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    Welcome to my Partner Search! A few notes before I present my ideas:

    -One-on-One RPs will have titles in blue
    -Group RPs will have titles in maroon
    -RPs that can be either will have titles in grey

    The Fate of a Medjai

    Long ago, the Medjai were the greatest warriors of the New Kingdom period of ancient Egypt. They fought valiantly to protect the pharaoh and the temples of Egypt as many came to pervert the many artifacts and magical books left by the gods for mankind. But, they went underground shortly before the death of Tutankhamun in the 18th Dynasty under his orders so that they remain secret, and that from the shadows they might prevent the use of these powers for evil. It is now the year 1947, two years after World War II, and a cult who secretly conspired with the Nazis now seek to raise the dread pharaoh Akenaten, the father of Tutankhamun, and it is up to the Medjai to defeat them. Their only hope, however, lies with a teenage orphan- the reincarnation of Tutankhamun- who has found and put on a mystic artifact known as the Manacle of Osiris, becoming bound to it forever...

    The Goddess' Champion

    They say that in the beginning, there was nothing but the Titan, Gorah, and the Void. He then created the stars and our world, Lein, before crafting the moon and the sun. But He grew lonely and, although as omnipotent as He was, He could not govern His creations by Himself. And so, as time passed, eight new Gods have joined Him, each of Them granting Their blessing to one of the Eight Kingdoms. Thousands of years passed while the creations of the Void have plagued the inhabitants of Lein with little success. But now they have tried to kill the Goddess Lokaliin, as the Gods can be slain on Lein as they must walk in mortal flesh, Their killer taking Their place. As the Void launches a great assault on Lein, it is up to Lokaliin and Her Champion to defeat Him and return peace to the world.

    The Return of the Jabberwocky

    We all know the story of Alice Liddle and the Jabberwocky, with the brave little blond taking up in her hands the Vorpal Sword and slaying the fell beast. Where our story begins, it had been centuries since Alice been in Underland and the Jabberwockey was slain with the Vorpal Sword. But Underland rarely changes. In spite of Alice's actions and the banishment of the infamously large-headed Red Queen, another one emerged soon enough among the royal children. Civil war and peace became the cycle, with no clear manner to initially decide the victor. There were some occasional alliances between the Queens, but these were when Undlerland was under attack by people who found fragments of the Looking Glass in various time periods and timelines, as Underland was always similar as the Oraculum foretold the past, present, and future of Underland. Every day was similar yet different, but at one point the Hatters became the Kings of Underland, and a long latsing peace was achieved. But this ended as the Hatter King had lost his sons in an attack by an army of men who came through the Looking Glass' shards one day. After this, the Queens ruled again as the next Hatter was the Hatter King's nephew, and was already mad before he could ascend. It mattered not, as long ago the Hatters had been one of the utmost powerful individuals in Underland, even under the divided rule. It is now time to arise to the challenge as the Jabberwocky returns to Underland and the Vorpal sword must find its way into the hands of its next wielder.

    The Champion of Madness

    The worlds of mortals and demons have always been intertwined, more so than that of mortals and the angelic. Many could demons could pass to the realm of men, but not from men to the realm of demons unless they died and were rebuked by their ancestor spirits and their gods. Many feared them, all the while others attempted to slay them. However, there were those who summoned them, and others worshiping and serving the strongest of them. These mighty demons, many but not all of which were believed to be evil or malefic, were called the Daemon Princes. In total there were thirteen among them, and then there were thirteen among the gods, called the Divine Princes. The Daemon Princes governed lust, pride, insanity, greed, sloth, envy, anger, gluttony, debauchery, darkness, undeath, evil, and demons themselves. The Divine Princes governed light, craftsmanship and dwarves, dawn and dusk, magic, logic and reason, good will, strength and orcs, rulers, nature and elves, love, children and family, life and the afterlife, and the gods as well as mortal men. Lord Illum governed the Divine as their King and as that of mortals, while Lord Melthor governed the Daemon and all who dwelt in the Underrealm. However, Melthor has begun to create an uprising in an attempt to conquer all of the Three Realms. Catching wind of his plans, Lilith (Melthor's wife) send one of her servants, a succubus, to find the only one who could defeat Melthor: the Champion of Vorohah, the Daemon Prince of Madness. But when Vorohah is slain by Melthor to show He will allow no mercy, a mere Champion must do more than any mortal has ever done: he must become a god.

    The Diclonius Queen

    It wasn't too long ago that the first generation of the Diclonius species in this century was born. As of today, they emerged twenty years ago, believed by some to be the next step in human evolution. To others, they were believed to be oni, ancient Japanese spirits that possessed great power and strength. To a cult among some of the world leaders, they were messiahs sent to become the new humanity. Their presence was made public, but this was not the first time the appeared. They had come before, on various places throughout the world, but usually didn't survive childbirth or childhood. This was all about one man, who family for generations had been born with vestigial horns due to a latent variation of the Diclonius gene, sought to bring out the genes for reviving the Diclonii, locating women across the world who were likely to carry the genes needed. Only three continued before the rest had their memories erased and sent back to where they were found. After that, they were subject to various experiments and treatments to optimize the chances of the child becoming a Diclonius. Then, when conditions were at their peak, the man raped all three women in order to plant the seeds for his plan of world domination. Nine months later, three half sisters were born in three regions of the world: the Queens. But one of them has escaped from the where they have been kept, practically imprisoned, and has washed up on a beach only to be found by a college student and taken into his home. Now as they are pursed by her captors and her father, they must hide her identity and the student must find a way to put world the world he knew aside as he is placed into the world of truth.

    The Knights of the Old Republic: The Grey Jedi

    It is the Old Republic era, centuries before the rise of Darth Malak and Revan, the latter later returning to the Light and defeating his former pupil. We begin on the planet of Nar'Shaddaa, looking upon a five-year-old boy powerful in the Force orphaned without even knowing the names of his parents. He had faint memories of living on the planet of Manaan before being taken with a group of others to the horrid planet to try and earn better money there. In this time senior members of the Jedi were permitted to marry amongst one another and were, in even rarer cases, permitted to have children. We seeing passing by a female Jedi Master, bearing a single bladed lightsaber with a blue color crystal, a sign she had chosen to become a Jedi Master as opposed to a Jedi Weapons Master, the typical path of a Jedi Guardian. She was a blue-skinned Twi'lek named Alura Risa'ad, and she, sensing the Force within the boy as she passed by him, took him to Dantooine. There the Jedi Council on Dantooine allowed her to adopt the human child, as her son and apprentice. Since he had no proper name, she named him herself, naming him Cipher. And such the boy was raised in the path of the Grey Jedi, adhering to the teaching of the Council while learning of both Light and Dark Sides of the Force. It because of this he is soon hunted by the Dark Lord of Sith, and must find a way to defeat the Dark Lord before destruction can be wrought upon the galaxy...
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  2. I'd love to rp with you. You're ideas are awesome! I have a love for Lewis Carroll, but I also really love the Star Wars rp... Ok. so Star Wars rp please, but I have a few change requests. This is mainly because I have a character that would fit Alura's spot, but she's a bit different. If you don't want to change the plot then we'll go with Alice. PM me if interested.
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  3. I request the Diclonius Rp, amazing Idea from an amazing Anime
  4. Both are accepted!
  5. I would love to do this RP with you :)
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