Acer's Attack

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  1. Violet stumbled forwards, pausing momentarily at a lamppost to regain her breath. She was bleeding heavily from a gash in her side and her arm was hidden beneath her cloak, a dark stain already across it. Her staff fell from her other hand as she collapsed to her knees, a small cry escaping as she fell forwards, the world darkening, but she did not pass out. She could not move, speak, or anything but hear. She tried to mutter, but just choked a little, coughing up blood. The sky was pitch black as the stars seemed to disappear. He's coming..the relic...death.. She felt useless now. They're all going to die.. She thought.
  2. Calden was tightly seated on his galloping horse. Ever since he left the King’s side as the First Paladin, he was feeling restless. The soothing sound of his beloved horse’s galloping was calming him down though. He was ready to close his eyes and try to relax, when a strange sight caught his attention. Under a lamp post there was a cloaked person, filled with blood.
    He wasn’t the only one that noticed him though. A few meters away, a small demon, drawn by the flowing blood, was on his way to take advantage of that person’s situation. That ungraceful creature with the green slimy skin, although it was at the size of an infant, could cause a great damage to someone unconscious. “Damn it…” Calden muttered and squeezed his horse sides ordering it to go faster. He removed his sword off its case and grinned. The demon didn’t stand a chance. In a moment he was turned into grey ashes.

    Calden stepped of his horse and approached the cloaked person. It was actually a young girl, barely breathing, with eyes half-closed, wearing a cloak soaked in blood, with the Mage’s symbol pinned on top of it. The girl wasn’t unconscious yet though. “Can you hear me?” he said with a soothing voice.
  3. Violet couldn't speak, or make any noise for that matter. Instead, she blinked, trying to nod, and only managing a small shift of her head. Yes I can hear you...can you tell? I can hear you.. She wanted to say, but she couldn't. She felt a cold chill sweep over her and the shadows around her eyes seemed to try and overtake her. She started coughing violently, but they were silent coughs. She couldn't make a noise. God this hurts!!
  4. Calden sighed. The girl was more hurt than he thought. He knew that he could find a doctor in the village, but he doubted that he could cure her. Calden turned around and headed for his horse. There, inside his sack, he found a bottle with a light blue liquid inside. Luckily before he left the castle, his friend, a Healer, provided him with medicine that could cure even the most dreadful wound. He approached the dying girl again, softly leaned her head and started pouring drops from the liquid in her mouth “Don’t worry, I promise this will make you feel better.” he said with a calming tone.
  5. Violet winced as he moved her head. The warm liquid dripped down her throat soothingly and seemed to ebb the pain away slightly. As it traveled down her throat she could almost feel her voice return. She blink slightly. "Th-..thank..thanks.." she mumbled quietly. She wanted to move, but to do so could result in two things. A- a lot of pain..because whatever he gave me hasn't finished..or B- nothing.. She didn't move. She wasn't taking the chance. She remembered her staff and lifted her hand slightly. "Samoi." She mouthed small and silent. The staff lifted weakly into her hand, but under the weight her hand dropped onto her side. She let her hands grip the familiarity of the staff's handle gently. I've got to destroy Ace.. "D-danger." She mumbled, trying to refer to the fact everyone in the vicinity of 20 miles was in big danger of death.
  6. Calden was stunned by the effort this girl made to stand in her feet. Anyone could tell that without the right care she would die in a few hours. He had decided to drop her in the nearest village, when she heard her whisper danger… The symbol on her cloak showed that she was a part of the Mages Council. When he was little he would always admire the wise old-looking people with the kind smile that entered the palace. Now he knew that most of them were just exploiting their privileged place in society and searched for power. But that girl… He could hardly believe that she was one of them. The fact that she was in that condition, but still strived to get up made Calden worry that something great was going on.

    He could only wait for the medicine to work, in order for her to be able to speak properly. He came closer to the girl and sat across her. He met her closed eyes and said “Try not to move. Wait a few moments and you’ll feel better”.
  7. Violet nodded slightly at his voice to show she understood. I wish it worked faster..he's going to enter the gates soon.. She thought to herself. The jewel on her staff sparked slightly. She sighed slowly, trying to clear her mind and calm herself. She let her eyes flutter open and she looked at the man who was helping her, wondering what had brought him here. She blinked.
  8. Calden came closer to the girl and noticed that she was breathing smoothier. He knew that she needed hours of rest, but still they way she was injured and the anxiety in her voice made him uneasy. When her light blue eyes met his hazel one's though, it made him understand that she was afraid. There was no time. "Who did this to you?" he rushed saying.
  9. "A..Acer. Dark..Dark Mages..attack.." She coughed slightly and winced, but the pain wasn't as bad as it had been before. She held the staff tighter and mouthed something silently. Ice crept around them, creating a barrier. "D-danger.." She repeated.
  10. Acer... Calden knew that name very well. The minute he heard it, his body shuddered for a moment, his eyes grew wider and he instictly gripped his sword tight. "When?" was the only thing he was able to say. He wanted to find Acer, make him pay for his deadly acts... He hardly noticed the ice barrier that was starting to form around them. His attention was drawn toward this girl's words.
  11. "Three..three days. Not enough t-time." She shivered slightly, closing her eyes a moment. "Thank you..for helping me." She was regaining her voice and strength. She reopened her eyes, looking through the barrier silently, for any sign of danger so soon, yet she would be surprised if there was some this soon.
  12. Calden had a serious look upon his face. He had heard of Acer's acts, that invlolved the destruction of entire nations. If he was still alive... That would mean the end for everyone. "We need to tell the King about this. Allow me," he said and took the girl in his arms. She seemed as fragile as a feather. They approached his horse and asked "How are you holding up? Are you able to sit behind me while I'm ridinng without falling?"
  13. Violet grit her teeth as Calden picked her up. "Maybe." She answered his question, truly wondering if she could. She opened and closed her hands a little to see if she could do it. She could, and she nodded slightly. "I think so." She said softly, looking carefully at the horse. She'd ridden a few in her life..a few.
  14. Calden softly placed the girl over the horse's back and then hopped on as well. They started riding through the starless night, they would arrive at the castle by sunrise. Calden was worried though... He needed to let the King know but, would he be welcomed back? He left his place as Paladin without letting anyone know, an act that resembles treason. Now, the whole kingdom was in danger and there was a possibility that the guards would prevent him from entering the castle... His mind was thinking like crazy, but after a few hours he felt the girl's grip getting lighter and stopped the horse "I'm sorry ma'am. Do you need to rest?"
  15. Violet was surprised how easily it seemed to ride the horse..but after awhile she started to drift off. Calden's voice pulled her attention back to their goal. "No..I think I'm good." She answered, readjusting her grip and making sure she wasn't going to fall. "Yeah, I'm good." She smiled weakly at him. She found it very hard to smile in situations like this..but she always managed to do it somehow. Whether to comfort others or comfort herself, no one but her may know. "How far are we?" This was a more serious question, as she wanted to know the time she had to figure out some shape of the rest of Acer's plans.
  16. "We will be there by sunrise. Still, it would be wise to stop here." he said, stepped off his horse, gently put the girl in his arms and helped her do the same. He reached his sack and started feeding his horse. After a while he gave the girl some water. Her bleeding had stopped and her lips and cheeks had a fading pink color. "I'm Calden. If what you say is true, then the whole land is in danger. How do I know you're not trying to mock me though?"
  17. Violet nodded at the answer before sitting down, taking a sip of the water. "I am not trying to mock you, Calden." She pulled a small case out of her pocket. "Does this prove my authenticity?" She asked, opening it. Inside was a small white crystal. The one thing a mage must find themselves on a very long trip to find their true elemental power. This crystal was white, representing ice. It shined brightly as she opened it, and as she took it in her hand, it covered it in ice, but did not hurt her. "You know what this is, correct?" She asked, closing her hand. The crystal reappeared and she closed it in the small case, this time she tied it to the small chain on her neck. It looked like a little amulet now. "I am part of the Mage's council." She pointed to the symbol on her shoulder. "Highest degree, second ranking."
  18. Calden was truly stunned. His speculation was correct, a live young member of the Mage's council was sitting in front of him. He would always feel admiration towards the council since when they came to the castle, it meant that their land was in danger. That was of course before he found out that most of its members were using their influence to society to manipulate the King. He had seen it with his own eyes, he knew it was true. He tried to subdue his frustration and think that not all members were like that.. But still, she was in the first ranking, he felt he couldn't trust her just yet. "Accept my deepest apologies if I insulted you, young Mage." He said lowering his head a bit, with a small amount of irony while he did it.
  19. Violet just nodded. "You didn't insult me..a lot of people are wary of the council these days. They have lost..their sense of objective." She said, choosing her words carefully. "Do you have any questions for me?" She asked. Usually people poured with strange questions developed from rumors, but she wasn't sure about Calden. He seemed a little different.
  20. Questions? Calden always had something to ask. He rarely did though. He preferred to wait and listen, so the question can be answered by its own. When she mentioned the council her eyes looked in another direction but what she said was true. Even if she was manipulating her way through the council, it didn't really mean anything now, did it. All that mattered was Acer's attack...
    "Just one question before we leave" he said as he stood up and offered her his hand "what is your name, young Mage?"
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