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  1. This is THE FORM for Acamshade Academy.
    RP Link:
    Although you don't have to put more than a line for anything, feel free to get elaborate as long as you use the form. Thanks!
    AND READ THE RULES FIRST! I can't stress that enough! And YOU CAN ONLY BE ANTHROPOMORPHIC! Oh, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    Our Species:

    Name: Alexandra "Lex" Rivers
    Gender: Female
    Species: Canid
    Our Species: Gray Wolf
    Age: 16
    Grade: 11th
    Appearance: Lex has white fur with a black blaze on her chest and bright green eyes. She is short, about 5'3, and weighs 106 pounds. Her hair is short and black, and sometimes infiltrates her vision. She has moderate hips and breasts, a slim figure, and a surprising amount of muscle. She can and will pick a fight, even if she thinks she might lose. She usually wears all black clothes.
    Personality: Although she's usually nice, Lex can be - no pun intended - a bit of a bitch. As stated above, she sometimes starts fights, and has a tendency to disregard the rules. She is a thief, and will steal anything she can, including whatever is in your pockets.
    Dorm: 313
    Other: Lex is a lesbian.
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  2. Name: Karn "Car" Medisly

    Gender: Male

    Species: reptile

    Our Specises: unknown

    Age: 17

    Grade: 11

    Appearance: every thing on there but only has two eyes and thumbs on each hand

    Personality:Trys to act menacing to keep others away and usually succeeds because of his looks and the way his voice is (deep and a little raspy and sometimes prolongs the s'es in words) but when it comes to others that he cares about he treats them like family and is very tolerant especially to young ones under 13

    Dorm: 322

    Other: Karn was raised in a family that strongly believed in the use of martial arts to protect the weak and was trained to use his whole body to do so. Karn is a bisexual and loves the forests and hunting
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  3. Hi! Welcome to the Academy! And yes, dorms are the rooms the students stay in while on the island.
  4. guessing co-ed right? and thank you
    p.s. were do i post?
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  5. Oh, duh, sorry, I forgot to put a link...oops. I'll edit that in now.
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Alexander " Verde " Green
    Gender: Male
    Species: Canine
    Our Species: Canis lupus
    Age: 18
    Grade: Senior
    Personality: Alexander looks to be the type to be outrageous and fun going, which most of the time he is...with his true friends. When around new people he tends to be quiet and a bit shy even.
    Dorm: 328
    Other: He enjoys singing, people tell him he has a nice voice but he thinks its just moderate, he also plays some piano.
    (if anything is wrong let me know)
  7. her other form​
    her true form (on the middle one)​
    My kind has only two one is The Demons of the light and then there are The Demons of the Dark
    16 going on a 17 (XD)
    Dark but Sweet and
    loves Cookies Anime And Playing her Piano
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  8. chi i'm sorry but I cant see the pics
  9. all i have to say it looks cool. and is it just all the pic or is it because whatever your using dose not late you see pics?
  10. damned pc's wont let my cause of restrictions
  11. Oh ok then i'm change my pic anyways XD
  12. there are no human forms chi lol and saddly i cant see the second pic even with the URL AAAAAAA DX
  13. well then sucks to be you XD and its not her human form its just a form when she does nto want to be her demon from SUCK THAT XD
  14. ok no magic HA >:D
  15. she a demon suck that demons have many forms suck it
  16. -_- i'm never going to win am I? lol
  17. you could just say no demons o.e
  18. no your not and i would say she not a demon she a angle demon
  19. she could just ban heaven and hell e.e
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