Accidental Awakening

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  1. On the night of the spring equinox the moon stood high in the sky, in it's fullest stage it seemed bigger and brighter than ever, lighting up tendrils of fog that sneaked across the grass and snaked around the graves. The air was fresh and crisp with the peculiar scent of night that Ashley had always loved, even before the change. This night however he had neither time nor interest in the beautiful night, moving purposefully between graves until he reached his destination. Tonight not even hunger could have distracted him had he not fed before coming here, his task was too important, and selfish.

    He had long before decided that this particular mausoleum would be perfect, the irony of sleeping in a coffin was blatantly obvious to him but it was a place he could almost guarantee would never be torn down or disturbed. Forcing the heavy door open without much problem Ashley put the things he'd carried with him on a wide gravestone, vials and pouches looking both old and unhealthy.

    It wasn't objects that was easy to get a hold off and many were dangerous for both humans and night creatures alike, some even spell bound by witches. Staring at the objects Ashley gave a sigh, this was not something he looked forward to but he was not a witch and so he had to make do with a potion instead. Under the hanging moon he started mixing everything into one vial, working tirelessly without as much as shiver in the chilly air.

    When done he threw what was left in a corner of the mausoleum, outside he looked out across the graveyard, it was hard to give up such a world for endless sleep. Closing his dark brown eyes pictures flew across his mind, as vivid as if it were still real, if only he stretched out a hand he could grasp the past and bring it back. Snapping his eyes open Ashley shook his head, pulling a hand through his dark hair, dreaming about what were was not like him.

    Grabbing the vial he went back inside, pulling close the thick stone door behind him, closing off the light source although to him it was more like early dusk. Pushing the lid off of a coffin he unceremoniously discarded the bones, throwing them into a corner. He may spend an eternity asleep but he didn't want to spend it lying on a heap of old bones.

    Without giving himself too much time to think he grabbed the vial and emptied it, the bitter taste staining his mouth. First it seemed his worries were unfounded, then the pain hit him, coursing through his body, sending him to his knees even with his dulled sense of pain. The liquid felt like it was searing a hole through his abdomen, sweat broke out across his forehead and his limbs trembled. After what seemed like a forever the pain slowly subsided somewhat, Ashley reached up and grabbed the edge of the coffin, pulling himself up and into the stone casket.

    His mind was already being dragged into darkness, a haze crossed over his senses and for the first time in years he remembered how it had been being human, half blind and deaf. As the poison dragged him into his cowardly sleep Ashley knew he'd succeeded, although there had been a moment where he'd honestly believed his body couldn't handle the bewitched potion. As his mind slowly went blank his thoughts went to the past as his will power dissolved.
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  2. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"​
    There wouldn't an answer, Caroline knew that, but she had gotten so use to talking to her mother's tombstone that it was almost like she was talking to her mother herself. It had been a full year since she visited; her visits were growing more and more infrequent. Guilt was a domineering emotion at this moment. She could practically see her mother shaking her head in disappointment. Caroline had made a promise, more so to herself than her mother, that she would visit constantly. Being so swarmed with college and her part-time job for the last couple years, she hadn't really found time available to visit the cemetery. Even so, she felt like she was breaking her mother's unbeating heart.​
    "Well, I'm in college now." she continued, thumbing the sleeve of her jacket.​
    "My roommate is totally crazy; she stays up practically all night talking to her boyfriend. I swear, she is the reason I'm falling asleep in class."​
    Tiffany had to be the worse roommate she could have been paired up with. Her and Caroline were complete opposites. Tiffany was more of the party animal sort while Caroline was more of the type of person who would keep to themselves. It was a quality she retained all through her years in high school and to this very moment. Her roommate often stayed up through all hours; it was no doubt the reason she was failing her day classes. When Tiffany would stay up though, she would be has loud and inconsiderate as one could be. ​
    "I guess she's alright though," Caroline said thoughtfully, "we just have different ways of doing things though."​
    It was an hour later, eleven o' clock on the dot, that Caroline finally decided to tell her mother goodbye. ​
    "I love you, mom. I'll see you one day."​
    The flowers were placed carefully on the resting place of her mother. ​
    Slowly standing and rubbing the dirt off her knees, she fumbled for her car keys. It was dark out; it was only at that moment that she thought about how creepy the cemetery was at night. It sent a violent shiver down her spine. Now she would have to make her way back to the parking lot which was farther than she would like it to be. When she turned to face the direction she believed to be where her car was, she was shocked to find a man standing in front of her.​
    Caroline jumped at the surprise and sight of him. (She was trying not to think about how it reminded her of a scary scene in a movie.)​
    "Sorry," she stuttered nervously, "I didn't, uh, see you there."​
    "No, that's fine." the man replied, taking his hands out of his pockets.​
    Now, this man scared the living shit out of her. He was wearing a leather jacket with what appeared to be a dirty white tank underneath, adorned with a chain necklace and worn out jeans that had holes in the knees. Normally, she would be mentally judging what she assumed to be a grown man by the beard on how he dressed like boys did in her old high school. Instead, she took a hesitant step back muttering a simple, "excuse me" while trying to sidestep around him.​
    Then, he grabbed her by the arm and yanked her back.​
    "Oh, you're not going anywhere."​
    Panic instantly set in and Caroline began to struggle in the man's grip. It no use in saying, "let go" because she knew all too well that in a city like this, it would not help in the slightest. His malicious grin only made it worse. Eventually, she was able to yank herself away and without thinking about it, she began to run.​
    "Oh, c'mon baby, don't go." the man said mockingly.​
    Caroline was never the best runner, but she was surprised to find herself darting along the tombs and mausoleums. ​
    Regardless, the man seemed to have no issue in keeping up in stride as he was right behind her. It what seemed like only a second later, he had tackled her and pinned her to the ground. Before she could release a piercing scream, the man covered her mouth tightly. She moved restlessly underneath him before lifting her knee up fast enough that it slammed into his groin and sent him toppling to the other side of her. She wasted no time in getting back up and fleeing.​
    By now, she was already too far away from the parking lot to head there, so she began to run further into the cemetery. She was beginning to move into the older parts of the area which was where most family crypts and mausoleums were placed.​
    "Stupid bitch!" she heard her pursuer yell from not too far away. ​
    At the sound of his voice, she took a sharp right in hopes to slightly lose him. The only thing she could hear now was her own racing heart and heavy breathing. It wouldn't be long until she would need to stop running to catch her breath so the first thing she could think of was to hide. Where though? If she hid behind a tree or a tombstone he would definitely spot her right away. Hiding behind the mausoleum was no use either. They weren't too small, but he was easily suspect it. But what about inside the mausoleum?​
    It was risky, but Caroline was desperate. The next mausoleum she spotted, she headed straight for the entrance of. She managed to stick her fingers in between the entryway and the stone door. She could feel her muscles strain to pull heavy door open, but suddenly it gave in. The sudden of it caused her to lose her balance and fall down the stone steps, smashing one of her elbows open and creating a scratch on her forehead. Despite the pain, she stood, now attempting to shut the heavy door. ​
    Finally, it was shut. ​
    Caroline took a step back, breathing heavily, and shaking violently. ​
    "Where are you?" the man sang, tauntingly. "You know I will find you."​
    I'd like to see you try, asshole!
    Regardless of the chances of him thinking to search in there, she quickly went to the corner of the mausoleum and sat down in a spot between a wide gravestone and the wall itself. Shakingly, she pulled her knees to her chest and pressed her head against the wall.​
    Now, she could only wait.​
  3. Darkness enveloped him, keeping him in it's grasp decade after decade, the deep sleep never disturbed and the spell kept in check. But slowly a impressions started breaking through the veil, voices, scraping of stone against stone, the scuttling of mice that hurried for a new hiding place, a far of owl hooting. Ashley fought against it, trying ever harder to pull back the veil of empty darkness and return to sleep. What finally pushed him across the line of ever returning to sleep was sweet, metallic scent, it wafted teasingly all around him.

    Snapping open dark eyes Ashley adjusted back to being awake, his body barely responded to his orders, he felt stiff and old as ironic as that was. Dust and cobwebs draped the room and him in a morbid form of decoration and the cramped space slowly grating on his nerves. Why was he awake, the spell should have been in place hundreds of years. Slowly memories formed and Ashley remembered what the old witch had told him when he first forced her to help him:

    "Oh, the spell will work alright night walker," she had confirmed, her wrinkled face contorted into a grimase similar to a grin. "But you are a lesser vampire, your powers are nowhere near their equal remember that." Her cackling laugh had unsettled even him.

    Ashley struggled to remove the fog that enveloped his mind still, so that really meant that with his lesser powers the spell couldn't last as long, cursing mentally at stupid spells and biology Ashley gathered himself and sat up, pulling his hands through his hair to remove dust and spider web. His mind went back to what had awoken him, had the spell really weakened enough over the decades to eventually allow simple sounds to stir his sleep. The sweet scent forced itself on him again, a familiar burning ache in his throat reminded him on just how long ago he had eaten last, a glance at his pale skin told him he really needed some food.

    The scent was strong, and while Ashley's senses were off with the lack off food and the long sleep it seemed strong enough to come from inside the mausoluem. Ashley was interupted in his train of thoughts by the voice of a man, the sound made him sick, his intuition was usually never wrong and while he didn't care much for who he drank from it gave a small satisfaction to drain people like the man outside. Moving out from the coffin, lacking his usual grace Ashley became aware of a rustle and looked to the side to see a girl sitting pressed between a gravestone and the wall.

    She was obviously human and Ashley couldn't find any reason for her to be in here, unless she was terribly lost or hiding from something. "Woud you mind to wait here a bit miss," he said calmly, using the good upbringing he had been given. He had always had a soft spot for helping women, or women in general, and when it was combined with getting an easy meal it was just a plus.

    Still feeling annoyingly weak Ashley strode over to the thick door and pushed it open with a hand, actually feeling the strain in his muscles, a feeling almost unknown to him by now. Outside in the fresh air the remaining fog in his mind evaporated, so he had missed the night air, not that he'd been aware of it at the time but it became apparent now. A man moved around nearby looking for someone and if Ashley could wager a guess he was looking for the girl. With a few quick and silent steps Ashley came up behind the all else than clean man, grabbed his arms and bit down on his neck.

    The neck being one of the fastest ways to drain a human and all too soon he was finished, the human dropped ito a heap on the grass as Ashley let go. Wiping his mouth with a hand that now showed his olive skin tone once more before he smeared the blood from his hand on the dead man's odd jacket. Back in the mausoleum Ashley kept his brown gaze on the girl, "so you are the one who decided to wake me up?" He said, leaning against the wall, enjoying the feeling of his powers returning. "What year is it now?" Judging by the two humans strange clothing a fair amount must have gone by as he slept.
  4. At first, Caroline was speechless. She was already fearful enough with that man lurking about outside, but when she began hearing shuffling from inside the mausoleum, she began to lose it. The process of losing it was a quiet one, though. First, it was just a "figment of her imagination" with the subtle hint of denial. Second, came the questioning as to ask, "what the hell is going on?" Finally, it was the realization that whoever it was that was dead inside that coffin was slowly climbing out. And once it was standing on it's own two feet it began to speak.
    "Would you mind to wait here a bit, miss?"​
    When whoever that or what was exited the mausoleum, she instantly got to her feet, speechless. Her back was still pressed firmly against the wall for fear that if she were to take a step forward, she would collapse once more. She was still shaking violently and she felt her heart begin racing once more. Was that the guy's accomplice? She began to think, trying to rationalize what had just occurred. Why the hell was he in that coffin, then? Whatever the reasons were, she knew one thing was for sure: she had to get out of there as quick as she could. Taking a deep, unsteady breath, she began to inch closer and closer towards the door, prepared to sprint if needed.​
    When Caroline finally gathered the courage to take even the slightest step forward, the recently awaken corpse began to stride back to the entrance. Out of fear, she began to cower back into the corner she was in originally. ​
    When it was inside, it began speaking once more.​
    "So, you are the one who decided to wake me up? What year is it now?"​
    Words were not forming. Her brain was not functioning. Her knees were slowly giving in.​
    Just relax, Caroline. Play along. Maybe you can get out of this if you just stay calm.
    "It's 2013."​
  5. Having regained some of his strength and eased the ravenous hunger Ashley felt much more relaxed and able to focus fully, his mind reeled at what she had said. 2013. That was over three hundred years from when he lived, of course it would explain why he'd been so hungry and he had expected to sleep far longer than a measly three hundred years, but it was still surprising. His thoughts briefly went to people that were not around anymore, everything he was used to was not around anymore. That would also account for the strange clothes the man had worn and the graveyard having increased in size since he was there preparing the spell.

    Fixating his dark brown eyes on the girl, dressed in men's clothes and with dirt and scrapes on her Ashley wasn't exactly impressed, of course the wounds and dirt must have been froom her falling but still no woman in his time would dress like that. It didn't hit him that his own appearance was not the best, dust still clung to his clothes, his once pure white shirt could not be called clean nor could his trousers, mice had gnawed a bit here and there although their instinct had held them off from doing any major damage. His leather boots were the only item of clothing that had survived the best, a bit dirty and stiff but nothing worse than dust and cob webs.

    "It's been that long?" he said in a quiet voice, pulling a hand through his hair dislodging strands from the thin ribbon holding it in place Ashley's thoughts wandered off. how had the spell weakened, was it only that his powers were not strong enough so the scent of blood had so easily brough him back from the deep sleep or had the spell from the start not been a very strong one. He could seek a witch out, they had not been a target of the spell as they were purely human with special skills, he just hoped there still was witches around, they were not overly abundant in his time already and who knew how well their skills had been passed on.

    Snapping back from his thoughts Ashley noticed the young womans obvious fear, a small amused grin creased his lips "Do not worry, I am not going to harm you," he said softly. "I usually avoid going after beautiful women, unless I am starving." His words were sweet with a teasing edge. "You would not by any chance now of a witch?" He asked, it was a long shot but when he know had a human before him he wanted some answers.
  6. Caroline continued to look at him with a cautious yet curious gaze. Blue eyes scanned the male up and down before processing the words that he spoke. "A witch?" she questioned in disbelief. She was still backed up against the wall; the man still frightened her and when saying how he would avoid 'going after beautiful women, unless he was starving,' and about witches, it only frightened her more.​
    This guy is insane!
    "I hate to break it to you," she began, "but witches don't exist."​
    At this point she was able to conclude that he was not with that man that was chasing her previously. Although, the man's calm demeanor and odd way of speaking seemed to frighten her more. It was more to do with the fact that he could snap at any second and attack her. In this enclosed space, she would not be able to flee and defending herself was out of the question. She barely had enough upper body strength to lift anything even slightly heavy. ​
    She continued to stare at him, fearful that if she turned her eyes away for a second that something would occur.​
  7. Ashley let a small sigh escape him, the girl still was afraid despite his words and he usually kept to what he said, most of the time, although seeing a person rise from the dead could be a bit unsettling. Humans had a tendancy to be so fearful, although he could see the point of fearing a predator, you didn't get close to a lion or bear after all, however "safer" prey animals could be dangerous as well. This confusing part of humanity he had started to forget over time and now he had a harder time identifying with his past race.

    "So you believe," he said, witches were even human and still their own race often refused to believe in magic. Or well magic was a strong word, they couldn't exactly cast fire or turn people to toads but they were quite good with spells and enchantments. But that was also bad news, either witches were extinct and redused to fairytale status or they were just rare and hid their abilities. "Well, I will try and find out later," he said more as an answer to his own thougths that to the girl who was obviously a non believer.

    Leaning against the stone wall, rubbing his temple with a hand that had now almost completely lost the deathly white hue Ashley pondered on what he should do and what to do, he could also use some more food, he was not starving and his hunger didn't occupy his mind but the hunger was still there, like a human eating half a portion food, satisfying but not enough.

    Turning his attention back to her Ashley wondered how to make her believe he woudn't kill her, he could need information about these times and since she was here it was a lot easier to just have her help than to find a random person. "Look," he said rolling his eyes slightly. "I am not going to attack out of nowhere and tear you limb from limb alright. I am not some kind of uncontrollable beast, maybe not in the best of moods after being abruptly awoken like this but not nearly enough to justify a fit of rage or bloodthirst."

    "Are there some good and respected inns nearby, after that stone coffin I could really use a bed, I do not have that much money on me but my family is respected enough for it be enough." Ashley said as he picked up an old coin from his pocket and held it up.
  8. Although still very much in shock, her fear towards this man began to dwindle. When he showed her an old, foreign coin realization slowly began to set in. His clothes, something she was just now looking at, appeared old and dusty. He looked as if he were from a different time period which, as crazy as it sounded, she was starting to believe that was the case. Just the way he spoke and his posture made those suspicions appear true.
    "That won't get you anywhere." Caroline said hesitantly, slowly straightening up.​
    Her bones ached as she moved, only now thinking about how far she ran to escape that man from before. Now that she thought about it, was he still searching for her? She could no longer hear the sound of his voice yelling for her to come out or even the sound of leaves crunching under the man's feet. Was he no longer chasing her? Did the man in front of her do something?​
    Blue eyes gazed over to the male before her and questioned, "Who are you?"​
  9. Ashley looked a bit stunned at the girl. "I can not see why not," he said. "It is money, what sort of currency do you use in this time then?" Disappointment was beginning to settle in him, of course he wouldn't feel the cold if he slept outside neither would he feel any pain from sleeping on stone or whatever he could find but a soft bed and fresh clothes would not be so bad. Despite his best tries to dust himself off there was no way he could get his clothes nor himself clean so simply.

    Returning the coin to his pocket, his brow furrowed as he pondered what to do, he could always steal he supposed. He had never even considered it before, he had always had enough money for whatever he could want to buy and more so the act of stealing had always been beneath his standads. But now it seemed even the little money he had on him wouldn't work so perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea. Sure his morals may not be completely on the straight and narrow but considering his eating habits Ashley considered petty theft to be quite in order.

    Snapping his attention back to the girl again, relieved that she at least didn't seem on the verge of fainting or feared for her imminent death anymore. "Excuse my manners," Ashley said with his usual politeness that emerged when he felt like it. "My name is Ashley Tyrell, of the well known company Tyrell Trading." He said with a wavy motion of his right arm before placing it over his chest and did an elegant bow. Always liking to add his own over the top flare that used to drive his mother crazy because she feared others would think him mocking and arrogant, which wasn't too far off.
  10. "A handshake would have been fine..." Caroline muttered awkwardly at the male's bow.
    At this point, she suspected that he wasn't from this time. It was a thought that still remained in the back her mind, though, as what she suspected was considered fiction. There was no way a man could survive very long in a coffin that had, most likely, little to no oxygen passing through. Especially considering that fact that coffins inside mausoleums were made entirely out of stone. There was also no logical explanation as to why he had the strength to exit the coffin with what seemed to be such ease.
    Caroline couldn't help but make a connection to the characters in her grandmother's stories. Her grandmother's stories were rather original, unlike any common fairy tale most children were told, and often had no happy ending. It seemed rather odd to tell a child stories with no happy ending, Caroline had thought as she grew older. In fact, as she got older the stories sounded more like some sort of history rather than a made up tale. They would always contain something about 'creatures of the night' and 'undying rivalries' that often led these creatures to war.
    Realizing she hadn't said anything yet, she decided to answer his previous question. "We use this," Caroline began, reaching into her pocket for a dollar, "now. We still use coins also, but not the one you just showed me. The only thing you could get from that would be money from a coin collector."
  11. "Sure but that is not as fun," Ashley replied with an askew grin. "May I ask your name in return?" He asked, barely keeping back the word 'human' at the end, guessing that to be a word that might not go over well with the girl. She had already seen him rise from a coffin, normaly reserved for the dead, and sure the original owner lay discarded in a corner somewhere, and seen some of his strength, so further pointing out his non humaness could tilt her back into panic again.

    Ashley looked at the piece of paper in her hand, "how odd. Trusting a piece of paper's value because of the numbers on it, is that really a safe way to conduct business?" In his mind it seemed far more logical to use money made of gold and other metals that had an estimated value already, it was less likely to be faked, not to mention paper being less durable than metal, of course in it's favour it did seems easier to carry around.

    Feeling the stiffness in his joints still Ashley was reminded of his still lingering hunger, needing some sleep and blood before he felt perfect again, it was slightly ironic actually to have slept for this long and still need some sleep. "I am not going to sleep here," he said, voicing his thoughts out loud, used to comfort he found it repelling to spend anymore time in a dusty old tomb. "I will have to find something else I guess, are there perhaps any stores or wealthy homes nearby?" Ashley asked, suddenly getting a feeling of being lost and helpless, not a feeling he liked. After threehunred years much must have changed and he wondered how much he would recognize.
  12. Caroline hesitated for a moment when he asked for her name. Although he didn't appear to be in league with the man from previously, or so she hoped, she still was not fond of the idea of giving her name to a complete stranger. Usually she would care less, but considering he just climbed out of a tomb there was no telling what he would do. Then again, he kept a pretty good distance between himself and her as if she had some sort of contagious disease. 'I would say it would probably be how I look right now, but he's not looking any better than I am.'

    "Caroline." She said after a few moments of silence. "My name is Caroline. And about places to sleep... You can't sleep in a store and the only hotel in this area that I know is being renovated. I don't really leave my dorm much so I couldn't really help you in that department."

    The twenty dollar bill in her hands was almost returned to her backpocket before she reconsidered and instead hesitantly held it out for the male to take. It wouldn't help much in the housing department, but perhaps he would be able to be a meal? He looked very pale and fragile now that she thought about it.

    It was then that she realized that she not only busted her knees and forehead, but her elbow as well. Wincing slightly, she began to peel back the fabric of her long sleeved shirt and observed the damage. "Gross." was all she uttered as she spotted the sticky dark-red substance caked to her elbow. It would have been embarrassing to be caught in this slightly bruised and bloody condition, but at the moment she wasn't really thinking about humiliation as her mind was still processing what had occurred.
  13. "That's unfortunate," he said out loud. Even if he came over this time's money there was no place to stay, at least not any pleasant place. Not that he really needed sleep this instant, he could go quite long without it but he would recover quicker that way. "I'm not all too eager spending the night here. But I suppose I can have a look around for some acceptable place." It didn't matter to him if it were a hotel or not, as long as no one interrupted him it was fine, and throughout his years he'd learned that if you killed people for food breaking a few laws didn't really hurt your consciense.

    Extending a pale hand that hadn't fully regained its usualy hue Ashley took the piece of paper, looking at it more closely, it was still an oddity to him that this coloured paper would work just as well as the coins he was used to but he supposed it would work as it would be useless for her to carry something of no value. Folding it he put it in his pocket and turned his dark eyes to the girl. "Thank you," As she carefully peeled back the sleeve of her odd and not very feminine shirt the scent of blood came wafting ever stronger as her wound on her elbow were exposed. Having been successful in ignoring her other wounds until now the teasing, sweet scent was alluring and his hunger made itself known again, although he refused to act like a hungry beast Ashley had to admit it would be easy to kill her here, no annoying witnessess and he could eat in peace. But seeing as he had said he wouldn't harm her he supposed he could keep his word for now.

    Pushing his thoughts away from food, reminding himself he had already eaten, enough to sate the worst hunger, Ashley cast a glance out the open mausoleum door, to him it wasn't really dark but after years of seeing the darkness of the night as dusk he had learned to distinguish time quite well, although he often forgot how dark it really was for other beings without the enhanced night sight. "Well, I guess I should be starting my search now, do you want to stay in this charming little building for awhile longer or would you prefer to follow me out?" Ashley didn't really mind either way and seeing hos cautious she was of him he wasn't sure which was worst in her mind, with his usual confidence Ashley was of the opinion that he didn't need help in finding his way around, having no idea how much had changed since then.
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  14. Caroline was still rather cautious of this man, but she nodded her head and stepped out of the mausoleum after him. A deep inhale of fresh air was taken and a sigh of relief was released. That dusty and cramped environment had undoubtedly triggered her allergies as now she was constantly sniffling. She gazed around for a moment, wiping her nose with her sleeve when she spotted a figure enveloped in shadows approaching them. Instantly her heart began to race and she instinctively hid behind Ashley. “It’s that man who was chasing me earlier!” she whispered sharply, although it was only an educated guess. The man wouldn’t have merely vanished.

    “Ashley.” the deep, unfamiliar voice said hoarsely. The female watched as he drew closer, finally seeing who it was. It wasn’t like the man from before, but in a way he appeared identical to Ashley. Olden clothes were adorned and instead of dust, there was dirt caked to his face, under his fingernails, and attached to his clothes. Horror overtook her in an instant. Did he… did he just crawl out of a grave? Averting her gaze from where the man approached, she noticed a hole in the ground near a tombstone.

    “You are dead meat, Tyrell.”

    The man was obviously angry with Ashley. A piercing glare was aimed in his direction and he appeared to be ready to pounce. Why was he so furious with the man before her? What the hell is going on? Before anything else was exchanged between the two males, the angry one looked in her direction. His expression changed almost instantly and a large intake of air could be heard. “Found yourself a pet, Tyrell?” His voice changed; it sounded almost monstrous.

    Everything after that seemed to happen in slow motion. The man opened his mouth, revealing two pointed fangs and in an instant she found herself being pounced at. The speed at which he attacked her was unnatural. She could barely blink before she found herself pinned to the ground by this man. His strength was too much; she couldn’t even move a centimeter. His mouth drew closer to her neck and shortly a piercing, unbearable pain came from that area. Was he biting her?
  15. Ashley almost smiled when the girl hid behind him, ironic in a way how she'd hide from danger when she moments before feared him, he heard her words but he doubted them, that man wouldn't move any time soon but before he could comment on that fact to Caroline his eyes narrowed when he noticed the approaching man's appearance. The clothes were dirty and worn just like his own, however this man hadn't slept in a relatively protected stone grave but in the earth it seemed. Eyes narrowing Ashley racked his brain for who the other vampire could be, he looked vaguely familiar,like someone you'd met a couple of times, but still Ashley was sure that he'd recognize a man this pissed at him. No, instead it was more logical to think this had to do with the spell he had used. He had been warned by the witch of the true vampires' superior skills, question was really how much more powers they possessed.

    "Could you wait awhile with that, I do have a few things I need to do first," Ashley said, his voice laced with sarcastically, hiding the tendrils of uncertainty that spread in him, what if his suspicions was correct? Could he still win? Or could he run? He instinctivly hated the thought of running but on the other hand he wasn't so stupid that he kept figthing against the odds, retreat to fight another day was more his way of thinking whenever his impulsive side didn't get the best of him.

    Preparing a witty retort to the other vampire he had no chance to even open his mouth before the other was already past him and over Caroline. Blinking in suprise Ashley knew two things by that, this man was indeed one of the true vampires, the originals with all the strength and speed he lacked, but it was also evident that this vampire was hungry enough to feed before killing Ashley, that gave him confidence. His thoughts having taken up barely a second or two Ashley turned around in the blink of an eye, baring his teeth in anger he hit the other man in the head, hard enough to slacken his muscles a bit albeit not enough to knock him out. Giving no time for retaliation Ashley grabbed the mans' shoulder and with a violent movement ripped the vampire away from Caroline, the vampire's teeth ripped her skin further despite Ashley's attempt to lessen the damage. "Why protect your pet so strongly Tyrell?" the man taunted in between struggles. "Or are you afraid of the powers of a true blood?" The words dripping of resent and fury. Not wasting any valuable strength on giving a reply Ashley fought to keep his grip as the vampire raked his nails over Ashley's arm, leaving scratches in his skin as the worn fabric ripped, exposing his arm.

    The now crazed vampire pulled Ashley's wrist hard backwards, to the point of being an unnatural angle to loosen the grip and slammed his now free fist into Ashleys ribs that would have hindered a human. But Ashley barely noticed as he went for the throat, he doubted strangling would work but with his cold logic even when fighting Ashley hoped a ripped throat would hinder the vampire. Another blow to his chest pushed the breath from his lungs and something cracked, a dull pain started throbbing in his chest barely stronger than what a small bruise would cause. Red anger filled him, a low growl rising in his throat, fueling his strength and with one hand around the vampire's neck, vaguely aware of the cold, dirt smeared skin, and the other slammed against the broad chest Ashley slammed him against a grave stone, sending cracks through the words carved in it.

    Knowing this was almost certainly not strong enough to kill the vampire and he had nothing that could help him really kill the vampire Ashley straightened and turned towards Caroline, they needed to leave, fast. "Are you alright?" He asked, the wound was covered by blood and he couldn't see how serious it was. The sweet, metallic scent was strong and the blood that coloured her neck red was tempting him to just kneel down and drink, how the warmth would spread through him and give him strength and fuel to heal himself. Gritting his teeth Ashley stroke a hand across his face before casting a glance behind him. "I don't know how long he'll be down, we really need to leave. Now." He said in a strained voice, standing near enough to be able to offer her a hand if she needed help but still with a bit off distance.
  16. It occurred so quickly that the female barely had any time to comprehend what was actually going on. The mens’ limbs had contorted in such ways that the pain would be impossible to ignore, but they had brushed it off as if it were nothing. Their movements appeared as blurs and the only thing she could really see was Ashley forcing that man towards the tombstone that was now cracked from impact. His forehead was caked with blood but oddly enough - there was not a scratch present.

    Caroline wanted to scream - she really did - but nothing would come out. Her body shook uncontrollably and despite the warning received from Ashley, she did not move a muscle. Blue eyes stared at the man for what seemed like forever until finally her brain urged her to rise to her feet and run as if her life depended on it - which it most likely did. She was truly terrified at this point. Ashley’s offered hand was ignored as she shot to her feet and began to run. Undoubtedly he would have no issue catching up to her; her shorter, unfit physique would have trouble catching up to him if anything. If she could only get to her car fast enough. Before another thought crossed her mind, a quick loss of footing sent her stumbling to the ground, knocking the air right out of her lungs.

    Damn it! She mentally cursed her clumsy nature and attempted to stand, pushing her hand on the ground for balance. Before she stood, her hand brushed against something cold. A small screech omitted from her as she backed away in horror at the sight before her. It was the man who had gotten her into this mess to begin, but he was a blue-ish white color and possessed unblinking, empty eyes. On his neck was a circular bite mark. Self consciously she pressed a hand to her own neck. Did the man that bit her do this? Mentioning this caused her to regain focus and she quickly got back to her feet and began to run.


    “What the hell happened to you?”

    Dirt was matted to her hair, caked to her face, under nails, staining her clothes - she looked like she had just returned from a mud bath. Tiffany seemed to ignore the blood stained on her clothes as no urgency was shown - only annoyance. “Got into a fight,” Caroline answered, seeing as that was the most logical explanation for her dirtied appearance. Then again, even that seemed unrealistic. She was too much of a wimp to actually fight someone and she had a feeling that her roommate picked up on that.

    “Right…” she mumbled, thumbs tapping away on her phone. “Just clean up your mess.”

    After Caroline’s shower, she had asked to borrow some old clothes from a male friend of her’s. When asked why she needed them, she had trouble explaining it to him until she came up with something believable. A brief explanation was given that she had encountered a homeless man on her way back from visiting her mother's grave. Kory, the friend she was talking to, luckily had a couple pairs that he was willing to give her. He was the only generous male she could think of that was about Ashley’s size and height.

    After that, she made her way towards the renovated section of the dormitory with the clothes in her possession. Nobody was permitted to go to the renovated area and construction had ceased since it became a distraction for the students. It was the only place Caroline thought would be safe enough for him to stay at the moment. A light knock was given as she waited for him to open the door.

  17. Ashley was standing in the dark room, not having bothered with a lightsource yet, his mind still racing, unable to take everything in at once, he had known things would have changed after so much time had passed but he had not in any way been prepared for how much. When the girl had finally snapped out from her paralyzes and rose to her feet Ashley had no problem keeping up, finding safe footing and speed although he still felt a linguering stiffness in his limbs, forced to stop suddenly as Caroline in all her human clumsiness tripped he heaved a slight sigh in annoyance. They didn't have time for panic at the moment, for that reason it was probably best to keep quiet for now on who really brought the man to his demise. Luckily this human seemed to have a sense of self preservation and they continued on, quickly coming closer to the edge of the cemetary, the graves thinned out and outside the stone wall lining the area Ashley was the one to stop dead in his tracks.

    Staring with wide eyes, for once losing his composure at the sight that met him, instead of grass or dirt a sea of black stretched out, oddly enough white lines were drawn along the dark ground forming squares and strangest of all was the strange wagon that stood all alone, no coachman to handle it and no horse to pull it either, frankly it was just an oddly shaped metal box. Still this girl had already stepped over to it and opened it's side, with a roar for his sharpened hearing the object awakened, Ashley had no other word for it. Stepping backwards in shock as lights flared on Ashley wondered what magic humans had invented, was it even safe to sit in? A glance backwards reminded him of the problem at hand and he swallowed his hard to admit fear and apprehension and got in as well, after some struggles with the door.

    As Caroline steered the vehicle Ashley stared out the large, clear windows at the world that practically flew by them, no vehicle in his time could compete with this speed and hadn't he been very damage absorbing he would have worried. The black ground continued on in front of them, now with white lines drawn in the middle, the more he saw the more confused he got. This city of stone and lights was like nothing he had ever seen, no city he had been to had been this large or plain weird. The girl had later stopped in front of a large building, it too built in stone and with many windows, most were dark but in some lights shone out, an odd light that didn't flicker like a flame. Caroline called the building a dormitory, what that was he had no clue on but she did say he could stay in one of the unoccupied rooms which he accepted as it would make it so much easier for him.

    Now he was alone to take it all in, nothing he had seen so far were familiar to him from his time, humans had changed too much and built so much that he didn't reconize the place anymore, only the older parts of the graveyard had been recognicable to him. Yet it was hard to take in all at once, his brain seemed to filter away the worst shock of it all and his curiosity took over, yet he couldn't help the brief but sharp sting inside because he experienced this alone. Glancing over the dark room trying to understand the purpose of some things, he didn't turn on any lights, partly because he did see without it but mainly because he didn't know how. Interupted in his examination by a knock Ashley let Caroline in and took in her now clean appearance, it did her more justice than mud but this new fashion was certainly odd. his sisters' would never get seen in such clothes that was for sure.

    "Feeling better?" He asked politely, his manners erupting once more as the danger had passed for now and things had calmed down.
  18. Everything did appear calm, but being in the presence of him made her heart race. Did she make an error in judgement by helping this man? What was going to happen now? Millions of questions ran rampant in her mind. "Better than before," Caroline answered with honesty. All in considering, this situation was more preferable than the one from an hour ago. "Here," she said, hesitantly handing the borrowed clothes to him. For a moment, she gazed around, making sure no one could see her. After all, being caught in this part of the dormitories would result in suspension considering the more rebellious college students had a tendency of throwing parties and such in this area.

    When she deemed the area clear of eavesdroppers, she stepped inside. It was dark inside the room and little to no light shone through the curtainless window. Without giving her eyes time to adjust, she searched the walls for a light switch, hoping that they at least got the electricity running in these parts. Thankfully, the room was soon brightened by a ceiling light. A deep breath was taken as she wondered whether or not she should ask him about what happened a moment ago. An inkling resigned in her mind yet it seemed so far fetched. Is he like those creatures my grandmother always told me stories of when I was younger? Is he...Is he a vampire?

    Eventually, she was able to gather some courage. "What was that back there?"
  19. Noticing but ignoring the discomfort and apprehension from Caroline Ashley took the bundle of clothes she held out, not very enthustiatic about feeling similar himself although for different reasons. Blinking in surprise against the light as Caroline flipped a switch on the wall Ashley wondered how a small switch could control lights in the ceiling, without lighting the candles herself even. Shaking his head slightly in wonder he left the clothes she'd brought him on a counter, they didn't seem entirely strange but the fabric felt different, especially the trousers.

    "An unfortunate side effect," Ashley replied, his eyes growing cold. He had to figure that out if he wanted to save his own life, and some humans he guessed, the more that awoke the more would go after him, putting some high and might people to sleep for some centuries was apparently not so popular. Shifting his gaze back to Caroline he pondered on what to say, he would rather avoid a panicked human or to involve her at all but she did perhaps deserve an explanation as she indeed helped him out, and continued to do so when she had no reason to. "I will take a wild guess and say that you humans still hide your heads in the sand from the truth," he remarked dryly.

    "That back in the cemetary was a vampire," he continued, shifting his weight to the other leg. "Not just any old vampire however, he is one of the original ones, we call them True vampires as they do not have any real name for themselves." Asley explained calmly, like he was just talking about the weather. "They are the pure breeds you could say, stuck up bastards that think they are better than everyone else," the bitter tone in his voice as sharp as ice in the end.

    Most likely, he guessed, would be denial, it was an easy way to escape the truth that humans used again and again to hide from things that went against their view of the world, somethin he used as well so he supposed it was not just humans that used that tactic. "I do not believe you are at risk however, I doubt he bothered using the poison." His words added as an after thought, having almost forgotten Caroline had been bitten by the older vampire.
  20. Caroline didn't make eye contact with Ashley as he spoke, a certain familiarity in his words. He reminded her of her grandmother when she told her stories. They were unlike most childhood tales; happy endings did not occur very often. "The ones created from a witch's a curse?" she chuckled, no seriousness in her words as she addressed the true vampires he spoke of. What he was saying sounded insane and was she just as insane to believe his words? Possibly. Though what else would explain the events from earlier?

    For a moment she was taken over by a wave of calm until the word 'poison' was uttered. "P-poison?" A hand skimmed over the bite on her neck, a gauze patch covering it but a slight stinging pain occurred regardless. She didn't disinfect it, now that she thought about it. It was probably red and swollen by now, no doubt it was infected. "What would have happened if he did...use poison?"
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