Accept Fate Or Bitter Lovers (For PinkArrow)

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  1. "Mother, I demand you tell me the reasoning for this... I found out from the news, of all things, that I am engaged to some random girl I don't even know. Care to explain yourself?"

    "Leon, as I'm sure you have heard, our family run company is developing a partnership with one of our long time rivals. This partnership will undoubtedly bring a future of success and prosperity to both companies, making it beneficial as well as worth it. As a result, I arranged this marriage between you and our rival companies heir, the daughter of the President that owns the company, to marry so that our partnership deal will hold."

    "That's a load of crap. Why should I have to be involved in this companies affairs before I have even begun working for the company? After all, I signed a contract stating that I am not allowed to have any influence on the company before I have inherited it from the vile, horrid president that already owns it. So, I refuse to take any part in this business deal."

    "Leon, I take no offense from that last remark but don't try my restraints. As for your refusal to comply with my wishes, I'm afraid you cannot deny this wedding and the benefits it will have."

    "Oh yeah? Try me. What could you possibly do to force me to marry a stranger and how does would this benefit anything?"

    "That contract you brought up that I managed to get you to sign. You misinterpreted the meaning of its content, as I predicted you might. It clearly states that you, the signer of the contract, does not, legally, have permission to interfere with any of the decisions made by the company before said person, being you, had rightfully and truly taken over the position of president for this company. It also states that you are incapable of changing past decisions made before you have taking over the company without the legal permission of the President before you, that being me. In short, you are not excluded from company plans and decisions, but you cannot legally influence them in any way without my consent, so I can force you to marry any woman so long as it is a company based decision. Also, even after you have grown up a bit more and gain the title as President, you cannot get a divorce for that would be meddling in previous company affairs, which would be illegal as well."

    "You sly bastard, you set me up!"

    "Calm down Leon. I did not, but you signing that contract would make it easier for me to convince you to comply, which I'm sure I have. Now, I hope I've answered all your questions. You are going to marry that girl whether or not you like it, understand my son. You will make her fall in love with you, and you will at the very least, pretend to love her back and treat her right. That way, if her parents ever decide to betray my trust in the partnership, you can take her heart and stomp all over it, breaking their precious little daughter... You are dismissed."

    "Damn you, mother..."

    Leon's eyes fluttered open, his crystal gaze staring up at the bright orange ceiling. He was on his back, a comforter pulled up to his chest, his arms at his sides. The room was being dimly lit by golden sunshine filtering past scarlet curtains over the window - Leon didn't mind this at all for he preferred dark places. Leon lets out a low sigh and pulls the comforter off of him Just as he was about to get out of bed, he notices a warm presence next to him, rather close as well. He turns his head and stares back at a woman sleeping next to him. "Crap, Despite my dream I completely forgot.... I have to live with me... "Fiance"... For about a months time before the wedding... Our parents removed all the beds except for the one in the Master Bed Room to force us to sleep together... We don't even have a crew to help clean up or cook, we're completely alone in this house. I suppose they wanted to drive us closer with isolation... But that would only lead to us awkwardly avoiding one another like we have been doing for the past couple of days..." Leon lets out yet another sigh and throws his legs over the edge of the bed. He had slept in a Grey T-Shirt with a pair of shorts made out of a satin like material. Needing something to help him clear his head - Purge it of the dream he had while sleeping and the problems he faced in reality. He made his way over to the window in which the sunlight was brightest. He pulled back the velvet curtains and let sunlight flood into the room, illuminating the walls brightly. He has to squint at first as his eyes readjust to the sudden change in lighting but once they had - After a bit of rubbing and blinking - he turned the lock on top of the window and pushed it open. A gentle, almost spring breeze blew in, caressing his hair back. He almost smiled, for the wind carried the scent of flowers and nature from the nearby forests and meadows. Resting his forearms across one another, leaning against the window sill, Leon stared out at the vast canvas painted with a large array of colors and vivid pictures - The art of nature.
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