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  1. It all started in 2012, December 21st to be exact. An asteroid from space enter earth's atmosphere and posed a threat to life on earth. Everyone speculated that the Mayan's prediction was correct and that the world was doom as it struck the earth 10 minutes before midnight...however, it didn't erase human life or end the world, but the asteroid exploded into a wave of neo energy that entered the earth's crust and flourished across the world. This energy, then, rose up from the earth's crust from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions before making contact with humans.

    When the first country, Japan, had people fall ill in March of 2013, scientists concluded that it matched the energy that came from the asteroid and deemed the illness as the "N-Virus." While no deaths came from catching this virus, many became incredibly sick, as if they had the flu but more severe. Not everyone caught it, but less than half the country got sick. People were laid off, businesses closed, and people went into poverty...but, the worst was yet to come.

    This disease spread across the world as people got sick in all different countries with no known cure due to less-advanced technology. Scientists looked into the remains of the asteroid for a clue to solving this dilemma, but there was nothing. All they could do is wait and see if this virus would start killing people...which it eventually did. The first death was in Europe and it started off from there until there were, at least, 1 million dead in 2 months, but after that, there were no more N-Virus deaths.

    Starting in June, some humans with the virus began mutating into animal-like people, such as wolf-men and cat people. The ones who died from the virus rose from the dead with little to no sign of them even BEING dead on their bodies. 1 of these undead were tested in a lab and scientists confirmed that the heart is not beating, yet it lives; Removing the heart did nothing either. After an undead was shot in the head in North Dakota, American, it was confirmed that the brain is the Undead's lifeline and was the only way to kill them, but since the undead didn't go on a rampage and acted like themselves before they died, laws were passed to treat them like normal human beings. Mutated humans were also added in protection laws to make sure live was preserved.

    At the end of 2013, all illness from the N-Virus ceased and everything seemed to be going back to normal...until Mid-2014 when a man reported that he was able to make fire out of nothing. After examination, the man could, in fact, create fireballs and objects of of flames, making him the first metahuman. Also, after looking through his records, he had the N-Virus and was still human. After that, many people gained supernatural powers all over the world and further evolved humans from man to metahuman. However, people started using these powers for all the wrong reasons.

    The rest of 2014 can be considered the darkest period of the 2010s with robberies, more deaths from supernatural powers, and wars between countries. This is when a force rose up and started trying to spark more wars in the world, which could have caused a world war. However, a man by the name of Soujiro Yamashita stood against this force and wiped them out, stopping a possible World War 3. The start of 2015 began with a movement for the extermination of supernatural beings, but Soujiro didn't want that, so he went to the White House and gave a speech that aired on every television that was on. He proposed that supernaturals should be distanced away from normal humans to avoid conflict, which world leaders eventually agreed to, so Soujiro went on a search for the perfect place where metahumans can live in peace, leading him to the island of Marina.

    It took 5 years of construction and help from other metahumans, but they built a city on the island that was named Marina City in the year 2020. Soujiro made another speech, telling that this will be the National Supernatural City-State of the World and for all Metahumans to come here with normal humans eligible to come with their supernatural loved ones if they so wished. "Marina City will be a city for Metahumans, but we welcome all human life with peace and love!"

    After the city was built, Soujiro took another 5 years to construct a school for his kids, one to teach the future generation of metahumans how to control their powers and use it for good. After it was finished, Soujiro unveiled it to the world: Ace High Academy. where our story begins.

    Ace High Academy was created as an alternative to most school RPs and give a mix of Realism with fantasy, hopefully creating a fun, but fair experience to its members.

    As of this moment, none.​

    Show Spoiler

    The Island of Marina is one with unusual weather patterns and almost feel like the
    country is divided into 4 hemispheres, all with their own seasons.
    North Marina- The northern part of Marina Island is, perhaps, the coldest place on the whole island, dropping down to below 20 degrees in the Winter and getting as high as 70 degrees in the summer. There is, of course, a mountain range that shields several towns from intense snowstorms, only letting in blizzards and small flurries. The capitol of the North Marina is Wules, which houses the Marina Military Headquarters.

    West Marina- The western part of Marina Island is the hottest place on the whole island, in contrast to The North. It can get as hot as 120 degrees and drop as low as 60 degrees in the winter. Towns and Cities in the west are very scattered around and are up to 30-40 miles apart from each other with no capitol whatsoever. Between these distances are nothing but deserts, raods, and the blazing sun. Sandstorms usually run across the desert 3 times a week.

    South Marina- The southern part of Marina Island has the best vacation places on the island (unless you like skiing, then look to the north). It also houses many beaches and normal human civilizations. The capitol of South Marina is Marina City, the main capitol of the Island itself. The temperature here is usually the same throughout the year, but gets up to 90 degrees in the summer and 30 degrees in the winter, allowing it to snow here in the winter months.

    East Marina- The eastern part of Marina Island has wildlife, forrests, and camping locations. At the center of Eastern Marina is Ace High Academy, which has a pathway made up of cherry bloosoms. Relating to temperature, it never really snows here in the winter, but it can rain as the temp. gets as low as 50 degrees in the winter. In the summer, it gets up to 80 degrees, good for fishing and hiking.

    1. Be nice to each other. This is suppose to be a peaceful RP community, not a dog-eat-dog free for all!
    2. Don't make any group threads without my permission. PM me first and I'll look into it...maybe.
    4. Have fun!

    Dorm 1
    Mae Hanshou
    Alba Centauri

    Dorm 2
    Shizu Yaken
    Alia Montoe

    Dorm 3
    Alice Roslyn
    Kyouko Arasake
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  2. Sounds interesting, though will there be some sort of plot-ish thing?
    I know this is a High School RP and all, but is it like a go through every class type of rp, or will there be some sort of base guideline to go along?
    (Does this question even make sense?)
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  3. I understand the first question, not the second.

    Yes. There will be a plot that involves an evil organization and stuff. :P Just wait til I finish everything up tomorrow.
  4. Mmkay, will do :)
  5. Or, well, later today, considering it's 12 AM.
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  6. Sounds neat c:
  7. I'll join this. I think this could become super fun.
  8. I'm definitely interested in joining this one!
  9. Thank you for joining in. In an hour, I will put up the thread for sign-ups.
  10. Hehe. Old times
  11. I shall make 4 in-character threads, each representing a part of Marina. The links will be put in the Overview thread.
  12. Sorry for being a newb... but how do I get to the signups? I see the update announcing it, but there does not seem to be a link embedded in the text or further direction. I am really interested! Sorry if it's something super obvi and I'm just slow. ;>-<
  13. It is on the Overview tab. To your right, there is a button that says Sign-up.
  14. Can i join... i got a complex ability. (it is actually simple... but hard to explain in words)
  15. Updated my character with both power and history.
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