Accidentally Mated.

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  1. [Rainbow]Accidentally Mated[/Rainbow]

    Two boys, both from completely different packs, met one fated night at a bar.
    They felt the pull, and couldn't control it. Both thinking they were straight, and still thought they were straight when they met each other.

    { "What the hell is this!?" Both men screamed as they saw each other. }

    Alright, so, this has been a dream of mine for quite some time. So I really would like to do this.

    Here are a few things that need to be known.

    » If possible, I would like to be the Submissive one.
    » No hardcore Master and Slave please.
    » Detail and about One Paragraph would be enough! Just give me something to work with.


    That's all that I'm not a huge fan of.
    But everything else, I'm totally alright with.


    Things I would like for our Characters to.. Be? I don't know.

    » Older than twenty.
    » One very dominant with a hint of controlling, and the other submissive.

    I hope someone joins!.
  2. Are you a dominant?
  3. I said this in the Thread. I would like to be a Submissive, but yes I am Dominant most of the time :I.​
  4. I can try to be dominant, though I'm not good at it very.
  5. Well, I said 'If Possible'. So, I could be Dominant. Submissive wouldn't really work out for me anyways, because I just always have this little thing in my head saying "They're taking control. You need to regain it." So, I'm totally fine with being Dominant.
  6. If you're dominant the first time around, then we can switch for hte next few parts. Sound okay?
  7. Mm. Yeah, that sounds fine. But honestly I don't mind being dominant all of the time. Anyways, CS? Oh wait. Do you want me to PM you?
  8. Whatever you want ^_^