Academy of the Rose

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  1. It was just supposed to be a afternoon job--one that would let her get out of the house and away from the people that called her family. That was what she had been told at least. The school needed a part time office manager that would do paperwork and as she liked to put it 'paper pushing'. She was never supposed to have to actually run between classroom's depositing stuff for the teachers.

    Seventeen and a half year old Alandria Halerim was supposed to go and come back. Only, she stopped. She stopped in the middle of a beautiful rose garden, surprised at how beautiful a garden could be int he fading light. She knew that she was vulnerable where she was at the moment. Everyone knew that this place was strange. No one was allowed in unless they met 'certain criteria', though no one told her what that criteria was. But she didn't think that anyone would bother her. She was average build with ear length brown hair and blue eyes. But it was the scar from left eye to her chin that made her feel that no one would bother her. And if they did, they would be too busy looking at her scar and no paying attention to her.

    A reward for being in the way of her father during one of his fits, the scar reminded her everyday while she resented her older sister who had gotten out, but hadn't thought that maybe Alandria would want to go to Ireland too. And so now, she was working at the strangest high school she had ever seen. Her calf-length rose colored skirt fluttered around her in the wind that picked up as her loose blouse.
  2. The sun, slowly setting, reflected in the water as Kyle moved his hand above the surface. Focusing his powers, his grey eyes narrowed in concentration as the water rose up to his palm, forming a sphere that gently hovered barely an inch above his skin. Moving the water around without thinking he twirled it round his fingers and up into the air as he thought. This school was like sent from heaven really, his first memory of school was not good ones, despite not being bullied he had never really fitted in. Kyle had always understood that it would be best if he didn't show his powers to others but that had only made him an outsider, until he was contacted and enrolled into this academy. It had been a relief to suddenly be surrounded by others who had powers, and even those who weren't really human. Kyle's first meeting with a werewolf had chocked him but now he felt at home. He now lived in the grounds of the academy as well, like many other students, especially those with more riskfull powers like vampires and werewolves, and he could use his powers whenever he wanted to.

    Letting his water go it fell back into the small pond with a splash allowing for small water droplets to stain his stone washed jeans, he froze as the last ripples vanished. He wasn't alone, a girl had walked in, he could see her skirt through the bushes. Trying to place her Kyle came up with nothing, she couldn't be a student here, unless she was new. Hoping she hadn't seen him manipulate water he got to his feet and headed over to her, his eyes were instantly drawn from her short brown hair when he saw the scar on her cheek, she must have been in some accident for that large of a scar, he thought tom himself.

    "Hello, are you a new student here?" Kyle asked, looking in to her eyes with his dark grey gaze.
  3. Alandria jerked and turned to look at the young man that had seemingly appeared in front of her. Her eyes locked with his dark grey gaze and she froze, about to turn and dash back to the office. Her? A New student? Did she look like one? She slowly shook her head, as if she was afraid to get hurt. Who knew, after all, why this boy had been placed int he academy. For all she knew he could have been placed here because he had tried to kill someone. She swallowed back her fear slowly and tilted her head.

    "N-No, I have a part time job in the office," the young woman said, her eyes flicking nervously around to make sure that none of the other office workers were near them and could see her in such an obvious breech of the rules. "I hope I didn't interrupt you in anything. I was just astonished at the beauty of the garden. Do you know what they use to make it grow so well?" While she knew only a little gardening, she was rather fond of the way that flowers could grow int he most unlikely of places. She wrapped her arms around her to keep from fidgeting under the gaze of this young man. She had to admit that he was nice on the eyes, but if anyone saw her talking with him, she might lose her job and she needed the money.
  4. Kyle had heard about the office hiring someone to help out but he had never met the person nor cared very much, so this was her then, she was cute he admitted with clear blue eyes that for the moment radiated slight fear. "So you are the new helper, nice to meet you I'm Kyle" He said with a warm smile, understanding some of her nervousness. Before he started here, he too had heard the rumors of the Academy of the Rose, kids in his class enjoyed making up stories about just how dangerous the students from there were. Now that he went there himself he knew it was not so bad, of course some of the more odd students could be dangerous but the school didn't teach just the normal subjects but also classes divided by race or skill to theach them about just their special ability.

    "Not at all, I was just about done here," he assured her. "I come here everyday to enjoy the beauty and the tranquility, especially by the small pond further in." Nothing could ease his mind as this garden could, whether he trained his skill or just took a break he always came to the rose garden. "I'm not sure, but I've heard that the head gardener has some sort of home made plant nutriment and a gentle hand." Kyle smiled askew, it wasn't probably not such a good idea to point out that the gardener was an elemental just as Kyle, though one with an affinity to earth.

    "I hope you'll like it here as long as you'll stay though, trust me the rumours are exaggerated quite a bit, before I started here I had heard just bout every rumour there is and I was so nervous my first day," Kyle chuckled as he remembered how he'd barely dared to look at the other students, or even the teachers, but he'd soon gotten over that when he noticed how he was no longer an outsider.
  5. "You sound like you are welcoming another student, Kyle." Alandria said with a smile. "I'm afraid I don't really fit in here. Nothin' special about me that is I mean. I'm just here for a job to get some money. I'm Alandria by the way, how rude of me to not say that before." She held out a hand in a businesslike manner, though at the same time her eyes spoke of friendship. How many times had she frightened away potential friends simply because of the scar? Only this boy didn't seem like he was effected by it at all. Maybe time here at the Academy office wouldn't be so bad if she kept running into people that were this nice.

    It was then that a strong wind picked up around her and she found herself trying to keep her hair out of her eyes. She looked around as if trying to see which way the wind came from so that she could get out of the way, but instead she found that it was only around her that was windy. The rosebushes near here remained still even though they were only a few inches from her. She took several steps back and sighed with relief when she stepped out of the wind storm, only go wide eyed again when it followed her. She froze where she was, fear taking over her body. What was going on? She turned wild blue eyes on Kyle, as if trying to see if he was behind this strange event.
  6. "Everyone is special in their own right, sometimes you just need to find it."Kyle said and shook Alandria's outstretched hand, casually jerking his head slightly to get his chestnut bangs out of his eyes, somehow he kept forgetting to cut his hair and now it was at an irritating length to say the least.

    As wind suddenly picked up, swirling around Alandria Kyle first thought it was only a small whirlwind until it followed her as she moved, he knew only a few students with this sort of control over wind it had to be one of them that was having fun right now, times like these he wished for telepathic powers. "Eh, it must be a local whirlwind," Kyle said quickly. "You know how some of those can just follow you sometimes," hoping she'd buy that he looked around the garden trying to spot his suspect. Finding the spot he believed the culprit to be Kyle decided to try one of his newer tricks, remotely he pulled up a bit of water from the pond, frowning as he concentrated, he then proceeded with guiding the blob of water, he had not yet the skill to actually form water at this distance yet, to a large second story window. Casting a glance upwards Kyle felt sure he was in the right place and let go of his grasp on the water, for a moment feeling it splash over someone before he snapped his attention back to Alandria, the wind around her died down slowly, proving he had not just doused some innocent person.

    "Are you okay?" He asked looking her over, her fear had come back during this but he hoped it wouldn't scare her too much. When he got his hands on Drew he'd show him, everyone on the school was perfectly aware of the rules, the most important being: Do not let normal people know yur powers, and here he was playing tricks on Alandria.
  7. Alandria stepped back when the wind had died down. "Local whirlwind my--" She had started to say before cutting herself off, not wanting to sound like the lower city citizen she was. she reached trembling hands up to flatten her hair which had been whipped around into a wild design by the wind. When she noticed how much her hands trembled, she hid them behind her from Kyle. She didn't even bother to fix her shirt which had come off one shoulder to reveal a white lace bra strap. She probably didn't even know it had happened.

    "I'll be fine, thank you for asking," the young woman said as she forced a small smile. She turned around looked at the rose bush near her. She was secretly glad the wind hadn't hurt the bush. Reaching out with trembling hands, she brushed a few of the petals with fingers that trembled visibly. Then she pulled them back and put on a sweet smile and turned to look at Kyle. "I suppose I should get back to my work. It was a pleasure to meet you Kyle. Maybe we will see each other again." She turned halfway to wave at him. And then her foot slipped.

    Her foot slipped clean out of her sandal as she made to step away. She squeaked as she fell hard on her tailbone. Fighting to keep from screaming out loud from the pain, she looked embarrassed at the ground. She just had to go and fall in front of a cute guy. She couldn't have made a beautiful exit and impressed someone for once? it seemed her fate was against her. Trying to untangle herself from her skirt, she started to push herself up.
  8. Kyle heard how silly his explanation sounded even as he had said it and he understod her reaction but although he didn't like it it was best to avoid the truth for now. Really how great of an idea would it be to tell a girl it was a school for people with special powers or even of another race, unless he scared her off completely he'd be taken for a lunatic. "I hope we will," he smiled at her when Alandria prepared to leave, deciding to not bring up her trembling hand or toussled hair, in his experience girls generally didn't like having strangers point out their appearance, though he easily talked with people Kyle was certain that he wasn't and expert when it came to women.

    Just as she turned back slightly Alandria slipped and before he could take more than a step forward she'd fallen to the ground. "Does it hurt?" He asked without thinking, sighing inwardly at his own stupidity. "Stupid question I guess," Kyle chuckled slightly embarrassed as he bent down slightly and offered a hand to help Alandria up. "But you're not hurt, are you?" He asked when Alandria stood upright again, concern lacing into his voice. Trying to think of a way to make up for her rather tumulting time with him he looked at a rose bush, remembering her interest for them. Gently breaking of a long steam he used a bit of water control to make sure the flower would survive just a bit longer. "Here," he said, reaching out the flower to her. "In return for your company and as a slight comfort for your pain."
  9. Alandria had been trying to find words to apologize her absolutely horrible luck that day when he held out a rose. Maybe, just maybe, her day wasn't all that bad after all. She reached out and took the flower, her hand brushing lightly against the young mans. she held the rose up to examine it, though she held it in such a way that she could look at the boy at the same time. He seemed strange, but she supposed that everyone was strange int heir own way. To use his words 'Everyone is special in their own right, sometimes you just need to find it'. She had a talent for recalling what others said when she put her mind to it.

    "Why for my company? I'd have to say I've been more trouble than not in these last few minutes. First attracting a whirlwind and then falling and having to get your help in getting up because I wear too long of skirts?" She asked as she looked at the rose with a small smile. "Though I guess I will take it as a comfort. A rose this beautiful will make even the darkest of wounds heal with a glance if given at the right time. It's very beautiful, thank you Kyle. You have an eye for roses it seems." She almost sounded wishful when she spoke of the rose healing wounds, but it quickly vanished when she looked up at Kyle and smiled. She bent over and took her remaining sandal off and picked the two up. She wasn't going to risk falling and making another fool out of herself in front of his young man. That would ruin her day for sure.
  10. Smiling at Alandria, Kyle said. "I don't consider it an annoyance to talk and help a cute girl." He got curious at her sentence though, about dark wounds, and he wondered if she just used it as a reference or if she spoke from personal experience though curious Kyle still considered that to be a too personal question for their short time together. "I'm glad you like it Alandria," he said genuinely satisfied over her appreciation. "Oh, I have no skill with gardening or flowers, I just choose the rose that complemented your colours." He may not be an artist of any sort but Alandria wore colours resembling roses and her brown hair and blue eyes went nicely with the deep colours of the roses.

    Standing still Kyle didn't really want to say goodbye, he enjoyed this girl's company and searched for something else to talk about but came out short as he heard faint footsteps closing in, the person would soon pass by the half open corridor that flanked the garden. "Someone's coming," he said in a lower voice than normal. Kyle wouldn't get in trouble but Alandria could be more unlucky if the wrong person came by here, he had a strong feeling that it was frowned upon if the human helper learned the truth of the school. "Maybe you should go back to the office? It'd be best if that person don't see you I think." While intending to just say goodbye and head on his way Kyle's mouth acted on it's own without any agreement with his brain. "Would I meet you again here, or have I managed to scare you off completely?" He asked, his usual askew smile playing at the corner of his mouth.
  11. Her cheeks lite up when he called her a cute girl, and she couldn't help but smile a little at the compliment. But then someone was coming and he was urging her to return to the office. She was reminded then of how she had been ordered to go and return without hesitation or stop. She was taking a step to leave when he asked if they could meet again.

    Her mouth fell open a little before smiling. Looking down at the rose and then around them to see if the other person was there yet, she stepped close to the young man. Without a word, she took his hand and placed the rose in it. Then she turned to walk away before pausing and looking back over her shoulder with a kind, but mischievous smile.

    "You should put that in a vase of water so that I can have it the next time we meet. I would get in trouble if I walked back to work carrying a rose when I wasn't supposed to stop." Alandria said before turning and trotting off, turning the corner just as the footsteps that had been nearing rounded the corner.

    She didn't stop smiling the rest of the time that she worked there that day. When she got off work, the young human walked back tot he rose garden, not really wanting to return home just then. She wanted to stay in the garden and remember the fun she had had that afternoon. She walked through the garden, letting the scent of it fill her and make her laugh. She would soon come to regret voicing her delight for something followed her. A dark something that stayed to the growing shadows as the sun slowly inched it's way below the horizon.

    She turned a corner and found the water pond that the young man had told her about and tilted her head with a smile. So this was what he had meant. It did after all seem like a relaxing place. she neared and was peering in when the shadow attacked. The vampire reached out and pulled the girl against its body, immobilizing the girl with fear.
  12. After parting with Alandria Kyle headed through the corridor, carrying the rose with him, where he almost bumped into Drew. "Great work," Kyle snapped, an irritated frown on his face. "Can't you follow the rules for one day even?" The blonde boy just grinned at Kyle, "Come on, it was just for fun. Besides it's not like you're one to talk Kyle." Resisting an urge to cuss Kyle just glared at Drew, he was right though. It wasn't such a good idea to risk exposure, it would risk the entire school as well as the individuals that went there. Not that he was going to admit that the Drew though.

    "I hope you've done your home work on elemental manipulation, Mrs. Erlington isn't very lenient you know." Kyle said with a smug grin, well aware of the wind elemental's tendency to forget school work. "Shit," Drew muttered, his green eyes slightly anxious as he turned on his heel, heading for an open space probably.

    Reaching the western edge of the academy grounds Kyle's dorm came into sight, his room was on the top floor, though most rooms was still dark as many students still had lessons, thankful that most rooms in the dorms were single rooms. Placing the rose on his small kitchen table Kyle picked up a thin vase, tossing the plastic flower into his wardrobe he filled it with warm water before placing the living rose in it. Satisfied he placed the vase on his desk, where it was protected from direct sunlight.

    Spending the next hours with studying History, surprisingly a lot of weird things had been caused by people with abilities. He wasn't overly interested in school work though and wasn't a straight A student either, except in his elemental classes. Using his powers everyday, honing them to as near perfection he could but it meant neglecting some more boring subjects like chemistry.

    "Damn," he suddenly whispered to himself. He'd been in the middle of a page on Egyptian gods when he'd noticed that the normal weight around his neck was gone, Kyle always wore a silver necklace with a sapphire as it reminded him about water. He'd probably lost it in the rose garden, sighing he put on a thin jacket on his way to the door and set his sights on the garden.

    Not many students were out now, probably inside studying or eating dinner so when Kyle reached the half open corridor he was surprised to see a shadow move among the roses. Looking closer the rising moon gave enough light to show it was Alandria, puzzled Kyle stopped, he was certain she'd left by now, walking in among the rose bushes he made his way to the pond where he'd seen the girl.

    After rounding a bush Alandria came into view again but now she wasn't alone, someone had grabbed her, holding the scared girl close. The moon hit the strangers face and Kyle recognized him, it was a newer student to the academy, glad that he wasn't a vampire himself Kyle sneaked up behind the vampire, hoping he was to preoccupied to notice anything else than Alandria's neck. "Try to control yourself or you'll regret it," Kyle hissed. He had just recently begun learning his second element, wind, and couldn't use any attacks or even form a small gust, but he decided to try another thing. Pulling up water as he spoke he tried infusing cold air into the water, forming an icicle, not a very stable one but as he held it in view of the vampire he hoped the new student would be coerced to leave the girl alone if threatened.
  13. The vampire had frozen, his fangs an inch from the pale skin. his black eyes and the blue eyes of the human were locked on the hovering icicle. Alandria felt the grip around her arms and body loosen and then vanish. The vampire backed up, his hands up.

    "It's her fault!" the vampire said in defense. "Only an idiot or someone wanting to get bit would walk around campus at night if they were h-one of them."

    Alandria turned took between Kyle and the vampire, her eyes falling on the fangs that were slowly retracting from view. She bit back a scream and took another step back before wincing and looking down. She had stepped on a silver and blue necklace. She scooped it up and then turned back to the horribly confusing scene before her. There was an icicle hovering in midair, someone with retractable fangs, and then there was Kyle--oh so normal looking Kyle. her eyes widened a little and she took another step back from them.

    a man's hand touched her shoulder and she jerked around, punching out without thinking about it. She winced as her hand hit rock hard flesh and the man walked pass her to look at the two students. The gardener frowned at the two. "Kyle, we have a visitor, you, new one, get about your business before we expel you for attacking this nice young woman who I have to say has impeccable taste for wanting to see my rose bushes." he said, his voice gruff.
  14. Relived he noticed the vampire back off, releasing Alandria who backed off quickly, Kyle barely noticed that the she picked up something as he fought to keep his icicle solid, but before he could retort the middle aged gardener approached, sending the new student off and Kyle's icicle chattered into tiny pieces as his concentration broke. "Yes sir," he said to the man, looking at Alandria he wondered if he'd ever gain her trust after this. "Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" He asked, lowering his hands, opting to stay still and not follow her lest he scare her off. "I'm not sure how to explain this to you I admit," he said with a small smile, void of mirth. Thankful at least that it was Henry who'd interfered and not one of the strict teachers, Kyle knew the gardener quite well after spending so much time in his garden and though gruff and imposing the man was kind, unless you damaged his roses. Kyle was at a loss of words really, he wanted to explain everything to Alandria as a lie now would only push her further away though at the same time he was reluctant to speak of it with Henry there.

    "Did you loose your tongue Kyle? We don't have all night." Henry said. "There's warm tea ready in my cabin, it'll ease your nerves Miss." Without looking at Kyle or Alandria he made off through the garden to a small house where he lived to be close to his beloved roses, a warm light shining through the curtains covering the windows. Smiling slightly despite the situation Kyle looked after Henry before aiming his grey gaze at Alandria. "I'll explain all off this, or try to, but it'd be much more comfortable inside." Kyle said hoping that she'd give him a chance to tell the truth. "I promise you will not be hurt in any way."
  15. Alandria's hands clutched at the necklace she had found. Everything had happened so quick after she had been spooked by the third man that evening. The first man was gone and the large gardener was heading off, leaving her and Kyle alone next to the pond. She bit her lower lip, the words of her boss repeating in her mind: Do not stay on grounds after dark. Go straight home. Why had she not remembered or even done as she had been told? Why did she have to and cause another ruckus in front of this rather handsome young man?

    She dipped her head, avoiding his eyes. She was in trouble, she knew it. the gardener would probably get her to stay in his cabin until they found her boss. And then her boss would fire her and she'd have to find a new job. She thought maybe she could run, but then the sight of the hovering icicle pierced her mind and she shuddered. Instead of running like her instincts were trying to tell her to do, Alandria stepped past the young man and followed the gardener as he led the way back to his cabin.

    "You don't have to explain anything really. I'm used to not being told what's going on," the girl said as she passed before trotting off to catch up with the gardener. When she entered the cabin, she took the offered seat and sat fiddling with the necklace, her own blue eyes locking with the blue jewel. "I'm in horrible trouble, aren't I sir?" She asked Henry, who was making the tea ready for them to drink.
  16. Looking after Alandria as she hurried after Henry he wondered what she meant by her words, used to not being in the loop, now he really hoped Henry would tell her what happened or at least not forbid Kyle from doing so. Kyle seated himself at the table as well, in a seat opposite Alandria, and waited silently as Henry placed a sugar bowl and three cups on the table and poured in steaming tea and a scent of summer with flowers and berries filled the room. "That would be true Miss," Henry answered calmly, his posterior showing nothing of any feelings. Kyle sipped his tea, jerkning his head slightly as he burned his tongue on the hot drink, he worried over what the man might do or say, he'd only known her for a short while but that didn't mean he didn't care for her well being. "You see, this school is special and we like to protect our students as long as we can." the gardener explained keeping his brown eyes on Alandria. "That's why I'm not planning to fire you, we can't risk you telling anyone about this. If you swear to not tell anyone of what happened tonight you can continue working as normal." Henry's voice was calm yet it had an edge as if foreboding something bad in case they found out if she broke that promise.

    Kyle had by now noticed the necklace in the girl's hands, it was his, realising it was that that she'd bent to pick up earlier, yet he decided to wait until this was over to ask for it. "If you want to know what this school is about you can always ask me Alandria," he offered, putting extra weigth on the words about her own will. Kyle cast a questioning glance at Henry as well, he respected the man and wanted his approval before doing anything like this, having Henry on their side would be a lot better then against them.
  17. Alandria took her cup after leaving the necklace in her lap. Blowing on it lightly she took a small sip and smiled. "You are a wonderful tea maker, sir," she said with a smile before taking another small drink as she listened to the man speak. Her gaze did not leave the tea cup until Kyle spoke, but by the time that she looked up, he was already looking at Henry as if asking for permission. Alandria bit her lip and then look up at the gardener.

    "Sir, you needn't worry of me telling anyone about what I saw. I do not want to lose the only source of income I have that I do not have to give to my father. I could care less if that young man that was trying to bite me had rabies or just had a biting fetish. I need this money. What I saw, and what I may yet to learn will never pass these lips." she said, before giving a small weak smile, becoming shy. "I learned a long time ago that others secrets are not others to spill. With that in mind, I promise to you that I won't tell a soul."

    She took another sip of tea before putting it down on the table and picking up the necklace again. "And Kyle, I thank you for your offer. Maybe when I'm not as rattled as I am right now I will ask. Though I do have one question, if you wouldn't mind. It was you that summoned that icicle wasn't it?" she turned blue eyes that weren't filled with fear like they had been with the wind storm, or like earlier. They were filled with a curiosity that could conquer fear.
  18. Nodding in satisfaction Henry offered a smile, or rather a small twitch in the corner of his mouth and his dark eyes narrowed so his wrinkles showed, "good, I think you'll have plenty more time here. Just be a bit careful on the grounds, especially at night." His last words came in a more quiet, and stern voice, as if they were most important. Henry finished his own tea, apparently not bothered by its heat, before heading off to the small alcove where his kitchen was placed.

    "Yes," Kyle reluctantly answered Alandria's question his posterior stiff, his jaws were clenched and his eyes darkened with worry. It was a moment he'd dreaded since childhood, the first time another person had learned of his powers it had not been a good memory for Kyle and so he feared her reaction. Except his own experience Kyle had heard other students tell about their own experiences and they were mostly bad. "Though I didn't really summon it, used a mix water and air to freeze and shape it. It was that power I used to douse the guy who teased you with the whirlwind, as concentration is needed for our powers to work." Thinking that if he now was telling her this it mattered not if he told a lot or a little, all would probably come out in the light some time or the other.
  19. Alandria sipped her tea slowly, processing it all and waited until she had warmed her body with the tea and had placed the now empty cup on the table before responding after several minutes of purposeful silence. "Local whirlwind my backside," she finally said, as she tried to keep from smiling outright at this. Her eyes remained on the cup though as she thought a tiny bit more. Monsters of the night, for that is all she could think of when thinking of the lad that had grabbed her earlier, and other creatures were real?

    Then she turned her blue eyes to the elemental. "You aren't pulling my leg are you? This isn't some kind of silly show where you get elaborate computer graphics to see how long a poor defenseless girl takes to figure it out?" she asked before shaking her head, answering her own question, "No, I don't suppose it would be. You all are too serious for it to be some show like that." The girl reached up and pushed some of her hair behind her ear and unconsciously ran a finger tip up and down the scar on her cheek as she thought.

    "So, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you are some kind of mage, or water controller Kyle?" she asked finally, looking from the boy to the tea cup, still waiting for some crew to jump out and say some stupid phrase like candid camera.
  20. Chuckling softly his tension seemed to melt away at her reaction, "I guess that was a pretty lame excuse." Now that Kyle's tea had mostly cooled to barely lukewarm he finished it quickly, having never been able to drink hot liquids, though warm tea was delicious he just didn't like, or could, drink it without letting it cool. "I assure you it's no prank Alandria," Kyle said, his askew smile back in place. "You're almost spot on though, I'm an elemental, one who can control the elements. We start out with only one though, mine is water, then we branch out and learn other elements. I'm starting on wind as it felt easy for me, while fire will be hard as it is the opposite of my natural element. It is rare for an elemental to be skilled enough to handle more than three expertedly though."

    As he spoke, he saw in the corner of his eye that Henry had poured water in a bowl, whether the gardener had done so on purpose or for his personal use Kyle wasn't sure but he took the opportunity. "Do you see that bowl of water on the counter?" He asked Alandria, pointing with his thumb over his shoulder. When she'd seen it he held out his hand, palm up and at first nothing happened until the water slowly rose out of the bowl and seemingly floated over to Kyle, pooling into his hand where he then shaped it into a perfect sphere.

    "Feel free to make sure, but this water is not a trick," he said, barely needing to concentrate fully over the simple usage of his powers, stretching out his hand closer to Alandria. Whether she touched it or not Kyle then concentrated harder and started weaving in wind into the water sphere and soon a solid, smooth piece of ice fell out of Kyle's hand and rolled over the table before coming to a stop against a mug, it held it's shape for several moments before shattering into tiny ice shards. With a small wave of his hand Kyle shaped it to water and sent it back into the bowl again.