Accomplishments and Society

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  1. Isabellas where chatting at work again and mentioned they did not know how to ride a bike after the very popular "You never forget, It's like riding a bike." phrase came up. Isabellas HATE that phrase..

    It seems you are sposto know how to ride a bike because every kid in the world gets a bike... All so everyone should know how to swim when they are grown up.. Isabellas can't do that either..

    Isabellas wonder about other things you are sposto do by a certain age in society.

    By 18 you should have had sex and learned how to drive a car.

    By 20 you should be graduated from high school have a job and own a car and all so be going to college.

    By 21 you should be married and have kids.

    If you have not done any of these things by that certain age in your life it is very frowned upon in society! In conversations I've had with people they seem to like chatting with me till they find out I have not done some of these things by the due date... then they stop talking to me all together or start being complete "better than though because I've done this" assholes. People who have not done any of these things by the correct time in life are often shunned and considered to be "bad people" Or "unworthy of someones time".

    There is all so the introvert thing... Wanting to be alone and play video games and stay on the internet all day all so seems to be wrong in society. Why is it wrong to want to be alone?

    All so we have the sexism thing... Though now it is ok for women to work but if a man does not have a job or a car it is wrong for him to find love. Why can't the women be the dominant one? The male is expected to uphold everything in the household. Women have to clean and cook... Why is that? Why is being gay still frowned upon too?

    Isabellas want to know if this is just American society that is like this or is it the same in all of your countries too? what are the things you have to do by a certain age in your countries society? Do other people consider those few people who are a bit behind in life as bad people in your country?

    Isabellas have seen this same thing happen on Iwaku as well.. there are those who are behind in life and those who seem to think you have to do all these things by that age or you are not a good person. Which one are you?

    No Isabellas have not been smoking weed again... They just get bored a lot after 9 days in a row of work...
  2. Having sex at 18 is against my morals, values, and most of all, my priorities. Driving? Learned how to drive a motorcycle before then.

    Once you learn how to drive, you cannot unlearn how to drive. It's a glorious feeling, aniki.

    While having a job is plus points for your future career, you don't really need a job while in college. Entering college at 20 is considered late where I live; kids enter college at 16 or 17, typically. While I don't own a car, I am learning how to drive one (Paorou should've learned this earlier than me). You've essentially joined the master race if you are able to get behind the controls of a car with competence. Which is a good thing.

    Where I live, you must be superhuman or have thrown away all semblances of fun if you put up with that shit, which is worse if you had kids as a minor. Why have kids when you're still studying?

    For people like me and you, what matters is that you start a stable life after college.

    It's only wrong if you're living off your parents or someone else. You may be experiencing the time of your life, but at the same time it will just feel so shitty.

    Sexism is just one of them societal constructs. Reject it if you so desire.

    Me, personally, I frown upon gays merely because of their sexual preference. Other than that I have learned to tolerate them.

    A bit behind? Absolutely not. Way behind? Absolutely.
  3. Oh yea! the job thing! forgot that part! You are all so thought to be low class if you have a low paying job.. thing is most people have those jobs.. Society seems to think you have to have a career of some sort.. the majority of people in the world will never accomplish this.. It is impossible! There are more people than there are jobs it seems.. someone has to do the dirty low class jobs.. why can't they be accepted just for having a job at least?