Acolytes of Evil (first chapter nearing its end)

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    • The world of Helniclaiir has for countless ages been the stage of numerous kingdoms, fiefdoms, nations and cultures. All struggling for a stronger claim to power than their neighbors, be it political, military, economical or purely harboring the greatest population. Due to this the borders are ever changing, and few rulers are brought into history. If there is one constant in the world, the church would be that one, reaching across nations and races alike. Telling their followers of the godly pantheon governing their world.

      While the constellation of gods both light and dark have been the same since the beginning, and the balance seems to be in no chance of changing, the light side is covering the farthest ground. At least if one consider the influence of the church, though the life of simply people might be just as bad no matter the gods they pray to. In a world of such turbulent and constant change regarding whom they pay their taxes and send their sons and daughters to serve for, they simply do not care either way.

      And the capability to reach to the heavens for your actions is a dream none but children hold onto, however, the chance at becoming a successful warrior is by far greater than that of learning the mystical arts, even if you join the church as one of their priests, to ever hold the miracles of their faith at the tips of your fingers is but an illusion at the horizon. What wizards, witches, sorcerers and mages there are living secluded lives or playing the part of heroes in mythic tales.

      Helniclaiir would have stayed the same, continuing on their middle age golden age, but something is about to happen and has already started to do so. A being has appeared among the dark gods, known only as the Fairy, and she is not satisfied by the shares of power in the world. But without countless followers for her fellow dark gods, such things would not change.

      In a caravan journeying for a renown trade-hub a group of slaves are silently coming to peace with their destiny. Though some of them do not fit the usual profile, somehow a number of people formerly of power have found this as their end destination. Famous warriors, caught by the enemy, leaders usurped by their subjects, advisers accused of treason, important officials, rich merchants and high-born betrayed by their friends and those that want their influence. No matter their past, these people harbor an bottomless hate for those that put them there, for the world itself, and they will never allow themselves broken.

      These feelings would in all events go unanswered, but among the slaves is the First, an acolyte of the Fairy, and he has in them found fellows that do not accept the world. Together with them he shall cast the world into darkness, he shall show them the ways to power unimaginable, and their hate shall become the terror of those that dare to stand against them. For they will be, the Acolytes of Evil.


      Helniclaiir is as said to countless diverse races, including various humanoids, beast-men and demi-humans, as well as sentient races not closely related to the former. Most if not all of them keeping nations and cultures of their own, though almost exclusively praying in the religion of the church. Most wide-spread are the humans, their kingdoms slowly but surely claiming more and more of the other races lands, the former citizens having to adapt to the new order. But life is like always not vastly better or worse than before. Though some races are persecuted if only for their heritage.
      -We will more likely than not accept your character belonging to any race you want to use, though if it is an original race we would like a brief introduction of their physical appearance and any special traits they might show, as well as their most usual cultural and state-wise systems and norms.-

      As nations, states, kingdoms and tribal territories rise and fall constantly, there are countless minor countries trying to survive and expand in Helniclaiir. These countries also tote armies and create alliances with others of their kind.
      -If you want your character to originate from a specific country, give a short view of the kingdom if you want to use it further into the story.-

      There is magic in the world, as well as in living beings. And very rarely someone is born with the ability to utilize this magic directly, but even if there are some similar points between these wild-mages, they are in large much more diverse in both their use and view of magic, its like magic doesn't follow the same rules for all of them.
      Because of this, it is far more feasible to pray and offer tribute to a god or higher being for the ability to use magic, either by being granted or possibly loaning some of their divine might. Real wizards and witches have usually been granted the ability to see and touch upon the magic all around them, which is closer to what the wild-mages are able to do, but still done through a filter of their patron god.‏
      -Even if your character happens to be a wild-mage, the main part of your acolytes power will likely come from your patron god, power sacrificed to obtain, and sacrificed to maintain and sacrificed yet again to strengthen. We will allow many bizarre ideas, if you manage to keep the tribute flowing, though we try to keep it within the confines of the world as well as its laws and restraints.-

      The ones who will continue to stand in the way of the acolytes is the church, along with their own gods of light. And compared to the dark side the gods of lights followers are many and whole armies fight in their name. Nonetheless, the pantheon of Helniclaiir is so far standing on even ground.
      Gods (open)

      Dark (Evil) gods:
      Jylsevin, female god of desire.
      Kiacrastil, male god of chaos.
      Berwatsen, male god of war.
      Sevhizaw, female god of lies.
      The Fairy, female being of Illusions.

      Neutral gods:
      Iswarhemd, male god of hate.
      Reshkold, male god of destruction.

      Light (Good) gods:
      Vilgowr, god of life.
      Ahevla, god of children.
      Vijolovij, female god of peace.
      Sahlyncirle, male god of creation.
      Lebacrow, male god of hell.

      -Backstories of the gods may be touched upon in the story, if your characters decide to seek such knowledge. Otherwise they will initially act as those granting your power, and the ones your character will have to pay tribute in the name of. It is advised to chose a patron god belonging to the side your character will fight for.-

    • A few rules to remember apart from the site-wide regulations:
      The GMs have the last say in any matter.
      If your character acts in ways that will get him or her killed, she will most likely die.
      Have fun!

    • The Character Sheet for your characters are like follows:
      CS (open)

      Appearance: (either description or picture is ok)
      Rituals: (not necessarily made OOC)
      Skills: (abilities, trained skills and racial traits)
      Patron God:
      Powers: (primarily magical powers bestowed upon you by your patron god, therefore corresponding to its aspect)
      Theme-song: (optional)
      Goal: (what does your revenge entail?)

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  1. I'd like to point out that I'm a Co-GM here. That said, Happy to be aboard. :bsmile:


    Kain Fertar (open)
    Name: Kain Fertar

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown, appears to be in his late 20s however.

    Race: Draconian-Human Hybrid (Half-Dragon, basically.)

    Show Spoiler

    (Whoever knows who this character really is and where he's from, you get a cookie. ^^ )

    Show Spoiler
    Call it a miracle, a blessing, a curse, or simply an act of adultery, perhaps even an accident of some kind. The world's greatest biologists and the most divine of priests would not be able to explain the phenomenon that was this child's birth. Kain was born the first of three children to two humans, yet he and the other two were born with the blood and traits of a dragon.

    Dragons in this world were ancient creatures that lived as hermits away from mankind, their wisdom about as large as their neutrality to the ways and wars of Man, not wanting anything to do with them. There were some exceptions, yes, some that were more than happy to step in and burn down threats, but they were a very minimal amount of especially irritated dragons. To the best of knowledge, while there having been theories and talks of dragon-human DNA compatibility, neither side has ever shown interest in each other or at the least took it that far. Yet here was a boy born with the wings and scales of a dragon, among other things. Understandably, both parents suspected foul play from each other somehow, need it be because the mother cheated, or because one of them might be a dragon and lied about their identity this whole time. However, eventually they stopped caring how it happened, for this child was still theirs and they focused on loving it despite the inhuman features.

    For a few years, this boy was an only child, his parents covering his body to keep the dragon traits from being shown. However, after those few years, eventually a little brother, and eventually a little sister were born, both sharing the same traits as him. Now a mere accident has become something suspicious not just for the parents, but to everyone around them. Still neither parent accepted responsibility for the dragon blood, and still suspected each other. But still they tried to raise the three children to the best of their ability. They probably would have degraded their relationship and separated themselves from each other eventually, had the neighbors around them not notice the freak children with their own eyes.

    Seeing these hybrids and the circumstances of their birth as a dark omen brought on to the world by the gods, The people of his home village took it upon themselves to purge the world of this disaster, by attacking the family and burning their home to ashes. Kain managed to make it out ok, but the rest of his family could not make it in time. His brother, sister, parents, all stabbed and burned in the house fire. It was only with the help of a childhood friend of his, Jacob, that he escaped, otherwise he would have tried to burn the entire town to ashes as payback for murdering everyone he loved, and effectively outnumbered and captured, if not killed, as well.

    To make matters worse, The king ruling the country he lived in all his life recieved word of this monstrocity and immediately dispatched a price on his head, a hefty sum and even some military power to the one who captures the Draconian human, dead or alive. Placing him to blame for his family's death, to keep his own military and citizens' reputation stable while tarnishing Kain's. An easy feat considering their death was by arson, and dragons are practically symbollic with fire.

    For a while, Kain lived in the shadows with Jacob, thoughts of taking revenge on those villagers stirring through his mind. Though he realized they may not treat him any better than the humans of his village, He felt he needed to talk to the Dragons, and hope at least one would help him with this revenge. To which Jacob responded by sending him to a library, the wings and scale concealed to keep any unnecessary panic from happening. he found the book his friend requested and began reading it, absolutely horrified at what he saw.

    The book was a historical record of big game, particularly with a list organs and values placed on them. A major thing to notice, however, was that Dragons were a part of this record. It seems the Dragon Race, a race that was ultimately neutral up to now and didn't want to be involved in the affairs of humans and other species alike, a race that were just as intelligent, if not more so, than the human race or the elves, were hunted down by other races and killed like animals. They used some kind of new metal on their swords and arrows that could pierce their otherwise indestructible scales. To make matters worst, going by what it says, the Dragon race were hunted to the point of near extinction at best.

    They did not just take his family away, they slaughtered most, if not all, of his race like game animals. The Dragons were something his father would put him to sleep with hearing the stories of, they were such a neutral race but powerful enough to be considered divine or mythological creatures of legend. They wanted to live in solitude in peace, and yet the humans careless slaughtered them like animals and salvaged organs from the carcasses to sell for fortune and fame. It made him sick to himself be a part of their species, almost literally so upon putting the pieces together in his mind. These people have caused so much grief and misery to so many other races, including themselves, and now they massacred a superior, yet peaceful race, MURDERED IT! Ever since realizing this, he rejected his humanity, and his vengence stretched from the people of his village, to every last human on this planet. He wanted to make them suffer, and hurt for this, make them regret every last drop of dragon blood they spilled, and then spill their blood as retribution.

    Upon coming back to Jacob, he began arranging plans to begin his rampage against the human race by usurping the throne of his country, and taking every other human country as his own, making the human race do as he pleases. Whenever he went off the deep end of his vendetta however, Jacob served to bring him right back down to earth, keeping him calm and ensuring he doesn't go too far with things.

    Until one night, when he actually attempted his plans under Jacob's advice. Jacob was to assist him with getting to the throne of his country's castle, watching his back as he goes after the king in his sleep. Kain expected heavy resistance against them, but hoping the combination of his dragon traits and Jacob's own skill in combat would make them unstoppable, or at least complete their assassination in one piece.

    What he didn't expect was being stabbed in the back by Jacob, pushing the dragon hybrid straight into hands of the castle guards and providing no help to him, his hands open instead for a handshake and a deal closed. Jacob, the only human he intended to spare, the closest thing he had to a brother after his real one was killed, sold him out for money and power, and Kain, too shocked and hurt by this betrayal to feel any anger, was held down in defeat.

    The trap was completed perfectly, and the king gave Jacob a fortune and a position as general and head strategist of his armies as promised. The King had Kain in chains, and while he intended to kill him, for unknown reasons he decided to spare his broken life, instead deciding to punish his dragon pride with humility, sentencing him to live his life, exiled from the kingdom, as a slave to be sold to some wealthy noble from some other country. As long as he was forever out of his sight, he couldn't care less about who owns him.

    And so, when the caravan came to his castle town, the guards took him out of the dungeon and threw him inside, the last thing Kain seeing outside the caravan being the now General Jacob Falcon, the stern uncaring look of a soldier upon his face.

    Which brings him to the here and now, sitting silently in a caravan full of slaves, some humans, some from other races and possibly other ways of life. He never spoke or even looked at any of these people, instead his thoughts returned to the one thing, the only thing he has left: Revenge.

    Show Spoiler
    What was once a kind albeit sarcastic and laid-back child trying to live with being an outsider and freak of nature, is now a blunt cynical realist with a deep hatred for the Human Race. He's close-minded and very often keeps to himself. Though he often talks, it's rarely ever about himself, and is usually either smug sarcasm, blatant truth, or outright venom in the case of the humans. He also has a very low tolerance for idiots and annoyances, preferring to wipe them of the map, even if they're on his side or against the humans.

    Because of his hatred towards humans, he is quite racist towards Humans having not one nice thing to say about them, save for Jacob, and even then, the betrayal he experienced has killeed whatever bit of respect for the race he had left. Any humans on this caravan that ally themselves with him, he'll tolerate as allies, nothing more. Given the order, or just a good reason to, he would kill them without hesitation. In that regard, he is also self-loathing, hating his human blood, and any mention of him being one or even part one will have a hostile reaction on his part.

    However, that's not to say he has no heart left. As Humans are really the only thing he hates, he has a higher standard for other races such as the elves, and a very high respect for Dragons. His shell has been especially harden after Jacob's betrayal, and while it's virtually impossible for a human to do so, (Since the last human he ever put trust in betrayed him and sold him out in the first place.) and still difficult for any other race, it is possible for him to crack it and let him open up to others. For those who crack it, it would be revealed that he is actually a rather polite albeit shy fellow. He'll still be a smug asshole cracking sarcasm any chance he gets, but it wouldn't be out of spite but of confidence, the confidence to get through this without the loss of his life or anyone on his side. To those who earned his trust, he'll stand by their side til the bitter end. (Or until his god commands him to kill them.) He has a love of nature and the creatures and beasts that live within it, and a very high respect for the Dragons, willing to protect it by any means if he ever sees one. He also has a very powerful loyalty to his patron god, as it's the only thing he can rely on and believe anymore.

    He knows what he wants and what he's doing is wrong, evil even. He has no illusions of benevolence, or beliefs that he's right in the grand scheme. He knows that his vengence would not bring his family back, and that none of them, nor the dragons would want this. He is a monster in that regard, he knows it, and he accepts it. He knows that he will be burning in hellfire when his time comes and if it means bringing as many humans as he can down with him, he happily accepts it.

    Rituals: To be Announced

    Skills: As a Hybrid of a human, Kain possesses inherited draconian abilities, albeit nowhere near as powerful as a full-blooded dragon. His heart grants him an ageless body, his wings grant him flight, what scales he has serves as a light armor, the internal muscles of the two grants him somewhat enhanced strength, and he is capable of breathing fire, albeit with a far weaker internal flamethrower compared to a dragon. Besides these, he has trained himself to be as good a swordsman as he possibly could.

    Patron God: "The Fairy"

    Powers: To be Announced

    Theme-song: "Kingdom Come" ~ Cold Driven

    Goal: Absolute Revenge, to burn the world and make all the humans who live in it suffer a slow, agonizing death in retribution for his family and half of his kind. As long as he is allowed to make as many humans on this planet suffer as he can for what they did, he couldn't care less about his allies' conquest. A secondary-goal, as a matter of fact, is helping the others take this world into their hands. After all, it makes things far easier when one has supreme power over his prey, or at least knows people who do.


    Sacada Delmont G'haethrane (WiP) (open)
    Name: Sacada Delmont G'haethrane
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Race: Human
    Before (open)

    After (open)

    Rituals: TBD
    Patron God: Jylsevin, Goddess of Desires
    Powers: TBD
    Theme-song: "Majesty" ~ Ben Moody Ft. Veela (Ignore the gun mentions. XD)


    Marie Delacroix (WiP) (open)
    Name: Marie Delacroix
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Show Spoiler

    Rituals: TBD
    Patron God: Kiacrastil, God of Chaos
    Powers: TBD
    Theme-song: "Red Death Ball" ~ Hana Pestle
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  2. Sign me up!

    Question: We can share patron gods, correct? It wouldn't make much sense for a god to have only one worshipper.

    I'll start working on a CS tonight but may not get it up until tomorrow.
  3. Holy R. Enigma, joins the fray with two Character Sheets an Dark Elf that was cursed by her parents to be human-like named Laerune S. Fellynnil. In the other corner, there's a human girl that is so mentally unstable she killed a maid with a knife, stabbing her chest 18 times in total, she was also seven years old at the time too, it is Sharma E. Grant from the Grant Estates, county; her nickname is the 'Duchess of Death.'

    Name: Laerune S. Fellynnil
    Full Name: Laerune Silver Fellynnil
    Nickname: 'Laerune the Freak'
    Gender: Female
    Age: 145 years old (Looks 17 Years old if she was a Human)
    Race: Dark Elf
    Appearance: Laerune S. Fellynnil has purple/dark blue skin, compared to their lighter counterparts. She has Fellynnil's Princess tiara on her head it is cursed on, by a curse of her family, it is a silver tiara with black opal jewels on it. Her eye color and hair color are different from normal Dark Elves, mainly because her family cursed her to have human eyes and hair color, blue eyes and blond hair. She is of a medium build, and is kind of six foot and two inches tall. Laerune wears human clothes since it fits her much easier than the tight Dark Elf clothes, mainly because she kind of looks like a human princess instead of a dark elf, though her pointy ears give it away.

    She hardly wears normal shoes for female Dark Elves; they are mainly human female shoes in this period. She wears silver armor, which is specially made for her classified as 'human-grade' gear. She tries to wear clothes that try to match her eye color and hair color as closely since she is a freak. Fellynnil's hair is always in a ponytail, and it glistens in sunlight mostly since it is blond hair; her hair is also very long it is down past her lower back.

    Show Spoiler
    The Fellynnil Royal Family cursed their youngest daughter before she was even outside of her mother's womb to have blue eyes, and blond hair instead of the natural eye color of Dark Elves and hair. So she's a freak of a Dark Elf, the only way this curse can be lifted if she returns to her kingdom in complete victory or she will die painfully, and she was told this when she was also one years old. Laerune was born into the Fellynnil Royal Family, though when she was one years old, she was forced to be in the military by her parents by being trained. Her mother trained her constantly and kept her up constantly forcing her to train, with War bows, Battle Axes and Silver Swords and Shields. This training regiment made her is slapped every once in a while by her mother in the most distrustful way since if she did not do this, they would lose her forever, they were using tough love on her.

    Laerune on her 50th year birthday, was told to wake up 2 o'clock in the morning and hike to an outlying tower rampart to get her training in the field against their enemies, she was a scared girl. The only reason why she lived was she was taught very well to survive, her survival instincts are legendary compared to her soldiers underneath her. Laerune near the end of her career as a general, when Night Elves usually come home, her parents forced her to do a suicide run into human lands. Laerune liked the countryside but did not like the fact she was captured by the Rangers. The Rangers tortured her for days on end until she told what faction she belong too, and decided to give up on for a rescue, it was a suicide mission.

    She started to enjoy being with the rangers until, a fateful day. The Rangers sold her to slavers since they were getting a little bit too many 'women' into the camp.

    Patron God: Jylsevin, the Goddess of Desire
    Show Spoiler
    Her personality is of a hardened general princess, and a kind of a softy compared to everyone because she usually gets out of danger by yelling help all the time. She usually uses her charms and looks to make people enjoy her company; she is still shaken at what her parents told her when she was one years old. If she does not come home a victor, she will be murdered and sacrificed to a 'Good' God. Whatever that means, she is not really much into religion since all the proper good religions are so retarded, in her mind anyway.

    The curse put on her usually makes her act more of a human instead of a Dark Elf, though her body features tell people otherwise but she so want to remove this curse so she can have her life back, and she wants revenge against her parents. Dark Elves under a curse usually have similar personalities to humans that have been ravaged by war and stuff, she has a slight P.T.S.D that makes her remember the horrible times she had to dodge the bullet of dying many of a time, while all her sisters died in front of her eyes. She constantly cries mainly because of all the horrible losses to her grand royal family of 24 children from her mother and father.

    Rituals: To be Announced
    Skills: Laerune was taught in how to use bows, swords, axes of all kinds. She has a very big survival instinct that kicks in when she is surrounded by enemies and usually can kill the whole lot of them unless they are good with a bow and disable her so she cannot move. She is like all dark elves; they have a natural ability to back stab their family members and can lie pretty well unless they are getting tortured.
    Powers: To be Announced
    Theme Song: Higher - Creed (Mainly wanting to return her people back to the evil side of the religious scales, since they are not that happy.)
    Goal: Her goal is a simple one; mainly she wants to kill her parents, in an act of usurping their power as her Kingdom's Sole Leader. She also wants to reform the religion to serve a darker master, since this kingdom is not worshiping the correct people; to worship the Goddess she will be worshiping. She will also reform it to make the death penalty a little bit more deadly and painfully tortures for all her enemies within her own kingdom since they ousted her as a freak.

    The secondary goal is to remove the curse she has on herself by her cruel parents but she wants to first rule the Dark Elves in a new age of returning to the old ways.

    Name: Sharma E. Grant
    Full Name: Sharma Esta Grant
    Nickname: 'Duchess of Death'
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Sharma's eye color is Heterochromia with red and a blue eye, and her hair color is black hair. She wears a Duchess gown of multiple different colors since that is what her father bought her; it has blue, black, green, white, and pink on it, this is the only clothes she wears. She wears flat shoes, it is akin to sandals but slightly different colored to match her hair color, she carries a knife on her person constantly to protect herself from elven trash, she despises. She has a tiara on her head that is made exactly like Laerune but with Iron as its primary element that it was used on, with Topaz as the jewel that is on it. She has a medium build, and is five feet and eight inches tall, as well, she looks a little bit too seductive for a 16 year old, and she was like this at young ages too.

    She tries to constantly keep her hair style in a straight and flat she hates putting her hair into a ponytail, pigtails or other forms of royalty standards; her hair is to her mid to lower back and it glistens in moonlight. She has a scar on her left hand, she is marked for being a slave, by the High Elven Kingdom she belonged to.

    Show Spoiler
    Sharma E. Grant was born into the Grant Family, which owned one single county called the 'Grant Estates' it covered about a 30-mile radius near a forest, it was the smallest county. She did not know that her mother died giving birth to her; it was kept a secret from her. Her mother was named Maya I. Grant and her father was called Howard M. Grant; after his wives death he tried to take care of his daughter Sharma the best he could. Her father coddled her, and forced her to stay in her room, in the mansion called 'Ancient Tears,' based off the Wood Elf's Beliefs on the Grant Estates. She slowly started to go insane being trapped within her home, not allowed to mingle with, expect for herself.

    She is usually feed by the maids opening the door, to keep her from starving and usually give her fresh milk constantly. However, that all changed when she was allowed to come outside of her room by her father when he gave her a gift, the only gift she loved a gown. That has her favorite colors on it classified as a 'duchess gown,' and he told her to cherish the dress since it will be her only thing she will need to wear from now on. When she turned seven years old, she was sitting at the grand dining room table, in the kitchen this is where things turned dangerous, mainly because a maid split milk on her clothes and she picked up a knife off the table, that was right next to her plate. Sharma walked to the maid, and knocked her down on the floor and told her 'this is the last time' you will make a mistake, she stabbed the maid 18 times in the chest and she had blood all over her face and clothes.

    Her father came home and was shocked at what happened, and he told her daughter to stand up, and give him the knife nice, gently, after he got the knife from his daughter, let us just say he slapped her across the face twice, telling her that she was a mistake. This made the secret hidden from her 'come' to life, which she was the one that killed Maya, at childbirth, Sharma's mother. Sharma was crying and then two guards of her father's came and helped her to her room and the father told them to tie her up and get the doctor, Sharma was too much of a wreck to fight back against the guards. The Guards tied her to the bed completely since this bed had those things on it, since it was for everyone else's protection. One of the guards stayed right besides Sharma's bed, while the other one got the doctor, the doctor walked up to Howard.

    She could hear them from her bed, the doctor suggested to Howard, 'Your daughter is worthless to humanity, it would be better off to kill her like a dog, since her mental health will never recover, since you told her it was her fault for her mother's death.' Howard was appalled at what he said, though he was slightly sorry for what he said to her so he defended his daughter's life by saying this, 'You fuck head, I will not kill my daughter in cold blood ever, she is no animal, she is a human being.' Sharma heard everything and was also appalled like her father, but was much angrier with her father, since her father told her that she was the one responsible for her mother's death. The Doctor smiled slightly and wrote on his 'board' that Howard did not agree to his assessment, of killing the little she devil. Howard told him to give her some drugs to counteract the insanity, but something in the doctor's eyes was glistening.

    The Doctor walked into the room and sat right beside Sharma and took out his 'drugs' and gave her five drugs plus and extra one, called 'Swamp Pearls.' The five were to help her slightly regain her senses, but the swamp pearls usually are used to make most people go insane sooner than their actual mental defenses can handle, it will cut her 'time frame' down to 6 years later. Six years later, her father freed her and they went outside for the first time, she was 13 years old, and the voice in her head was getting louder to kill her father. They walked to a 'multicolored' flower garden that was outside of their home in the backyard, and she asked what the blue flowers were called, it was called Wolfsbane, she picked one of these flowers since the voice inside of her head told her. Her father was not any the wiser that his little girl wanted to kill him, but suddenly her voice slightly went strange and she looked at her father.

    'Father, how would you like to drink my special drink,' Sharma asked her father. Her father did not know where she put the Wolfsbane, and agreed to this though he was going to die on her 16th year old birthday because he does not have enough time to live anyway. Howard took a drink and felt the effects of something and he was slowly was not able to breathe, though he told his daughter sorry, for that and wanted her to live free. She was crying at her dad, though someone walked in on this death, and it was a maid that was happy that the man of the house was dying and picked up a blade and stabbed him, 13 times in the back killing him quicker than the Wolfsbane. Sharma looked at the woman and was quickly looked at for a split second and told not to tell, or she would tell the world she was the true killer of her father. She just shrugs her shoulders and walks away, and then a guard walks in and kills the maid right in the act of still holding the knife, so the murder was blamed on the maid.

    The Guard walked to Sharma, hugged her, and said she will have to be the duchess now, at the hest of her father's will. Afterwards, on her 14th year old birthday she gained control of her father's county but had a sick feeling that the doctor was not who he said he was, she thought he was a High Elf but had no proof. She had not a lot of things to do, since she had a guard that helped her in her troubles but she started to gain paranoid since she was still on the medication, that the doctor gave her. The voice was the one that told her that the doctor was a High Elf though, and she started to hate all elves at this point. She was dethroned after 2 years of rule, mainly because she did a massacre that got attention of the High Elf Kingdom by their 'doctor' they sent to the Grant Estates. They forcibly made everyone forget the Duchess of Death, Sharma Esta Grant and put in a 'regent' in her place that is a High Elf, and they were told to do whatever they wanted to do with the humans.

    During her long trip to the 'dungeons' of the High Elf Kingdom, a raiding party of 'Rangers' came into the picture and saved her, a slightly new captain of the rangers did this stupid charge on a 'prison' caravan to the castle. They killed all the High Elves, excluding the doctor, even though the Duchess of Death, Sharma found out that he was a high elf. They escorted her to their camp, and chained Sharma up like a dog, without chaining her 'hands' since that is a very dumb thing to do. She was put in the Captain's Tent; he was a cocky young man of 23 years old, since he wanted to 'tame' her. He grabbed her clothes and ripped it and he was close enough to her that she snapped, completely.

    He was caught off guard by this crazy girl, and was knocked down to the ground and 'choked' to death. One of the Rangers walked into the room, he was a magic user, which repaired her clothes and chained her 'hands' together, though he sighed at the cocky captain, which replaced the Eighty-One year old Ranger of the West. This ranger replaced the dead captain, which only had one good successful raid, and told Sharma to not kill another ranger, since they do not rape prisoners, unless it is necessary to break them. The new captain was a lot nicer and unchained her from where the '1 day' old captain put her and tied her to the bed instead in chains.

    The Shorter Version of the Backstory:
    Show Spoiler
    She had a bad childhood that caused her to snap one day, when she was seven years old and killed a maid in a fit of over protectiveness over her dress, she was wearing that day. Six years later, she was completely angry with her father for telling her, that she was a mistake in terms of her mother dying to her while giving birth. She decided to kill her father, with some Wolfsbane, a poisonous flower in her own backyard, she gave him a glass of water with Wolfsbane poison within his glass, and that was slowly killing him. Her father did not die at her hands though; he died to a very disgruntled maid, who stabbed him more than she did to a maid, when she was seven. She was not very happy that she was robbed the chance to kill her father, in cold blood as well since she had another voice inside of her head.

    She became the Duchess of the Grant Estates, when she became 14 years old and ruled two straight years after that but then she was getting paranoid about her civilians wanting to overthrow her. Therefore, because of this, she decided to order her guards to massacre half of the population in the Grant Estates, because of this she caused a classic fall. Her own paranoid behavior caused her own fall from grace and power. The High Elven Kingdom got wind of this from her own doctor, since she was taking medication since she was seven years old, after she murdered that one maid. They sent a massive force, to kill her guards that did the deed but they decided to execute, Sharma the Duchess of Death at their castle.

    She was dragged out of the Ancient Tears mansion, and beaten up for dragging their names in the mud for so long, they gave her a punishment fit for a human queen. Three people beat her up, and they punched her in the gut multiple times, the face, three times and scarred her for life with a 'slave' tag on her left hand, if they decide to use her for other purposes besides killing her. After that, they put her in chains and she was crying because of all this punishment regretting what she had done but she had lost all her remorse from being attacked by the High Elves. The High Elves were deciding to kill her or use her as a slave amongst the noblemen in their kingdom. The High Elves put her in the Prison Caravan and decided to take her to the castle to decide her fate; some Rangers stopped the trip to her doom either way.

    The Rangers of the West destroyed the High Elven Kingdom's Prison Caravan, which was carrying the 'V.I.P' prisoner Sharma E. Grant in it. They allowed the Doctor to live and told Sharma that the doctor is a High Elf, aristocrat that hates humans in general. Sharma was shocked when she heard this, but she was dragged all the way to the Ranger's camp and getting sharp glances of sexual tension from the Ranger Captain, who was 7 years older than she was. The Ranger Captain took her to his tent, and tried to rape her but this caused the death of the ignorant man; who wanted to take her virginity like it was his duty, but he did also see the mark on her hand too. The Duchess of Death took another life and this time it was by her own bare hands, because of the captain ripped her duchess dress. The Rangers of the West appointed anew captain, quickly because they had a backup readied for the position, he was a lot kinder, and a Wood Elf to boot, and he magical fixed her clothes.

    However, he did tell her, 'Thank you, Duchess of Death for killing our idiot of a Ranger Captain,' though he also said, 'You will be sold to slavers sooner or later; it'll be sooner than later since it seems like you are out of luck.' Sharma heard this man's words and respected him slightly but she twitched as well, since she will try to come after him, but she will probably have more luck taking back her county first. Sharma wants literally to murder that High Elf doctor that betrayed her trust and was kind of in love with him too, thinking he was a human. She was regretting all the things she has done, but she has one little voice in the back of her head, 'Good job, Sharma dear.'

    Patron God: The Fairy Illusions
    Show Spoiler
    Her personality is tied in multiple loose ends; in terms, she has a second voice within her mind, body, and soul. However, this causes her to have no remorse in what she has done since she was going insane with this second voice always talking to her; she murdered her father on the whim of this voice. She is very overprotective of herself and her belongings that she murdered a maid for just spilling milk on her clothes. The killing of her father was pushed under the rug because of a maid, tried to blackmail her and was killed in the process of stabbing her father but she was the culprit of her father's murder; though it her reality was shattered by the drugs that the doctor gave her throughout her childhood. She is quite reckless in terms of complete disregard of life in general, expect for her own. Her sanity comes back when she starts singing but loses what she was trying to sing and starts singing about killing people at random, though she has a strong hatred towards High Elves, for what they are doing to their kingdom. In her personality, it was crushed when her father outright told her the truth about her mother's death, that she was the cause of it and that is when she started to plan his downfall, when she was seven years old; though she was slightly wanting to kill the doctor for suggesting something so barbaric.

    Whenever, Sharma sleeps she feels like she is on a grand journey towards a great beacon of hope and salvation but is dashed when she hears a voice, telling her stop trying to stop her decline, and it somewhat sounds familiar, a harsh yet gentle female voice. She yells out in her dreams and says mom, where are you most of the time since she remembers, all the times her mom told her she will be beautiful and that is when she usually wakes up dazed and confused. She started to talk to herself every time she wakes from that strange dream. She is very highly paranoid about certain things mainly because of the medication that she took from the doctor; aka the Swamp Pearls that is to induce a state of complete insanity in human beings.

    Rituals: To be announced
    Skills: One of her skills is her singing, she usually sings of normal stuff for two seconds than she starts thinking of strange shit about what to do with elves. She has a nice looking demeanor; she is very hot looking so she can get away with charming some people if she wants to. She lies very well, and usually talks randomly about anything and everything.
    Powers: To Be announced
    Goal: Her goal is a simple one, she wants to brutalize all Elven Races, mutilate them, and chop them into pieces and share them with everyone around the world in terms of packaged meat and start a cabal of cannibals that love the sweet taste of Elf. As well to retake her home county back from the High Elves and murder that doctor in the most cruel way possible, she wants to rebuild the Grant Estate with a purpose to conquer the entire Elven Kingdom that is next to her.
    Theme Song:
    1. Insanity (When she talks to herself normally aka in real life events and the spirit of her mother inside of her)
    2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day (When she daydreams about a long road that never ends.)
    3. Du Hast - Rammstein (Childhood that gets in her way mostly).
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  4. Since Windpipe (@Windstormugly) is currently in Dream Land at the moment, allow me to answer for him: Yes, we share them. ^_^

    (The CSes from Holy though, I'll leave to him.)
  5. I'll get my CS done tomorrow as well. Looking good so far!
  6. Acolyte WIP (open)

    Name: Nex
    Age: 19
    Race: Shade human Hybrid
    Appearance: (either description or picture is ok)
    Skills: Being a Shade Hybrid gives Nex the ability to take the shape of anything he has ever seen via violent organic reconstruction, and he can only become something that is humanoid in size and shape. The process is very painful, and doing it makes Nex feel rather weak for a couple minutes, which is why he doesn't use it often, only to help him snea in to places that he'd normally never be allowed inside. He has also become a master of impersonation, able to mimic the voice, mannerisms, walking style, even their way of writing by studying the subject, the longer the period of study, the better the impersonation. Good with a dagger, very agile and flexible.
    Patron God: Kiacrastil, male god of chaos.
    Powers: TBD
    Theme-song: TBD
    Goal: TBD
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  7. I absolutely love that you put the god of Hell in with the good guys. :O No sarcasm intended! Before I get to work on a CS, what sorts of rituals did you have in mind? Like, are we talking sacrificing an animal or another human being, or bloodletting, or something more off the wall?
  8. The rituals would mainly be along the lines of sacrificing your victims/enemies (villagers, soldiers, priests and the race and nationalities would probably not matter).
    But depending on your patron god your acolyte may have do divulge in some pretty bizarre offer-rituals ^^
    (also depending on what powers you are granted with)

    And thank you for noticing, there was a little falling out in the dark ranks ;)
    (not to say the god of hell isn't evil)
  9. Name: Deadeye of the Stonetosser tribe.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 23

    Race: Goblin. A race of short humanoids with green skin, large, pointed ears, and usually not very muscular. They live in tribes, mostly in forests, where the cleverest one is usually the leader. They mostly rely on trickery and ambushes to take on intruders, when they chose to fight at all.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Backstory: Deadeye was just another of the hunters of her tribe, hunting for food and intruders, and priding herself in being damn good at it! She had earned her name from one day managing to hit a human in the eye with a crossbow from a distance most would have trouble hitting at all. Some claimed it was but a lucky shot, but with time, she managed to do it again and again, proving the doubters wrong!
    That only lasted so long though, as humans started coming more and more frequently, pushing into the Stonetosser's territory. But as they did, the Goblins started pushing back more and more. Yet as they did, Deadeye got caught, and was dragged off to be put somewhere she could do no more damage.

    Personality: Cheerful, flirty and quick to come with a joke when she's with friends and like-minded people, yet cold and snarky against her enemies.

    Skills: Small, quick, sneaky, quite dexterous and a damn good shot with a crossbow.

    Patron God: Sevhizaw.

    Goal: To kill all the humans on her tribe's land, chase away whoever isn't a Goblin, then to expand their territory to the size they deserve!
  10. STRIFE

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Strife
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Race: Human

    Backstory: Strife is pretty much the only name he knows forgetting his real one long ago. He is since his younger days, a murderer and hunter. Sold for drug money at an early age he was trained to fight for entertainment and then taken in to deal with problems for local crime gangs. He is notorious for his ruthless efficiency and lack of empathy for anyone or anything. The older he got the more training he was given to become an efficient assassin. As his owner trusted him. But when the man was killed and a new one took over he did not trust strife and so got rid of him.

    Personality: A simpleton that is very to the point and prefers to remain practical as often as possible. He does not fear saying what he thinks nor does he bother with annoying meddling and diplomatic bullshit. Can’t agree fine leave or get a beating. Suffers from a strain of mental instability due to his upbringing. Possible psychopath.
    Skills: Martial arts, Medicine/anatomy, Scouting, Cooking, Handcraft

    Rituals: (Revealed IC)
    Powers: (Claimed IC)
    Patron God: Fairy
    Time to make things my way


    Show Spoiler

    Name: Ikaros
    Gender: Female
    Age: 120
    Race: Ancient
    The ancients are one of the oldest races in the world. Once a large and powerful civilization that strived for knowledge and understanding of the world and what could be beyond. However they fell to corruption their weakness under strong emotions causing wide spread chaos as civil war swept trough the nation from the wits of a few power hungry.
    Ancients are similar to humans. But tends to stand slightly taller. With eyes that shines under moonlight and a skin as smooth as marble yet reminds of silk at the touch. It's difficult for an Ancient to fall ill or to get obese their bodies quickly adapt to diets and handle poisons incredibly well. Ancients however can't breed with other species unless involving specific magic and at the consent of the woman who can only become such when she wants to. This has lead to them slowly fading away as a people as many are held as slaves or wander scattered across the lands. The few small societies that still stands guards their old heritage fiercely and hold tightly to old traditions. Some have come to call them guardians of ancient past.


    Backstory: Ikaros is one of the youngest Ancients alive. Part of an almost extinct species she has known harassment and respect of equal amounts. Trained from an early age in her ability to use magic due to her wild magic affinity. Other teachers have lectured on the heritage of her ancestors and lost civilisations. Yet to become a master she is in the final stage of her training a twenty yearlong pilgrimage across the lands surviving on what she knows and to learn her own tricks. Because a true magician makes the magic their own.

    Personality: Somewhat gullible but a quick learner. The girl holds a bad strain of curiosity and stubbornness few could equal. Which can be hard to notice at first glance thanks to her very thorough training in being humble.
    Rituals: (Revealed IC)
    Skills: Magic, Studies, Staff’s, Handcraft, enchanting/imbuing, Powerful physiology
    Patron God: Vilgowr
    Powers: Wild magic user
    To keep balance
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  11. Name:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Shebna Ulykka[/BCOLOR]


    Somewhere in his [BCOLOR=#000000]early twenties[/BCOLOR], however his appearance and manner are very much like a willful child.


    Appearance: (open)



    Backstory: (open)

    As follows with the superstition that accompanies ravens, Shebna's life has been a series of unfortunate happenings. He was born to a fae gypsy woman on the road and his father is unknown. He was an odd child, but growing up in a caravan of entertainers certainly allows for individuality. His changeling abilities were discovered at a young age, and instead of being frowned upon the troupe welcomed this little curiosity and were soon incorporating it into every show along the wayside. However, Gypsy life is not all fun and dancing, and being forced into performance as an impressionable youngster took its toll on the boy. The ringmaster was a hard man with little patience for children's antics, and he seized every opportunity to punish Shebna for any little discrepancy. The brightness of his life was dulled significantly as he was forced to mature faster than his playmates. Soon he could no longer enjoy the games everyone else in his age group played, not that he had time to participate.

    Several years of this transformed a discontented child into a brooding adolescent. He thought of running away but had nowhere to go, outside the gypsy camp a changeling would likely be regarded with suspicion, especially among those who were opposed to magic in any way shape or form. His luck took a severe downturn and it seemed everything he did was laced with ill-fortune. His performance suffered, he lost personal belongings, even others seemed to be affected for accidents happened constantly when he was around. A resentful atmosphere was beginning to build up against him, although he was saved from banishment by an attack from a hostile group of nomadic raiders. The troupe was scattered, many were killed and others captured, he still does not know what happened to his mother. Shebna's escape was fairly easy, no one pays a bird any mind and he simply flew away. The problem of having nowhere to go remained but he took refuge in a nearby city, begging in the streets and dancing in the squares for a few pennies or food scraps. After an incident involving his changeling abilities he dared not take on his raven form while in town.

    His days were filled with hunger and thirst, his restless nights riddled with nightmares. Helpless to help himself, Shebna sank into the depths of despair. He slouched against a courtyard wall one day as rain drizzled down, soaking his tattered clothes, emaciated body and dirty feathered head, hand stretched out toward the street automatically even though there was little hope any stranger would be kind enough to put anything in it; on that fatal day a priest of Vijolovij's temple happened to take notice. Whether he recognized the boy as a changeling or simply pitied him, the priest took it upon himself to raise him up from the muddy street, carry him back to the temple, and nurse the starving urchin back to health.

    And so a new life began for Shebna, he was taught to read and write and served in the temple in exchange for two hot meals every day and a bed to sleep in. He was told that it was by Vijolovij's grace he'd been brought here and that he owed his service to the goddess. It was the first real kindness he had ever experienced and of course he was willing to demonstrate his gratitude in whatever way possible. He trained as a cleric and grew in knowledge, his grasp on philosophy was uncanny and the high priestess* soon took notice of his skill and wisdom, taking him under her wing and grooming him to be the next selected leader of their sect, not yet twenty he was the youngest to ever be considered for such a position. They traveled together, visiting other temples and preaching Vijolovij's peace, Shebna used the story of his own conversion to convince many agnostics to follow their teachings.

    The changeling and the priestess grew close, too close in fact, and as rumors of their illicit relationship began to undermine the high priestess' position she hatched a plan to protect her reputation. Unexpectedly in a council she accused him of attempting to defile her and in a grand display of very convincing emotion, voicing her disappointment because she had such high hopes for him, Shebna was convicted and condemned to death by sacrifice. Once again his raven's wings aided his escape, but no amount of distance could ease the pain in his heart, for he had truly loved the priestess, and he had never felt such a sense of betrayal. The nightmares returned tenfold, so terrible he could never sleep more than an hour or so at a time, but worse than that were his waking moments when he was forced to recall that every word out of his lover's mouth had been a carefully spun lie.

    However much he tried he could not shake the religion, though he had no doubt the gods were real he no longer wanted to be a servant of Vijolovij, for how weak is the goddess of peace that she allows such treachery in her own temple. They preach their peace but it's nothing more than a lie, anyone could look around at the real world and see that. From then on he pledged himself to Kiacrastil as an agent of chaos, it was easy enough considering his strain of bad luck. The world was chaos and Chaos was his god now.

    Shebna's bad luck eventually turned on him once again. He fell prey to slave traders who recognized his abilities, caged him and carted him off to some market where he'd be sold as a curiosity to the highest bidder.

    *This person is only high priestess in the temple where she serves, her influence does not extend much further than the district where her temple is located.

    Understandably [BCOLOR=#000000]mistrustful[/BCOLOR], Shebna is of a mind that it is better to have enemies than friends, because at least when your enemy turns on you, you'll see it coming. Highly [BCOLOR=#000000]superstitious[/BCOLOR] and notoriously [BCOLOR=#000000]unlucky[/BCOLOR], Shebna has gotten into the habit of collecting charms and talismans in hopes to shed some of his bad luck, he has a token for just about every god and many a shiny crafted jewel, the majority of these he stole. He's extremely [BCOLOR=#000000]cowardly[/BCOLOR] and [BCOLOR=#000000]fearful[/BCOLOR] quick to run (or fly) from a fight or conflict, being relatively physically weak he makes the excuse that it's simply not his way of things. He is also very [BCOLOR=#000000]spiteful[/BCOLOR] and will jump at the chance to cause mischief for some unsuspecting soul, and very good at [BCOLOR=#000000]lying[/BCOLOR] so much so that he will occasionally pay tribute to Sevhizaw in gratitude for this skill. He's quite [BCOLOR=#000000]religious[/BCOLOR] and favors the dark gods, the agents and priests of which would praise him. He's considered to have a [BCOLOR=#000000]silver tongue[/BCOLOR] for the art of [BCOLOR=#000000]persuasion[/BCOLOR] comes naturally to him now after serving as a cleric for so long, and makes it easy to get what he wants from others. He often suffers [BCOLOR=#000000]guilt[/BCOLOR] because of his actions but does his best to suppress it, afraid of what it might do to him if he ever acknowledges its existence because he is very insistent in believing he is the [BCOLOR=#000000]victim[/BCOLOR].

    To be determined.

    - [BCOLOR=#000000]Changing forms[/BCOLOR] between demi-human and raven. While his human form retains birdlike features (feathery hair, light build, talon-like hands and feet) so does his bird form have subtle human features (soulful and sentient eyes and face, as well as the ability to speak)
    - [BCOLOR=#000000]Flight[/BCOLOR] (while in raven form)
    - [BCOLOR=#000000]Reading[/BCOLOR] and [BCOLOR=#000000]writing[/BCOLOR]
    - [BCOLOR=#000000]Persuading[/BCOLOR] (converting)
    - [BCOLOR=#000000]Running away[/BCOLOR], good at [BCOLOR=#000000]vanishing[/BCOLOR]
    - A collection of charms and tokens supposed to influence his luck for the better.

    Patron God:

    To be determined.

    [BCOLOR=#000000][BCOLOR=#000000]"Confession" - Red[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    "You Got it Wrong" - Rasmus (not his theme but influenced his backstory a great deal)

    Ultimately he wishes for revenge on Vijolovij's high priestess who betrayed him, not her death but her suffering, her and all her followers who falsely profess peace, even if it meant making war on Vijolovij herself. He spends his sleepless nights scheming up a proper punishment.

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  12. I fought spoilers and lost. I accept the fate of having no spoilers in my CS.
  13. @Holy R. Enigma your character is accepted, just read through your posts a few times before posting them IC ;)

    @Dedtoo I see no problems with that goblin ^^

    @Silvir you forgot your gods, and the fact that one of your characters is obviously good will cause some pretty horrid situations. (I want you to begin in the caravan with the others O_O) you need to give a short explanation of the race. And you should mention more clearly that she is a wild-mage. I see no problems with Strife.

    @Clirkus Your version of a changeling intrigues me, elaborate.
    Now, a point which I have apparently not told properly. The way the church uses magic:

    As they are not evil, and their gods belong to light, they can't very well sacrifice in blood and death. All gods mainly accept offers adhering to their aspect. What they also accept as offering however, is prayers (faith/the act of believing). Though, to receive enough prayers for the power they grant to be significant a huge group of priests chanting prayers for a prolonged time is necessary. Those able to practice magic among the priests are therefore usually groups working together. The usual being groups of seven priests mostly going around to heal and bless soldiers on the battlefield, paying for their magic by continuously chanting through long texts from their scriptures. Some priests walking around using holy magic by themselves are simply paying for their powers by the prayers of their whole herd. These holy priests and priestesses are few and far between, but apart from lone mages, the priests have the whole church praying constantly to their gods.

    Now, his ability to change shape I can put as a wild-magic inherited in his changeling blood or from his fae mother. But him already praying to Kiacrastil and actually receiving any kind of magical powers is debatable. The dark gods have few worshipers (compared to the church), and they are even more spare with their granting of powers. The price and rituals they demand often too much to pay for an ordinary mortal.
    (We mean for the rituals and powers to be granted/asked for in the IC, simply giving everyone the option to create your own as you forge your characters if you want to)

    Otherwise I must say Shebnas backstory and personality is beautifully made ^^
  14. Thanks, I thought there might be some hiccups haha, that's why I like to know as many details as possible.

    I really just liked the word changeling better than shapeshifter, and they're pretty interchangeable. Originally I had thought the changeling ability would have been granted by a god or gods but then I thought "Well, this is a fantasy world, I don't see why there wouldn't be an odd changeling here and there." The way I imagined it: changelings are a separate race of demi-humans gifted with the ability to change their form (usually to some kind of animal, and only one kind of animal as opposed to any animal, didn't want it to be too OP). Like some races, magic is sort of inherent in their nature because of the ability but that doesn't automatically make them all sorcerers, the ability to control anything other than their own changing ability is quite rare and takes training (just like any mage or wizard). I tend to think of changelings as reclusive creatures (being a little more wild and living closer to nature and away from civilization) which is why he would have been such a successful circus act since changelings are so secretive. His unknown father was actually a changeling though his mother was not aware that fact.

    His continuous bad luck is not necessarily related to his being a changeling, I tend to think of Luck as just another element in fantasy worlds, some people have more of it, some have less, and he just got the short end of the stick so to speak.

    The changing process itself happens nearly instantaneously, doesn't take more than a minute under normal circumstances, and it is a physical change in that his humanoid body actually morphs to shrink and reshape into the form of a bird, which is why he is never quite a human and never quite a raven. (I thought having him be able to maintain a "half-form" between human and raven but I really didn't see a good purpose for it so there's no in-between) The change does cost him energy so he can't do it too often and in too quick succession, but he can remain indefinitely in either form (though prefers to be humanoid the majority of the time).

    I don't want him to be a unique "only one of his kind" thing, that's just a little too cliché, so technically anyone else can have a changeling character if they want, so long as we can agree to the version (and it's cool if we change it too).


    So the church mainly exists for the Light gods, I guess that wasn't completely clear. I can change the magical powers/rituals to accommodate what you originally intended, though since he does sometimes offer tribute to Light gods I may play around with that a little since he was technically a part of the church for several years. As a side note, I'm sure the Dark gods would have their own sects of worshippers, perhaps they're just a lot less prominent than the church, they're probably shunned (for obvious reasons), but I'd like to explore that idea a little more.

    Thanks for the critique c:
  15. @Clirkus Changelings there will be then, your idea is along the lines of what we have in this world in regards to racial traits bordering on magic. I can agree on your view on luck in fantasy worlds, maybe there is something meddling ;)
    The church exclusively exist for the good gods. But as you say, and as I have stated, there are worshipers of the dark gods, simply far less in numbers.
  16. Luck is a funny thing. I kind of got the idea from Tolkien, his always saying Bilbo was especially lucky and talking about luck as if it were sentient. Also in the book Children of the Lamp luck is referred to as an element (fire, water, earth, air, spirit, space, time, and luck) and it's something I like to incorporate into fantasy. Every person is allotted a certain amount of luck from birth, some get more and some less, some get a lot and some get very little and it's all completely random. There are certain things you can do to change it a little one way or another (good choices versus poor choices, but in this instance with charms and tokens) but it ultimately stays about the same throughout the person's life.

    Just fun to think about. End rant, haha.

    I can think of one person who'd try to change that around.
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  17. Yeah I will definitely read everything in terms of the IC. I like playing female characters for some odd reason, though I will probably add these characters to my 'Jaina'Res Multiverse - Grand Character List,' just because I am insane. So many fan characters, 328...

    I enjoy your profile, there Clirkus. =P
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  18. How's this? :o

    Name: Silex Amoro

    Gender: Male

    Age: 38

    Race: Human

    Appearance: With all the stress in his life, not to mention all the time he spends indoors, Silex has not aged well. His skin is pale and premature wrinkles line his cold, black eyes. His hair is just as dark and reaches his shoulders. It tends to look slightly greasy, and the bold white skunk stripe running down the side doesn't exactly call attention away. Even his bony hands tell much of his storied past, his fingers moving with deadly precision, not a tremble in sight. His serene expression, impressive height, and gaunt face intimidate many people on first impression.

    Backstory: Silex was born into a poor and highly conservative family. The Amoros were about as traditional as they come, working as valued members of the church in exchange for food, shelter, and divine protection. They prayed to the gods Vijolovij and Sahlyncirle, seeking balance and peace in all things. Silex, however, was not so keen on this. He felt that his parents' judgment was too optimistic, a brutal skewing of the way the world really worked. He too was very religious and devoted, but he instead prayed to the god who governed the one force he saw as constant: destruction.

    Naturally, this caused quite the rift between Silex and his parents. The three of them fought regularly, using everything from nasty words to acts of violence. Shortly after Silex had turned 18, his parents produced another child, a girl named Lyra. In order to teach Silex about caring and respect, they shoved Lyra into his care and kicked him out of the house. Though he was flustered, having no idea how to take care of a baby, Silex did everything he could to live up to his parents' wishes and raised Lyra for another fifteen years. It was around then when his overprotective tendencies really got to the shy, mousy girl, and she ran away from home in a final act of quiet defiance.

    Heartbroken, Silex retreated into private studies. His parents could not afford to give him a proper education in anything other than religion, so instead Silex satisfied his thirst for knowledge with books...and personal experience. He developed particular interests in both physical biology and the laws governing magic, whether it was generated by wild-mages or given to them by the gods. As questioning these sorts of laws was considered intensely heathenistic by most, he kept his studies secret from the world.

    Books could only carry his research so far. It wasn't long before Silex had to turn to live subjects, and many of his experiments proved to be...well, deadly. I won't mince words here: he's killed his fair share of people. But it's all for the sake of knowledge. Even when Silex was caught and arrested, he still held onto this ideal. Nothing he does is wrong; it's all in the name of intellectual progress.

    Personality: Silex is cool-headed, pragmatic, and fiercely defensive of his ideals. He is most comfortable when in complete control of his situation. Everything is approached scientifically, assuming fundamental laws governing all phenomena and working from there, exhausting or eliminating all possibilities until the clearest answer remains. He does not enjoy fighting, but if he must, he is not afraid to fight dirty for the sake of his survival. Taking advantage of or otherwise hurting others is not outside his comfort zone either. Try to convince him that what he's doing is wrong, however, and he won't budge an inch. Morality is such a tricky, subjective thing. Why bother with it?

    That all said, he is not without his weaknesses. If Silex discovers that he is being manipulated, he will not take it well. And don't even think about touching his sister.

    Skills: Though Silex has only as-of-yet limited knowledge of how god-given magic works, human biology is his specialty, and he can employ this in combat. He also has an eye for detail and an impressive memory. Some knowledge of sedatives and first aid is also necessary in his work.

    Patron God: Reshkold, male god of destruction.

    Powers: The most common powers Silex seeks from Reshkold are increased physical strength to subdue his subjects and the generation of flames to burn the evidence.

    Theme-song: Tool - Parabola

    Goal: Silex seeks one thing and one thing only: freedom to perform his experiments when and how he chooses. He does not kill unless there is a good reason for it, so wanton destruction is not for him. But if he has to cut a swath through society to force the laws into changing...well, so be it.
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