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    selene amaruq || in processing || clear. 0 || link to profile

    Brief Description
    A scarred young woman, Selene hides her true feelings behind a facade of friendliness and naivete and hates to worry people about her well-being and degrading emotions and thoughts. Not used to the existence of a non-human population, Selene has an almost childlike wonder when it comes to the supernatural world, as joining Invictus has been the only time she has been exposed to more mythical creatures other than herself. Being an ijiraat, Selene can transform into various arctic creatures and is not to be taken lightly; in a mere moment, she can turn from having a grizzly’s raging strength to being able to slip away completely unnoticed as a simple lemming.

    Weapons & Abilities
    Natural Weapons: Whenever Selene transforms into an animal, she has that animal's natural weapons as well. She otherwise does not carry weapons unless she has to.

    Shape Shifting: Selene can transform into any arctic animal she wishes, as well as into a humanoid version of said animal, leading to some particularly terrifying creations. When she was first getting the ability to shift, her body would shift parts of her into various animals, but she isn't able to do so normally. Selene tends to favor wolves and caribou. She can also shift into a human form, which is what she usually wears, and can shift back into her regular self as well.

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    patricia || veteran agent || clear. 5 || link to profile

    Brief Description
    Tiny little 8" sprite that manages one of the larger inventory storage within the Texas facility. She is adorable as all hell and is a cinnasquish that you must protecc because she is pure and innocent and too presh. Though she doesn't have a lot of combative capabilities, her knowledge on things is immense.

    Weapons & Abilities
    None! - Pocket isn't a combatant. Because of this, she doesn't need weapons. It is rare that she leaves the base unless her expertise is needed on the field and she has someone to watch the inventory storage room for her.

    Sprite Physiology - It's pretty clear Pocket doesn't look human. She's 8" tall, has two horns protruding from the sides of her forehead and her nails naturally grow at a point. She has sharp canine teeth and slitted pupils. Other than that, she has wings that can only be seen when she uses them to hover or fly short distances. They look very similar to dragonfly wings. They are able to tuck into her back when not in use, allowing them to avoid being harmed.

    Wisp Transportation - Using some of her natural magic, Pocket can turn into a ball of light (it kind of looks like a ball of blueish-white mist floating about) to travel long distances. This also helps her get around the inventory room on her own. While in this form, she can go through some solid objects if she goes through it within a few seconds. Overall, it's like being a wil-o-wisp. The light doesn't hurt others, and if someone tries to touch her in that form, they may be able to break it and catch her. However, she moves incredibly fast in this form and it may be difficult to catch.

    Infinite Memory - Whatever Pocket sees, reads or hears, she is always able to remember. Other senses (touch, smell, taste) may not trigger her infinite memory. When it is committed to memory, she may never forget it, even if it's a very minute and meaningless detail.

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    vivianna dell'gatti de luca || rookie agent || clear. 1 || link to profile

    Brief Description
    Bold and boisterous italian troublemaker who managed to make a deal with voodoo spirits and thus giving them her life. A wild card with an array of emotions for any situation, Vi tends to follow her instincts into trouble. With a stockpile of utility items, she is great as a support specialist in group situations and can also take care of herself if need be.

    Weapons & Abilities
    Stockpile - A backpack filled with potions, tonics, powders, salves, idols and all sorts of voodoo paraphernalia. This is something she has to keep stocked which means she has to craft the lot of it on her own.

    Mediumship - While Vivianna cannot directly see spirits, she can feel them. (Excluding the Loa, she can see them). She can speak to them, but cannot hear them. Sometimes she can feel what they are trying to say, but it takes a very strong willed spirit to let her feel that.

    Voodoo - in the general aspect, Vi is gifted with skills in voodoo. This includes potions, fetishes, dolls, effigies charms, oils, powders, candles, and wards. This is all included with her stockpile. These are the physical items she has, which all must be crafted in particular ways by herself. Which also means she has to obtain the right materials or similar enough to do so. Otherwise, she has extensive knowledge in the realm of voodoo and spirits.

    Isle of Dolls - As stated above, voodoo dolls made by Vivianna. Thanks to her connections to the Loa, she can possess the dolls and use them in which way she sees fit. The dolls are easily distinguished by color. Regular Burlap tan- no effect other than she can see through them. Red-- Will follow the target and explode. Blue-- continuously and relentlessly attack physically (usually with a needle or stick of some sort). Yellow-- Create a bright flash. Green (rare)-- Latch onto their target and infect with poison.

    The Pact - More of one of those last ditch abilities, vi can allow the loa that she’s dealt with to take over her body. in this form, the immediate area around her (generally a range of about 2OOm) turns dark and her own body becomes something similar to a silhouette. her strength and speed is amplified and she will attack her opponents relentlessly and maliciously.
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    john blund || junior agent || clear. 3 || link to profile

    Brief Description
    Silent protector of the dreamers also become an agent to protect the conscious. Innocent, determined, caring, but sometimes naive and gullible mute. Jon uses sand to do an array of techniques including shielding and healing.

    Weapons & Abilities
    Sand Creation - Probably the most well known ability of Jon's, as its how anyone who knows of The Sandman knows him. Jon creates a sand to which is dusted into the face of his target. This particular sand forces the target into a deep sleep, and generally with pleasant dreams. If the person sleeps until they wake up naturally without outside help, they will feel incredibly rested and recharge mentally and physically.

    Healing Sand - If used in the same way as the previous skill, this sand heals instead of putting to sleep. However, if the person is asleep by sleeping sand, the healing is faster.

    Silent Sand - Jon creates a cloud of sand that swirls around the target, negating most abilities. Works like a nullifying skill for any casting like abilities.

    Guarding Sand - The sand comes together like a solid wall and acts like a shield. This can be formed into any size or form, and is stronger against physical damage.
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    yakov iziaslav || veteran agent ||clear. 5 || link to profile

    Brief Description
    Big russian papa retires from the mob to kick back and follow his own father’s footsteps.. Stern, wise, brutal and unforgiving, Yakov is probably already fed up with your bullshit. Using either his fists or his racial abilities, he is a force to be reckoned with.

    Weapons & Abilities
    Ethereal Manipulation - Since positive energy is easier to push out in the world, negative energy gets filtered and recycled. The black tar in which Yakov uses is what gets filtered out of that energy before it is returned as positive energy. Yakov can manipulate this in a physical form to create appendages, weapons, and smaller, short range creatures.

    Ethereal Form - The human form in which Yakov normally wears is actually more of a mask to contain his natural form. This form has no steady or solid appearance, but looks more like a glob of tar, and/or oil. He is much stronger this way, and can manipulate his “body” as needed.

    Pocket Realm - Every one of his kind has access to this realm. It is a universe that is in between all other realms, also known as the Twilight Realm. Within it everything is motionless, and without color. Yakov can go in and out of this place as he pleases. If he brings someone into it, they would feel almost like there is a numb blanket being wrapped around them. No sound, no breeze, no temperature. It is a realm of absolute and nothing.
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    zander akaiyu || senior agent || clear. 4 || link to profile

    Brief Description
    Gamer dweeb fights against all odds to be apart of a real-life video game lifestyle. Reclusive, anti-social, fearful bean who tries his best to help and do his bestest. While not a fighter at heart, he can use his abilities in a number of recon and supportive fashions.

    Weapons & Abilities
    Art Physiology - Zander has the ability to take on the form of piece or art, including the visual arts - including painting, sculpting, printmaking, photography, and other visual media, literary arts/literature – including poetry, novels and short stories, among others. His transformed form can beeither anatomically identical to their normal form, aside of being made of art, in which case it contains all to organs and is somewhat vulnerable to attacks. Alternately he can transform into homogenous matter, without any part of their form being more important than the other.

    Art Manipulation - He can create, shape, and manipulate arts and the medias used to create them. These include the visual arts - the creation of images or objects in fields including painting, sculpting, printmaking, photography, and other visual media, literary arts/literature – including poetry, novels and short stories, among others.

    Paint Manipulation - Zander can create/generate, shape and manipulate paint, both the physical substance and paintings, including entering and manipulating them.

    Ink Manipulation - He can create, shape and manipulate ink-- including moving ink, change the color, consistency/viscosity between solid and liquid, etc., even if the ink is printed/written/tattooed. He can write/scribe/tattoo without tools by manipulating ink.