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  1. Although a romance has formed, their story hasn't ended yet....


    The story of the shapeshifter Reito and the half-angel Blanco, now continuing!!! XD
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  2. Oooooooh~ I can't wait.
  3. Can't wait too. XD
  4. Name: Reito Nakima
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'8
    Weight(optional): 112lbs
    Looks(hairstyles, eye colors, clothes, etc):
    White hair with black highlights, white shirt and pants, the rest is black.
    Job in school(student/teacher/guardian/etc): Student
    Species: Shape Shifter
    Features(optional): She turns into a full grown white arctic wolf the size of a truck when provoked. She has a red spot on her forehead.
    Personality: Observant, quiet, and very blunt. She says things how she perceives them, and isn't afraid to tell you the truth. She has a short fuse, although you can't see it behind her poker face. She's usually the one in the background at confrontations, unless provoked.
    Secret/background story(the story of the character): At the age of four, her parents were murdered by an unknown entity, right before her. The entity only left one trace of themselves behind, and that was a red and white ribbon that she now ties in her hair, a constant reminder of the man she wishes to kill. She's murdered countless beings to find information on this entity, working below the radar in hopes to one day uncover the man, and take her revenge. She's been trained in hand-to-hand combat, and practices daily. She knows how to protect herself and isn't afraid of death. She is her own guardian. She's in the academy solely to suppress the suspicions flowing around her.
    Anything else you want to add(optional):This is what she looks like as a wolf.
  5. Name: Blanco Blondo
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'7''
    school position: Student Council President
    Species: Half angel
    Personality: He is a jerk. Well, he has the most beautiful nicest kindest gentlest smile in the whole planet but no he's evil and jerky and love to tease. He smirks a lot! He uses force! Hey but he is yeah nice still but he is wicked yet attractive yet mysterious! Well, that's the usual him. When he gets serious he is rather a different guy, when he wants to be truly nice he can be truly nice. When he truly cares about someone he turns into a really gentle guy, and I mean, truly gentle. Sadly, he never trust a person easily and rather play around with him or her until he reassures that the person is trustworthy or not. He likes to test people.
    Secret/Background: Blanco's mother, an angel, had given birth to him with a rich human guy. Because of that, his mother was being locked up due to disregarding the rules of the angel world. He grew up not knowing much about his mother but always curious to find out. When his father mysteriously disappeared one night when he was 8, he found himself all alone. Then, a guy dragged him away and called him his slave, beating him up all day and forcing him to do stuff, which created his worst nightmare. He escaped one night finally, dragging his all wounded body to a lake, which he committed suicide. Blanco was rescued, though, by Zero. Zero basically forced him to survive They became friends soon enough, though he still doesn't know what Zero's secret is. In order to live on the street, he developed his mask of gentleness, in which he fooled all the people with. When Blanco joined the academy Zero saw his smartness and his talent as a leader despite his personality. He advised him to be the student council president in which he accepted, half of the reason is to find out more about that person who called Blanco his slave, and to find out where his father disappeared to....(may type more about it later or whatever)
    Anything else: He always wear long sleeves to hide his scars. He loves black tea, he hates sweets, and he loves to annoy Zero.
  6. Purrr-fect~
  7. Yay! XD How should we start the RP though? Like, since we're continuing from the part where we stopped last time...o3o
  8. Uhhmm anyway you want xD
  9. When did we stop last time again.....XD
  10. We stopped where Reito and Blanco were in his dorms, he was taking pills for his headache and he asks about James. Here are the exact lines:

    "So, who's that James that's gonna come pick us up?" Blanco questions with a smile as he jumps out of the dorm window, pulling Reito along, to the ground.

    Reito sighed, looking at him. "You really want to know?" She mumbled.

    "Am I not allowed to know?" Blanco smiles his usual smile as he takes out the map again.

    Annnd Should we start there or whot xD ?
  11. Wee okay, we'll continue from there. Imma go create the actual RP now ouo