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  1. Name: full name. nicknames can be included here too.
    Age: self explanatory. Also, no "I'm this age, but look this age." Age limit is 14-21 for students. 25-60 for teachers.
    Birthday: month and day is all you need.
    Race: Put down what race your character is.
    Gender: self explanatory.
    Catagory: Are you a teacher or student?
    Class: (Students) High School or College

    Appearance Description:
    Eye color, skin color, clothing style, hair, height, weight, etc. No specific length; however much you need. Pictures are allowed, but please put a description as well. You can use bullet points.

    Personality Description:
    A paragraph is all you need. If you would rather not write a paragraph, you can do bullet points of major personality traits.

    One stronger one, one weaker one is the limit. Be sure to include what it is, what it does, and strengths and weaknesses. If you'd like more than two powers, please PM me.

    Biography: However much you need to tell us about your character's past. You can do this in paragraphs or bullet points.

    Pet: This is the pet your character has. (optional) No mystical creatures and the pet must be believable.

    Additional Information:
    List of Banned Powers! Any form of these will not be accepted!
    Mind Altering Powers: Things like Hypnosis, Drugging, etc. Anything that would cause a characters personality to change, cannot be included in a power. Your characters power cannot force another role-player to change the way their character acts because of any sort of mind-altering.
    Time powers: No form of these are accepted. Your character cannot affect time in any way.
    Teleportation: No form of Teleportation is accepted. This includes your character moving so fast, no one can react. That is God modding.
    Gun Powers: No form of Gun powers will be Accepted. Your character can have guns. But they cannot have a power that makes the gun better than an average gun. They cannot have a power that makes them better at using said gun.
  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Mae Hanshou

    Age: 14

    Birthday: January 3rd

    Race: Metahuman

    Gender: Female

    Category: Student

    Class: High School

    Appearance Description:
    With her Olive Complexion, small frame, and midnight blue eyes. Mae likes to wear long, flowy shirts with shorts in the summer, and a sweatshirt with jeans in the winter. With black hair that reaches her lower back, she has a splendid height of 5'1, and a weight of 106 lbs.

    Personality Description:
    To strangers and people she is uncomfortable around, Mae is very shy and quiet, making it very easy to scare her. She is a very independent person who is very innocent and honest, and only feels comfortable talking to her reincarnations, though she tries to do it discreetly as to not get bullied.
    -She likes to cook, read, and train by summoning Sachiko, Yuki, or Nana and talking to them, switching back and forth between them for as long as she can before exhausting herself.
    -She dislikes sweets, and is very uncomfortable around both strangers and Kanae, seeing as the one time she summoned her, she had toyed with and nearly killed somebody who was assaulting her.

    Most of Mae's life was spent isolating herself reading books. Seeing as both her parents died when she was very young, she was an orphan who had to grow up in a world where people suddenly had superpowers, not to mention the chaos and wars that raged on whilst she basically lived in a library she stumbled upon, where the librarian had found her and taught her basic things like how to read and write. One day during said time, when Mae was four, the librarian had to leave in order to get some supplies needed, since it was apparently "too dangerous to go anywhere else". Because of this, she decided to leave the young girl alone in the library, telling her that, "There wasn't anybody who had interest in this library, when there are much more interesting things that could be robbed or destroyed," and locking the door as she left.
    Satisfied and unaware, Mae simply continued to read the books she had picked out for her, until all of a sudden the door was blasted open by some random stranger. Apparently he had saw the librarian leave, and thought that there was something important in the library. When he saw Mae, he approached her, grabbing her by the hair and lifting it off the ground as he tried to explain that he was looking for a treasure. Mae knew that he was going to kill her, and suddenly she had the strangest feeling course throughout her body, and a girl her age appeared, though she had red hair and was brandishing a sword. Let's just say that one way or another, the man had fled, and Mae had suddenly discovered her power.
    Years passed, and while the world had forgotten all about the library, Mae had met all four of her reincarnations, and read basically every educational book the library had to offer. Now fourteen years old, she knew that she had to leave her home. Packing up the few things she owned, she stepped outside, only to be whisked away by the government to the island of Marina, where she now has to attend high school.

    Snowball, the Black Munchkin (yes, munchkin is a breed of cat).

    Mae is able to summon a past reincarnation of herself to fight. There are 4 in total, each one having a different look and personality, along with each taking a different amount of power to summon. There is also a 'time limit' to each one depending on the amount of power they take, but hopefully as time progresses in the RP, Mae can train and raise the time limits for each one. Know that if Mae were to push her limits and keep her reincarnations remaining in the mortal world for longer than necessary, her body would start to shut down, and she would most likely die or be put in a comatose state. These past reincarnations also have the ability to 'live' within her body. (They don't possess her, but they act sorta like ghosts that float around her, and since they live within her, only she can see/hear unless another has a power similar to hers.)

    Sachiko (open)

    The first reincarnation to appear was named Sachiko, and fights with a katana. Cold and business-like, she is good at fighting in an honorable way, and usually doesn't say much...unless you insult her honor, then all bets are off with you. She usually argues with Yuki and tries to un-spoil Mae. She, along with Yuki, take the least amount of power to summon, and can usually be summoned for around 15-16 hours.

    Yuki (open)

    The second, named Yuki, has blue hair, and fights with a large over-the-shoulder Gatling gun most of the time, and a sniper rifle that is usually slung diagonally across her back. Unlike Sachiko, she is very talkative, loves to blow stuff up, and tries to spoil Mae. She, along with Sachiko, take the least amount of power to summon, and can usually be summoned for around 15-16 hours.

    Nana (open)

    The third, named Nana, is an expert in martial arts. She is also the smartest out of all of the reincarnations, so she uses knowledge of human pressure points to subdue people pretty easily. She tries to hook Mae up with any guy she approves of, and makes sure she has a good time while the first two argue. Nana takes about a quarter of Mae's power to summon, and can stay summoned for six hours at the most, maybe seven if Mae were to push it.

    Kanae (open)

    The last one, Kanae, has white hair, and can be considered as Mae's strongest reincarnation (a.k.a her ultimate). She fights with chain magic, meaning she summons chains from the ground that attempt to seal the enemy (Though they don't always succeed, seeing as how they can only travel in a straight line, but the length of each is about a mile) though the more chains she summons, the more of Mae's power it takes. When she is finished being summoned, whatever chains that are attached to the enemy will stay attached for about 30 minutes, giving either her allies enough time to deal with the enemy or giving Mae enough time to flee. Kanae rarely comes out unless Mae's life is in danger and the others wouldn't be able to help, but she is usually a dark, sadistic girl to her enemies, and indifferent to her allies. Kanae takes up about 80% of Mae's power to summon, and can be summoned for an hour, though in the case of Mae needing to flee it would be wise to spend no more than 45 minutes, seeing as using up all of her energy makes Mai unable to run.
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  3. Sorry, but your bio makes no sense. Metahumans weren't discovered til 2014. Since she's 14, that would mean that she would have discovered her power in 2009, which is before anything happened. For story reasons, that needs to be altered.
  4. Woops, sorry, I'll fix that.
    Fixed it, though I might have to re-fix it if I'm wrong...

    ...just to clarify, the high school was built 5 years after the city was built, which was in 2020, making the high school built in 2025? So if a student at said school was 14 years old, that would mean they had to be born in 2011, meaning that they contracted the N-virus (which seems to be the result of becoming a meta-human) at age 2-ish?
    @Alius Occultus
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  5. Name: Alba Centauri
    Age: 19
    Birthday: December 14
    Race: hybrid (barn owl)
    Gender: Female
    Catagory: Student
    Class: College

    Appearance Description:
    Eye colour: dark brown
    skin color: pale
    clothig style: plain (white tee and jeans)
    feathers: image provided
    weight: 46KG

    Personality Description:
    Not super talkative

    Primary; n/a
    Secondary; animal communication. (currently fluent in any owl species only. More creatures will be learned.)

    Biography: Alba used to live with the rest of her family on the outskirts of marina city. The happenings of twenty twelve did scare her, a lot. But as she realised they weren't dead, she was overjoyed!

    Then the N-virus hit her household. It effected both her parents. She did the best she could to care for them...

    She was an orphan for a while. As many children were during the time of the death period. She kept herself going strong, Dispite being infected herself.

    One morning, she woke on her bed, as she stayed in her old house. She found her shirt had torn. She had mutated, and the size of her wings was too much for her shirt. Then her parents walked in. Her dad noped out, for obvious reasons.

    Alba happily accepted variable zombies back into her life, considering she was normal either. She was part her favourite animal. A barn owl.

    Now, she's arriving for her first day at the new school.

    Pet: n/a

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  6. [​IMG]

    Shizu Yaken
    Age: 14
    September, 13
    High School


    Shizu was born into a Japanese clan that holds on to old traditions and goals in the modern age...their goals being becoming highly trained mercenaries..warriors that roam free and only trusting one another...They favor strength over anything else.Every child at age 8 is trained for 10 years before they go on their first assignment .Any sign of weakness in a child is frowned upon and is usually greeted with being snuffed out at birth as a "Act of mercy" to end them without any pain rather than having them raised for a career that would exploit their weakness and give them nothing but pain

    Shizu was suppose to be snuffed out....She was born with Asthma and the higher up in her clan saw this as a liability that could get in the way of her training when she was old enough and would for sure cost her life if ever out in the field...The mother who was one of the most skilled soldiers in the clan at the time pleaded with the Clan's elders to spare her...and that the asthma might fade away before she is 8..Also her husband died out in the field during her pregnancy...its all she has left from him.After consideration she was granted to let Shizu live in hopes it would get better...

    It didn't...It got far worse..more severe and constant...Needing medical attention for simple exercises ..By age 8 she was forbidden from joining her cousins in training as it would end up killing her...She was only allowed to attend classes that taught children the basics of prevent them from being mindless brutes...Read and write, math, science all that stuff...all of this was done on the families' grounds so she was home schooled for majority of her life..During this she found a love for history..wanting to read all about her Clan's history and learning every detail..but then she became envious of the grand tales of past warriors in her clan and how she could not even be given a chance to fight in glorious combat

    But she became a outcast slowly form her cousins...Being called a weakling..not good enough to be a warrior..she became distant and starting agreeing..she was not good enough..she was born with something that made her weak and unable to live up to the status the Clan's elders had for the next generation...She tried to make herself useful around the compound doing chores..but even there she could hardly help...Could not do cleaning because all of the dust would stir up her asthma, ..could not clean weaponry due to her not being taught how to properly handle weaponry...had no skill what so ever in cooking..constantly screwing up instructions and giving other members some sort of illness

    She slowly became distant from her other family members..only being comfortable around her mother who took care of her...She became envious seeing family members return home with spoils of battle and being greeted as a she could never be like that...How she will never build her own fortune like every other member in her family. sometime alter she began wearing a jacket, as a way to hide herself from everyone else in the clan, not wanting to be seen or heard, that she was a insult to anyone she was in the presence of, not even in the blazing hot summer would she take it off, someone would have to force her out of it before she dies of a heat stroke...and if that happens she just finds another way to hide herself

    But it was not until she was 10 did she discover her true potential when the clan's spiritual leader gathered the kids of her generation to go though a trial...The Yakens had this strange thing with their bloodline for centuries...every generation one child would had been able to communicate with the dead...This child would grow up to become the next "Spirit tender" who will look after the souls of their past and make sure they live comfortably in the after life. To tell if a kid is being truth when he says he hears the voices of the dead, the current Spirit tender asks the child for what phrase the Spirit said, this is how its to be told so nobody claims to be able to speak to them...the rituals went though everyone and found nobody who could talk to the dead...So they tried Shizu despite not being a "True Yaken" and to the entire clans amazement she claims not only to say she head the voices of a ancestor, but the Spirit told her the correct phrase also, she was the next in line to become the next Spirit tender.

    The Clan's council was outraged by this, the Spirit Tender was a member of the council but all council members must be trained for combat and have a long history of being in actual combat, Shizu has never been trained and is forbidden to even train herself in combat, yet she is too become the Spirit Tender...The council declared that one more test be made, to communicate with a specific ancestor, the former High elder of her clan..the Current Spirit tender would talk to the dead and tell him a phrase, Shizu was to again talk and confirm what it is.

    This is when she finds out about it being a power and not some Spiritual connection..She focuses all he renergy in communicating and ends up using her mind to reanimate the corpse of the once great High Elder...this shocked many members of the clan and it only lasted for a second, as soon as the Corpse lost its "life", Shizu was tackled and bounded. Why? Because its a crime to do that to the remains of the dead, to move a single limb on a corpse could result in death...And Shizu faced execution that day..But she was once again spared when the Spirit Tender pleaded witht he council that Shizu was something else...The N virus has created something else...More potent way of communicating with the dead and that she had no experience with her power...She would be sent to the academy to learn to control her powers in a safer environment

    Appearance Description
    Shizu has very pale and light skin, never really gettign out too much in the sun, She has blood red eyes and long silky black hair, she is 5'1 ft tall and weighs at 90 lbs

    Personality Description
    She believes in upholding the code of honor her clan follows despite her clan not treating her as a equal member, but for sure loyal to her people, but besides that she is very timid and shy around others, she never had anyone to talk to and lacks in social skills, she prefers to hide herself from the world rather than face it. she could also become sorta crazy when in area that has a high population in spirits, the voices of them all would flood her mind and possibly might make her go crazy trying to gain control.


    Shizu is able to reanimate corpse using her mind, she does not exactly bring the corpse back to life, she can control its every movement though her mind, the process is painful with no experience and will usually cause massive migraines.

    Another part of this power is being able to communicate with the spirits of the dead, this process is also painful and extremely hard to master, She could lose her sanity fairly easily during it and its difficult to find a certain spirit in the massive void that contains all of them, its far easier to contact a soul if they have been dead for a few years now, no connection to the living world anymore, or if Shizu knows the person on a personal level. She can speak to her Ancestors a bit easier due to the spiritual connection between her Clan's Living and Dead
  7. All approved so far.

    @Sans PM me before you add in a power to your character.
  8. Name: Alia Montoe
    Age: 14
    Birthday: 11-1
    Race: Indian
    Gander: Female
    Catagory: Student
    Class: HS

    Appearance Description:

    • Well tanned
    • Not a natural blonde
    • Golden eyes
    • Often wearing something extravagant whenever not in uniform
    • Tries to wear her white gloves with Topaz gemstone in school despite the dresscode
    • short as hell (4'11)
    • Willowy build

      Personality Description
    • loves to be center of attention
    • intelligent/streetwise, but not booksmart
    • Acts a little dismissive and highly until knocked off highhorse or actually hurts someone
    • Despises those that talk about her behind her back
    • Wants to be on everyone's good side
    • Playfully puts her best of buds through some pretty rough teasing

      Powers: Can dig like some sort of burrowing animal, unnatural green thumb,

    • Is lucky to have two supportive parents, despite them being far off and not on the island with her
    • Grew up in a Navaho-like family with similar beliefs
    • However her roots may be, she still uses and loves technology
    • Is planning to major in zoology or meteorology

    Pet: An Armadillo
  9. Name: Alice Roslyn
    Age: 14
    Birthday: May 6
    Race: MetaHuman
    Gender: Female
    Catagory: Student
    Class: (Students) High school

    Appearance Description:
    152cm 43kg
    Loves to wear sleeveless shirts and vest. Also loves boots. Hates the school uniform and changes out of it every chance she gets.

    Personality Description:
    Alice is a very energetic girl. She does not care for most of the girly things, instead opting to go out and play in the mud on a rainy day or show off her martial arts to anyone who is interested or pisses her off. If anything, she is more of tomboy though she does have a girly side when it comes to boys. She claims she is not easily angered, however she is quick to break something when ever she is agitated. She is also not afraid to face off against the older students.

    Violet loves games, competitions, and practical pranks. She also loves the revenge prank game and is willing to outdo her fellow prankster when ever she can. Win or lose, she sees it as pure fun and she is all about having fun. This even goes into her fighting (until real competition appears in which case she gets excite to go all out).

    IMPACT (force manipulation)

    When Alice touches the opponent, they store a charge of "impact"(called echo) in the opponents body which detonates, applying force which attempts to push the opponent several meters. The heavier the opponent is in relations with the Alice, the less pushing power the technique has.
    Pushing power= User's Mass/opponents mass * (5m)
    This formula does not take in account physics or the strength of the opponent and only serves to give a idea of the force behind the push.
    It also represents the default amount of energy used to apply an echo. Alice can adjust the amount of energy to strengthening or weaken the effect

    This ability can be applied to allies to give them a push (Alice touches the bottom of an allies feet and sets off the echo as she throws them so they fly faster and farther, ect)

    Alice can also delay the detonation of echo by 5 seconds (max). She also can opt to store energy the the target as a catalyst which boosts the effects of the next echo by 2.5. Though this can stack with its self (stacks * 2.5) it cost more energy to use.

    Though the ability requires physical contact to work, she create delay echos in the air. This force could be used to slow down flying objects and other opposing forces or (if the opposing force is not stronger) haul it in its tracks. (to describe it. Imagine a small balloon filled with high pressure air popping and pushing everything in direct contact with it away)

    As Alice gets creative and more experience with this ability. She will unlock new techniques.


    When Alice and her family became ill, they gave her to temple in hopes that the gods would save her. Sadly her parents did not survive but Alice did and was adopted by the monks. They thought her their teachings and raised her like a daughter. Alice never remembered who her original parents were but the monks told her stories of how they brought her up to the temple to be healed, hiding the details of how they died. Though she loved the monks, she did not dream to be one, nor did the monks forced her to. They knew it was her choice and (as long as she did her chores and homework) gave her a lot of freedom to talk to visiting travelers and explore the temple. She picked up some martial arts, become quite adapted (because she had nothing better to do) and read books on other fighting styles and sparing with other visiting children. Then came the day when she discovered her power.

    She broke a window after sending a dummy flying. The monks were just receiving reports of the animal humans but were unaware of the meta humans (as news travels slowly in the area) They thought she could be sick and sent her to a doctor in the nearest village. There they learned of the the new meta humans and the chaos around them. Alice questioned the monk on the stories about her parents fearing them to be a lie when the village was attacked by another meta human. The monk had Alice hide why he tried to hold him off but he was easily beaten. After the raiders left, she came out to tend to the monk but he was dying. The monk explained everything adding the part about her parents dying at the temple before dying his self. As she walked around the village, the people called her a monster and arrested her. Then they deported her to Marina in order to be rid of her. (though she still receives letters from the monks)

    Pet: Tamagotchi
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  10. Kyouko Arasake
    "What's the point of your existence if you aren't doing anything with it."
    Name: Kyouko Arasake
    Age: 15
    Birthday: 11/13
    Race: Metahuman
    Gender: Female
    Category: Student
    Class: High School

    Appearance Description:
    She has black hair and grey eyes naturally but dies her hair that light shade of purple in the picture and wears contacts of a matching color. She's around 5'6" and weighs only 107 lbs. She's usually dressed in something preppy and a skirt. She's always wearing the black gloves you see in the picture.

    Personality Description:
    Kyouko is intelligent and carries herself that way. She can be a bit of a know it all at times but she means well. She eases up on her reserved and intellectual personality as you get to know her. She is a bit of a daredevil and will do almost anything you dare her to do. She can come off as almost fearless at times. She is very brave and feels the need to protect people she has a sense of loyalty towards. She has a good sense of humor and will laugh at almost anything. She has a strict moral code and will always try to follow what she thinks is right even when she ends up doing something wrong because of it. She's not a very outgoing person, even when you get to know her she's still very quiet because she's scared she'll mess up. She lacks a few basic social skills so she comes off as awkward. She doesn't do well with being ignored and can often end up in tears because she feels like she's being ignored again.

    She only has one power, and she calls it Code. She has the ability to rewrite the "coding" of anything that isn't alive. She refers to it as binary sometimes because she sees the world in ones and zeros (with this power activated). People, plants and inanimate objects alike. Despite what she calls it it's not actually binary, to avoid confusion she usually tries to refer to it as Code or Coding. On anything that isn't currently living she can change it into something else by revising the code. This seems amazing but Kyouko has to know the code of the object to be able to change it. She has a large book that she keeps full of the most useful codes and has very few of them memorized. This also means she can only create things she's actually seen with her own eyes, seeing it through a screen or picture won't work. She can also only create it if she understands the basic mechanics. If she created a gun but forgot it used gun powder the gun would be useless. As long as she's seen the object though, the mechanics can be explained to her. This is a time consuming ability considering if she doesn't just know the coding then she has to look it up in her book. Also, the more complex an object is the larger the code. So the code for an egg and flour would be considerably larger than the code for an entire cake.
    -When she gets a code wrong or has never seen the object she has put in code for, the object turns to dust.
    - The coding isn't permanent until it's been altered. So if she changes a banana into a strawberry and eats the strawberry then the change is permanent. If she, for example, created a gun then shot the gun the coding isn't permanent because the gun itself hasn't changed but the bullet has been changed and stays a bullet (if the bullet was deformed after it was shot out of the gun).

    Biography: Kyouko was born into a well off family but a large one. She has four brothers and two sisters, her mom, dad, aunt, uncle, two nieces, three nephews grandma, and grandpa all live in one large mansion. The mansion was inherited through a rich family member several generations ago, and everyone pulls in to afford the cost of furnishing, updating and keeping the bills on in such a large house.

    In such a large family, it's pretty easy to get ignored and that's what happened to Kyouko. She was just washed away in the crowd after she was no longer a cute and adorable baby. She found her solace in computers. Because she was always ignored she got the best gifts because everyone felt bad for her and every year she asked for something computer related. At eleven she learned how to put a computer together and begun trying to do it manually. That's when she found her powers. She was getting frustrated with not being able to put the parts together to create the computer. In a fit of rage she'd never had before she threw her actual computer against a wall and it shattered. Then, she could see the code. Her world was filled with ones and zeroes everywhere she looked. After an hour she realized she could move the numbers. She accidentally turned a few of the things she had into dust because she didn't get it.

    At twelve she began perfecting coding. She memorized the coding for things she saw at stores that she wanted but couldn't have then tried replicating them at home. Eventually she was caught, she'd studied up the mechanics of a phone she wanted but her mom thought she was too young to have and then she wrote down the code in a large empty journal she'd bought with her allowance. When her mom found her with the phone she began going through the rest of her things and concluded Kyouko was stealing the things she had. She tried to make Kyouko returned them but every store they went to said it couldn't be theirs.

    Her adult housemates regarded her as a freak of nature and a criminal after that. The kids her own age that were around her thought it was cool and believed she had a power. She was shipped of to Marina with her older brother Ren Arasake (who developed pyrokinesis). Ren is twenty and takes care of her.

    Pet: She keeps a pet owl. She doesn't actually officially own it but it often flies into the tree branch near her house and has gotten comfortable enough with her to perch on her as long as she stays mostly still. It's far from domesticated but Kyouko often tries to coax it into the house. The one time it did get into the house the bird got frightened and flew around on a rampage, breaking things and pooping before she finally got it out of the house.
  11. Name: Connor Aori
    Age: Sixteen
    Birthday: August 19th
    Race: Metahuman
    Gender: Male
    Category: Student
    Class: (Students) High School

    Appearance Description:
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 187
    Skin Tone: Dark Tan
    Eye Color: Gray-Blue
    Hair Color: Black, Blue tint.
    Outside of his school uniform Connor could typically be seen wearing a fitted v neck shirt, usually black with a blue denim jacket on top, he wears a pair of gray fitted jeans tucked into black boots.

    Personality Description:
    Connor is known as blunt and a bit brash to most who get to know him, seldom does he sugar coat what he says seeing it as a waste of time. His forward nature come from a good place though, as he rather be honest then let someone stray down a path that is not best for them. Cocky, laid back with a empathy he tries to keep under lock and key Connor is actually quite easy to get along with, once you get past his blunt mannerisms.


    Iron Will:
    Connor is able to tolerate a higher amount of force then a normal human can withstand. For example, getting hit by a car would likely kill or seriously injure other people. Connor will walk away hurt, but nothing life threatening.

    Connor is able to tap into a state of power once his body either experiences a high amount of adrenaline or when his own emotions get the best of him. When in this state of frenzy, pure instincts take over. His strength, speed and endurance rocket to superhuman levels and he gains a slight healing factor capable of rapidly healing most wounds, depending on severity.

    Connor is still capable of conscious thought, but that depends on how worked up he gets. Depending on how deep into furor Connor gets his abilities magnify, but at the cost of his own sanity at the moment. He may be unable to tell the difference between ally and foe dependent on his descent.


    The young man was born in New York, raised more specifically in the Bronx when the N-Virus hit the once metropolitan wonder steadily fell into a state of ruin. A good amount of the population was infected, and rather quickly... This was attributed to the fact that New York is a hub for the world, in turn this promoted growth in the disease. Among those infected were Connor's mother and father, his father became a meta human much like Connor himself, while his mother was stricken gravely ill.

    It was around this time when Connor's father left, leaving behind nothing for the dying mother and the struggling child. In spite of this, Connor remained by his mother's side until her dying breath... After her passing, and with no father figure the young man walked down a rocky road of theft, frequently he got into fights with other meta humans... And he even joined a gang of young meta humans called the untamed. The Untamed were one of the stronger groups in the New York area, and through their strength managed to carve out a living for themselves in the tough city. Just as Connor's life was beginning to settle things took a turn for the worse when a rival gang decimated most of The Untamed members when they slept... Connor was one of the few who made it out alive, losing many allies that day. Instead of hunting down the ones responsible like he wanted to do, he was visited the day after by a man who claimed to know Connor's father. The man offered Connor a choice, either change his life now and attend Ace High, or continue down this destructive road and eventually end up dead himself.

    His words were taken to heart, and in the hopes of making a life for himself... As well as one day meet his father once more Connor took up residence at the dorms in Ace High Academy.

    Pet: N/A
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  13. Name: Defalt (Real name not known)
    Age: 20
    birthday: December 13
    Race: Hybrid (Rat)
    Gender: Male
    Catagory: student
    Class: college
    Appearance Description: Gray fur, and green eyes.
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 164 pounds
    Clothing: (When not in uniform) Mainly consists of a long dark coat, and gloves. Knee high boots, and occasionally a helmet of his own design.
    Personality Description: Fun loving, a bit immature at times, but serious when the situation calls for it.
    Powers: (stonger) An affinity for computers, put him behind one, and he can do just about anything. (Weaker) An ability to control electricity, obviously not well.
    Biography: lived alone, Used to be a DJ/Hacker, when the infection hit he hid out in his technological 'cave', but when he entered he was already infected. He went to sleep a few weeks later, and woke up a rat. Most likely due to him keeping one as a pet.
    Pet: As mentioned above, a not so simple rat.
  14. WIP
    Nano 'Mocha' Mochizukino
    Age: 16
    Birthday: July 9th
    Munchkin - Munchkins are small, humanoid creatures. They are, at least 1-2 feet smaller than the average human, even as a fully grown adult. There are rare Munchkins who are around 5', however, this is rare. As most of their energy does not go to growth in height, they are able to use that energy and invest it into more super-natural abilities, such as developing their strength, magical abilities, and etc. There is a lack in population, due to the fact that the male dies after the sperm is implanted in the woman. The ratio of male babies to females are also 1:6, which makes male munchkins, a rarity. Female munchkins specialize more in magics, speed, and grace. While males specialize in stealth, aim, and strength. Males are unable to use magic, however, females are unable to use weapons. Mediums for magics, however, are not included. Munchkins will permanently stop growing at the age of 7, and their normal life spans can last for approximately 200-300 human years. Males are ready to give sperm starting the age of 58, and Munchkins will retain their youthful appearance. Children munchkin inherit their father's traits and mother's abilities if female. Male munchkins inherit their mother's traits and father's abilities.
    *Although munchkin is also a breed of cat, this race of munchkin is in no way linked to the cat breed.
    Gender: Female
    Catagory: Student
    Class: High school
    Appearance Description

    Small, really, really small. About 4'2" which makes her look like a child. She has medium length brown hair, and light hazel eyes along with pale skin. She still has the figure of a teenager, and were she just a foot taller, people wouldn't stop asking her if she were too young to wear make-up.

    Personality Description
    Despite the fairly petite, damsel in distress image she may give off, she is actually quite aggressive. She is a tomboy, in a way or two, and she isn't good at keeping her temper in check. She is rash, stubborn, headstrong, and over the head oblivious. The best way to describe her would be a tsundere, and would be the type of person to deliver the blunt truth, rather than beat around the bust throwing sugar. However, she also has a fairly girly side to her, scared of bugs, the dark, thunder and lightning, and anything that has to do with horror. She likes jewellery and soft animals, small animals, and plushies. Though, she is always in denial.

    ~ Major ~
    αβκμε Alpha, Beta, Kappa, Mu, Epsilon

    It's basically the manipulation of her own sound-waves. She is able to alter the sound of her own voice to allow it to come out as a grown man's deep voice, or a high pitched baby cry. Note that nothing changes in her body as she speaks, it's just her magic that allows her to alter the sound. This stage is named "Alpha".
    "Beta" Is when she is able to now able to manipulate her own voice's frequency. She is able to make her voice audible from mile away, or she could be screaming and no one would hear a thing.
    "Kappa" is when she is able to use her voice in such a way, violently. She is able to manipulate both her frequency and her pitch of voice, which could easily shatter glass or damage someone's ears.
    "Mu", she is now able to force her sound-waves to take on a more physical form. By this, it can be in the form of shock waves, wind, and etc.
    "Epsilon" Is the final stage that this manipulation can reach. This is where she is able to do all said above simultaneously, however the physical form can instead turn into something like an air blade. She is able to manipulate the sound waves that she creates in such ways like she is manipulating air. A unique factor is that she able able to ball up her voice and release it, like some sort of bomb or used to deliver a message.
    *This cannot be used when she is unable to use her own voice, such that she cannot use this ability when she loses her voice, muzzled, etc.

    ~ Minor ~
    Rhythmic Beats

    Having developed her sixth sense on a high emphatic level, she is able to feel and hear sanity levels, emotions, and life rates through a certain 'beat' that she calls it. In order to hear it, however, she must be fairly close to the person. She is able to block out the beats when in crowds of people, however, this cannot be used to read one's mind and is most accurate when listening to one person at a time. The best way of describing it would be like 'listening to different types of music, and tapping to the rhythms'. This is not linked to the beating of the heart.

    Her history has never been eventful. Her father, like every male munchkin, died when she was given birth, inheriting his brown hair and eyes while her mother donned blue eyes and platinum blonde hair. She inherited her mother's ability of her own sound manipulation, being taught at a fairly young age. She stopped growing around the age of 8, which makes people think she is still 8. That is, until her body began developing to take on a more teenage aspect.

    Pet: She keeps a white rabbit with a brown patch over it's right eye, and names her Cocoa.
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  15. Name: Kyuni Mochi
    Age: 17
    Birthday: 4th of August
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Catagory: Student
    High School

    Appearance Description: She has a normal figure and long brown hair. She likes to wear sweaters which reveal her left shoulder and skirts. She also wears thigh socks most of the time. She also has two hair ornaments which are both half a butterfly. She is around 1,65 meters and weighs 36kg. She also has a few lightning scars, a big one on her back and on both of her legs (reason she wears thigh socks most of the time)

    Personality Description: A kind and sweet girl but someone who can be very clumsy at times. She also has a multiple personality disorder. Her personalities are the nice one, the cold one, the sad one, the mad one and the insane one

    Powers: Lightning Surger: she can manipulate lightning in any way she wants. She can also use it to speed up her original running speed from 8km/h to 16km/h

    Biography: It all started out in a small wooden home somewhere in Japan's mountain area. Here there was a small family, one that was in the process of experiencing something wonderful. Here there was a child being born. The child was a beautiful little girl with big blue eyes. She grew up there and turned out to be a wonderful young lady. The name of this girl was Kyuni. She never went to school but rather got home schooled by her grand parents. When she was 13 though, they both passed away. Her father continued her home schooling until the age of 15 when they all agreed in the family she was smart enough, seeing she could solve very hard problems on all subjects you'd get in a normal school. She smiled as she was finally more free and decided to go out to walk in the woods. However, she got lost. She never really went there being at home studying most of the time but now she remembered that only when she was actually lost. Her phone had ran out of battery power. She was looking around for shelter. A storm had also covered the area. She got scared being desperate for shelter to not die. She found a small cabin, which seemed abandoned. But right before being able to go in, lightning struck her. She got knocked out and the last thing she saw was a large silhouette coming out from the cabin. She passed out. When she woke up, a day later, she found herself tied up to chains. Naked. She felt awful pains in her body when she saw the silhouette staring right at her. She started crying and trying to break free, but failed hopelessly. The man, who had carried her inside, explained to her what had happened. But then it all got horrible when he laughed at the moment he told her, she was raped by him. He also told her he was just about to murder her, but now torture seemed like the best option. She couldn't do anything and was tortured for weeks. Her birthday had even passed by, which now made her the age of 16. She one day woke up seeing the man asleep in front of her. He immediately shot up and pointed a gun at Kyuni's head. She cried as she tried to flail her arms around her. The man started to pull the trigger, but, a large flash came from Kyuni's hands. She saw how the man got roasted into a burnt little piece. An orb appeared in front of her. This orb turned into a woman. The woman explained to her that she was a goddess who was the one that struck the lightning on her. What happened was Kyuni killing the man using new developed powers because of being struck by the lightning. She got freed, and went back home. She explained everything as her parents came to the decision to send her to a special place. This was a school called Ace High Academy where she would be attending school to further develop her powers. She was 17 when she was allowed to go there now attending school to become a stronger person

    Pet: This is the pet your character has. (optional) No mystical creatures and the pet must be believable.

    Additional Information:
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  17. Name: Casey O'riley


    birthday: september 24th

    Race: human

    Gender: male

    Catagory: student

    Class: college

    Appearance Description: he has rather pale skin due to his irish heritage and dark brown hair, his face is rather rugged due to him spending long days outside either playing hurling or working on his families farm, he has short stubble around he face also.

    Height: 5'10

    Weight: 135 pounds

    Clothing: (When not in uniform) he will ussally wear a shirt with a t-shirt below it and a pair of dark jeans with black trainers

    Personality Description: he is the type of guy that will generally keep to himself but will try and make friends with others of he feels like they might be a good person. he can lose his temper rather easily if his family is insulted.

    Powers: (stonger) can control and generate plasma from nothing
    (Weaker) slight telekenic powers that is hard to control.

    Biography: he was raised by his family in one of the many small towns that dot irelands landscape, he sent his time helping out on the family farm or playing hurling one of irelands sports. this was until one day when he discovered his powers which made him hurt his father nearly killing him, scared by the abilites that were shown he was sent to ace high academy by his mother so that he could at least try to figure out a way to either get rid off or controllhis powers

    Pet: he has a large white irish wolf hound named Tir
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