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  1. IC THREAD: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/tear-of-the-soul.79597/

    It is the year after SAO is beaten and the players are free when a new game appears on the shelves. This game, called Tear of the Soul, is said to be a world very close to Aincrad and gets high reviews from the games that hear about it. The creator himself talks about how he has spent over one hundred hours playing the game. You are one of the 10,000 to purchase the game before it is sold out. Even though it is an American game, you notice it seems very anime-esk. After you have made your character, you appear in a tavern in the city of Limour sitting around a table with a group of people sitting with you. Our story begins here. (The people at the table are the other players, including myself. I will be steering us in the direction we need to go, as well as events and narrating what areas we enter. You will notice when I am narrating because it will be in white, and when I'm in character because I will write in Blue.) While you are creating your character, you notice a box in the bottom right corner of the creation screen (Your character is created on a webpage and you play using an American version of the NerveGear) you notice a graphic glitch. You also notice that when you hit [Create] that a pop-up appears that says "You have entered your destiny, I wish you the best of luck, and do be careful. You never know what is lurking in the shadows.

    -Picture- (If possible please provide if not, please describe yourself, CHARACTERS ALREADY PART OF THE ANIME/MANGA NOT ALLOWED AS PIC)

    Name- (For both OOC and In Character)

    In-Game Name:


    Age- (Must be 15+)


    Weapon Type- (Makes it so when loot drops(I, as your narrator, will let you know what GEAR you find. Kill always give you 100 Kur(pronounced 'cure') and an ammount of exp (the equation will be exp = current level / .25 + 5, and to find out how much you need for your level the equation is nextlvl = current level * 1500 - 10)


    BECAUSE OF SOME ISSUES TODAY I NEED TO CLEAR SOMETHING UP(This was pulled straight from the group chat after an issue arose): Okay, here is the thing, Xilf is right, we are off topic. Second, If you have a problem with my decisions after I let you dicuss it, then you know how to
    posts, and leave a convo. This will also be put on the thread and group posts. I am tiried of people questioning why I do things, or what motives I have. For this RP, it is based around a game, therefore, we need to have damage values for later on. Suck it up and deal, or look at the second sentence. Any further problems with how I do things can be put into a one on one convo.

    1) Watch how much you swear, I don't mind it at all, but this is based off an anime where they didn't swear too much.
    2) No dual-wielding, don't worry, it's going to be part of it, just waiting for the correct way to introduce it.
    3) Please, if you don't have a pic, describe yourself. I forgot to add that to the cs XD
    4) YOU MUST HAVE FUN!!!! there is no wiggle room to this rule
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Taka Vamuzi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'1

    Personality: Taka is a very laidback individual in everything except for gaming. He takes his video games very seriously, often ranking in the top one hundred in any that he puts time into. Taka is known to 'rage' when things don't go his way in a game, which often makes the situation even worse. But, though he has his flaws, he is generally friendly, and easy to get along with. He will go to the ends of the earth for his friends, and loved ones, and even has the word 'Loyalty' tattooed across his chest.

    Weapon type: Taka prefers to use one handed, or duel wield swords, scimitars being his favorite type of sword.

    Other: N/a
  3. Accepted with one thing i need to let you know (and itll be added to the rules), for now, we are not going to have dual-wielding as an option. I have an idea on how to introduce it in. Nice profile pic btw, I run a black-white Ajani and Lilliana.
  4. @Azul is the top thing your pic? I'm at school so I am not able to see what it is.

  5. The pic of the sasuke looking guy is the one I am using.
  6. Ok, that is nice, did you draw it?
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  7. Nah lol. Deviantart man.
  8. -Picture- image.jpg

    Name- Fenrir

    Gender- male

    Age- 17

    Personality-Fenrir is a turtle. He is lazy and does not want to do work. He relies on his raw power (stats) rather than finesse like a hare. He is a strategist, simulating possibilities in his mind. This makes him slow when he does not have conviction. His conviction usually come from him caring about other people.

    Weapon Type- Fenrir uses spears for their large range and sweeping attacks. Ideally he would use a scythe, but does not know if its in the programming.
  9. @Corbenik two things, first, ACCEPTED, second, there are a type of sythe, im just trying to find a good name for it.
  10. How many people will be allowed to join the rp? Are they going to be in a guild?
  11. I guess I should have mentioned that. There is a party system, but there is no guild format. Yet. And for right now, I'm just waiting for probably 3-4 more join-ees.
  12. And then you'll close the signups?
  13. Not entirely, but I will lower the amount of acceptance because it is reallly going to happen in waves of players, where they are put in a form of stasis until they are ready to start. Did that ckear it up at all? Im sorry its just that this is my first time running a rp
  14. Yeah that helps. I just wanna make sure we have a good, small dedicated group of roleplayers for this so it'll work out :) I'll get started on a character then.
  15. Sweet, glad to get some more players :D
  16. [​IMG]
    Name: Eleanor Reiykla
    In Game Username: Lea
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'0

    Personality: Lea is a fighter. Having had a rough patch in her life that caused her to block out the world with video games, Lea is no stranger to emotional pain. She has a temper and isn't afraid to lash out at people in order to keep her heart chained up and safe. Don't let her wide blue-gray eyes fool you. She can give the deadliest glares if provoked and won't hesitate to get her hands dirty. That doesn't mean she lacks a code of honor though. She is brutally honest and only lies if she feels she has to. As tough as nails as she'll pretend to be, she will fight harder protecting those she cares about at the cost of her own life.

    Weapon type: One handed sword, preferably a rapier.
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  17. No one wants to use a sword and shield? Also, how come no one has usernames? You know, the only thing people will call you by in the game? The name that shows up beside the HP bar?

    Think about it. If you were going to play a video game and they asked for a user name, you wouldn't use your real name, would you?
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  18. So where's your character, @Demonic ? Also, are we closing sign ups now? I think this is a good amount of players don't you?
  19. [​IMG]

    Name- Rin Yakami

    Gender- Female

    Age- 17

    Personality- When first meeting people she's very polite and kind, the image of a perfect angel. But in reality, she's a very sly and tricky individual. She uses her weak looking image to get people to do what she wants them to for her. She enjoys manipulating people, and would rather talk her way out of a fight rather than go to bloodshed, but she's quick to anger and will easily resort to fighting if she has to. She has a large amount of respect for her brother, and will lunge at anyone who says anything against him, or herself for that matter.

    Weapon Type- Short, lightweight sword. Built for speed and subtly, not strength.

    Other- She has a tame beast that travels with her and her brother, nicknamed Shi.

    Name- Takashi Yakami. He goes by the name Mako (His character's name)

    Gender- Male

    Age- 23

    Personality- He's a quiet, stoic type. He doesn't let much get to him, or if it does it doesn't show. His face is passive most of the time, seeming to look rather dark most of the time although he doens't mean for it to. Although he seems dark and stoic, he's quite a nice person and once he grows close to someone, he will defend them with his life. He's highly protective over his younger sister, and always keeps and eye on her and is at her side, not letting anyone get to her.

    Weapon Type- A heavy sword and shield.

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  20. What's Rin's character name in-game? Or Fenrir's or Taka's?
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