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    "Welcome to Ipomoea University, we wish for all our students to succeed greatly in our institution, as well as gain great experiences that will last them for a life time!"

    L O C A T I O N S
    Acanthus Hall (Male Dormitory)
    Lisianthus Hall (Female Dormitory)
    Eucharis (Sorority House)
    Hyacinth (Fraternity House)
    Yarrow Dining Hall
    Thyme Recreation Building
    Ipomoea Library and Book Store
    Nigella Hall (Math Department Building)
    Magnolia Hall (English Department Building)
    Sage Hall (Science Department Building)
    Salvia Hall (Technology Department Building)
    Downtown Ipomoea (City Surrounding)
    Periwinkle Fountain Park

    *Male and Female Dormitories are on opposite sides of the campus*

    T I M E
    School Hours: 10am - 2pm <CURRENT TIME>
    Part-Time Jobs:
    2pm - 6pm
    Free Time: 6pm - 10am
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