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  1. My friend @darkflames13 posted a report in the bug reports thread a while back (May 1 to be exact). She has yet to receive a response, and because she won't make a separate thread for better visibility despite my insistence, I'm taking it upon myself to voice out the issue in her place.

    On April 28, I gifted her the Rabbit of Invisibility Anonymous account upgrade. We have evidence of this:


    ^Darkflames13 took a screenshot of her purchased upgrades and sent it to me specifically for the purposes of this thread.

    I also received a message from Paypal which I won't post here due to sensitive content. I will, however, gladly PM the receipt number upon request.

    I've come to the understanding that people with account upgrades are supposed to be able to delete replies in their own threads as well as bump threads. Unfortunately, in darkflames13's case, it's taking way too long for the toggles to appear so she can't make use of them, which I find to be unfair because I've already paid for the upgrade. The bump option finally showed up last Friday, but until now she still can't delete any of the replies made in her own threads. Is this a glitch, and what should we do? Help is very much appreciated. ^^
  2. This is currently turned off for donators because of a bug I haven't been able to pinpoint yet! :( It's been off for awhile. I'm hoping to get that all back installed during our next forum update.
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