PAID COMMISSIONS Accepting new comms, a variety of styles

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  1. Hey there! I'm accepting character art comms right now. Click here for samples of my work and varied styles and abilities:

    Warning for tasteful nudity/scantily clad figures. No actual
    genitalia visible.

    My prices are actually pretty variable depending on what you want, since I don't have one particular style and can draw anything from semi-realistic portraits to cute chibis and other cartoony styles. That said, I do have a few set prices.

    - Bust or half-body sketches are $40-60 USD (depends on coloring desired)
    - Full body sketches are $80-$100 USD (depends on coloring desired)

    Sketches are basically anything that doesn't have clean heavy lines. Just ask if you want specific examples.

    Anything else is priced on discussion, depends on the type of image, how elaborate the details are, what kind of coloring is desired, etc.

    Usually full-body character designs that are clean, lined, and colored range from $80 for simple cartoony or chibi art to $120-$150 USD for fully colored semi-realism. Adding additional details or a background raises the price depending on details.

    I'm not accepting anything but single character commissions at this time.
    If you're interested in discussing you can PM me here or contact me by email at, or message me on Tumblr at the above link. Thanks for your time!
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