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  1. The game where you falsely accuse other players!


    Player 1: I Accuse you of *Insert bullshit crime here!*

    Player 2:

    *Insert bullshit explanation why you didn't commit the crime/why you did/ETC*

    *Accuse the next poster of any bullshit crime*


    I'll Start us off.

    I Accuse you of posting on this thread in the first place. Its illegal!
  2. Technically your post comes before mine so you're guilty, not me. :P

    I accuse you of eating the last piece of pie!
  3. I did not eat the pie. I admit though, I ate the DOUGHNUTS, BIATCH.

    I Accuse you of being the pimpmaster hustledaddy of all snippy bookshrews!
  4. I admit to being the pimpmaster, but there ain't nothin' you can do about it.

    I accuse you of drinking orange juice from the carton!
  5. What?! you can't be the pimpmaster at all.

    Oh, so you caught me drinking from the carton again? Why don't you keep screaming like that, and wake up the kids?!

    I accuse you of putting me into a HORRIBLE MARRIAGE!
  6. you said the sex was great

  7. How dare you? I'm certainly not that...I bathe regularly and therefore am not a dirty anything.

    I accuse you of making up words!
  8. Bullbabble monkey carappa!

    I accuse you of accusing me. I'm totes innocent. :/
  9. Bah, everyone is guilty of something. You're not totally innocent.

    Admit it! I accuse you of killing Mr. Boddy in the Ballroom with the Candlestick!
  10. That's a load. I killed him with cowbell. Speaking of which, I could use more of that.

    I Accuse you of selling illegal copies of…some DVD nobody likes! (Or Twilight, or something)
  11. That's a laugh, I wouldn't touch anything to do with twilight with a ten-foot pole.

    I accuse you of cheating in a game of Go Fish!
  12. I couldn't have done it because I don't even know what kind of game that is

    I accuse you of making prank calls to old people
  13. They can't even hear half the things I say, so Its like I never did anything. B)

    I Accuse you of being….THE SPY

  14. If you don't have proof then I must say that it isn't true, if you have proof then I have to kill you.

    I accuse you for being the one that killed John F Kennedy
  15. Psh. I was at home sleeping.

    YOU THERE! I accuse you of stealing my pizza..
  16. SHUT THE FUCK UP JUKU *crams a pizza slice into my mouth* OHM~!

    I accuse you of discrimination against the color green.
  17. Not my fault that green are an ugly color.

    I accuse you for eating candy even though it isn't Friday, Saturday or Sunday, which is the only appropriate days to eat sweets on!
  18. Your Appropriate day rules be damned!

    I accuse you of bribing someone of influence and power.
  19. Not my fault they are gullible enough to believe it.

    I accuse you for trying to rob that bank.
  20. I didn't rob it, because I don't use money!

    I accuse you of not being a willing subject for my experiments!