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  1. Just as the title says! I'm thinking about starting a group Roleplay which has everything to do with Unnatural talents. Though talents such as art and music can be included as their secondary, the main talents do need to be something that not everyone can possess. That's what makes them special. These type of talents include but are not limited to Holy/Unholy abilities, telekinesis (includes pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, aerokinesis, and geokinesis (In short, people that controls the elements)), incredible flexibility, unnaturally broad vocal range (is related to singing), whatever you can think of.

    You may create a student or a teacher (further description for those two will be created if this is made into a thread). Straight, Yaoi, and Yuri romance will be highly encouraged. You can be whatever species you can think of. I just want to know if anyone would be interested in something like this.
  2. This seems pretty cool. I'm thinking of a nightcrawler type power set (ie. short range teleportation, wall climbing) I'd join something like this.
  3. Glad you're interested c:

    I'm generally waiting for five or more who are interested. If I get that, then I'll make the thread.
  4. Ok then. I like the superpower academy type role plays :)
  5. o 3 o hmm.....I like this....

    CAN I JOIN?! D,:
  6. Of course~

    ; A ;) OMGZ idk what I shall make...
  8. Me, I might join
    • You had me at Yaoi darling~! I'd be happy to join! It sounds like a fun experience, and I get to choose some rather cool talents~
    Count me in~! ^.^
  9. You, my dear, are awesome.

    I'll wait for about one or two more people to state interest, then I'll start the thread.
    • Thank you darling~!
    I can't wait~ ^v^
  10. Sounds interesting! I think I'll join~!
  11. Oh yay! I guess I can start on the super thread then C:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.