Acolytes of Evil

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  1. Betrayed, unfortunate, hated.
    Whatever the reason, you have found yourself chained as a slave and on your way to whatever form of labour your future master needs you for. But you are not broken, and the thing that keeps you going is your hate for the world around you, the people whose fault this is.

    You would give your soul for a chance at revenge, and so would others beside you. Together you will plot your escape, and take revenge on the world, no matter the cost. With magic, arms and monsters you shall make your name echo forever in history, and the world will utter your names with fear. For with you shall come an age of Evil!


    Wanna be evil with me?


    This will take place in a middle-age fantasy world, filled with races of all kinds and warring states constantly engaging in minor skirmishes, over land, subjects and power.
    There is magic, but it is ritualistic and faith-based in nature, you offer tribute to mystical beings and receive powers akin to the sacrifice. Wild magic is rare, while not entirely nonexistent. Far more usual is the might of the sword, the money in trades and political power, and the ever-present church, showing wonders through their faith.

    You, the players, will be characters that have somehow found themselves in chains, soon to be sold off as slaves. Maybe you were a lord or duke, your subjects having turned themselves on you, your advisers usurping your throne. A warrior beaten and put in chains by the enemy, a scholar imprisoned for your ideas, a priest caught denying the scriptures, a merchant having lost all you owned. Whatever your past, your present is the lowest point in your life, and you want nothing more than to take revenge on this world that has wronged you.

    Suddenly an opportunity for your vengeance arrive, through one of your fellow slaves, you and a few other chosen are offered power in exchange for the sacrifice of all the others. All you have to do is pay tribute to a dark entity in the night, and your road to revenge and power shall begin.
    With the sacrifices of the world, your enemy, you will be granted more and more power, to command and conquer, until you and your fellows rule the world. The nations and their armies shall fall before you, and the church and their heroes will never break you, their true masters vastly inferior to yours. Nothing shall stand in your way.

    Why would you say no?
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  2. Yay!
    Any questions regarding my extremely vague description of the general sense of the story?
  3. Well, I was assuming you'd have a more detailed story when the OP comes up. I just want to be evil. :D I suppose I am wondering about the setting of this tale.
  4. I suppose I have a more detailed tale to tell, but before that:

    The story takes place in a world where countless nations grow and bicker endlessly. Normal fantasy age (late middle-ages), there is magic. Not entirely sure if there will be other races, kind of why I made the interest check.
    Slaves are very usual in these nations, due to constant minor skirmishes off to various alliances and other threats.
    You and countless others are in a slave-caravan on your way to be sold off. Though while most of the slaves have come to terms with their fate, you have not, and you find others like you. Somehow you and the others manage to escape, and together you will work to take over the world! Or at least deliver so much evil unto it that they will have learnt their lesson.

    All player-characters will have held some kind of power before they were made slaves. Political, military, magical, physical, surviving/persisting. And these will be what you use to become acolytes of evil. (there will of course be an Evil you are acolytes for) An evil you find and crown, a puppet to become the face of Evil.

    Sounds interesting ?
  5. Yeah, sounds great. o 3 o
  6. Lovely ^^
    Now to get some more people and we can start plotting for it, if anyone has any awesome ideas I will try to incorporate them into the story.
    @Moogle-Girl any thoughts on the matter of fantasy-races, or magic, or time-period, or gods, demons, angels, deaths, whatnot?
  7. Well, I'm a sucker for magic, so of course I'm going to advocate it. I also like when the society has nonhuman races casually mixed in, like Argonians in the Elder Scrolls series or something.
  8. I'm definitely interested in this... for the most part. It'd depend on the genres implemented into it, as well as the recurring theme(s) and the kinds of story elements within this role-play. (:
  9. Well then, magic and races in plenty!
    As for genres, fantasy, warring states, schemes, villainy. Themes would be making schemes, assassination, infiltration, toying with NPCs. Story elements, would be more of the same, character development into evil ^^
  10. Hm, no romance... The potential for joining is great though. I'm afraid I'd rather have a little more than just what you've described though. Good luck finding more people though. I wouldn't want to spoil anything for you!
  11. Well, it's not like there couldn't be other themes in the story xD
    Just not fandom, thats basically the only definite thing I don't want there.
    I hope you find awesome stories to partake in ^^
  12. BumpidumptidumptiYO!
  13. I'm interested.
  14. I am more than happy to make this my first RP here. ^_^
  15. Count me in. Need to break the ice somehow.
  16. Lovely, I am humbled by the amount of awesome people showing up for this ^^
    The OOC will be up sometime tonight or tomorrow.
  17. Why Hello There, I am interested in this a lot though I have to think about the characters I use since I have many...

    I joined because of The Jest interested me into this forum of insanity and chaos. I like these things.. I like villainous characters, I have a lot, mainly to this Interest Check that is Windy.
  18. This looks like it has a lot of potential but I'd need more details before jumping in. Specifically the workings of world (natural laws regarding magic and other elements) and what kinds of races we are allowed to play because diversity always makes things more interesting (leaves room for prejudice, alliances, etc.) and if these races will be specifically humanoid or if they can have other forms (centaurs, liontaurs, or creatures with no human features at all).
  19. I'm posting here to say I'm interested! Not much more at the moment since I'm just drowsily browsing the forums in the dead of night, but a good-looking non-fandom fantasy (with the added bonus of evil!) is too good to pass up.

    I'll decide on what type of character I'll use as soon as you've got the setting detailed out (in the form of the OOC thread, I presume).
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