Accounts Lost to being 'Guests'?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ElBell, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. What is the deal with this? I see some members, particularly one I follow, that now is shown as a guest user. Does that happen after an account deletion? Or is it some kind of glitch?
  2. Yes, when someone deletes their own account or the admins delete an account (which so far has only happened with spam bots as far as I am aware. They usually ban people if they break the rules) then the username becomes white and they become a 'guest'. At least if I have understood things correctly. From my observations, that seems to be the case.
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  3. Redblood is correct. :D When accounts get deleted they then show up as guests. MOST of the time it is a self-deleted account. We only prune out dead accounts four times a year, and those are usually accounts that haven't been active in a year or were drive-by registration and never posted.
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  4. Ah, I see! I am sad to see that member go, but at least now I know what that was all about :)