Accidental Witness [Lucifer 666 x Quimichin]

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  1. It was an incredibly cold winter day, the sun was barely beginning to set, the beautiful warm colors covered by the large gray clouds. Unlike everyone else in this town who hated the cold, Riva loved it. She loved wrapping herself up in coats and boots, and would usually thwart the people who complained about winter.

    Riva wrapped a little bit more of the black scarf around her neck, stuffing her bare hands into the pockets of her coat. She looked around, seeing only a few cars driving outside. She was on the more vacant side of town, which she was alright with since she liked the silence and the space between neighbors.

    As she walked by a familiar two story home, Riva couldn't help but notice an odd aura come off of the house, practically calling her over. It's something she had never noticed before, and since she was an incredibly curious girl, Riva decided to take a look. She went up the porch and lightly knocked on the door, only to have it creak open a little bit.

    She peeked inside to see an unconscious man laying on the floor, but that wasn't the only thing that had caught attention. Riva saw a bright white light enter the man, almost being soaked into the man like a sponge absorbing water. The light was so bright that she needed to squint, but didn't move an inch as she watched.
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    Balthazar groaned in pain as his spirit had found a human and when it found it. His eyes snapped open seeing the ceiling as his soul found the human body had allowed him inside. The angels eyes looked around before his hearing could hear the breathing of a girl? His eyes snapped to the door and saw the other and eyes narrowed gently. He stood up slowly his eyes piercing and sharp, walking toward the door.

    "Girl, how long have you been standing there?" He demanded his eyes cold and sharp as he walked toward the other swiftly and before she could run he grabbed her arm and yanked her into the room. He pushed her into the room and shut the door and stared at her eyes cold.

    "Who are you?"​
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  3. Riva froze in her place as she heard a groan come from the seemingly unconscious man but nearly jumped back in surprise when his eyes shot open, seeing an odd shiny gleam emit from the orbs before they returned to their normal blue color. He immediately looked over at her and then glared at the black haired girl. Shivers went up her spine, his cold glare making her shiver more than the winter weather did. Her lips parted to speak, but she was cut off when he abruptly stood up from the carpeted floor.

    Before Riva could even take a step to run away, the blond man gripped her arm tightly and pulled her inside of the house. "What the hell?" She yelled, tearing his hand off her. Riva was a bit bewildered since she had seen this guy around town a couple of times, and never appeared to be violent or wrathful. Then again this is exactly how Riva was: get on her bad side and she would fuck you up without hesitation. Remembering that, Riva wondered why she hadn't immediately attacked him when he launched himself at her. She figured that she had been caught off guard due to his sudden awakening.

    Hearing his question, Riva decided not to be rude (unlike a certain someone) and answered his question. "I'm your neighbor," Riva huffed, her eyes staring at him with an irked expression as she rubbed where he had gripped her.
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  4. The other glared at the other his eyes cold and sharp "I have not seen you ever, now a name" he said eyes narrowed a deep blue glow coming from his eyes. His golden hair shines gently in the light of the room he was growing annoyed as his anger caused five lights to crash and crack. He scowled slightly, "are you a demon ? A creature something ?" He asked darkly his eyes not playful or rude but he was merely wondering in his back pocket he would pull out his angel blade as soon she probved a threat. his body tense and sharp and a scowl on his face. Waiting he flicked his hand and windows cracked slightly as the lights burst in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  5. Riva stayed put in her spot, her eyebrows furrowing together as she noticed the outré glow coming from his eyes. Her gaze broke from the man's face when the light bulbs suddenly shattered, making her jump slightly out of fright. When he asked her if she was a demon or a creature, Riva's attention immediately snapped back to him, completely perplexed. "What?" She asked, staring at him. She shook her head and huffed, taking a couple of steps closer to the door. "Listen, something told me to come over here, alright? I'm sorry if I bothered you. I'm leaving," Riva declared before going towards the door.

    Just as she was about to twist the door knob, Riva jumped back when a ear splitting sound came from the windows, and she realized the windows had just cracked. She looked back over at the blond man, her eyes staring into his. "Are you playing some sort of prank on me? How in the fuck are you doing that?"
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