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  1. The Academy of Heroes is the ultimate education for anyone with superhuman powers- whether you'll stop crime, commit it, or learn so you can teach. Lot of people go there- humans, nekos, kitsunes, even talking trees! It has dormitories, huge grounds, a lake, a swimming pool, and places for various sports, as well as classrooms and sparring arenas. Depending on your super powers you'll go to different classes, like a shapeshifter would take lots of biology-type classes, cyberkinetics would take things like engineering, so on.
    If you want to join, look at the signups/ooc topic. (I'll include the rules there.)
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  2. I walked out of biology class, and went to another shapeshifter class. In here, there'd be an animal, and several diagrams showing organs, muscles, skeletons, and that sort of thing. The students had to try to be as close to that animal as they could. Today it was a duck. First I shrank, then I turned my hair and nails into feathers, which spread over me, and then I changed my skeleton, muscles, and organs slowly and carefully at the same time. Then I changed my features more precisely, using detail, until I looked like some sort of subspecies of a mallard.
    After that was done, I continued through the hall, still in the duck-like form. I didn't like it so much, so I changed to my normal form, heading towards the dormitories for my free period.
  3. Liam enters the school, arguing with a large reptilian man. "Look, I swear I wasn't trying to skip. I'm new, I got lost, is that so difficult to understand?" The man grunted something incomprehensible as a response. "What? Just take me to the front desk, we can get this all sorted out." The man continued ignoring him and pushed him forward into the main office. A woman's voice pierced the air "Greigor! Let that child go, we've been waiting an hour for him! If only I'd known it was you holding him up.." She finally calmed down as "Greigor" the lizard man let him go. Before he could say a word she handed him his schedule and gestured for him to go as she headed out the door toward Greigor. Well.. That was.. Interesting. He thought to himself as he headed to where his dorm was supposed to be to drop off his bags.
  4. I passed another student in the halls, going in the same direction. They were a new student, I saw their bags. "Mind if I help you with those?" I asked, and grew two more pairs of arms, to take more at a time.
  5. Liam blinked in surprise as the girl before him spontaneously grew arms. "Honestly, I'm fine with the bags, but I'd really appreciate some help finding this dorm, or a tour. That is, if it's not too much trouble." He smiled amicably at her.
  6. "Sure." I said, and I went back to normal. "They're that way, and I'm going there too. After that I'll show you the classrooms and the arena." I said as I walked along.
  7. "Alright thank you miss tour guide." He chuckles and follows her. "So what are you anyway. If it's fine to ask." He added quickly, not wanting to piss off another member of the school, remembering Greigor.
  8. "Well, I can shapeshift-" I said, and made myself really tall just to show it- "but I can also talk to anyone, in any language, including talking to animals." I went back to normal again, it was hard to balance in that form.
  9. "Sounds like a pretty useful power to me." He said as they reached his dorm. "Room 25, that's me, give me a minute to put my bags away and I'll be right there unless you'd like to come in." He told her as he walked in.
  10. As kent walks to the school gates he notices how big and beautiful the school really is. He walks up to the buildings front doors and asked a man where the main office was and the man showed him and then he went to his dorm room and set down his bags and laid down on one of the beds. His room was number 37
  11. I followed. "Hmm, my dorm's right down the hall, number 28. 3 rooms over." Sure enough, barking, growling, and screeching could be heard. "Those're my pets, you'll be hearing them fight a lot."
  12. Placing his bags in the closet, he turned to her. "They let the guys dorms and the girls dorms be in the same room? Cool school.." He said with a laugh. "You mind if I check out your dorm before we go ahead? I'd like to meet your pets."
  13. Kent got up and sighed. He was thinking if he could ask any one where every thing is. He then went outside of his room and started roaming the halls.
  14. "Sure," I said, and re-entered the hall, where someone else was walking around. I opened the dorm door, and a huge black bear stood on his hind legs growling, facing the door. Behind him was a sleeping dog, and a rather disgruntled looking goshawk.
    "Calm down, he's not going to hurt you!" I said to the bear.
    "Oh, how do you know?"
    I rolled my eyes before making myself huge again, with fangs and claws. Fuzzy wuzzy, the bear of course, snarled and lay on the bed.
    In my dormitory, there was a small mew with a bow perch, a dog bed, and a huge dog bed. There was a closet with clothes all over the floor in it, and a bedside table with a lamp and stacked with books.
  15. Kent then sees two other students so he shouted to them hey can you two give me a tour?
  16. "Oh, uh- sure, I was showing him around too." I said as I stepped inside.
  17. He notices the new student, following the girl inside of her room. "Hey." He said with a wave to the new arrival. He oogled the bear and the other animals in the room. "Wow.. They're pretty cool." He said as he reached a hand slowly toward the bear, moving to pet him.
  18. Fuzzy growled, and pulled his head back. Charlie, the goshawk, flew from the bow perch in the mew onto the kid's hand. "Kek kek kek kek kek!" Translated as, "Don't do that, the idiotic bear will bite your hand off!" I suddenly became aware that I had invited someone into my room without even knowing his name. "Well, what's your name, then?'
  19. "My name? I'm Liam. And yourself?" He replied, admiring the goshawk on his arm. He grinned at both the bird and the bear, finding it amusing the the bear backed away.
  20. * Teatime stared after the Duck who Had just become a person.. He was strange about ducks.. They were his faverouite animal. Of course, Being a typical weirdo, He had to know MORE. He was suddenly In front of the figure and said slowly* " How... duck... How?"
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