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  1. [​IMG]

    "People aren't supposed to look back."
    - Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

    Year: 2099

    Revolution was arguably the best thing for mankind. By eliminating the thinkers of traditional thoughts a new human race was been born. It has been 3 years since the Great Cleanse rippled across North America. Little is known about the Orchestrators of the Great Cleanse or their intentions. As it stands the only known inhabitants of this brave new world were hand picked by the Orchestrators. Individuals were kidnapped from their homes on December 21st of 2090 and held captive in solitary confinement for nine years.

    Today is June 20th. Your Rebirth Day. You will be bagged and taken to the ruins of town or city somewhere in what was United States territory. Eleven others will be released at the same time nearby. Though you don't know this yet, you were handpicked to be a part a new race. Great things are expected of you. Good luck, there's no looking back.
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  2. Plot and Timeline


    In each starting location you will find a crate of supplies left by the Orchestrators. It will contain 3 tarps, rope, candles, 3 flares, 15 cans of soup and vegetables, 2 jugs of water, 2 boxes of matches, 2 hunting knives, a machete, an ax, a compass, 2 flashlights, a notebook, pencils, and a letter from the Orchestrators.
    Your main goal is to survive. Additionally, you want to find out why you are here and who the Orchestrators are. To do so you know you will have to play along with their game. As the plot progresses the Orchestrators become more involved. It will seem as though they are testing you. You will also discover your body beginning to change, but that isn't a big concern, yet.


    You will start at your base, Valhalla, which is hidden in the base of a mountain. Each of you are equipped with tranquilizer guns, a gps (you own the only satellites out there now), a radio, and a tactical defense knife.
    You have been tasked with monitoring the survivors. You are not to interfere with them yet.


    Survivor Timeline:

    2090, December 21- You were kidnapped from your home and kept in solitary confinement. Whether or not exchanges were possible between your character and another or an npc is up to you.

    2099, June 20- "Rebirth Day" You are taken by helicopter to the remains of a small town or city. You are bagged and drugged. You will only remember being told that you now belong to Colony #21 and that you will meet your captors again. Just as your body is beginning to function properly it will begin to rain. Most of you will seek shelter in an old church (town) or hotel (city). These are your respective bases. It is wise to stick with the group.

    2099, June 21- Scouts will be appointed to explore respective areas. The following days will be spent establishing leaders and rules. Friends and enemies should be made.

    2099, June 23- This will be the last day before the first time skip. Wrap up any interactions.


    2099, July 1- With resources depleting and curiosity growing, the small town group will depart from the town together at dawn.

    2099, July 4- "Independence Day" At dusk small town leavers will have found the ruins of the city. They won't be alone. As it turns out there is another colony living in the city. These strangers are not particularly welcoming. Interactions between groups will be made.
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  3. Rules

    * You are expected to participate and post several times a week.
    * Time passes on a schedule so you need to pay attention to notifications and communicate OOC.
    * You will write in 3rd person.
    * Please do not vividly describe sexual acts and instead utilize time skips. I have decided to make this RP available to as many as possible and to do so I can't make it 18+.
    * Violent acts are fine. Just get permission or use dice rolls.
    * Everyone is allowed 2 characters at the start.

    * You can request to become an admin by messaging me with samples of previous work. Admins are allowed 3 * characters and NPC roles.
    * Please do not control characters that aren't yours. If two characters are interacting minor controlling such as a simple physical gesture or action is acceptable.
    * Your characters have limited knowledge of the happenings in the world. Do not create your own subplot or change the direction of the plot without my permission.
    * That said, any plot ideas can be discussed OOC
    * All profiles should be approved by me. Send me your profile with your characters name as the title and include a "!" so I know you read through all of the rules. Thanks!
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  4. Characters


    There are two main groups to choose from. 5 characters will begin in the town and 7 will begin in the city. This is so because it will make more sense for new characters to begin in the city. A total of 4 characters in either starting location are necessary before we can open for playing. Lastly, several NPC's may be used and killed off as needed to get this started.

    The town group should be the friendlier of the two groups. The city group should be more organized, diplomatic, and intimidating. These are stereotypes I would like to build. A couple outliers would be interesting but only a couple.

    Scouts are expected to patrol their area and determine the location of bases, resources, etc. When they aren't patrolling scouts do the chores back at base. Hunters are expected to gather food and are not limited to hunting (despite their name). When hunting game a dice roll will be used. A system for this is still being determined.

    All survivors will develop supernatural abilities as the plot progresses. Nothing extreme such as the ability to fly but rather superhuman eyesight or hearing or animalistic instinct. A few will find that they have incredible endurance or brute strength. Only the Orchestrators know who will develop what traits.


    The Orchestrators are those behind the Great Cleanse. Their plot is a secret from other players and is to be discussed over conversations rather than in the OOC. Anyone with these roles must be good at communicating.

    The Lord of Flies is the alias for the leader of the Orchestrators. He/she will not interact much with the characters aside from directing the Orchestrators. It will become available as the plot progresses.

    Orchestrators begin at their base, Valhalla, a fortress at the foot of a mountain. The Orchestrators are to monitor what the survivors do and "dispose" of any that are not playing along with their game. If interactions between Orchestrators and survivors are made the Orchestrators are to pretend to be survivors as well.

    Shadows are essentially the lowest ranking Orchestrators. They do all the dirty work. Huginn and Muninn manage the Shadows.

    More roles* will be added as the plot progresses. Any suggestions for roles can be made OOC.


    The Town (0/5 total)
    Leader- available (0/1) *please ask me before taking this role
    Scouts- available (0/2)
    Hunters- available (0/2)

    The City (1/7 total)
    Leader- taken (1/1)
    Scouts- available (0/3)
    Hunters- available (0/3)

    The Orchestrators (1/6 total)
    Lord of the Flies - unavailable, will be made available later (0/1)
    Raven of Thought, Huginn- available (0/1)
    Raven of Memory, Muninn- taken (1/1)
    Shadows- available (0/3)

    Color1: (COLOR#HERE) Color2: (COLOR#HERE)
    ☞ (NAME HERE) ☜
    I am interested in: (SEXUAL PREFERENCE HERE).
    People say I am: (PERSONALITY HERE).
    I believe in: (VALUES HERE).
    I despise: (DISLIKES HERE).
    I remember: (BIO HERE).
    You might not know this, but: (SECRETS OR ANYTHING ELSE HERE).
    Themesong: (YOUTUBE LINK HERE)
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