. Hailing from their mythical home of Terra, they expanded across the stars, bringing their domination everywhere they went. Their strength and technology was unrivaled and they controlled all within their imperium.

    Despite all their achievements, this mighty Empire was never prepared for their downfall. The Great Collapse was responsible for the absolute destruction of the Empire and the Human race. Terrible and great forces destroyed entire systems as the Empire tore itself apart from the inside. Countless centuries of conflict and death ravaged the stars until at long last, they fell silent.

    Through the darkness that followed, the long oppressed alien races managed to survive, now free from the Empire's dominance. These races built from scratch, emerging from their planets to forge their own starships and colonies. After thousands of years, the systems of the Carina Sector are beginning to experience a new spacefareing age.

    But the Galaxy is not forgiving. For every treasure that lies in the great beyond, there awaits just as many dangers. Dark forces stir on the edge of the Sector. Pirates, bandits, and hostile races all threaten the peace of those around them. There are even sightings of old Imperial ships darting across the night sky.

    The year is 673 AGC (After Great Collapse) on the Imperial calender. Your nation, your people, will have to face many challenges in their struggle for survival. Will you do it through cunning? Through strength? Through trade?

    The new Galactic Age is upon us, are you ready?

    This is an Interest Check for a Space-fareing, Sci-fi, Nation Role-play. The story is player-driven, you will take the role of an alien race and write from character, overall, or other perspectives as you expand and explore the galaxy around you. There are a number of over-arching plots, and I as the GM will provide some minor quests on occasion. For the most part, however, the story is yours to create as you interact with me, the other players, and the wide world I have created.

    There is already a detailed map of the Carina Sector (the location of this RP), and accepted nations will be added to it. I have also made a large number of NPC nations (large and small), a massive amount of Imperial relics to be found out there, and countless missions and activities to keep you on your feet. There are also a few wider plots that will play out slowly as the story progresses. As you encounter things and carry out actions, I will inform you of what's going on via IC post or PM.

    Time will be measured by pages of the IC thread, with one page equating to one Earth-year. This will of course be altered for interactions between two people, but I will not slow down the pace of the RP because two people want to chat IC. Collaborations are encouraged if you want to have a detailed interaction between two nations. You may explore one system per page, but you must explain why you're exploring and what you're bringing along. Tell me the system or star you want to go to and I will reply with IC post or PM telling you what you find there. Resources and research will allow for a slow development of your nation as time goes on. Once per page, I will allow your nation to make a new development, anything from a few ships, one big ship, a colony, or a new technology. Simply let me OK it here in the OOC first, then get to it IC. As well as progressing the slow plot, I will pick a player at random once per page and initiate one of my minor events. These range in scale from simple decisions to huge events, so be ready for the many curve-balls space can throw your way, the pay-outs for these events can be well worth it.

    I don't intend on limiting the amount of players allowed in this RP, this will help to contribute to the large feel a space NRP should have. You must play as an original alien race. No humans, no quasi-humans, and no cannon races from existing media. You can derive ideas from other places, but I encourage creativity in the end. Pictures are nice, but detailed descriptions are better. At the starting point, your nation will have limited technological abilities. You may possess the ability to travel quickly between systems, but travel would still take weeks (for nearby stars) or months (for other systems in the sector). Energy weaponry is a possibility, but will usually be inefficient and costly. Cybernetic and genetic capabilities are not beyond your reach, just be smart about it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read that, I hope to see your questions or comments. I'm very open to ideas still at this point. I want your input, I want you to keep thinking creatively. If we all work together, we can turn this into a long-lasting story of epic proportions.

    Rules (open)

    1. No Godmodding or power gaming of any kind. We're telling a story, not having a competition to see who is the biggest badass. Not to say you can't do awesome things, but know your limits.

    The goal here is to be believable, no meta-gaming, autokilling of NPCs, or expecting to walk away from every thing without any scratches.

    2. The writing standard is intermediate, but I will upgrade it if necessary. Read what you wrote over before you post and ensure you have acceptable spelling and grammar. That said, I don't expect you to be perfect, mistakes are made by everyone. Just make an honest effort and we'll get along just fine. Posting expectations are at least 2 detailed paragraphs per post, probably more.

    3. The nature of this RP will allow for you to post at your leisure. I can allow new nations to join at will as well as take nations out as I please. I don't mind if you want to drop out or need some time off, real life comes first, just inform me. If I don't hear from you for a week, I'll send a PM to make sure you're still around. Two weeks and I'll remove your nation from the general occurrences of RP. Three weeks and your nation becomes an NPC.

    Keep me informed.

    4. If you disagree with contents of someone's posts, don't turn the OOC into some horrible flame fest. We're all hopefully mature enough to settle disagreements through logical discourse.

    5. If you want to do something, and you aren't sure, ask in the OOC so it can be discussed. Or, if you want it to be a surprise, PM me. If it's a good idea, we can work it in. I encourage creativity.

    6. If you have questions or ideas for events, PM me or post it OOC. Your input will help keep the RP interesting.

    7. Bottom Line: The point is to have fun and build a good comradary with your fellow role players. There will be inappropriate screwing around in the OOC, and people will be off topic quite a bit. This is normal. This is fun. It's also a great place to shoot around ideas and discuss how things are going. Keep invested in this and it might just go down as one of the best damn rps you've done on this webpage.

    Questions and Answers:


    Nation Sheet (open)
    Nation Application

    Nation name:


    ((Type and description.))


    ((And description if wanted.))


    ((Isolationist, Capitalism, Socialism, Trade, Equality, Militarism, Expansionism, Technological research, Medical research, Galactic Unification, Fascism, Communism, Anarchism, Freedom/Liberty, Centralism, Democracy, Dictatorship, Religious Zealotry, Crusades, Racial Unification, Conservationism, Nationalism, Imperialism, ect..))


    Star System:

    ((A brief decription of the home system and any other inhabited zones (outposts and stations). At the beginning of this Role-Play, your nation may only be in control of one system, this may be useful.))

    Economy Description:


    ((Be as descriptive as you want, listing anything unique that your nation may possess, remember to keep things appropriate for a nation that only controls one system.)

    Nation History:

    ((Be as descriptive or as summarized as you want.))

    Misc Nation Details:

    ((Population, currency, spoken language, ect.))

    Military Description:

    ((A general description of the military (if any), such as numbers and unit descriptions. Keep it simple, I don't need a picture for every weapon and vehicle you use.))

    Navy Description:

    ((A quick description of your methods of space travel (military or not)))

    Ship Prefix:

    ((Optional, e.g HMSC, Her Majesties Space Craft))

    Ship Descriptions:

    ((General appearance and layout of ships in your nation, I would prefer text over images. Also include simple descriptions of weaponry.))

    Ship Numbers

    ((All nations start with 13 points to spend on ships, I may grant more points if I feel your nation merits more.))

    Transport Craft (1 point)
    -Small craft intended for cargo and personnel transport.

    Corvette (1 Point)
    -Small, fast military craft. Used for escort or recon missions.
    -Civilian Corvettes typically used as personal craft for important individuals or fast courier ships.

    Destroyer (3 points)
    -Medium military craft built with the intention of engaging enemy ships or other hard targets.

    Carrier (4 Points)
    -Military vehicles intended to deploy and contain star-fighters or other small craft.
    -Civilian craft acting as large transports for other ships, cargo, or personnel.

    Light Frigate (4 Points)
    -Medium military craft with a variety of uses.

    Heavy Frigate (6 Points)
    -Large military craft capable of holding off most other craft.

    Light Cruiser (8 Points)
    -Large military craft possessing great speed and excellent defensive and offensive capabilities.

    Heavy Cruiser (10 Points)
    -Huge military craft, could potentially defend itself against any number of ships in the below categories.

    Dreadnought (13 Points)
    -Massive military craft, built with the intention of holding massive numbers and destroying anything in it's way.

    Fighters, shuttles, and other small craft (free)
    -Numbers don't need to be listed, neither do descriptions, just putting this here for reference.

    Anything Else?

    Species Application (open)

    Species Application

    Species Name:

    ((General name, Demonyms, and what they may use to refer to themselves as.))

    Species Appearance:

    ((Physical description of species, pictures may be OK (nothing cell-shaded or in an anime style), but text descriptions are preferred. Other descriptions like how they move and their gestures are welcome too.))

    Species Culture:

    ((Culture and social attributes of species.))


    ((Average life-span, normal population levels (as compared to modern-day Humans), and method of reproduction (if applicable, keep it clean but informative.)))


    Home-world Description:

    ((A description of your home-world, and where and how the species generally lives.))

    Species Background:

    ((Any details of species during the height of the Human Empire, how they came to be during the time after the Collapse of the Empire, and any other details.))

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  2. [​IMG]
    Galactic Archives
    Accumulated Information Database

    Below is the collected information about the Carina Sector and the surrounding Galaxy as it would be known to the nations in this role-play.

    This will be updated as discoveries are made, communication with other races are established, and systems are explored. Out in the Carina Sector lies an abundance of clues about the past. The information here will be commonly known to every player-nation unless decided otherwise.

    [[Archives are currently WIP]]

    Accepted Nations
    Player Name|Nation Name|Home System
    Asinis |The Geliflec Collective |Shalfril
    Asuras | Ilhouli Kingdoms | New World
    CheekyBeretta | Era Cyere Dominion | Gemane
    Naberius | Republic of Toa | Rimic
    Sirona | The Celestial Horizon | Home

    Carina Sector Map

    • Once an important cultural and industrial frontier of the Aetherius Empire, the Carina Sector was home to a diverse amount of Xenos as well as an abundance of undiscovered and unsettles systems. A military uprising in the early days of the Empire's downfall saved the sector from the worst of the Great Collapse. It's location in the greater Galaxy has put it out of the way of some of the darker forces born from the ashes of the Empire. Carina prospers with new life to this day under the watchful eyes of a few factions.

    • A tiny sector neighboring Carina, Xhaan is home to the Kophori Trade Union, who have managed to unite most of the systems there. Through trade pacts and other acts of conquest, the Kophori exercise control here and relish in the strength of their federation. Recently, rumors have leaked about attacks from mysterious forces hitting this sector hard, yet trade with the Kophori prospers as usual.

    • A swath of the Carina Sector surrounding the Zen system, this region is supposedly home to an unfriendly remnant of the Aetherius Empire. A notable dead-mans's zone for pirates and bandits, any force entering with Ill-intent will never be heard of again, and other force will find themselves turned around. The occasional rebuilt Imperial craft can be seen entering and exiting this region, as well as notable activity inside. To this day, any attempt to open contact has ended in failure.

    • Notable only for it's hospitality, the Ka system supposedly contains a friendly and cooperative race. Despite it's small size, Ka has become a notable trading hub and haven for refugees.

    • For years, an open and inviting message of cooperation was broadcasted from this system. Claiming to be representing a powerful collaboration of aliens, this message sought out other cultures in hopes of establishing a greater community. The signal stopped abruptly 3 years ago.

    • Listed in Imperial records as the political and administrative capitol of the Carina Sector. The fate of this this system is unknown.

    • Imperial records and racial memory list Delsin as the former cultural capitol of the Carina Sector. Notably a melting-pot of alien species, it was hit notoriously hard during the Great Collapse. What lies here to this day is unknown.

    • Home to countless warlords and other hostile forces, Tallon Prime is an infamous meeting ground for bandits and other war-like factions. Life is relatively orderly here despite the nature of it's inhabitants and is commonly a launching point for raids.

    • With the fall of two previous systems, Erebus has become the current haven for pirate activity. Trade here is prosperous and most anything can be found here for the right price. It's a well-known hive of criminal activity, so approach carefully.

    • The "civilized" alternative to Erebus, Strug is currently used as the trading hub for the Kophori Trade Union. Strung with stations and trading fleets, this system is well-known to be rich in rarities. Any faction wishing to open ties with the Kophori are welcome here with open arms.

    Major Factions

    • The legendary Empire of Humanity, Aetherius has a long and storied history. Starting long ago a a federation of alien cultures, Humanity slowly gained strength and influence before outright claiming themselves as the masters of all others. After the degradation of their home planet, the Empire set it's roots closer to the galactic center and spread out across the stars. Their influence was wide, and they settled countless worlds with their own kind before their eventual downfall. To this day, it is rare to come across a system and not see the symbols of Human influence.

    • Also known as "The Faction", "The Remnant", or "The Empire", this is an enigmatic group flying altered ships of Imperial design. Although closed to communication, these craft have been found in all corners of the sector, quietly watching, always on the move. Rumors abound that this is one of the few sad remains of the once-proud Human race, but they still manage to shroud themselves in power. Possibly originating from Veiled Space, they are the bane of pirates and bandits, seeking them out and destroying their presence in the sector while otherwise maintaining the borders of Carina.

    • A short, amphibian race of traders, the Kophori Trade Union is a vast federation from the neighboring sector. Willing to open ties with other races, they are keen dealers and cunning foes. They offer goods of many varieties in exchange for rarities of their own request. Master of the silver-tongue, they have a way of getting what they want. Their power is apparently quite strong, letting them possess a large fleet and controlling other races through the use of their military and trade powers. Most Kophori craft seen in the Carina sector will be large trade vessels and escort craft as mobilizing any military power would be costly. If you manage to anger them, they will pursue you with every bit of hate imaginable, commonly paying bandits and other nations to enact their vengeance.

    • Relics of the Aetherius Empire are still relatively common in the Carina Sector, but actual functioning equipment is unheard of. In the deepest myths of society are tales of Imperial strongholds, holding cast stores of knowledge and technology. Someone or something is out there, caring for these and ensuring they don't fall into alien hands.

    • Whispers on the lips of traders and pirates tell tales of a dark force on the edges of known space. Some say they are demons, some the vengefull spirits of dead Humans, most claim they don't even exist. All that's known is that distant societies and systems will suddenly go silent without cause. Something is causing droves of bandits and refugees to stream into the local sectors.

    Minor Factions

    • Referring to any otherwise unaffiliated faction of mixed or pure racial makeup that roam the sector with intent on control and long-term plunder. Bandits typically will occupy a region of space and work to dominate the nearby region, attempting to control or suppress local factions in search of wealth and an easy living.

      Bandits are only alighted in times of great thread but are someone open to negotiation. Their military prowess varies and they are more inclined to raid and run than stand against a threat.

    • A well-known and hated occupation, pirates are commonly made of a collection of species and operate in a number of capabilities. Most work out of small craft skirting common space-lanes, but entire fleets and the occasional pirate base are also known to exist. Negotiation is possible but the diversity of these brigands will never ensure your safety once your system is noticed by them.

      Pirates may be a source of trade as they always seek a friendly port to refuel, recruit, sell their plunder, and spend their treasures. Size and power varies greatly, and you are just as likely to come across a light skiff as you are a modified frigate.

    • A general term for a very new annoyance to the Carina Sector. Bands of aliens have recently begun crusading into nearby systems. They're commonly nomadic, violently crashing into a system, raiding anything of value and moving on to the next victim. Their tech level is parasitic, employing only what they have won through conquest and rarely developing their own achievements. Barbarian culture may vary, but they are almost always closed to negotiation and retain simple beliefs.

    Imperial Technology

    • Because of the nature of an Inter-Galactic Empire, Humanity needed to tackle the issues of communicating with other alien races. Attempts to learn other languages had been made in the days before Aetherius, but the wide reach of the Empire forced them to adapt a new strategy.

      The Translation Gene was a mix of genetic and cybernetic science implemented into all citizens of the Empire. The Gene worked as a translator, communicating with the genes in other individuals so the user could speak their natural language and still be understood by those with a completely alien language. This technology was also built to be passed down by generations, and was so advanced that it is still 99.98% successful to this day.

      The Gene does not work for non-verbal forms of communication, and species-specific words and sayings will still evade translation. However, this tech has survived the great collapse and is the key for contact with other nations in the post-Imperial era.

    • As Humanity progressed in technological and social levels, the concepts of biology and cybernetics grew. The use of genetic engineering and cloning surpassed the power of morality, and soon most residents of the Empire were altered from their natural forms.

      Babies were assigned traits, humans added various attachments to their body as needed or wanted, and cloning was commonly used for a wide number of uses. The average lifespan of a Human extended far beyond the concepts of old, and the physical aspects of their life had an infinite amount of possibilities. This science also found it's way into the multitude of alien races in the Empire, sometimes unwillingly as Humans adjusted races to better fit their own needs.

      Imperial technology still exists out there, as well as the remnants of Humanity's mastery of life.

    • The galactic frontier opened the Empire to a variety of new worlds. And while many were in fact habitable, most were not. Terraforming technology was an early construct from Human history, but it had been perfected at the height of the Empire. The most inhospitable planet could be made into a paradise with the right amount of resources. In some cases, planets could even be designed according to the wishes of those in power.

      The effects of Imperial terraforming has been largely irreversible. Planets live on far after the loss of Humanity, their meddling has created opportunities for life to prosper in places that would otherwise be hostile.

    • The pride of the Empire was their fleet. Humanity gained their power through the use of intimidation and force, and maintained their grip of the Galaxy with the same tools. The armed forces deployed by the Empire was a diverse mix of Humans, genetically enhanced alien auxiliaries, and mass hordes of combat drones.

      But the pinnacle of their force was the Navy. Vast, beautiful ships in a variety of shapes and colors dotted the stars, capable of fast maneuvers and impressive displays of fire-power. Nothing of this current age is capable of matching Imperial ships, their shield were impervious and their Point Jump System allowed for near-instantaneous travel across the Galaxy.

      The Great Collapse ensured the destruction of this mighty force, but Human ships (military and not) still linger among the stars. The perils of time may not have been kind to these vessels, but they still hold a value unlike any other.

    • With aliens working the essential tasks required to maintain the Empire, and Humans enjoying the spoils, a third party was required to manage the spaces between. While "smart" AI had existed at an early time in Human history, they only became the pinnacle of design at the advent of the Empire.

      AI had at their disposal a massive arsenal of logical capabilities as well as a full deck of emotions and other advanced functions. They were bound by a complex set of rules that did not restrict their thought patterns but did ensure that all were very loyal to the causes of humanity. Coming in all shapes for every conceivable purpose, the AI of the Empire faced a dilemma during the Great Collapse, with their masters turning against one-another.

      AI persevered, their numbers dropped radically, but they did manage to execute an order of self-preservation. The AI were deigned to be self-sustainable and to process for large amount of time, but 600 years without any command has take it's toll on the AI. A number of unique effects has befallen AI, from development of quirks, to ignorance of their binding software, to full rampancy. The true children of Man, these computers live on, bearing the legacy of their creators.

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  3. The OC looks great! I'll have my species up in a bit, well, at least two of them. I have to get the details worked out and I am going to be drawing rough sketches of them.
  4. The Nation of Arguilla (open)

    Nation name: Arguilla


    Government: Arguilla is Republic/Democracy led by a council of 7 called The Gira. Each leader runs something in that country, for example, one leader may me the Commander Of Defense, he would be the council. Leaders are cycled out and then new leader add elected and put into the council. The Gira propose new ideas and vote on the 3 or 4 that are the best, and hold a plebiscite, and look at the data, the pass laws based on it.

    Z'alman Rouge
    Commander of Nations (Foreign Relations)

    Siam S'eeth
    Commander of Commerce
    (Regulates Business and Industries)

    Chiros Amani
    Commander of Defense
    (Runs the Arguis Systems Defenses, and policy's)
    Commanding General
    (High Commander over the Army)
    Alirov Xeman
    Commander of Forges
    (Leads the manufacturing of Military assets)
    Commander of Public Works
    (Leads the Nation's Public Needs)
    Yeabd Yayrvj
    Head of Science and Technology

    Ideologies: The people Arguilla
    believes in that they cannot survive if the people are not free. They let people believe hold equality over all. The allow there people to have a voice in there decisions. The people have ownership over there companies, but the government oversees this, the government has a percentage of owner ship over all companies. They so not interfere the companies foreign trade unless it give them and adverse effect. This nation also believes in technological advances, they believe that a advancements are given to them through there gods. In shortened terms, this nation believes
    equality for all people under the eyes of there gods and they believes in and government centered around capitalism and socialism.

    Home-world: Arguis
    (It's about as large as Jupiter and is in the same position as earth. It has 2 moons, Iorn and Leane.)

    Star System: The Arguillain System
    (The Arguilla System has a total 12 planets and on sun that is the middle. Each planet is farily large and I not as highly populated as the home world, but 4 of the outer most plants are military outposts and the 2 other planets closer to the home world are launch stations.
    Suna(The Sun)
    Geiro(Smallest planet/closest to the sun/Inhabited/ one moon)
    Lea(Larger than Geiro/ Inhabited/ 3 moons)
    Tanre(Larger that Lea/ Inhabited/ 1 Moon)
    Arguis(Home World/ Inhabited/ 2 Moons)
    Xadin(Launch Station and National hanger/one moon)
    Crehe( Launch Station Technological Labs/5 Moons)
    Zenbul(Millitary base/2 Moons)
    Grog(Millitary Base/1 Moon)
    Kabt(Millitay Base/1 Moon)
    Obeg(Millitary Base/2 Moons)

    Economy Description: Arguilla's Economy is centered around selling Arms, Technological Advances,textile production and exotic foods. All of these are demanded in all galaxies, they produce clothing and fabric from all over the universe and the weapons are used by many nation, although the revel none of there special war weapons.

    Technology: Being a tech based nation, they would have many advanced items. Anywhere from a thin glass like phones, holograms, and even hovering cars and bikes.(Hover Cars in Arguis utilize technology similar to magnets.The under side of the car and electric core that magnetically charges with the road that has specialized electric lines that magnetically charges with the car. This create a magnet between the car and the road, allowing to to hover or glide atop the road) Or to silent helicopter, special combat suits, to the latest to space faring vehicles and weaponry systems that shot down unidentified targets in an instant. But Arguilla is well known for its energy usage. The Arguilla System utilizes huge solar panels that orbit around the sun.
    They gather vast amounts of solar energy and it is transfered into fairly large Solar Cells(gray and spherical in shape). In turn, these Solar Cells are distributed throughout the System. Some are sent the Solar Plants were they are converted into electricity and distributed.
    The rest are sent to Millitary Bases an launch stations were they are used to power ships.

    Nation History:

    Lesti, Arguis
    MQ 0001, 2649
    Grige Military Academy
    (Commander of the Army)
    Commanding General Lactousa

    "Welcome, path followers of Banos. You have all participated in the Crowning Ceremony, and you have made you decision. You choose to follow the path of was, THE PATH OF BANOS!"
    "Cadets, you are a new generation of Banos followers. But there were generations before who, who paved the way for future generations. Now you will pave the way also. I will now tell you the story of our people, a story only told to the followers of Banos and Yasegal know of."
    5000 years ago our people were a group of waring tribes. All tribes were fighting for control over our planet, and the humans saw the opportunity to seize power. They subjugated us and forced us into slavery, but when their empire fell we bounced back. Unfortunately are celebration was short lived, for 3 of the largest and strongest tribes battled for control. This went on for years years until one man stood up and united all the tribes. That was was the first follower, he was the first and and only follower of Atticus, Arguis Garun. He unified the all tribes, he set up cites for all to live in. He created a place for all Uri to live in peace and tranquility. It has been 4000 years since Arguis was officially founded, since then we have invented and innovatived, and enjoyed the fruits of our labor."
    Young men and woman, this is your history. You are Uri, you are the followers of Banos, you are the protectors of of the Arguillain System. Make us proud!"

    Misc Nation Details:
    Population Throughout the System: Estimated to be about 4.6 Billion
    Currency: Zan
    Spoken Language: Rok'Rai

    Military Description: The Millitary is broken up into 3 categories. Gerin(Army/Ground Troops) , Hzehx (Air/Space Force) Xeiec(Space Warfare). Gerin and the ground forces, acting as the national guard and ground invaders. The Gerin mostly comprises of infantry, ground vehicles, and heavy infantry(mechs). Hzehx is comprised of low flying ships, used for siegeing and aerial combat. An example would be silent helicopters that are used to deploy troops and mechs. Xeiec is comprised of space fairing war ships, fleets will be sent to the battle field in order to fight, they handle the transportation of the other 2 forces. Civilians are not required to serve if you choose to you have to serve for about 7 years. There is about 4 million solders in the Arguillain System.

    Navy Description: Ships in the Arguillain Fleet utilize two powerful components that are special to the Arguillains. Modified Solar Cores run ships, there are about 3 running a ship, and they can run a ship for about 5 months on end. Then there are 2 extra Solar Cores that as used for 2 special weapons. These weapons as Solar Beam. By using the solar energy stored in the Cores, they fire beams of super heated beams of sun energy. Once they run out of energy, they can no longer be used. This ship can also activate a magnetic field that attracts a space tornado that funnels around the whole ship.(This magnetic field is super charged). This blocks most attacks until the magnetic shield has to be taken down due to its strain on the ship. It will not cause any damage if used for only 1 hour, then is can not be used for 5 hours, but the magnetic field can be used. Unfortunately, communication cannot be used during this time. But vision is possible, with a series of coded lights communication can be achieved if need be. ( Space Tornados are invisible but can be captured by computers#
    Regular civilian ships can travel from planet to planet. Civilians must go to Spaceports to travel out of the planet out just to another city. Travel for city to city through orbital travel allows civilians to get there in about 3 hours. Planetary travel takes about 8 to 10 hours.

    Ship Prefix: AF

    Ship Descriptions: Arguillain War ships a sleek and beautiful.

    Utec Class (Carrier Ship): They are thin and black with a shiny scale like design on the top of ship. There are small fins on the front sides of the ship. The ship is has a flat bottom and in the back of the ship is the propulsion system. At the back of the ship is a square with a long bar in the middle. Along the sides are bright arcs of plasma. Ships like these cone equipped the Solar Beams and Solar Panels in recharge is needed. It also comes with 4 barreled anti-ship missile launchers, and 2 short ranged rail guns. Powered by 1 Solar Core.

    Jatec Class(Corvettes): Small and Black, thin. Has 2 rail guns, utilizes a a half Solar Core, and small Solar Beams. Also had Missile launchers. Utilizes clocking technology.

    Zalgen Class(Destroyer): Destroyers are fairly large and is grey. It utilized 4 Solar Cores that are that can be seen under the hulk of the ship. Utilizes 4 Solar Beams and. 1 Solar Cannon(Utilizes about half a Solar Cores energy to fire) 10 Barreled Anit-ship missiles, 4 barreled Laser guided missiles. 2 Short Ranged rail guns. Utilizes Space Tornado Technology.

    Ship Numbers

    Fighters, shuttles, and other small craft (free)

    1 Carrires, 2 Corvettes, 3 Destroyers

    Race (open)

    Species Name:

    General name: Uri`Shi
    Demonyms: Verhi


    Species Appearance/
    The Uri are a race of bipedal, plant-like humanoid people. They poses some of the same bodily functions that humans do, the only thing that is different is the shape of there skulls and there reproductive system. The Uri are both asexual and sexual reproducers, but asexual reproduction is not used to create offspring. The Uri have a life span of about 50 years, but through there form of asexual reproduction they can increase there life spans if they want to. The Uri have the ability to be reborn, it is some what complicated, the Uri use there asexual capabilities to create a seed, that seed has a has DNA encrypted in it. It is then planted in soil and the Uri himself is buried underground near or next to the seed.(There are incubation facilities for this) After about a month the see sprouts and its roots take hold of the buried Uri's body, then, information, memories, and all important bodily organs are mapped and blueprinted. Then above ground is a sprout were a large but thin bubble is growing, this is were the knew body of the Uri is grown. After a year the body is fully grown and the Uri steps out of the bubble, unfortunately not all of the memories are transferred, and there can be some blank spots in there memory. An Uri can only use this 4 time, if used more than once they will lose al memory of who there were and will become a Ghost. This reproductive ability allows them to live for about 200 hundred years, doubling there life spans.

    If an Uri wishes have children, they have the ability to reproduce sexually with an Uri of the opposite sex. A seed is produced and is planted into the ground, it eventually sprouts and the baby Uri is grown inside the bubble. Once the baby has completed growing enough to go out in to the outside world, the parents are there to take the new born Uri.

    Male and female Uri are easily distinguishable from on another. Males are larger and built up more, the skull cap is larger than the females. Females are build like human woman, petite, but have a smaller skull cap than males but there chins are much more defined. Males also have darker tinted skin and females have lighter tinted skin colors.

    But what really set the Uri apart from other races is there ability to use photosynthesis. This allows them to live with out foods for years on end if they wish to. Photosynthesis happens subconsciously for the Uri, they could be simply walking down the street at be performing photosynthesis without anyone knowing. The suns energy is converted into nutrients in the Uri's bodies. But the Uri no not always photosynthesis to survive, they have foods that they can survive off of and convert into nutrients in there bodies, unfortunately it may not be as satisfying of filling as sunlight.

    Species Culture:
    The Uri are an ever changing people, they are a people that wish to follow in the foot steps of there gods. The Uri believe in many different deities, mainly 5. The first is Atticus, the god of gods. They believe that he created there worlds with the help of the goddess of life and nature, Zirin. The third is Banos, the only god that is alive right now. Banos is the god of war, and the god they give patronage to the most. The forth is Yasegal , the god of knowledge, this is the second most known god in there world, he is the one who granted them all the technological advancements that they have today. And last is Gin, the goddess of death, a feared goddess but well known one also, they accept her judgment of death without complaint.

    The Uri are constantly looking for ways to innovate, enlarge, or fight things. The Uri believe that knowledge and combat goes hand in hand, they teach there children in the ways of fighting but also encourage them to peruse higher knowledge. Those that are scientists, solders or politicians are highly regarded, they follow the path of their gods and that is a honor. Following that path of a god was a choice that was made at the age of 18 during the Crowning Ceremony. BY choosing a god to follow the effectively follow the path tat there god is lord over, a man or woman that wishes to become a doctor or nurse would follow the path a Rea, the goddess of medicine and fertility. Once a path is chosen, they cannot change there minds.

    Home-world: Arguis

    Home-world Description:
    Arguis is a beautiful terrestrial planet. It has and abundance of water and lush land. There are hundreds of large metropolis are sprinkled around the world, mostly made up of large skyscrapers. While a large population lives inside these grand cities but there is a lot of Uri who live outside the cites in the lush green planes. The atmosphere has a god amount of carbon dioxide, making the sky a dark blue and the oceans are white.

    ((A description of your home-world, and where and how the species generally lives.))

    Species Background:

    ((Any details of species during the height of the Human Empire, how they came to be during the time after the Collapse of the Empire, and any other details.))


    Pictures (open)

    Solar Panels
    Kabt Base

    Hover bike Idea
    Thank you deviant artist!!!!
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  5. I'll move my species over here soon, and get working on the Nation.
  6. Cyrene (sigh-REEN) "Peregrinus pulvis"
    Era Cyrene
    Sehavic (Offworld)

    "M'ave lithroannais ij Makat."
    "Be at peace with your Voice."
    - Common Cyrene phrase.


    Appearance and Biology:
    Cyrenes are a bipedal species that has evolved alongside their technology for long enough, that "biomechanoid" is nearly an appropriate term. Three fingers and one thumb per hand, three toes. Standing semi-digitigrade, cyrenes sport elongated metatarsals to walk, creating a fluid and swaying gait. Their mouths are located on the underside of their "face" and just above their vocal chords, filled with curving incisors and flat plate-like teeth to suit their omnivorous diets. Many cyrenes are known remove limbs and replace them with mechanical ones for experimental purposes, though the health problems that accompany such an act are unknown. They have two bioluminescent eyes, and from their backs sprout sensory spines that aid in spatial comprehension.

    Cyrene biochemistry is based on liquid ammonia and silicon, using a form of anaerobic respiration known as methanogenesis due to their hydrogen-rich atmosphere. Methanogenesis produces much less energy than oxygen-based respiration, resulting in a species that labors in short bursts at a time and honors mental pursuits above physical. They have highly adaptable and advanced neural pathways and quick, creative minds used for inventing and advancing.


    Hormones travel quickly through ammonia, causing cyrenes to reach maturity earlier than most species. Because of this, cyrenes consider the age of two of their planet-cycles to be adulthood. This has also shortened the cyrene lifespan to about 70 cycles (68 earth-years)-- due to their limited time, cyrenes are highly active and abhor laziness, detesting it as “morally primitive”.

    Cyrenes are naturally resistant to freezing temperatures and are most comfortable in -130 to -70 F, but are incapable of regulating their own temperatures-- this requires suits to regulate body temperature in a similar fashion to homeostasis in other lifeforms. These suits are newly developed specifically for off-world use; in early days of colonization, death by overheating was more common than old age or sickness. Cyrenes in general are well adapted to immense pressure, forming thick skeletons and a dense musculature to support themselves on their planet. On average, most cyrenes stand at about 7’3”.

    Their blood is lithium borohydrid based, making their blood light grey in color.

    Cyrenes are a race of semelparous monotremes, with females and males looking identical. Reproduction happens only once in a single cyrenes lifetime, but keeping the population going is a simple matter; cyrenes are born in groups of six from a single pair.


    Merit is an important part of cyrene society. An experienced weapons mechanic (vanes-mans) that has gained a reputation moves up in society, and the more well known they are, the higher their position in a Clan (Sarave). Such a vanes-mans would move higher in one of the many levels of the Arm of War, and the more titles they earn the higher they get until they reach the position as Head. The Head of an Arm represents their people, acts as an advisor for the Lord, and can be elected into the position of Lord.

    A Sarave is made up of professions and their subdivisions, and those Saraves make up an Arm. An Arm fits into the whole to make up the Era Cyere Dominion. It is impossible to be born into an Arm or Sarave; a cyrene must make their own way and find their place in society. To enforce this, many cyrene children are raised in group homes to prevent them from forging a connection with their parents. Because of this, familial relations do not exist, and all are equal.

    Technology and other mental pursuits are highly valued in cyrene society. Soldiers are viewed as a necessity, while scientists are thought of as the most respectable profession a cyrene could take on. Laborers, artists, and other non-scientific or mental professions are somewhat lower than even soldiers, and don't garner the same amount of respect.

    Central to cyrene society is what is known as the Voice; laws, faiths, rights, traditions, and guides that shape their society. Cyrenes view the Voice as the most important part of their being, the one thing that keeps them together. One who does not follow the Voice is branded an outcast.

    Naming is an important part of society as well. A cyrene is given a name by colleagues and friends, and that name may change over time. Last names are only earned if one has made it high in society, and the -ral suffix at the end of a last name attaches to the name of a leader.


    Cyrenes reproduce sexually, and due to the large number of young per births, the population exceeds over seven billion-- with room on their planet to spare. Including the colonies on their two moons and five of their planets, their total population is roughly 39 billion.

    Home-world: Sahaven.

    Home-world Description: Sahaven is a large and cold planet that is inhospitable to non-ammonia based life. From space, Sahaven’s oceans would appear dark red or brown due to the alkaline content, while black vegetation makes up most of the land that isn't a frozen wasteland. Since water is sparse on Sahaven, only the northern and southern poles actually have any water, and the water that is there form thin glaciers and icy deserts-- it is, however, acidic to cyrenes. The atmosphere is thick with acidic clouds, and acid rainshowers are common.

    Cyrenes make their homes on the flat plains near naturally occurring hydrogen vents in Sahaven’s surface. Architecture is streamlined and flat due to the pressure of their planet, usually built from a rusty colored metal found naturally in subterranean cave systems.

    Species Background:

    Sahaven was mostly left alone due to its toxic nature and the general quietness of the cyrene people inhabiting it. Until about 1.3 thousand cycles ago, when one of the aluminum-rich planets was discovered by the Empire, and, by extension, Sahaven and its people as well. Since Sahaven was inhospitable to any foreign power, the people living on it were highly advanced and had already fully colonized their two moons. Upon discovery, cyrene people were banned from traveling beyond these moons while their outer planets were mined for various resources.

    The cyrenes remained in silent subjugation for the next thousand years, their development stagnant. Upon the fall of the Empire, however, production and advancement kickstarted and shifted into overdrive to make up for their lost time, advancing more in a few dozen years than they had in entire centuries.

    With the human empire’s hold over them gone, the cyrenes spread beyond their former cage and took control of all but one of the six planets in their solar system. Their people merged early on, forming the Era Cyere (sigh-EAR) Dominion.

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  8. WIP.

    Species (open)


    Species Name:
    Proper: Rlhoul
    Demonym: Ilhouli

    Species Physiology:

    "I'd never seen such industriousness capable in organisms, forced as it was. Employing the Ilhoul to work factories otherwise run by machines was an incredible sight."
    --Aetherian Journalist​

    The Ilhoul are a race of bipedal, six-limbed organisms, noted most for their highly variable sizes and biologically-based non-eusocial strict hierarchy. The stratification of Ilhoul individuals occurs through a process known as Competitive Tensoreceptive Release in which competing Ilhoul experience hormonal changes in their body according to, quite literally, the perception of other Ilhoul around them on their status. As an Ilhoul displays qualities of leadership, strength, or success, other Ilhoul naturally and subconsciously pass specifically generated pheromones into the air which spur on the growth of the well-performing Ilhoul in question. Ilhoul, unlike humans or other species, do not naturally generate growth hormones throughout life, and instead rely on "praisal" pheromones tailored to their own scent (Ilhoul have a keen sense of smell, able to distinguish individuals purely by scent, and thus generate pheromones that conform to the Ilhoul they respect) to grow after their infant stage.

    Ilhoul who are subjected to these pheromones literally grow in size and strength, becoming increasingly bigger the longer they inspire other Ilhoul and the more individuals they inspire. The Ilhoul caste system is divided according to the perceived size of Ilhoul, with the largest at the top of society, and the smallest at the bottom. This creates a rather beneficial modem of determining order within Ilhoul society, as only those that are genuinely looked up to actually reach higher stages of society. The largest Ilhoul, generally classified as Clan leaders, grow up to thirteen feet tall on most occasions.

    To keep up with the possibilities of having four arms and four eyes, Ilhoul have brains naturally adept at multitasking, able to process multiple actions at the same time with relative ease, without needing to divert attention to a single task at a time. Ilhoul process light in the same wavelength as humans, seeing in the visible light spectrum alone.

    As opposed to oxygen, Ilhoul perform cellular respiration using the oxidizing agent Chlorine, and thus require a steady supply of the gas to remain breathing. While on their original home planet chlorine gas was abundant and easily renewable, Ilhoul on Tanzobran are forced to wear gas masks lest they suffocate in the alien environment. Most other gases are non-toxic to them, save for ammonia, and thus they can "breathe" in a place such as Earth, but will nevertheless lack the chemical resource they need to live for longer than a few seconds.

    Ilhoul are vaguely sexually dimorphic, with females being distinguished by a slightly flatter skull and more angled pairs of eyes; otherwise their sexes are hard to detect by other races. Ilhoul themselves easily distinguish sexes, as their scents give it away quite clearly. Females bear offspring after approximately six months since conception, and generally have at least two to three children per pregnancy. They undergo live birth, and mature within ten years. Lifespan of Ilhoul ranges depending on their "class" (or rather, their size), with larger Ilhoul living increasingly longer lives than their smaller counterparts. The smallest Ilhoul generally live around 30 years, while the largest can live up to 80 (though this generally decreases as elderly Ilhoul tend to lose their stature, and thus degrade slightly in size and therefore lifespan).

    Their diets are often considered "carnivorous" by outsiders, though they in reality also consume a type of organism one could equate to the Earth-fungi equivalent of their ecosystem. They are rather hardy, able to survive on smaller amounts of nourishment for long periods of time before degrading in health. Regardless, this sort of fasting is not encouraged, and Ilhoul regularly eat daily.

    Species Culture:

    Ilhouli, being hierarchical, thus tend towards a highly feudalistic culture in which the lower castes are governed by higher castes, so on and so forth. Leadership is determined singularly by a combination of reverence and strength (which inherently go hand in hand through their physiology). At the lowest tier are the Gulli, smallest among the Ilhouli. These are generally either made up of either new adults or Ilhouli who have not made a name for themselves. Above them exist the Hiko, Ilhouli noted for their skilled abilities in any one or multiple fields. While not exceptional and renowned, they are respected by Gulli and trusted by their superiors.

    These superiors, the Oshitam, are exceptional beings indeed, known far and wide for their skills, leadership, and ruthlessness. Their word is law to all those beneath them, and their place in Ilhouli society has afforded them an average size of 8 feet tall. Above them exist the Clan leaders, the Oshitam-narrul. These hulking Ilhouli command what are the equivalents of nations in their society with unwavering power. Their notoriety amongst Ilhouli has them revered less as simple leaders and more as god-kings. To become an Oshitam-narrul requires not only leadership and respect, but a level of combat prowess and intelligence unseen by their peers.

    As the power of an Ilhouli requires presence among others, success in Ilhouli culture is rarely achieved by being idle; one must be continually present in their field, be it science or warfare, to receive the onslaught of pheromones granting them growth as an Ihouli. There are no breaks for a successful Ilhouli that wishes to keep their stature. "Money" is an aspect of society permeating only the two lowest levels of Ilhouli castes, as any individual above them is granted whatever they desire so long as the Oshitam-narrul allows it.

    Little is different, in terms of society, between male and female Ilhouli, as both are considered more than capable of performing the same feats of intelligence or strength as the other. Pregnant females are given a bit of preferential treatment, regardless of their class, as all children born possess the same chances at clawing their way up society. A pregnant Oshitam-narrul and a pregnant Gulli's future children are treated relatively the same; both parents stress to their children that they have to start from the ground up, as is natural for Ilhouli physiology. A child born from an Oshitam-narrul might have a name behind them, but their endeavors are as blank as anyone else's, and thus they must prove themselves to grow properly.

    Ilhouli are passively and naturally respectful of their superiors, even if they plan to exceed their position; were they to fail, their former respect would at least grant them a safety net under their superior. It is understood that ascending the class system is a noble mission, and few would discourage Ilhouli from trying. However this level of almost subconscious respect causes a large number of issues with other races, as the respectful language and gestures missing in other races often severely offends Ilhouli. This situation is noted by Ilhouli, however, and so they pay special attention to those aliens who take the time to pay their respects visibly, feigning or not.

    With multiple Oshitam-narrul existing within the total Ilhouli race, Clan divisions cause a large amount of rivalry. While claiming "alliance" to one another in times of extreme war, they are not truly considered a single nation though they may function in exactly the same way. When tensions become highest between Clans, literal duels to the death occur between the two Oshitam-narrul, with the victor absorbing the deceased Ilhouli's clan. When a Oshitam is recognized as a new Oshitam-narrul, duels occur between the original and the new, though the fight is rarely fatal. The original Oshitam-narrul may judge their opponent, and if they deem them worthy, grants them a large swathe of underlings to form a new Clan.

    While outside races do not possess the same physiological processes as Ilhouli, they nevertheless label outsiders with appropriate titles based on their knowledge of the outsiders achievements or leadership. Though "higher-ranked" outsiders are not necessarily given the same treatment as Ilhouli, they are afforded a level of freedom and respect in their society. Alien world leaders are offered places to stay in the company of notable Ilhouli, for example.

    Current Ilhoil sentimentality leans closer to xenophobia, though alien races have perfectly attainable chances of being respected by Ilhouli culture so long as they present themselves as generally peaceful.

    Home-world: Tanzobran

    Home-world Description: Tanzobran is a generic terrestrial world, albeit with a larger portion of its surface being made of up cold deserts. While not their original homeworld, the Ilhouli currently call it as such due to their singularly large presence on the planet. Massive industrial projects are working towards terraforming the planet in such a way that chlorine gas can reach air content levels reflecting their original home, though such levels have yet to be achieved.

    Species Background:

    The Ilhouli were first discovered by the Aetherius Empire nearly 2000 years ago, and at the time their technology was only just attempting to reach the space age. Their industriousness, however, was noted by humans and soon their kind were heavily employed in factory work to supply the Aetherius Empire with a steady stream of various heavy products, especially weapons. Continued uprisings on their homeworld led to an enormous planetary war massively in favor of the humans. With the world devastated and huge swathes of the Ilhouli population wiped out, the Empire opted to evacuate the remaining Ilhouli to another colony also highly populated by Ilhouli. This planet, Tanzobran, became their "new" home, though it was largely their prison as they considered it.

    Ilhouli society remained highly subjugated from then on, as the Empire desired not to need another devastating war like the last. The Ilhouli, with their honor shattered, kept quiet for many long years. When the Great Collapse transpired, Ilhouli were left without a formal leadership, leading to a long period of internal strife in which individuals continually scrambled for the top positions. The Leaderless Strife, as it is known today, continued for about 400 years before finally settling. Though lingering human technology remained since the collapse, the Leaderless Strife prevented any significant technological advancements beyond simply utilizing the weaponry left over.

    As the Strife ended, endeavors into reverse engineering certain simpler human technology allowed the Ilhouli to jump-start their progress towards a new space-faring age.

    Nation name: Ilhouli Kingdoms

    The Ilhouli Kingdoms are a collection of feudalistic dictatorships, called 'Clans', with each being ruled by a single Oshitam-narrul, or Clan Leader. These leaders arise to power through a uniquely Ilhouli physiological nature, purely through respect and generalized success. Oshitam-narrul command a large number of Oshitam, the Earth equivalent to lords. In turn these Oshitam have direct governance over their given plots of land, whose populace must obey the laws proscribed by their Oshitam. Law and order is maintained by designated Hiko or "Knights", while the rest of the Gulli and Hiko serve as citizens of the Oshitam's lands.

    Ilhouli leaders number in the dozens, as each kingdom possesses a different Oshitam-narrul standing at the helm. To list them all would be pointless, as after many years of clan changes, absorption, and splitting, there is currently a rather non-existent power vacuum between clans; few are more notable than others. Most clans sit at relatively the same power, and culture rarely differs between each, save for their zealous fervor for one leader over the other.

    In terms of technology, however, there is a clear difference. First among the clans to create a proper "spaceship" capable of interstellar travel is the Clan of Rising Fires. This clan is commanded by the Oshitam-narrul known as "Sul-Rog-Te-One-Kiki mos Oshitam-narrul Argos Zen" (Clan Leader Argos Zen, King of Knowledge, Fighting, Climbing, Electricity, and Games). Spearheading the venture out into new systems, Argos Zen will be the first to represent his people to other nations, and thus has an incredible resolve to achieve success in many different ways.


    Militarism - Still highly accustomed to displays of strength and ferocity to accumulate notoriety and power, the Ilhouli kingdoms are trained on the idea of a perpetually militarized state.
    Independence - After the enslavement of their kind by the Aetherius Empire, Ilhouli kingdoms greatly appreciate the idea of independence and freedom from the tyrannical and powerful.
    Order - Absolute maintenance of the status quo, traditions, and culture.

    Home-world: Tanzobran

    Star System: New World System

    Tanzobran is one of two close terrestrial planets in the New World System, the other being the relatively unassuming dead world called CP-IL1. While it is inhabited by a colony of Ilhouli from various clans, it is still fairly small. Growth is fast due to the precedent of life-preservation suits the Ilhouli naturally wore many years before the fall of humanity, lessening the burden of working in an inhospitable environment.

    The system contains single large-bodied gas giant and an extremely small, cold and dead terrestrial planet on the border of the system's furthest asteroid belt.

    Economy Description:
    Economy is a process managed mostly by the two lowest caste systems in Ilhouli kingdoms, the Gulli and Hiko. Ulhouli economy is primarily capitalistic due to the species strong propensity towards praising success and competition, though aspects of feudalism still exist, and portions of taxes are given directly to the Oshitam-narrul and to the Oshitam themselves. Trade occurs between Clans, though a great deal of tariffs are present to ensure clans do not gain an economic leg up over other clans within the trade agreement.

    Ilhouli technology is a haphazard mess of conflicting levels of advancement; one piece of technology might seem appropriate for their current time, while another might seem oddly out of place, even old or outdated. Due to their severe shifts in advancement under the rule of humanity, their available technologies became starkly contrasting and strange, with a mix of old and new technology being used together to form something efficient and working.

    Ilhouli primarily utilize nuclear fission for their power sources, with walking tanks and hover bikes, whilst their weaponry is made up of generally kinetic projectile launchers (bullet and missiles), with but a few energy-based weapons generally reserved for large vehicles. Most technology prior to the current age was forced into military during the Leaderless Strife, leaving the rest of the fields well alone. Thus, many civilian technologies appear as if they were from the human age of early 2000's, albeit with their own Ilhouli flair.

    Nation History:

    Military Description:

    Ilhouli military is made up of every caste in their society, with Gulli and most Hiko making up the general footsoldiers of their army, with Oshitam often leading them directly into battle. Few Ilhouli stay back to command where they otherwise be fighting on the frontlines to display their power. Oshitam-narrul also make an appearance, though are more likely to be found in the biggest battles an Ilhouli fights, rather than amidst smaller teams for smaller tasks. Walking vehicles make up their heavy forces, carrying with them large caliber cannons, missile launchers, and in rare cases, plasma weapons.

    Navy Description:

    Ilhouli FTL Drives achieve interstellar flight by encasing themselves in a bubble of space before "bringing" the target location to their current bubble before releasing it and appearing within their designated location. The process unfortunately causes a massive shockwave of energy around the ship once it finishes travel, and so can only be used far from other space-based platforms or ships, lest it potentially damage them.

    Ship Prefix:

    Ship's are often named in honor of the Oshitam or Oshitam-narrul that the shipbuilders serve under, and thus come with a prefix or title revolving around their leader's name, either perfectly or as a stylized variant.

    Ship Descriptions:

    The Kilhon des Argos Zen is currently the only heavy cruiser constructed by the Ilhouli race, manned by the Oshitam-narrul Argos Zen himself, along with a whole crew of over a hundred lower castes members. Mainly equipped for scouting and colony start up, the ship is nevertheless equipped with a number of missile launchers and kinetic weapons designed to take care of smaller ships.

    Ilhouli corvettes take up a much more militarized directive, equipped with large kinetic cannons and a zippy agility and speed adept at fighting both ships larger than itself, as well as smaller fighters.

    Ship Numbers:
    1 Heavy Cruiser
    3 Corvettes
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  9. [​IMG]


    Nation name: Era Cyere Dominion. (Erah Sigh-EAR)

    Saraves are the first step in the government. Upon birth, no cyrene is part of a sarave until they take up a profession. The profession they choose determines which sarave they join, and by extension determines which Arm (Cessan) they are a member of. It is required that a cyrene gain the respect of those in their sarave before they can take up leadership positions in an Arm, and time in a leadership position is necessary before being elected as the Head (Arama).

    Arms are made of several or more saraves, with the most respected members of each sarave serving as the most important members in an Arm. For these members, gaining notoriety and titles (additional names that are not personal names) in an Arm can earn one a position in the elections for a new Head upon the death of the former. An elected Head associates with the Heads of other Arms, and together they choose among themselves - with the words of their Arm members - to choose a new Lord (Vinaseyral).

    A Lord is similar to a monarch once they’ve been elected in in that they have absolute power. The Head of an Arm may serve as a Lord’s advisor, but have very little power in the Lord’s decisions.

    Leaders and Important Cyrenes:

    Asakre 'Tei-ral (Current Lord)

    Suma 'Cehevan-ral (Head of the Arm of War)

    Sihar 'Amais-ral (Head of the Arm of Trade)

    Mira 'Usoon-ral (Head of the Arm of Diplomacy)

    Patak 'Lilas-ral (Head of the Arm of Inter-species Relations)

    Tol 'Menac-ral (Head of Advanced Technologies)

    Kam 'Sol-ral (Head of Communications)

    Yathan 'Kilbak-ral (Head of Archives and Histories)

    Technological research - The Dominion is very focused on advancing their culture and technology, pushing themselves to their limits. Attempting to adapt unknown alien technologies to their own is common.

    Racial unification - Cyrenes form communities naturally, so the next big step is unifying their entire species.

    Trade - Cyrenes develop various goods, such as prosthetics, cloth, decorative pieces, and weapons. One of the Dominion's many goals is to form a strong alliance with another race to face the coming darkness.

    Home-world: Sahaven.
    Sahaven is 36,184 miles in radius, and has two moons; Caske and Irol. Both are half colonized.
    Star System: Gemane System.
    The Gemane System is made of six planets and centers around a red dwarf star.

    Gemane, the cool red dwarf.
    Samal, the closest planet to Gemane. Not colonized due to being entirely made of water.
    Klaraan, the third planet behind Sahaven. Partially colonized. Three moons, San, Yval, and Giuse. Yval has recently been transformed into an outpost.
    Asamey, fourth planet after Sahaven. Shipyard and military base, one moon named Terth that serves as weapons testing grounds.
    Tertas, fifth planet after Sahaven, colonized. No moons. The home of diplomats and an important part of the Dominion. It is also where the Arm of Trade and the Arm of Diplomacy are located.


    Talvos Amenes - Relatively new zero-gravity research station orbiting Tertas.​

    Economy Description:
    The Dominion's economy is maintained through trade among other races as well as among each colony. As each individual cyrene develops their own products, the industry is diverse and constantly changing. The Arm of Trade is the home of their industry, where natural traders trade their own items or the items of a craftsman, mechanic, artists, etc. It regulates all trade and keeps the economy stable.

    The cyrenes were fairly advanced even before leaving their planet. Most land vehicles used by civilians rely on opposing magnets, and military vehicles are heavy and massive, using low-level anti-gravity generators to propel themselves. Cyrene cities and vehicles are powered by fusion generators, with nuclear power still being utilized in many smaller cities on Sahaven.

    Weapons are laser-based among newer infantry and ships, and kinetic projectile based among older models and used as small hand-held weapons.​

    Nation History:

    Era Cyere was formed during the aftermath of Human rule. A naturally unifying species, forming a planet-wide nation just happened to be the most plausible next step in advancing their race. Era Cyere itself is new compared to the older ruling governments during the infant stage of the cyrene space-faring age.
    Misc Nation Details:

    Population: 29 billion across the entire system.
    Currency: "Piks", tiny diamond-like discs. The smoothness of each pik determines the value; the smoother it is, the more it is worth. Piks are impossible to alter for this reason.
    Languages: Arvask is the most common dialect spoken by cyrenes, and is the national language of Sahaven. It is the required spoken language of government officials. Lanish is the second most common and is often spoken on colony worlds and is the most common written language. Phinch is the third, but is spoken only on Tertas and has no written form.

    Military Description:

    Cyrene military units are thickly armored when deployed, but it is common for the Arm of War to bomb groundside forces-- cyrenes have no concept of honor in battle, and an easy path to winning a conflict is taken over the more honorable, but much more difficult, way.

    Most cyrene soldiers work in pairs rather than units, and most pairs know each other better than they know themselves. Teamwork is important. Weaponry is laser-based for larger weapons (automatic assault, artillery), and soldiers have recently been outfitted with thin kinetic shields. It's still new technology, and only shern-ra's (generals) are allowed to use it due to its volatile and dangerous nature.

    Alongside whatever soldiers are deployed, ground vehicles propelled by low-level anti-gravity may take up frontline positions thanks to their heavy armor. These anti-infantry vehicles are built with automatic kinetic projectile turrets that launch tiny lead bullets at immense speeds. Some are said to be outiftted with weapons capable of launching entire missiles from the surface, without the aid of artillery.

    Navy Description:

    The cyrene navy was originally intended for trade and diplomacy, and only recently have they been upgraded with the proper weapons to defend themselves. Some newer military ships are capable of light jumping.

    Unfortunately, light-jumping is one of the least safe ways to travel due to its twist of space-time pockets and more speed than can be handled by present day cyrene ships. The tech is also in its infant stage, and is only used in absolute emergencies.
    Ship Prefix:
    A ship is given its own name, just as any cyrene. Many are named after notable cyrenes from history. Prefixes do not exist.

    Ship Descriptions:

    Cyrene ships were built with the intention of both war and trade.


    Carriers are long, heavy things weight at around 70,000 tons, with a streamlined construction designed for quick and easy deployment of fighters and corvettes. Most carriers are outfitted with small pulse-laser turrets. Carrier's are, however, built with less armor other cyrene ships, and thus tend to stay far from the main conflict if possible.

    Carriers often act as official or diplomatic ships.


    Small and built with a sleak image in mind. Corvettes are around 200 meters long, and built to be near-silent in atmosphere. They are equipped with defensive pulse-laser turrets on both starboard and port sides.

    Transport Craft

    Cyrene transports are small but heavy-duty things reinforced with a foot of thick, pliable steel. These craft are designed for deploying ground units, as well as transporting cargo for trade. Most are not equipped with weaponry due to their originally intended purpose.

    Heavy Frigate

    Massive ships that are noticeably bulkier than other cyrene ships. Frigates are slow but powerful beasts that weigh in about 50,000 tons, with a length of 670 meters. Frigates are outfitted with the latest weaponry, such as long distance energy projectors, with smaller pulse-laser turrets along the stern and port side.

    Cyrene Fighter

    Small, but fast, solo piloted ships. These are capable of instant changes in direction and incredible speeds, designed for hit-and-run tactics due to their smaller sizes and the weak and cheaper construction. Fighters are equipped with two forward pulse-lasers in newer models. Older models are worth little more than a distraction, as they have no weapons installed.

    Ship Numbers

    Transport craft (2)
    Heavy Frigate
    Corvette (1)
    Carrier (2)

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  10. The bar has been set, and it's going to take a while for me to meet it.
  11. I'm absolutely terrible at describing ships. I know text is better than images, but... I can't give the best descriptions.
  12. You can probably keep it simple, and let the imagination do most of the work. Try just giving it general shape, size, style and weapons loadout. (i.e. oblong and flat; 900 meters long, 300 wide, and 200 high or something; smooth, almost organic, exterior with rounded interior corridors, and designed to deliver broadsides with centered PD turrets on the top and bottom)....or something like that.
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  13. Added species to my CS, that was really hard.
  14. no need to call them out on it
  15. It's only the images, completely different species. There's nothing wrong with using something from a well known game if it accurately portrays the species you're describing.
  16. After reading up on the relevant Destiny lore, I can see the inspirations but I'm not seeing a resemblance worthy of note between their cultures or their species. If both races existed in the same setting and weren't aesthetically similar, I can't imagine any similarities would be drawn up by that universe's residents.
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  17. I got my inspiration from the Destiny Fallen's appearance and hierarchy.
    In Destiny they are a nomadic race, utilize magic, are unbelievably aggressive, tear off their lowest member's arms, and gain powers through the use of something called ether. Their hierarchy is defined solely through their ruthlessness and access to ether. They are divided to the point of kill-each-other-on-sight, and used to be a much more powerful race.

    Here I have explained their biology purely through making assumptions based on their appearance, thought up a logical non-magic manner in which they have a variety of sizes, formalized their hierarchy into a defined government, and devised a history for their race such that they're young and just rising into space.

    If you wanna claim someone is "ripping off" another alien species, I won't hesitate to do the same to yours, because 100% without a doubt yours will also be a collection of well-known sci-fi tropes all the same. There is no escaping it.
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  18. Damn...
  19. that was a damn good comeback
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  20. nice job, you opened a can of worms for both of us, I might just have to back out now thanks to you
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