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    We, are restless.
    Aged borders cracking, shaking, falling.
    We, are defenseless.
    Babes moan and a mother's tears slide soundlessly.
    We, are at your mercy.
    Welcome back masters of the element.
    Our long lost foe --



    Tumbling down from rolling heavens and crashing to sea. All was still in those passing moments where not even a hush of breath was murmured by spirited wind, speckled with unease and lingering awe. All eyes watched licking waves, waiting for the end to draw its final line, for the earth beneath their feet to shred away and a mouth of hungry flames to devour the soul. Prayers whispered and tongue left dry as they rose from roaring waters, scales shining like glinted gems and teeth curled in mysterious grin. Stepping upon sun skimmed shore, these beasts looked down on quivering humanity, whose hearts were alive with tremulous fear. Humanity prepared, necks bared and welcoming death until the golden one spoke with words so old and full: We wish to stand by your side, to live in this world among you, we creatures born from stars.

    Humanity and Dragon kind lived in fragile harmony amongst one another, the scaled beasts seen as nobility for their strength and wisdom among all creatures and humans an intellectual equal, however as time passed humans grew wary of the dragon’s powerful rule and tension grew between the two species. As suspicion ate away at the trust set by nearly 4,000 years of companionship known as the Age of Drakes war finally broke out when the ruling human king and his household was killed in an act of rage by a noble ice dragon who said he was cheated of his fortune when it was taken away under charges of overdue debt. Only the king’s adopted daughter escaped, being seen briefly by a demented hag who lived on the edge of the royal’s estate and was never heard from again. Many believed that the noble dragon had not killed the king due to unfair charges but had been enchanted by the princess’s grace and had taken her for himself and because of envy he killed the king, though the rumor had never been proven true. As battle after battle drained the land of life, dragons were finally pushed back by a rouge family named Keileths, hunters who trained in the demise of the county’s winged foes. With dragons falling dead after each surprise attack they were driven into bitter, frozen waste lands and forced into hiding to preserve what little lives were left.

    However with the dragons gone, war still tore at humanity for 300 more years which would be known as The Cycle. Without a king many tyrants rose to control the people only to be slain by another blood hungering ruler, leaving anarchy to run rampant in the streets and homes of the innocent. Humans fought against one another, death staining small villages and cities until four Keepers stepped out to settle the destruction and point to a new rising evil that threatened them all.

    The Abandoned.

    They came from The Deep, a sea swirling of murky poison in a forsaken desert whose sand was painted a scarring red. Once they were human, but misfortune changed them, engulfed them in hatred and they only knew how to take away. From village to village they slaughtered all, only one survivor remaining and the curse changing them into one of the very same monsters who stole everything they once knew. As more and more villages fell, The Abandoned army grew at alarming rates. The peacekeepers rose the anger of people, defying the howls of defeat and declared that humanity’s war amongst itself over and a new battle was to be won. These Keepers became known as Henford the Humble, Ahern the Priest, Lawler the Thief, and Riordan the Outcast and from these men came the four klans and The Final Truce to follow. After fighting off the monsters and making them retreat back into the desert, a great wall was built made of the strongest wood called Micle to keep out the creatures. But after 150 years, the knocks of The Abandoned can be heard through the nearby cities. They are wearing the walls down and soon it will fall. As panic ensues the klans, the Dragons crawl from their exile, discretely populating forgotten land and mountains and claiming goodwill. They too will fight in the battle as their own are affected by The Abandoned and the leaders of the klans have agreed to it. As a sign of this treaty, 4 dragons will be sent to Sherwood’s Knight Academy to learn of the human’s ways after 450 years of separation and harboring hatred.


    Document Content

    Dated back to the ending of The Cycle, this academy was built for the rising knights from the four klans. From the loftiest of nobles to the humblest of servants, all came from their homelands to train for a greater destiny. Set upon a high rising hill, our tall castle is set in the middle of Alrina and cut in four separate sections for the differing klans. The East Wing is given to the Veitch, the West Wing to the Brevehaert, the North Wing the Felabane, and the South Wing to the Tarvane. In our wide forests and long reaching plains, our students are placed to assess themselves in honor and chivalry. Students are taught by high reigning Masters of War, trained in the arts and in swordplay, tested at their weakest and strained in their strengths. We take pride in saying that we give our country Alrina only the ripest of knights to fend for her and her people.

    Send your young, your poor, your rich, and proud.
    We vow to make them Knights of Alrina.

    Headmaster Alexander.


    Headmaster – Leading scholar of the academy, chosen by the High Council to take are of the school.
    Mentors – Teachers of the academy. Students are to refer to their mentors as “ Mentor _________”.
    Academ – Students. Mentors have no need to refer to students by
    Novics – First years. Usually bullied and forced into doing chores by upper classman. Ages: 9 - 11
    Mesi – Second years. Ages: 12 - 15
    Heichic – Third years. Ages: 16 - 18
    Upper Heichic – Senior Classmen. Ages: 19 - 24
    Dodder – Older classmen. Ignored by younger classmen and looked down upon for not graduating in time. Ages: 25 +



    Battle Grounds – Located within the outer walls of the castle where students practice archery, hand-to-hand combat, and sword play. Many students use the battle grounds during their pass times to hone their skills.

    Killing Grounds – Wide open grasslands that reach to the forests in where students practice their skills in archery and trapping. Students are only allowed in the hunting grounds between dawn and noonday. No students are allowed outside after moonrise or heavy penalties will apply.

    Game: Spotted Deer, Squirrel, Raccoon, Fowl, Wild Pigs, and Fish
    Rare Game: White Deer, Swans
    Dangerous Animals: Bears, Boar, Moose, Snakes, and Wolves – If students encounter any of these animals they are to evacuate the area and report it to one of the Guild Masters immediately.

    Forests – Land crested with pine, oak, and maple trees. Rich in wild game and used during The Grand Hunt. The forest is quite popularly known for its waterfall where behind it lays a hot spring where students enjoy to take a swim and relax after sore training exercises.
    Beware – Yellow ribbons are tied around trees to tell students where they are permitted to travel. Due to uncharted/dangerous territory, it is required that beyond the yellow ribbons a Guild Master or Elder Acadim is with the younger students.

    Dangers of the Forests – Deep Lakes, Mountains, River Currents, Rock/Mud Slides, Sinking Pits of Mud, and Unstable Caves.

    Courtyards – Where servants and traders bring in carts of food, clothing, and other materials. Visitors are allowed in after being check by the guards for a scheduled visit with a stamped letter by the Head Master.

    Temples – A place to pray to the Divine One. Mostly the

    Dorms (A.K.A Wings) – Separated by klan lineage. Based on cultural standing students will be placed in rooms and be watched over by their assigned Guild Master. Ex: Nobel – Larger room, better beds, 1 or 2 personal servants, personal baths. Commoners – Shared rooms, shared bathing, harder, smaller beds, little to no privacy.

    Beware – Students are to heed their Guild Master at all times and abide by the Academy’s rules. Those who repeatedly disobey warnings will be removed from the Academy’s premises and sent back to their guardians.

    Dining Hall – Where those in the academy gather to eat. Serving times are at dawn and dusk.
    Great Chambers – Meeting hall in where students will gather for major announcements. Also used as a ball room for special events.

    Stables – Horses are kept here. Only the wealthy own their own steeds and if your character is from a middle class family they are expected to work around the castle to pay for using one of the academy’s horses in lessons.

    Grand Library – Large room filled with many books that were donated by the Headmaster. It is rare to find students here besides the Brevehart nobles and Tarvane as literature is not seen as a mandatory skill for commoners.

    Drake Hall – An abandoned underground stable beneath the academy where livestock were kept many ages ago. Filled with old hay for bedding and forbidden from the human students to enter.



    A diverse species that lives in the country Alrina. Known for their intellect and wide ranging cultures, they are most powerful in the land due to population size and material wealth. Known for a bipolar twist of loyalty to craftiness, they are unpredictable and even untrustworthy in their morals and dealing with others and are easily tempted into hatred and envy thus being main factors of their many wars.

    Human Beliefs

    Divine One – A singular entity that humanity looks to as the Great Maker and Keeper. The Divine One keeps the world in check and gave the peacekeepers advisers known as The Four Messengers in guiding them to fight The Abandoned.

    Four Messengers – Beings that helped the peacekeepers fight against The Abandoned as well as building up the klans. It is said that the Divine One gave them special power in areas of war and at the end of their duty they placed their powers into large crystals and those that touch their weapons against a crystal will gain a small fragment of power from the Divine One.

    The Four Crystals – Large rocks kept in separate temples where only chosen knights are allowed to enter. The crystals are said to hold special powers granted to those of pure heart by the Divine One. If one is not pure but tainted with evil the power of the crystal is supposedly to engulf the heart of the knight and brand the knight with a mark of banishment.

    Remnants – The weapons/tools used by the Four Messangers. While humanity knows that they are worthless and hold no power, they still keep them in the Capital as a reminder.

    Dragons – Creatures created by the Divine One to help humanity, but turned against their purpose and sought to enslave humans under their rule. The dragons turned their backs on them, greed corrupting their hearts and minds. The power given to them, the trusting ears that listened to each word breathed, the hope they gave – it twisted them in the end. Acts of tyranny was enacted among the humans as they hissed deceit into the unknowing and took control over human lives. Dragons are widely hated and feared by most humans even though a truce has been made and they will be killed on sight by any who find out who they are.




    Courageous || Loyal || Gallant

    Established by Henford the Humble, Klan Brevehart is the wealthiest and noblest of the klans as they are the main traders of the country, selling furs, fabrics, and raw materials. The people of this klan immerse themselves deeply in the arts and most children are raised in either playing instruments, literature, or water painting as hobbies. The men and women adorn themselves in rare jewels and exotic clothing, raised to always hold a proper and aristocratic standing. Though their founder was known for his acts of servitude for his people and his simplicity over the ages the Brevehart have grown painfully prideful and passively look down upon the other klans. Due to this arrogance, they can be difficult to speak with and may clash with others.

    Culture – Spoiled and dripping in gold, the Brevehart splurge in all wants rather than needs and most families are built upon trade and businesses to support expensive tastes. They are the least religious of the klans as they depend on their fortunes to solve any problems they might face, so it is a rare to find a deeply religious Brevehart. All Breveharts are jovial in a childlike manner and the higher nobles throw many parties on a nightly basis, as the wealthiest families own their own dancers and musicians. Heavy drinking begins at an early age and most Breveharts are drunks, so finding a smashed youth on the streets is a common sight. Despite their pompous attitudes and wild celebrations, they welcome strangers with warmth and entertain their guests with balls and festivals to show off their prosperities.

    Community Beliefs – Loyal to the blood. Breveharts believe in helping only other Breveharts while leaving the other klans to fend for themselves. Family comes first and everyone else last and these people are unlikely to budge otherwise. Those who disregard this silent rule become the community misfit and can be falsely accused of crime by the hateful and powerful as weak links are dangerous and must be destroyed immediately. Punishment in the Brevehart community range from public humiliation to jail sentences, but rarely death.

    Moral Code – Fight for the honor of your loved ones and always be courageous. Upholding your family name is of utmost importance for Breveharts which is why many high nobles send sons and daughters to prestigious schools to gain a worthy destiny. Breveharts never squirm at a challenge and keep a stiff upper lip when faced with utter disgrace. To a Brevehart risking your life to bring glory to your family is true courage.

    About the Founder – Henford was known as the leader of The Keepers, keeping his a clear mind of how actions could affect the lives of the innocent and one of the strongest men known to man. Kind and soft hearted, he was easily pulled into putting himself in danger for others who he saw fit to help.

    What Messenger – Messenger Luti | Holder of Strength. Gave the humans inner and outer strength in battle to keep fighting until the end. Records hold that he was withdrawn and silent, the exact opposite of Henford. They clashed often as Luti held to rash action rather than sympathetic thought to the lives around him.

    Government – The Brevehaert klan is the closest government that resembles the ruler ship of a king. They believe in divine right and that the first born is automatically the next in line and heirs only come from the Upper Lord families. As such, family rivalries are known along with large amounts of scandal in the royal family lines. With mysterious circumstances of death, questioned birthrights, and even cases of incest to keep “bloodlines pure” the Brevehaert court has become very reserved and withhold many rumors under wraps. If a scandal is made known to the people and they disapprove, they are allowed to vote to cast out the current leader and place the next eligible heir in rule.

    Hierarchy – Grand Monarch ➤ Grand Monarch’s Court :: Assembled of Upper Lords & Earls ➤ Great Earls :: Own much of the land and business in the Brevehaert community, has Counts who manages estates ➤ Counts :: Owners of many ships, strong hold of overseas trading and hold a military standing ➤ Baron :: Common families

    Current Grand Monarch – Eldred Cullen :: A tall middle-aged man of magnificent stature, tall and swirling with elegance he has won the hearts of all the Brevehaerts. However, he is quite snide and shrewd when dealing with anyone outside of the Brevehaerts. In fact, it would most reasonable to say he hates the other klans with a boiling passion as he tried to cut off all trading routes and starve them of any goods. It was only when he was threatened with thieving raiders and hinted war that he begrudgingly agreed to allow the trading to commence once again. As of the moment he is a main donator to the academy’s budget and is keeping a close eye on the dragons for potential.



    Tricksters || Thieves || Resourceful

    Keep your money hidden beneath your shirt, look both ways before walking into a new street, and don’t trust a single soul when you pass through the Veitch’s village. It’s still a mystery how Lawler managed to become one of The Keepers, but in essence his expertise in stalking war grounds was of upheld importance to plan out attacks on The Abandoned. The Veitch people are most known for being hired as spies, watching and stealing important documents from those with enough money to pay the price. Think of them as crows, always interested in shiny objects that catch their eye. In regards to how they deal with other klans, they honestly don’t care about who or what happens and keep a neutral standing on any matters. But all negatives aside, they are just modest jokers who enjoy a good laugh at the expense of your humiliation.

    Culture – Tricks and illusions are all part of the game, and the Veitch are masters at rolling the dice. The Veitch are a mix of gypsies, pirates, and your everyday misfit banded together in attempt to keep themselves from poverty. At a young age, the young are taught in pickpocketing, quick escapes, and of course never trusting anyone. It’s no wonder why these people are so aloof towards each other and families barely have strong ties. As the children grow, they move out of home around the age of 12 to make a living usually for wealthy klan nobles who want a tidbit of information about a tacky rival. However, things take a darker side as some Veitch become assassins for a living as they are quick and light on their feet, making a silent kill without a single eye to catch them. On a lighter side though, the Veitch are a jovial group and easy to get along with. They don’t have good schooling and often speak in muffled terms or slangs in course of their wandering adventures. Yet unlike the Brevehaert they have strong ties to worshiping the Divine One, but have slightly twisted the religion to fit their own needs believing that is their right to steal from those better off because the Divine One pities their lack of riches.

    Community Beliefs – Me, Myself, and I. The Veitch only keep one thing in mind – self. They don’t think about others and whether or not they want to “help” them. Sure, the Veitch may seem all nice and may give a hand around the house but in reality they’re looking for something to benefit them. They don’t just do ‘nice’ and expect nothing in return, they hold a debt over your head and if you don’t pay up they’ll ensure some misery on your part.

    Moral Code – Do what makes you wealthy. Not much of a noble rule, but thieves will always be thieves. The Veitch think only money can make you happy since most are born in poverty and die in it. It’s a never ending cycle in which they refer to as a curse. So young men and women alike will sneak into the pocket of a passing stranger and the pocketbooks of a soon-to-be broken hearted lover. To simply put it, they are ruthless when it comes to some gold.

    About the Founder – Lawler was the middle child of five children, being the smallest of his brothers and sisters. Not much was expected of him as his family was of the cynical sort and thought he would die either from sickness or just by looking pathetic. Unable to handle the growing depression of being called worthless by those that were supposed to love him most, he ran away. But as most runaway plans go – it was whimsical and not well thought out. So on the same night he made his escape, he was left curled under a broken tree, hungry and cold. As an old women came his way, an idea came to mind. Crying out for help with dribbling tears, the elder came by his side to help. A few silver coins given, she went on her way not realizing that her whole satchel of money was now in the hands of who would become the most notorious thief known in Alrina.

    What Messenger – Messenger Xeph | Holder of Agility. Giver of speed in making quick attacks and escapes. He and Lawler got along very well, almost having the same personality and agreeing on any plans or ideas for the war. Lawler had even deemed him as a brother.

    Government – What government? Everything about the Veitch is seedy from the politics to family values within the home. The Veitch have only been able to keep themselves afloat by appointing three men known as the Handlers who would decide the laws over the people and acting as judges when a dispute is brought to the forefront. The most trusted Handler holds the most power and is able to sway the people and is called Truk, however becoming the Truk is a resented job as you are no longer allowed to wander from place to place and are forced to meet with the other klan heads.

    Hierarchy – Truk :: Head Handler – is allowed to overthrow laws made by the lower handlers. ➤ The Relice :: Lower Handlers ➤ Helics :: richest thieves in Veitch. Holds an strong hand in laws made since money is very persuasive ➤ Comin :: Regular thieves, usually poor.

    Current Handlers – Truk: Allen Morgan – A young man who resembles a twig and is Lawler’s great-great grandson. With a long, thin body and little to no muscle it is a wonder how the lad is even still walking among the Veitch. Even his voice trembles and his brown eyes twitch with nervousness as he speaks, pulling at equally brown hair in shy manner. Yet, because of his push-over demeanor he isn’t held as much of a threat by the Veitch and is respected for that alone. His two Relice are twin sisters, bitter hags as it should be known. Both are blind but were extraordinary thieves in their time as they only relied on their hearing and touch to swipe valuables, but as age caught them they were asked to join the Handlers to help the young Allen in leading the people.



    Savage || Grave || Spirited

    Do you dare look into the eyes of pure blood-lust? To wrestle with death embodied with human flesh? The Felabane are the most feral of all the klans in every sense of the word. The Felabane are born fighters, gruff and brawling with the other children by the time they can walk. One factor that makes these people so feared is that they are hired mercenaries, better than the Veitch scum who think they know what a good kill is. The Felabane are known for heightened senses and while not being quick are still an imminent danger to anyone in contact with them. Problem is, they are barely hired as their temperament can get the better of them and if not given what they want, even if it means breaking a deal or demanding higher pay – they will most likely beat their contractor to death.

    Culture – Children are given a sword from the time they can walk and are encouraged to start fights with others as to grow in strength and harden them for future battle. Bullying is quite common among these people, growing into long lasting rivalries between families and are passed down to generation to generation. As adults, men will fight in arenas to destine themselves for a certain part of their military organization and to be picked by Battle Hounds who will train them in areas of military warfare. Despite all the aggression, the Felabane are quite loving towards their families and children. Women among the Felabane is quite rare as males are mostly born and girls are protected by the whole community and treated like dolls. While the men may dote on the women, the females are still strongly independent and often enjoy a quick struggle with others, male and female alike. Besides the fighting though, the Felabane are excellent hunters and hold a strong trading agreement with the Brevehart as fur is quite a popular fabric nowadays.

    Community Beliefs – Only the strong survive. Weakness is not excepted in the Felabane klan and never will be. It is stomped, kicked, and eventually killed from every child and then replaced with a battle hardened stance for their future.

    Moral Code – Endure till your final breath. The men and women of Felabane are made to stand strong, that through no matter what challenge or difficulty they will survive, because it’s what the Felabane do. If you lose an arm, you shake it off and return the favor.

    About The Founder – Riordan didn’t start off as an outcast, hated for the very mention of his name. His humble beginnings were attached to the seas, living as freely as the northern winds. Riordan was the captain of a small vessel, managing in the transport of people from one port to another. But mistakes happen, anger taken too far, and the shame that comes along with the morning light. After a drunken night, he woke up to a dead man in his closet. That dead man, was the son of a powerful noble with enough money to place a price for Riordan’s head.

    What Messenger – Messenger Hetian | Holder of Endurance. He was loud, cranky, and immeasurably stubborn. He was the lone wolf of all the Messengers, always sarcastic with a readily made snide remark for stupidity. Despite all this, he gave the humans the will power to endure the most difficult of challenges and pushed them forward in propelled stamina when in battle.

    Government – The Felabane government is built from battle, positions of ruler ship given to those who are worthy. At the age of 16, the Felabane males are given rights into the area to challenge officials in power. When agreeing to a challenge, the village will come together to witness the fight and cheer for their favorite. Arena challenges can range from different sectors of battle, sword fights, hand-to-hand combat, and so on, but most challenges are taken with a dagger and a fist. Not all fights are meant to be to the death, but on occasion if a grudge lingers that fate will fall upon the loser and the people of Felabane don’t really mind. Even when coming to punishment of criminals, the captured will meet their captors in a final round and only the survivors will be set free. All in all, the Felabane only look for the powerful to lead them.

    Hierarchy – General :: Commander and leader of army and village ➤ Serge :: Second-In Command, handles the training novice soldiers ➤ Capli :: Handles a special task force of merchs and defense soldiers ➤ Lutic :: Advisor to the general and main council head who makes laws ➤ Roliks :: Small military force that keeps the village in check and in order ➤ Netic :: Commoners, Heads of family which serve in the army force

    Current General - Milic Orikson :: At the young of 17, Milic is the youngest general of the Felabane for over 4 decades. With a looming stature of over six feet and an impressive muscular build, he has risen to become a few of the strongest men in the Felabane village. He is gruff, ill-tempered, and always ready to start something with the other klan heads, but has a particular distaste for the Veitch which he views as worms who have stolen much of the hired jobs of assassination through cheap tricks and unwillingness to fight face to face. However, the real reason for his hatred lies in the past years where a group of rebel Veitch entered some of the villages repeatedly and stripped them bare of any gold they had, his family being a part of the unfortunate. Due to the lack of money in families, many people died including Milic’s smaller siblings and his grandfather. His hatred for the Veitch is stronger than ever before and he itches for the chance to wipe them clean of the world. He has even attempted in leading the other klan heads to turn their backs on the Veitch as they are only petty thieves and a pestilence to the land.



    Kindness || Knowledge || Patience

    They stand for justice, they protect the weak, the help the fallen, and they serve The Divine One. The Tarvane is the only klan that have a deeply rooted culture that connects to their faith. While the other klans have seemingly forgotten and shamelessly forget who sent the Four Messengers, the Tarvane always keep the sacrifice made in their hearts. They are the humblest of the klans and the simplest when it comes to how they splurge. They are mocked of course by the other klans, thought of as odd and much too serious to a point in where no one bothers to listen to them much less acknowledge their presence. But what is to be noted of these people is that they are far smarter than you could ever imagine.

    Culture – They are taught to love others at a young age, to sacrifice for those who are less fortunate themselves. The Tarvane are kind to a fault and all too ready to put their lives on the line for anyone and everyone. Boys and girls alike are brought into temples to learn of the ways of chivalry and of the Divine One. While only males can be Priests, the women of the village take the roles of taking care of the temples and teaching the children. In honesty, women have a major role of keeping the family life stable as the men leave often to take on quests and are away from home and they work in the shops to provide for themselves. After graduating young girls and boys alike are usually taken by their fathers out of the village to seek out those in distress and to find out who they want to be when they grow older, whether it is to be a humble knight, a temple carer, and the list goes on.

    Community Beliefs – Use your head. The Tarvane don’t simply make a choice just for making a choice. They think, ponder, and agonize over decisions which can actually make them pretty irritating to be around. They despise stupidity and people with absorb reasoning, making them very prideful and difficult to work with in a group setting as they believe they are always right.

    Moral Code - Learn from history. The Tarvane are a sensible people, thinking that mistakes can be avoided if one looks at similar decisions and the outcomes that came from it. In a darker sense, they believe that mistakes tend to stab one through the back if not dealt with immediately. Either way, intelligence should be used in any situation.

    About The Founder – Ahern had once grown in the comforts of a rich family and obedient servants. He was pampered with never a finger to be lifted, luxury at his beck and call. But his envied life could not soothe an emptiness that tore him apart and one night Ahern disappeared without a trace. Wandering in the wilderness, he looked for a purpose that was bigger than he could imagine and he found it in a sick village. The villagers were infected with a fast-spreading virus that ate through their lungs and left them to suffocate in their blood. Somehow, he healed them. No one knowns how he did it even though he claims the Divine One was the one who cured the people, but through this miracle the villagers became his followers and dedicated worshipers of the Divine One.

    What Messenger – Messenger Tillus | Holder of Wisdom. Tillus gave humanity wisdom and the knowledge of being patient in battle. They learned from him how there is always a right time for everything and how to use logic when in strategizing an attack. The one thing that made Tillus different from the rest of the other Messengers was that he was a child, no bigger than 4 feet in height. For this, he was not taken seriously at first which cost humanity many loses in lives and land. It was only after they began to take his words to heart that humans began to push The Abandoned back.

    Government – The Tarvane government is purely based on the Book of Ages, scrolls written by Ahern in his adventures and challenges. While keep logs, he also wrote laws for the Tarvane to obey as he saw many of the mistakes made by humanity and how these said mistakes led them to destruction. The Head Priest have to study all these scrolls and memorize them by heart and if any problems arise in the village he along with members of The Hearing will take seat and decide upon an agreement.

    Hierarchy – Head Priest :: Leader of village ➤ The Hearing :: 6 members who help in governing the people. Each have a small group of military force to guard the village and clear away any disturbances. Generals. ➤ Clerks :: Handlers of the temples. ➤ Disciples :: Common people

    Head Priest – Yumic Pam :: An old withered man with a sweeping white beard and blind eyes, who values tradition over change. Once upon a time, he was young and free-hearted as many other children but when disaster struck his family and left him with nothing, all thoughts of freedom had flown free of him. He had watched his home burn to the ground, and in his heart he knew that this was the work of a dragon. For years he had sought the creature and upon meeting one, he attacked with no thought. A single swipe of the spiked tail fell across his eyes and he would no longer be able to see for the rest of his days. His hatred has grown more vicious by each passing year and despite the truce he swears that any dragon seen in her territory will be slain and tossed to the wild animals to feed upon.


    The Court – While the klans mostly keep to themselves, in cases of national change they come together to decide the fates of their people and country. These court sessions can last for months in where the leaders of each klan will debate the outcome for a future for the people. In the cases of the dragons, the decision for them being welcomes back into the land had taken over two years and the decision had been spit two by two, until rumors of The Abandoned being seeing within the gates.


    Beasts of the air, these creature where formed by the Divine One from the very stars and fell to Earth to live with humanity side by side. They hold no difference between one another and had lived in family units until the Draken War which divided them to live separately and isolated from each other. They are calm creatures who are loyal to companions and family, but hold grudges for centuries when offended.

    Dragon Beliefs

    Divine One – A singular entity that dragon kind looks to as the Great Maker and Keeper. The creator of all creatures, Dragons hold to a profound belief in the Divine One, but they believe that the Divine One made an error in his creation when making humans.
    Elder Draig – A fire dragon colored in brilliant gold. She is the eldest dragon and one of The Three Breaths. As Alpha she is the law over the drakes and her words goes. She is wary of humanity and the plans they keep hidden among themselves and warns the four drakes to treat the humans with suspicion and keep to themselves. Despite her warning, she holds a form of sympathy for humans due to an event long ago.

    The Three Breaths – The first dragons of fire, air, and water. Responsible for bringing human and dragon kind together as one. They are responsible for the growth in humanity in intellect and technological outcomes. Two of the three were killed in battle once human declared war on the dragons.

    Humans – Untrustworthy creatures who only know how to kill and destroy. Most of the drakes hate humanity and wish not to have peace, but cry for war. Let The Abandoned have them and the drakes could take the land for themselves. However, they pity them as they are pathetically outclassed by the monsters that ravage their villages and will place aside they indigence out of the honor they hold as protectors of the humans.

    Shift Crystals: While dragons have the ability to shift from human to dragon, the human form is difficult to contain and young drakes have difficulty holding it and will randomly spring out with some of their dragon features. These crystals were formed by The Three Breaths so humans could live comfortably with the drakes.


    They were legends, nightmarish stories meant to frighten children from wandering too far from home and nothing more than old wives tales. Yet, all still remember the day when a messenger from the East came running into the capital, hysteric panic and utterance of doom for all of mankind that monsters were upon them. No one took him seriously, he was all but a mere fool seeking attention, but all realized soon that the messenger was not a liar as the capital fell under attack by the Abandoned that very night. The Abandoned came to be long ago on the far sea shores where a small tribe lived. The leader of this tribe was known as Manok, an immeasurably strong and fearless fighter who protected his people. However on an unfortunate night a band of bandits snuck into the camp of the tribe while Manok was away. The bandits slaughtered young and old, women and child alike and bathed in the blood of the dead, leaving with the valuables of the tribe. When Manok returned he was overcome with grief, seeing among the dead where her own child and wife. In a blight of fury, he hunted down the bandits to seek revenge for her lost loved ones. He searched for the bandits day and night, never stopping until he found their hideaway. Manok with crazed bloodlust, ripped the bandits from limb to limb and finally stumbled to the leader of the bandits, prepared to kill him as well. But the Bandit leader practices in the Dark Arts and in his dying breath placed a curse upon Manok that his rage would eat him from the inside out and turn him into a monster that would always crave for death, and so the first Abandoned was born. Manok soaked the ground with the blood of the innocent as he carved his way from village to village, leaving the sole survivor to turn into an Abandoned just like him and grow his army. To this day the Abandoned still seek out human flesh as it seems their only goal is to wipe humanity clean from the earth.

    To this day the Abandoned wait for the gates to fall and devour the rest of humanity. Human and dragon alike fear these monsters as even dragons can be overpowered by The Abandoned and turn into them as well. It is said that Manok still rules over the Abandoned and waits to make his final mark on this world.

    Character Sheets (These are basic character sheets, but you can add as much info as you want.)
    General Information

    Other Names:
    Alternate Forms (Dragon Only):
    Primary Objective:
    Academy Year:
    Personal Weapon:
    Secondary Weapon:
    Best Traits:
    Flaws: (Must have up to 3)
    Mount's Appearance (Nobel Only):
    Mount Personality:


    1. Q: What is this RP about?
    A: The main gist is that a special group of humans will be in personal contact with the dragons, with all the hatred and suspicion attached while a new threat rises to destroy them all. Basically an adventure story of conquest, segregation, and overcoming our own faults.

    2. Q: Is this an actual school RP?
    A: NOPE and DOUBLE NOPE. All the academic courses such as English, Mathematics, and so on are simply decoration and barely noteworthy. Your character shall focus on training in battle, besting everyone else, and whatever quests/missions I throw at you.

    3. Q: Am I allowed to play a different species other than a dragon or human?
    A: LOL, nah.

    4. Q: Can I play a human/dragon mix?
    A: No can do. You can only play a pure bred human or dragon. The intermixed stuff gets complicated (as people god-mode or something) and somehow when you allow one single mix, suddenly everyone wants to be a mixed dragon/human. Whoopee. Fun.

    5. Q: Can my character have an underhanded secret agenda no one else knows about?
    A: Why would you keep secrets from the GM? :( Talk to me about what you’re planning as I already have a sketchy idea of where this RP is going and will see if it is appropriate towards the plot.

    6. Q: Can I play multiple characters?
    A: ( e _ e) Only the GM and CO-GMs are allowed multi-characters and they are only NPCs. The character limit is 9 – 11 as too many people are cumbersome. I may change it…. Or maybe not.

    7. Q: Is romance allowed? Can I romance a dragon?
    A: Sure, as long as the writer of the character is okay with it, but no abrasive sexual stuff. You want to horse around, do PMs.

    8. Q: Are the boys and girls separated in the dorms?
    A: Not really. They’ll be in the same hall and room together.

    9. Q: The dragon slots are all taken, can you open another one?
    A: Hmm, no. Only four dragons are allowed.

    10. Q: Can I make a wizard?
    A: What? You said can I make a knight? Why sure you can, it’s not like you want to be some magical human with mystic powers. HA! Magic does not exist in this realm. Miracles/Gifts happen, but powers and such are given by the Divine one as the inhabitants of the RP are mostly religious. Anything “magical” is usually looked at to be morbidly dark and related to curses, like in the case of The Abandoned.

    11. Q: Can I make suggestions, like for events and missions?
    A: Yesssssss please. Let the creative genius flow and help me make this RP fun.
  2. Totally interested! I'd like to play a dragon, if possible.
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  3. Beautiful, I'll gladly take you. I had to inform others though that there should be 1 female dragon and 3 male dragons. Given that information along with that all three writers prefer to write females, I'll think about allowing two female dragons rather than one. I'll keep you informed as I finish the Thread Info. Thank you for your interest!
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  4. This looks really interesting. I'm new to forum roleplay so I'm a bit nervous, but if it's all fine with you, I'd like to join. Just as a human, no fancy over-sized fire-breathing lizards with wings for me, even if they are awesome.
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  5. Ah, thought I responded! And yes, I am hoping for a female spot >.<
  6. Lol, I'm new myself I only joined a month ago and then disappeared for that whole month. This would be my first group RP and I'm grateful that you found interest in it. I only ask that you write at least 1-2 paragraphs minimum if not more. In any case, is there anything you guys would like to see in this RP?
  7. Sounds like something I could pull off. :D And I have no idea. If I think of something I'll tell ya. ^-^
  8. If it's possible , I'd love to join this roleplay ^^ . As a human though . Oh yeah , the four wings . What are the significance of each ?
  9. Totally, glad to have you aboard. The wings are to separate the four klans as there are still bitter resentments ringing, so to deter any strife they keep the klans by themselves. It's not to say that other klan members can't go into a different wing, but after a long day of dealing with the competition and their opposing views, it's best to give the students alone time and out of each other's face.

    Also, I won't have the RP until Monday as I'm a bit distracted and haven't been able to finish everything as I wished. Excuse the delay.
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  10. Just a warning, this Saturday and the next I won't be on much, if at all. Marching band competitions both days, fun fun. Also, I'm wondering, if your character was abandoned as a child and can't remember what klan they were from, what would happen if they tried to join the academy thingy?
  11. This looks incredible can I sign up as a human?
  12. No probs, I don't reply to anything on Saturday anyway. As for the stranded child deal, the Headmaster would probably send the child into the klan that represents their personality best and if that doesn't work - heck, the servant's quarters will do nicely. Since it seems that they wouldn't have any prejudices about other klans, they would be free to mingle but would be pushed back with disgust due to being klanless and simply different. On that note, if you are planning an extravagant character - please PM me so I can know what everyone has in mind. I hate surprises that end in me having to correct.

    Go for it man. I'll have the character sheets up by Monday. Everyone can decorate as much as they want or not.
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  13. Not sure what you mean by extravagant. Her village just got wiped out by the Abandoned thingies and she happened to end up being the manifestation of a Spirit of the Wild. No overpoweredness, just a tad bit of magic and a connection with animals.
  14. Ha, sorry mate - that was directed towards everyone. I mean by if you are planning to add a character who will have an episode that may effect the RP that you should inform me. As for magic, it doesn't exist in this universe. The word you're looking for rather than magic is Gift. The Divine One (Major God ) would have given her that connection for whatever reason it may be. Also, The Abandoned killing her village and she being the only survivor won't work since the curse of The Abandoned is that the last human of the village to be left alive is turned into one of The Abandoned.

    Update: Kaaay, so I pushed out the rest of the klan/dragon information till Monday. But as of the moment of I have two klans fully up and which I will finish styling tomorrow. Just so I know who wants what I'm going to give a list of the opened positions.

    Brevehaert: (Only nobles) - 1 male spot
    Veitch: 1 male & 1 female
    Felabane : 2 males
    Tarvane: (Think of Priests or Devoted Disciples who are deeply religious.) - 1 male & 1 female

    Dragons: 1 female & 2 males
    (I was thinking about taking on a human and a dragon so everyone knows what to do with a couple little pushes as the RP moves along. I may give one of them up though. Not sure yet, and if people still want to play a female dragon I will allow 1 more if the male spots remain vacant.)

    Mentors : 3 males & 1 female - As stated before if no one takes up these roles, I will make NPCs which I will govern throughout the RP.

    @Crow @CynderTheDragoness @Maximus @Karma200 @TheForbidden8thPosition @Katsumi Y. @Archie
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  15. Can I have the female spot for Veitch ?

    Thanks for the clarification , by the way !
  16. I reserve a Dragon. I generally play female, but in the case where romance is unlikely, i will play a male, but only with animals and mythical creatures. I will take a Male Dragon and Leave the Female Dragon open to another.
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  17. I reserve the Veitch male postion if that is okay
  18. I'd like female dragon.
  19. Have no idea why I didn't remember. I'll fix that, then. Already got an idea. She'll just be ostracized for whatever reason.
  20. Damn, dragon female spot taken xD can take the female spot of a mentor?
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