Accept Fate or Bitter Lovers

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  1. Two wealthy, powerful, family owned businesses decide to put their company's rivalry aside and come together in a partnership that will ensure better profit and more powerful. To officially seal the deal, the families decide to have the eldest daughter of one family and the eldest son of the other family marry one another to bond the companies both through documents and blood. However, their is one distinct flaw in this plan that neither family acknowledged or seemed to care about; Neither the son or daughter knew one another and were practically strangers being forced together into a relationship they did not want or ask for. To make matters worse, they have to live with one another for an entire month before their marraige ceremony knowing very well that there is no way out of the marriage. Now, it is up to them to decide whether or not to live their lives together as bitter lovers or to, once again, obey their parents will and fall in love and marry.

    (This is open for discussion if there is anything you wish to change.)
  2. I love this idea. Which role would you prefer to play, though? Do you have a posting speed you expect of your partner?
  3. Although I prefer to play the male character seeing as though I am male myself, I don't mind plying the female role either. I like to change things up a bit so yeah ^^ As for post length, I don't really mind how much you put, so long as it leaves me enough to work with and it is readable. Though, I do like an average of about 3 to 4 sentences.
  4. Do you have any preferences on posting speed? Do you like there to be decent grammar, capitalization, and punctuation?
  5. More or less, yes, I do like the use of proper grammar, readable spelling, and pucntuation. As for my preference of posting speed, I don't mind how fast someone posts, so long as the Roleplay advances at a fast enough rate where it keeps either one of us interested.
  6. Hm, well, then I'd be all up for this! I will do my best to maintain interest and would like to be the female! :3
  7. That is perfectly fine by me and I look forward to Rp'ing with you! ^^ I'd prefer if we do the Rp in messaging but I could make a seperate thread if you wish to do it on a thread.
  8. Oh! That's one of the other questions I forgot to ask... PM or thread? I prefer thread since I tend to forget RPs in PM... ^^;
  9. Then thread it is. I'll post a with the starter in the Romance OnexOne category. I'll PM you whenever I do get around to this ^^
  10. So just curious were you interested in maybe doing this with another role player as well?
  11. Yes, of course. Come one, come all! ^^ Are you interested in doing this Rp?
  12. Okay; thank you~ ^^
  13. Yes I am very interested in this, it sounds like tons of fun.
  14. Would you prefer doing PM's. I personally prefer PM's but it is alright if you'd like to do this on a thread.
  15. Nope PMs are good by me.
  16. Okay, I'll send a PM to you then so we can discuss anything before we start.
Thread Status:
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