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  1. We stopped where Reito and Blanco were in his dorms, he was taking pills for his headache and he asks about James. Here are the exact lines:
    "So, who's that James that's gonna come pick us up?" Blanco questions with a smile as he jumps out of the dorm window, pulling Reito along, to the ground.

    Reito sighed, looking at him. "You really want to know?" She mumbled.

    "Am I not allowed to know?" Blanco smiles his usual smile as he takes out the map again.

    @Reito you go first o3o
  2. Reito frowned, then crossed her arms, watching Blanco. "When I was about fifteen, I was in the middle of my killing spree days, where I didn't care about anything but finding my parents and killed anyone who got in my way." She glanced away, then back. "Well one day I was walking through the market, when I saw a lady and a guy around my age being dragged out of a coffe shop. The boy was being beaten while the lady was having her clothes torn off, For some reason I got agitated and decided to help. Well while I managed to kill the attackers, they had backup come, which is where the Azarai clan came and took them away. It agitated me more that they were taking away something that I had just claimed not five seconds ago, so I followed them to their hideout, slaughtered about half of them, and helped the boy and the lady out." She exhaled, pausing and tapping her fingers on her arm, remembering. "After it was all done and I got them home safely, instead of looking at me like a beast and a murderer, they took me in and helped me to some food and cleaned my bloodied clothes. You can say they decided they owed me big after that."
  3. "Heeeh~" The end of Blanco's mouth turned upward in interest as he heard Reito explained how she got to know James. "Despite all your mean and cold looks you're still pretty kind huh. Rescuing the lady and the boy like that." He grinned, and watched Reito for a moment before looking away, the grin turned into the slightest sign of a smirk. "Now I want to be that boy and get beaten, so you can come rescue me. I wonder how that'll feel~" He teased. "...Maybe later...I will go like...Purposefully get captured away and wait for you to come~Or maybe..." He appeard to be in thoughts.
  4. Reito frowned, pinching Blanco's arm. "Don't even try it." She grimaced at the thought of it. "Where does the map say to go?" She said, changing topics quickly. She didn't want to even think about him being captured and beaten like that. She knew she would lose her mind.
  5. "Look at your worried expression. I'm just joking, don't take it seriously." Knowing that the other wasn't pleased with his words, Blanco brushed a hand across Reito's head lightly before turning his attention to what Reito was talking about. "The map....Hmm." He studied the map for a moment. "'s kind of blurry huh...." A frown appeared on his face, and he handed the map to Reito.
  6. Reito frowned, taking the map from his hand and turning it around. She looked at him, a small smile playing on her lips. "It's upside down." She chuckled, then pointed to the place where they would meet James. "Here's where we meet him, and.." She moved her finger across the map, leaning closer to Blanco to show him. " Here is where the laboratory is. It should take us about 2hours to get there on foot but.." She chewed the inside of her lip, trying to decide if she should transform and carry him on her back.
  7. Blanco, for once, showed a bit of embarrassment for reading the map upside down. The slightest pink of his cheek appeared but he brushed it away, "So even I make mistakes huh." There's some dissatisfication in his voice.
    Nodding along with Reito's words, Blanco teasingly placed a light kiss on Reito's cheek when she leaned over to show him the map. It's more like a pay back to her pointing out how he read the map upside down but whatever. "I see...We meet James there." As if able to read the other's frustration, he chuckled. "I know how to transport, you know. Even though not that long a distance, but probably able to go faster...Unless you want me to ride you?" There's a glint of mischief in his eyes.
  8. Her face flushed bright red with embarassment when he asked if she wanted him to ride her. "N-no, I didn't say that." She looked away, her face growing hotter and hotter as she spoke, stuttering a bit. "L-lets just teleport. Yeah." She refused to look at him, glancing to her sides instead. God dammit Blanco, can't you go one freaking day without doing this to me? She thought angrily.
  9. Blanco choked back a laugh and ended up chuckling. "You're blushing, Reito." He looked at Reito, who had looked away. "And stuttering, too. Ah, it's so fun teasing you, your reactions are so cute. Even your angry face." Throughoutly delighted, Blanco clapped his hands. "I won't mind if you ride me, but if you want to teleport, then sure. We go to meet James now....Right?"
  10. Reito frowned, finally looking up at him. "I'll bite you if you don't stop." Her face was still red, but she refused to let him embarass her anymore. She cleared her throat, We meet him in about twenty minutes, so yes." She cleared her throat, trying her best to make her face less red.
  11. "Let's just transport to where we're going to meet, then." Blanco grins, checking the meeting place again. "You might feel a feel dizzy if you're not used to it yet. Hold onto me." Pulling Reito by the arm he pulls the shape-shifter close and put his arms around her waist, "You ready?"
  12. Reito frowned, not ready for this but nodding anyways, slipping her arms around his neck and holding to him closely. "...I'm trusting you." She mumbled, weary of the situation.
  13. Blanco grinned, "Of course you should trust me." After that, he mumbled something under his breath. That moment, a weird blue circle appeared below them followed by a ray of blue lights from the circle. The light surrounded them before they felt themselves falling extremely fast, with such brightness around as if to engulf them into the lights.
    It didn't take long though before Blanco landed with a thud, releasing Reito. "We're here~Where's James?"
  14. Reito frowned, still clinging to him even a bit after the teleport, steadying herself. "Well that was.." she shook her head, trying to clear her dizziness. "Interesting.." She mumbled, watching him and then walking forward a bit, searching the area. "I told you we have like 20 minutes."
  15. Blanco raised an eyebrow. "Oh, I didn't know that." He said, then with a bit of disappointment, he continued. "If I have known that, I would have told you to ride me. It takes a longer period of time and it'll be even more entertaining~" The half angel lets out a dramatic sigh. "And by the time we reach here, James will be here~" He grinned.
  16. Reito frowned, her face growing hotter and hotter. "Stop it." She mumbled, then turned around, refusing to face him. She surveyed the surroundings, making sure nothing dangerous was lurking. Her eyes scattering everywhere. "You keep doing that on purpose.."
  17. Blanco grinned. "It's fun though, your reactions." He said, with a slight laugh. "Besides, we have nothing better to do right now than to wait for James to come right? Never know what'll happen when we reach our destination, so we have to treasure each minute." He said, his eyes scanning around his surroundings as well. "Half shifter half angel huh...." Remembering back to their earlier discoveries and events, Blanco couldn't help but mumbled out.
  18. Reito frowned, looking away still, but this time she pouted, then climbed up a tree, sitting on a branch and refusing to talk to him for the time being. She closed her eyes once she believed that the area was safe, then rested against the tree trunk, sighing as they waited for james to join.
  19. Blanco, watching Reito acting that way, just quietly smiled to himself before leaning against the tree trunk as well, but on the opposite side. The wait last a while, but slowly a car came to view. "Oh~Reito~Is that it?" He tilted his head at the direction of the car, which headlights were shining brightly.
  20. Reito nodded, glancing over to the car and standing up. Just as soon as the headlights shone on both of them up in the tree, it pulled to a halt, and Reito jumped infront of the car, kneeling when she impacted, then straightening herself and looking at the black vehicle in front of her. Just then, the side door opened and a dark figure stepped out. He moved around the car and to the front where Reito was standing."Wow, I haven't seen you in forever." James breathed, then glanced up at Blanco in the tree. "I'm guessing that's your.. boyfriend?" He tilted his head to the side, his red hair falling past his eyes and moving to the other side of his face.

    Reito nodded, her face burning slight red, and looked back at Blanco, reaching her hand out to him to take his hand. "Yeah. He's mine." She mumbled.
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