Ace Combat Joint Assault: Tac Names


Arsenal XA4

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This thread is specifically for those who have, of course, Ace Combat: Joint Assault. I want your Tac Names so I can find you.

Mine, of course, is ArsenalX.

While we're at it, let's hear some war stories from the front. Any weird things you've had happen while playing online.
Nic. Exactly as I spell it.

But then again, I never tried playing online.

Shittiest experiences in the game come from either playing Grand Flight or Reprisal. Especially Reprisal. First time I beat it with bros, I just fired four XMAA missiles at once towards Sulejmani and got lucky, since Paorou assisted me from another flank.
I remember playing joint assault with Nic and Sho.

good times, good times.
Paoman, what is your tag?