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    Humanity and Dragon kind lived in fragile harmony amongst one another, the scaled beasts seen as nobility for their strength and wisdom among all creatures and humans an intellectual equal, however as time passed humans grew wary of the dragon’s powerful rule and tension grew between the two species. As suspicion ate away at the trust set by nearly 4,000 years of companionship known as the Age of Drakes war finally broke out when the ruling human king and his household was killed in an act of rage by a noble ice dragon who said he was cheated of his fortune when it was taken away under charges of overdue debt. Only the king’s wife escaped, being seen briefly by a demented hag who lived on the edge of the royal’s estate and was never heard from again. Many believed that the noble dragon had not killed the king due to unfair charges but had been enchanted by the queen’s grace and had taken her for himself and because of envy he killed the king, though the rumor had never been proven true. As battle after battle drained the land of life, dragons were finally pushed back by a rouge family named Keileths, hunters who trained in the demise of the county’s winged foes. With dragons falling dead after each surprise attack they were driven into bitter, frozen waste lands and forced into hiding to preserve what little lives were left.

    However with the dragons gone, war still tore at humanity for 300 more years which would be known as The Cycle. Without a king many tyrants rose to control the people only to be slain by another blood hungering ruler, leaving anarchy to run rampant in the streets and homes of the innocent. Humans fought against one another, death staining small villages and cities until four Keepers stepped out to settle the destruction and point to a new rising evil that threatened them all.


    For those of you who wish to take part of this RP, I'll explain briskly what this is all about. As the title did drag you here, you might be wondering if this is a "school" RP, but in my delight I can answer with a short 'no'. This story takes place in a school, however the usual school lessons will promptly be forgotten as students/mentors are placed in mini adventures and then finally pulled into an all out journey that will end in war. So any drama won't be focused on fickle romances and petty rivalries, though I'm sure they will find a way to slither in. In general, humans and dragons will be placed into this academy for political stances, each with a withheld reason for this glass-like truce. These four dragons are being held from public eye all the while learning of human ways after years of separation, but as unexplained accidents start arising and the strings of war are pulled tight all in the academy will be tested of where their loyalties truly lie.

    The main playable characters will be members from 4 klans, 4 dragons, and the mentors (if there are people willing to play as such. If not I will make NPCs). As usual, first come first served - those who pick a dragon need to inform me if they are dropping the RP and whatever else may delay response times. I plan for at least 7 humans and 4 dragons as students, and I will pair them into groups along with an assigned mentor for each group. If this idea takes off, I'll make room for 3-4 more people. As of right now, 3 dragon spots are available with the open elements being fire, wind, and void - I'll explain them later and 6 human spots are also opened.

    I know that I haven't answered everything that should be answered, like the klans, dragon elements, but I'm almost done writing the rest of the plot. I just wanted to see if people would actually be interested before I finish and realized I waste my time. You can ask as many questions as needed and I'll take suggestions as this is still all a rough draft. In another note, I may need 1 or 2 CO-GM's so if you're interested I would really appropriate it as I'm kinda unorganized at the moment. BUT I SWEAR THIS WILL BE VERY CLEAN AND ORGANIZED WHEN I'M DONE.
  2. Being a dragon sounds tempting.
  3. I love Dragons. Playing a Dragon is my specialty.
  4. Awesome, glad to have a few people interested. The RP thread should be officially up by the 9th, so you will be able to get the full clues of what should be expected. In the mean time, are there any questions? Keep in mind that I do have a male to female ratio and for the dragons it's 1 female and 3 males. For humans, 2-3 females and the rest males. Why? The setting is during medieval times and while you have female knights in this RP, most women stay near home and away from impending danger. Along with the fact that I don't want a ton a girls and only a few lone guys. (-u- ) Gets a bit one sided, you know?
  5. Lol, I'm going to have this up on Monday instead. I'm kinda distracted and I won't have the character sheets up until then. I'm still looking for more people, males preferably along with a CO-GM as I need someone to play a lead character to help guild the RP along. Cheers.
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  6. can't wait too RP:bananaman: