Academy of the Gifted

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Welcome to Academy of the Gifted, a home that has been around for over 256 years ago. My name is Essylt Anise Saith, headmistress of this enchanting place. Now... you may be wondering why you're receiving this letter. I'm sure you know what you're capable of, a very special student found you and believes you can be a very great asset to this world. Earth... its a mighty place. Filled with all sorts of creatures; either mortal or immortal. Some in plain sight and others hiding within the shadows.

My goal is make sure our people continue to survive like they have been since their homes had been taken and in order to do this, all of you who attend here will be trained. Not any normal training but harshly tested to your breaking point both physically, emotionally and mentally. It is my job to shape you into the fighter that Sahep is looking for. Now... will you fight for everything that has been taken from you or allow our tragedy to follow us into our new world? The decision is up to you or your guardian.


Essylt Anise

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